Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-9)


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Recap : ragsan admit swara in hospital. Laksh on his way to donate blood to swara.
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Sumi shouts SWARA and falls down crying. Dadi gets worried and asks her “what happened sumi?”. Sumi cryingly says about the incident and immediately called Shekhar. Sumi explains the situation to shekhar and he went in search of swara.
Sumi : hey bhagvan. Please save my daughter. She is everything for us. Please protect our shona.
Both dadi and sumi was crying vigorously.

In hospital :
Laksh came inside the hospital and was searching for sanskar. He found sanskar sitting in a chair in front of the icu and a girl was keeping her hand on his shoulders in a consoling manner. He couldn’t see her face as she was sitting in a position with her back facing towards laksh. Laksh wonders who is this girl as he knows sanskar doesn’t keep close contact with any girls.
As he reached near sanskar he called out to him “bhai”.
Ragini gets stunned on hearing the voice but could not recognize it immediately. She turned back and looked at laksh and shouted,
Rag : tum?
Laksh was also shocked to see ragini and said,
Lak : ragini what are you doing here?
San(confused) :you both know each other?
When raglak were about to answer, the doctor comes towards them in a hurry,
Doc : what happened did you get the blood donor?
Laksh immediately answers “I am the one”
Doc :k you please come fast. It’s getting late.
Laksh left with the doctor wondering about ragsan. He immediately thinks of their position that they were a while back and he unknowingly felt a pang of jealous in him.
Laksh was laid on a bed and was giving blood. He couldn’t see the person’s face for whom he was donating blood as there was a curtain separating both of them. Laksh was least bothered about the person on the other side as his thoughts were fully occupied by ragini and her relation with sanskar. He was wondering himself of why he was worried about their relation but couldn’t get an answer.

Outside the icu :
Sanskar was worriedly pacing around the corridor while ragini forcefully makes him to sit.
Rag : sanskar why are you so tensed for that girl?
San : what is this question ragini? Did you forget that she is in this position just because of me?
Rag : I know sanskar but still it doesn’t look as if you are worried for a stranger. It seems as if she is more close to you and the way you behave right now seems more like affection. I mean you are so worried about her recovery than the consequences that you are going to face because of the accident. The worry on your face resembles the one in the morning when you were worried about laksh.
While ragini completes her speech she looks upto see sanskar who was looking at her confused. Knowing that he needs some time to think ragini left the place saying she gonna get some food for all the three(ragsanlak).
Sanskar was replaying ragini’s words again and again in his mind. He was really confused and stands up and walks towards the entrance of the icu. He looks at swara through the small glass opening of the door. She was lying unconsciously on the bed with various equipments connected to her body. Sanskar was continuously staring at her and he felt a strong pain in his heart for which the reason is unknown.

Sanskar to himself : why do I feel so much pain on seeing her like this? I thought that it is bcoz of guilt but ragini is saying that it’s something more than that. Is it so ? No no no.. What I am thinking? How can it be possible? I don’t even know her name. This ragini is really stupid pagal ladki. Making me also a crazy.
Sanskar tried to reason himself but is not fully convinced.

After some time laksh also came out after donating blood. Swara ‘s operation also gets started. Sanlak was waiting outside the ot. Just then ragini also arrives with some snacks for them but no one is in a mood to eat.
Rag : arey yaar why you both are doing like this? Did anyone say that if you don’t eat then she will get alright? No na.. Then why are you doing like this. First you have to take care of yourself then only you can support her or else we have to book three more beds besides her for all of us. So no more argument just have it.
Saying so she handed them their food and they took it unwillingly.
Suddenly ragini gets reminded of her hostel and part time job so she excused herself to make a call to explain them her situation and the reason for her absence. Sanskar also left with her to inform his family about the situation as laksh didn’t give proper explanation to them as he was in a hurry. Laksh was sitting alone in the chair and thinking,
Laksh to himself : should I ask bhai about his relation with ragini? But what if he asks that why am I so worried about their relation ? No no… I shouldn’t ask. But why shouldn’t I? After all she is my friend and he is my brother and I have full rights to know about them.
Thinking so he gets determined about asking about their relation. Just then ragini came and sat beside him. Laksh immediately questions her about the happenings while ragini calmly explains him of all that took place (guys she just said that she met sanskar while visiting him for collecting donation for orphanage and about their morning fight. She said that they became friends as he has hurt her unknowingly in the morning and apologized and became friends with her. But through out she didn’t mention that she is an orphan as she doesn’t want laksh to feel sympathy of her.). After some time sanskar also joined them and they sort out all their questions that came up in their minds regarding each other. After everything was completely sorted out the doctor stepped out of the operation theater. On seeing him all the three rushed towards him and enquired about her health.
Doc : operation is successful and she is alright. She has a slight fracture in her right leg and also suffers a head injury normally in these conditions the patient may suffer any kinds of health issues like memory loss, paralysis, etc due to the sudden shock they experienced . But it can be determined only after they got consciousness. So till then we have to wait patiently.
All the three were shocked to hear the doctor’s statement.
San : doc can we meet her now.
Doc : yes but please don’t make any noise.

All the three thanked the doctor and was about to enter the icu but was stopped in midway by a nurse who handed them the prescription and asked them to buy the medicines as soon as possible. Laksh took the prescription from her hand and said,
Lak : you both go and check on her while I would buy the medicine and come.
Saying so laksh left. As soon as ragsan entered the room they found swara unconscious on the bed with bandages on her head and right leg and small small scratches all over her body. They both were continuously looking at her when slowly she gained consciousness. Both were very happy and was looking curiously at her.
She signaled them asking where she is but they couldn’t understand it.
Rag : please say it in words as we can’t understand anything
She was looking at them wondering what to do
San :why are you not saying anything please say something. At least say your name.
She immediately points her mouth and signaled her hand in negative indicating that she can’t speak.
Ragsan in unison : O.. My.. God..
San : she lost her voice because of me. I made her in this condition. As doctor said due to the shock she lost her voice. Everything has happened because of me.
Saying so sanskar breaks down and fell down on his knees with hands on his head. Ragini was still not able to believe whatever happened and was in utter shock while swara gave them a confused look wondering about their actions.
The screen freezes on split screen with sanskar miserable face, ragini shocked face and swara confused face.

Precap : fun moments of swaragini sanlak

So guys I know that this is an utterly boring chapter. I really really apologize for that. I’ll try to update at least the next chapter as better as possible. Please forgive me for this boring chapter. K guys that’s for today bye take care ☺☺☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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