Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-8)


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Recap : ragsan bonding and swara accident.

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Ragsan are very worried about swara. Ragini is continuously praying to god while sanskar drives the car furiously cursing himself.
As they reached the hospital sanskar called the warden to bring a stretcher. He was shouting like a mad person and was continuously calling the doctor. Ragini was getting restless and was worried for sanskar seeing his behavior.
Rag : sanskar relax. Nothing will happen to her. Just believe in God.
Sanskar shouted furiously at her,

San : which God you are talking about? The one who snatched my sister from me? He already gave me enough pain by taking away my sister from me and still he is not satisfied. He now wants me to rot in guilt throughout my life for snatching an innocent life. Whatever you have said in the morning is right. I’m really a curse to all…
He was continuously blabbering and blaming himself while swara was carried in the stretcher towards the icu. Everyone was looking at sanskar’s behavior while ragini is trying her best to calm him down.

Once swara was taken inside the icu and ragini and sanskar are left behind, ragini screamed at sanskar to which he stopped his ranting and looked curiously at her.
Rag : just stop it sanskar. For how long will you be blaming yourself for a mistake which you have not committed . How many times do I have to say you that it’s her fault to suddenly appear in front of the car out of nowhere? And you know something? I saw some people who looks like gundays near the accident spot and they left the place immediately after seeing us. It seems like they were chasing after her and she was trying to escape from them. While doing so she would have unfortunately fell in front of our car. So it’s no one’s mistake and all are helpless in their own way. So please God dammit stop blaming yourself as we are in a damn hospital and the main rule here is K. E. E. P S. I. L. E. N. C. E.

Saying so she completed her speech and looked around at her as everyone including sanskar was giving an unbelievable expression to her.
Ragini to sanskar : what?
Sanskar just shakes his head in disbelief. That’s when she realized that she is the one who was actually screaming in the top of her voice more than sanskar. She turned around to see the doctor and nurses glaring furiously at her while one of the doctors came towards her and said to her as calm as possible.
Doc : mam that was really an impressive speech but I would like to remind you a line which you said just a while ago.
Ragini looks at her questioningly while the doctor continued..

Doc : KEEP SILENCE. I. T I. S A H. O. S. P. I. T. A. L
Saying so she walked off glaring at her while ragini and sanskar stood there shocked about the happenings a while before. Soon they understood their foolishness and smiled a little at each other.
Ragini with fake anger to sanskar,
Rag : why are you smiling suddenly. Bcoz of you I got so embarrassed which is enough for a lifetime.
San : without any doubt we both are gonna be best friends forever .

But their relaxation was short lived. They both realized the situation while the doctor stepped out of the icu. The light environment which has happened a few seconds before started vanishing but not as bad as before.
Doc : I think it’s an accident case you have to complete some formalities and we have to call the police . But What is your relation with the patient?
Both were looking clueless at each other of what to say while the doctor was waiting for the answer. Suddenly ragini spoke up,
Rag : she is my sister and he is my best friend. We three were partying for my birthday . She went to buy ice cream for the party that’s when she got into the accident. She got hit by a car while crossing the road

Ragini cooked up a story which got in her mind to manage the situation while sanskar looked at her shockingly.
( guys no one could understand whatever ragini and sanskar said as they were blabbering everything in a single breath. Whoever heard their shouting could not guess clearly what they said. )
Doc : OK then. You please fill the form as she requires a minor operation.
San : how is her condition doctor? Is it serious.
Doc : yes it’s a major accident and a lot of blood is lost. She requires a surgery but we couldn’t find the blood for her as it is a rare group ab(-ve). Miss?
Rag : ragini
Doc : miss ragini what is your blood group? It may match as you are her sister.
Ragini and sanskar are confused of what to do while sanskar remembered something and interrupted
San : doc she is not ab(-ve) but my brother is ab(-ve). I’ll call him immediately.
Doc : please call him soon while I arrange the theater for operation.
Sanskar quickly takes out his mobile and dials laksh number and he picks up,

Lak : arey bhai. Where are you? Why are not picking your calls? Here everyone is worried about you. What hap…
When laksh was continuing his interrogation sanskar cuts him off furiously and explained everything to him (only swara’s part) and asks him to come faster.
Lak : don’t worry bhai, I’ll be there in ten minutes.
Saying so he quickly informed his parents that it is an emergency and sanskar bhai is fine and he has to go immediately. He rushed out grabbing his keys without giving any more explanation for his family members questions.
After cutting the call he sits on the nearby chair while Ragini gets back to him after completing all the formalities and kept her hand on his shoulder. Sanskar looks up at her and says,
San :why did you lie to them? I deserve the punishment for my actions.
Rag : as I already said it’s definitely not your fault. The real reason for the accident can be found only when she gets alright. So until then I don’t want you to get into any trouble. That’s why I lied. First let her recover after that we will decide who is at fault.
Sanskar nodded his head understanding.
In a mysterious house :

A man :what happened?
Goons : sorry sir we couldn’t get her and narrated the whole incident.
Man : useless fellows. I shouldn’t have trusted you at all. It’s a very good chance and you have let it go away. Get out of here before I do anything to you all.
The Goons got scared and left the place while the man fumingly throws a vase kept neat him and shouted under his breath I WOULD DEFINITELY GET YOU.
In badi :
Dadi : arey sumi, why are you so tensed? She texted you na that she will get late. Then why do you get so worried?
Sumi : don’t know Maa. I feel so restless as if my daughter is in some trouble. I can’t get relaxed until I see her.
Suddenly she gets nakusha ‘s call

Naku : hello Maa I’m Naku. I called to ask why swara never texted me after reaching home. Here I’m worrying about her.
Sumi : but beta she still hasn’t reached home. She as texted me that she would reach late.
Naku :Maa what you are saying? She hardly had half an hour work left and she should have reached home by now.
Nakusha stated worrying about her best friend while cursing herself for leaving her alone.
Sumi drops her phone shouting SWARA..
The screen freezes on worried faces of Sumi, ragsanlak and swara in operation theater.

Precap : swaragini sanlak.

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Credit to: Prateeksha

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