Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-7)


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Recap :raglak bonding
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Mute institution :
In the evening
Swara and nakusha in sign language
Naku : swara time is up. Come let’s go.
Swa : no naku you please carry on. I have to complete some work.
Naku : what work swara? The school time ended na?
Swa : Have you forgot? Tomorrow we have Mute play. All the children will be enacting in it and I am the one responsible for the decoration work. So I have to stay for it
Naku : k swara then I’ll also help you
Swa : no need. Did you forget that today you have planned to go to the party organized by your fiance
Naku : yeah I do remember it. But how will you manage it all alone? And what if it gets late.
But swara refused her help saying that she should definitely go as after all it’s your fiance ‘s success party.
Nakusha protested at first but finally gave in and said,
Naku :k I’ll go. But don’t stay too late. Because if you get late it will be difficult to get a vehicle
Swa :k. As you say. Now go enjoy your party
Naku :k bye take care. Txt me if there is any problem.
Swara nods smilingly and resumed her work while Nakusha left unwillingly.

In college :
Ragini to her new friend Nisha. She questions her about the notes for the period she has missed.
Nisha : don’t worry yaar. I’ll lend my notes to you.
Ragini smiles at her and starts walking towards the gate. Suddenly Nisha shouted.
Nisha :O. M. G ragini look at him. How handsome he is.
Ragini looks at her direction and finds her pointing at laksh. She fumes in anger but wondered why? She thought to say hi to laksh but suddenly gets remainded of her meeting with the maheswari company chairman which anupama Maa mentioned. So she started to leave saying bye to Nisha.

Maheswari company :
Ragini saw anupama Maa at the entrance and rushed to her breathing heavily and said “sorry Maa I’m late”. Anupama smiled at her and said “no beta it’s k. Still our name has not been called.”
Suddenly someone shouted” miss anupama. You can meet the chairman.
They both got up from their seat and entered into the chairman’s cabin. As soon as they entered they found a person sitting with a file covering his face. As they called out to him, he lifts up his head and looks at them. Ragini gets shocked on seeing his face and shouted “thum?”. The person also looks at her shocked. (Yes it’s our sanskar). As both of them are busy starting at each other, they are interrupted by anupama’s question “beta do you know each other before?”. Not wanting to explain her Maa about the morning incident as it may hurt her she said “we have met accidently in the morning and nothing so big. I am just shocked on seeing him as the chairman. That’s it.”
Anupama sighed in relief as she doesn’t want her daughter to have any problem with the chairman while sanskar stood there confused at her behavior as he thought that she will bash and blame him for the morning incident. Though he doesn’t say anything.
He asks them to sit and orders some juice for them and continued the conversation without looking at ragini.
Anu : I am Anupama head of the xyz orphanage. She is my daughter ragini who was brought up in the orphanage and is currently pursuing her college in electronics engineering.
Sanskar got confused at the statement and questioned her
San : if she is your daughter then why was she brought up in the orphanage?
Uncomfortable with the question Anupama hesitantly answered
Anu : she is also an orphan but I do consider her as my daughter . She too identifies me as Maa only.
That was another shock to sanskar has he realized the impact of his question (do you know anything about relations?) and the reason for her weird behavior. He closed his eyes in disbelief and hated himself at the moment for hurting her though unknowingly. His thoughts were disturbed my the peon who had served the juice for them. He immediately realises the situation and was brought back to the reality while ragini stood there wondering about his different behavior which is completely opposite now.
Sanskar turned towards anupama and said
San : bade papa has said a lot about you and it’s a pleasure to meet you. He asked me to apologize you on behalf of him as after my sisters death, he got totally shattered in which he forgot about the orphanage.

Anu : it’s k beta. I can understand the situation as everyone in the orphanage knows how much dp ji loves your sister. We are really sorry for that.
While sanskar was reasoning out, ragini found the sadness in his eyes and immediately understood the reason for his behavior in the morning. She felt bad for him and without even realizing she had even forgiven him for hurting her.
Sanskar took out a check of Rs. 5 lakhs and handed it to anupama Maa which she smilingly accepts and started to leave.
While leaving ragini looks back at sanskar once who was staring at her and leaves noding at him.
After coming out anupama thank ragini and asked her to leave immediately as it is getting late for her part time job.
Rag : but Maa what about you? How will you go to the orphanage.
Anu : no problem beta I’ll manage you please leave.
But ragini was adamant and she herself found a cab and gave full instructions to him of the orphanage address and asked him to drop her safely. She instructs anupama to call her as soon as she reached to which she smilingly noded and left in the cab after blessing her.
Once her cab was out of sight ragini started walking in a hurry but found a car stopping in her side. Sanskar gets out of it and immediately rushed towards her and said,
San : I’m really sorry. I never thought that I would hurt someone so badly. Please forgive me.
Ragini stops him and said
Rag : it’s k. I understand your situation. I know how you feel right now. Losing your beloved ones is more painful than never having anyone to love. So you no need to say sorry.
San : yes it’s true that I am missing my sister a lot. But today after meeting you I feel as if I got a friend with whom I could share all my feelings with as we are sharing a lot in common especially our pain for relations.
Ragini stood there not believing her ears.
Rag : did you just say that I am your friend with whom you could share your feelings with?
Sanskar nods smilingly and says
San :yes not only friend but also best friend
Ragini stood there teary eyed and said “so do I now have someone with whom I could share my feelings with?”. She asked still not believing it.
San : s not only your feelings but also you can very well come to me if anybody disturbs you. I would beat them black and blue so that they would never ever mess up with my best friend
Ragini shakes her head in disbelief and said “O. M. G such an overprotective best friend” to which sanskar nods proudly.
He asks her where she is going and get to know about her part time job.
He offers her a ride as it is getting late and she accepts it without any hesitation. They both sat in the car and sanskar started driving while ragini gives him directions.

Mute institution :
Swara completes all the decorations and finds that it has got so late. She started hurrying up and texted her parents about her lateness as they may get worried. She started walking towards the bus stop and found the road to the bus stop almost empty. Fear started gripping inside her so she started walking fast. While walking it seems to her that someone was following her like morning. She turns around but doesn’t find anyone.
Suddenly she hears some foot steps and see to the direction to find some men watching intently at her. They started walking towards her while she started walking more fast than before in other words running. After reaching a certain distance she saw some more men joining them from other direction.
She started running as fast as she could while someone in the group shouted “catch her”.
As she was running seeing back she doesn’t notice the car coming in the opposite direction. Before she could realize what has happened she was thrown in air after getting hit by the car.
Suddenly two people step out of the car and ran towards swara.
(yes it is our ragsan)
They both shook swara who was lying on a pool of blood. The goons ran away on seeing ragini and sanskar. Ragini saw some guys running away but discarded it bcoz as far now she was worried only about swara. They both took swara to the car and drove straight to hospital.

On the way :
San : o my God. What have I done? this is the my second accident today. Now what will I do?
Sanskar was shocked out of his wits that he couldn’t think about anything. Ragini consoled him saying
Rag :no sanskar this time it is not your fault as she was the one who had suddenly fell in front of the car.
But sanskar didn’t listen anything as he was blaming himself for the accident. He could not take the vision of swara lying on pool of blood out of his mind.
Ragini in mind : it seems as if she was running to escape from someone. Suddenly she remembered about the people in the accident spot.
The screen ends on tensed face of ragsan and wounded face of swara.

Precap : swaragini and swasan moments.

K guys that’s for today. I know that the episode is not too gud but still it’s necessary for the story line. Hope you understand. Keep commenting. K friends bye ? take care ☺☺☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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