Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-6)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. I’m really happy that you didn’t find my story boring. I would like to thank riya sis, j, sindhu rm, lovely(ff broken heart) , ammu, khusubu, masthi, asheeyana, s priya, kumu, sanchami and lovely for your valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting and love you all a lot ? ? ? . Here goes the next chapter…
Precap : swalak ragsan meeting
On road :
After waving bye to swara, laksh is waiting for sanskar who had arrived after few minutes. Sanskar got out of the car and ran towards laksh…
San : laksh, you are alright na. Can’t you be a little careful? Why can’t you take anything seriously if any thing happens to you then what will I do? Why are you always like this laksh?…
He keeps on ranting when laksh cuts him off in the middle…
Lak : bhai bhai bhai… Relax… Chillax yaar… Why are you so tensed… Look I’m perfectly alright… All thanks to swara..

San : swara???
Lak : the girl who saved me.
San : I should definitely meet to thank her.
Lak : Haan bhai… She is a very sweet girl but…
When he was about to say swara’s muteness.. His eyes fell on his watch…
Lak : O my God…
Laksh shouted under his breath.
San : what happened laksh? Do you have any injury?
Sanskar questioned him while examining laksh for wounds when laksh shouted NO BHAI I’M LATE.
Sanskar sighed in relief and asks laksh to enter inside the car and drove him to to his college.
Ragini side :
Rag : why God? Why did you make me an orphan? All these years I was asking you the same question but still I couldn’t find the answer. What is my fault in all this? Till now I was bearing the pain but I managed to cover it with the help of the smile from my prince and princesses. They were my strength till now . But today after hearing that I’m an orphan from an unknown person hurts me to the core. What did I do to deserve all this?

She was continuously crying sitting on a park bench. After some time she somehow managed to control herself and got up from her place . That’s when she realized that she is late for the college. She started rushing towards the college breathing heavily.
In college :
Sanskar said all the best to laksh after dropping him in his college and went back to his work.
Laksh hurriedly rushes to his class but it has already started an hour before. The professor glares deathly at laksh and he stood there frightened while swallowing a lump he asks permission to enter the class. He was still staring at him that laksh found to be so creepy and has goosebumps in his stomach.

Can’t able to take the death glare anymore he thought of asking permission one more time and started to open his mouth when the professor shouted under his breath “GET LOST”. Laksh found that to be a better option than having his deathly glare. So he immediately ran off from the place.
In ragini’s side she has to deal with a lady professor who was looking at her blankly without any emotions for about 30 seconds which seemed to be a 30 years for her. Finally she asked ragini to just leave and join in the next hour. When ragini started to reason out for her lateness (about the accident) she screamed I SAID LEAVE. Ragini gets afraid and leaves immediately.
She was walking in college ground not knowing how to spend the hour. She was completely drowned in her thoughts as she sat on the bench not realizing about the other person seated in the other corner of the bench.

Laksh who was sitting in the bench drowned in his thoughts about the day’s events was brought back to reality by the person who just sat on his side.
He looked up to see a pair of beautiful eyes in which one could easily get drowned by its depth. It not only has a typical uniqness but also a ray of sadness which he didn’t miss to see. He softly called out to her. “excuse me”.

That’s when ragini was brought to reality. She found a handsome and dashing boy next to her. She immediately felt a feeling of her heart fluttering which she had never experienced. She was totally lost but somehow managed to control herself and replied “yes?”.
When ragini was studying laksh’s features, laksh was totally bowled by the angelic face which was staring at him. He felt himself floating in the sky but her sweet innocent “yes” brought him back to reality.
Laksh said to himself : arey pagal.. Don’t drool at her like this. What will she think of you? Try to behave normal.

He was trying to reason himself while ragini said to herself : why do I feel this different feeling which I had never felt before? Am I drooling over him? No no ragini you can’t do that. What will he think of you? Get your head straight.
She tried to calm herself and smiles at him.
Laksh heart started racing seeing her smile but he somehow controlled it and smiled back and forwarded his hand
Lak : Hii I’m laksh. Laksh Maheshwari. I’m new to this college.
Rag : Hii I’m ragini. I’m also new to this college.
Lak : O really which department?
Laksh asked this question to extend the conversation but still wondering about her surname.
Rag : I’m 1st year electronics engineering and you?
Lak : I’m 1st year management. So what are you doing here during class hour?
Rag : I’m late for college and that motu professor shouted at her lungs asking me to leave without even letting me a chance to speak.
she said irritated while he admired at her cuteness filled irritation.

Rag : and what about you? Don’t say me that you are bunking your first day classes?
Ragini questioned him suspiciously while laksh shoot his head at her smilingly and said,
Lak : no not at all. I may seem to be a class bunker but in reality I’m not. I was thrown out of the class for being late by that angry bird.
Ragini chuckled for his statement and said him HAA SAME PINCH to which laksh smilingly nods his head at her childishness.
Rag : I do understand your anger but why did you name him angry bird?
Lak : you should have seen him of how he was glaring at me. It was as if I have ran away with his daughter.
Laksh said trying to get out of the glaring from his mind while ragini laughed loudly clutching her stomach. “wow you are so funny” she said in between her laughter.
Lak : thanks for the compliment
He replied smilingly.
They were chatting there about various things and that’s when they noted that the time is up for the next hour. So they both got up from the bench and faced each other smilingly. Ragini forwarded her hand saying “so… Friends?”

Laksh faked to think for sometime to which ragini frowned. He immediately laughs at her frowning and forwarded his hand shaking saying “just joking yaar..” and then says “friends”. They both wave bye to each other unwillingly and left the place smiling.
Ragini totally forgot about the morning incident and was smiling happily.
Mute institution :
Swara was in a good mood as she walked through her Mute institution smiling broadly. Another staff (nakusha-played by mahii vijj) of the institution asked to her…
Nakusha can able to speak but speaks to swara only in sign language as she is Mute.
Both in sign language :
Naku : swara what is so special today? You seem so happy.
Swa : nothing like that I was simply in a good mood.
Naku : hey don’t try to hide from me. Say what happened?

Sighing swara narrates the whole incident. Naku gets very happy as she was always worried about best friend’s inferiority complex nature. She is well aware of it even though swara tries to hide it.
Naku in mind : arey bappa.. Thanks a lot for giving her the confidence which she always lacked. Please keep her always happy. I wish she gets a good life partner who would accept her whole heartedly by what she is.
She was brought back from her thoughts by swara who was wondering about what she is thinking. She simply shook her head and proceeded her to the class.
Swara somehow senses as if someone following her but when turned back she found none. She thinks this to be her hallucinations and ignored it.
Someone with a creepy eyes is watching swara intently hiding inside the bushes. He was smiling evilly at her and was clicking photos of her in his mobile.
The screen ends on evil smirk of the mysterious person.

So guys that’s for today.
Whom do you think the mysterious person is?
Why is he following swara?
Thanks for reading and please do comment so that I could improve myself. K guys… Bye ?… Take care ☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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