Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-5)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. I’m really sorry for the last chapter as it was not up to the mark . I would like to thank masthi, ruhani, sindhu rm, lovely, kushi, s priya, ammu, riya Kapoor, anjaly, asheeyana, Amy and sanchami for their valuable comments. Your comments are my strength so please keep commenting. Love you all a lot ???. Here goes the next chapter…
Recap : swalak ragsan meeting
Swalak side :
Laksh was wondering at swara while she continuously stares at him. Laksh loses his cool and ask why she isn’t responding anything to which swara replies by pointing at her mouth and shakes her hand in negative indicating that she could not speak. Laksh stood shocked at her revelation but doesn’t show it in his face seeing her uncomfortable for explaining her situation to him. So to lighten up the environment laksh smilingly speaks to her…
Lak : arey yaar…now how could I know the name of this angel in front of my eyes?
Saying so laksh pouted while swara stood there surprised that he didn’t feel sympathy for her but worried as he couldn’t know her name. Swara likes it as she never wanted any body’s sympathy but their friendship. So she warmly smiled at him and took a pen out and wrote her name in his palm.
Lak : wow so sweet name. Thanks for Saving me swara.
Saying so he forwarded his hands while swara shakes it hesitantly as she is not used to speak to the boys. Her dadi always said to be careful with the boys but she somewhere in her heart trusts laksh but doesn’t know the reason for it. Even though she trusted him she thought to maintain her distance. She was brought back to reality by laksh’s question of what she is doing here.
She replied by pointing to a passing bus, bus stop and her watch indicating that she is waiting for a bus. She immediately asks laksh in sign by pointing to him asking “what about him”. Her question remainded him of his earlier conversation with his brother and starts searching for his phone knowing full well that sanskar will be tensed hearing him shouting on the phone. That’s when he notices his mobile whose dead body is ready for the final rites (laksh saying bye bye ). “shit” he mumbled under his breath. Seeing his reaction swara offered her Mobile which he smilingly accepts and starts dialing sanskar number.
Ragsan side:
After giving back the baby to it’s owner ragini fumingly turns towards sanskar who was watching her with horror and fear in his eyes. She started lashing out on sanskar..
Rag : you fool. Do you have any idea about what you are supposed to do? You were about to kill an innocent life and without even any hesitation you were lashing at me with your nasty mouth. You being rich doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t value others life. You brat, Do you know the value of a single life? Which stupid moron gave you the license to drive?
Sanskar unable to take it any more blurted out “please stop it”. Ragini gets shocked by the sudden outburst but doesn’t stop. Sanskar scolds her saying “I’m not a rich spoilt brat and I do know the value of an innocent life as I myself lost my precious sister in an accident”. A drop of tear escaped from his eyes but he immediately wiped it off and continued… “you were asking me why did I rash drive weren’t you?”. He continued without waiting for her response “it’s because my brother suddenly shouted on the middle of his phone conversation with me and there is a lot of probability that he might have met with some danger and I couldn’t even reach him now . I drove fast as I was very much tensed for him and was praying continuously. Do you even have any idea of how it will feel if you lost both your brother and sister? Do you know anything about relations? “while he was about to ask the next question his mobile rang and he picked up puzzled seeing a new number and ragini stood there shocked and hurt about his last question” do you know anything about relations ” while sanskar sighed in relief after hearing laksh’s voice while laksh narrated the whole incident. Sanskar felt very relaxed and says to laksh” thank the one who had saved you on my behalf and I’m coming to pick you up “. Saying so he hanged up his mobile and turned towards ragini who has tears falling from her eyes. That’s when sanskar realized his mistake of scolding her without any fault of hers that too so harshly. He started to apologize to her saying..
San : I’m sry it’s my mistake. I shouldn’t have…
But is cut off by ragini who says that “you are right I don’t know anything about relations…”
Saying so she walked off with teary eyes while sanskar stood there amused at her behavior but finally let it go off and started his vehicle and drove away.
Swalak side :
Lak : my brother asked me to thank you on his behalf of saving me from the accident while swara smilingly noded her head indicating that it’s OK. That’s when she saw her bus arriving and pointed to laksh that she has to go. Laksh understood and immediately forwarded his hand asking “friends?”. Swara thought for a second and smilingly shakes his hand accepting his friendship and left waving him bye.
After boarding the bus swara thinks of her father’s words in the morning that EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD ARE BORN FOR A REASON AND NOONE IS EVER USELESS. She also thinks of the incident that happened before a while and understands that whatever her father said is 100%true and promises herself that she should never think low of her at any circumstances. Suddenly a broad smile appeared on her lips. ☺
The screen ends on split screen with happy face of swara and ragini’s crying face.

So guys I know that this is an equally boring episode as the last one and I’m sorry for that but I really don’t have any idea other than this. So please forgive me. Thanks for reading bye ? take care everyone ☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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