Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-4)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope you like it too. First of all I would like to thank ruhani, s priya, sanchami, anamica, binith and my dear sisters riya and shagun for your continuous support. I would like to thank the new commenters like sus, ammu, Mahi and soujanya for their comments and request you to provide the support through out the story. I would also like to thank rachana for reading all the episodes at once and also liking it. As far anu and pooja concerned I am sorry guys for your disappointment as it is swasan and raglak fanfiction. So guys you are all my strength and I am grateful to all of you. Love you all a lot ?????. Therefore here goes the next chapter…
Recap : laksh and swara point of view and ragini conversation with anupama.

On road :
Swara leaves the home with Shekhar’s words ringing in her mind and stands in a bus stop waiting for the bus.
Laksh comes in his car and passes through the bus stop. After reaching a certain distance laksh’s car breaks down and he comes out of the car. He gets frustrated and takes out his mobile and dials adharsh number but it is out of range. He gets more and more tensed and hits the car in anger without realizing that he is in the middle of the road now. Thinking of a way to sort out the problem he takes out his mobile and checks through the contact and stops when he suddenly sees sanskar number and dials for it.
Phone conversation :

San : hello laksh what is the matter? Wanna take revenge from me? (knowing full well that he will not do anything like that)
Lak : bhai. . It’s not time for joke. I’m on my way to the first day of my college but my car got broke down. I dialled adharsh bhaiyya number but it is not reachable. Please do something I can’t be late on my first day itself.
Laksh stated fast with worry evident in his voice.
Seeing his worry sanskar got tensed has he can’t see his brother in trouble so he immediately asks for the address so that he could send another car to the place and laksh started stating the address.

In between the whole conversation laksh is unaware of the truck coming in his direction. Suddenly some one pushed him forcibly to the side while laksh shouted in panic and drops his mobile phone. Before he could understand of what is going on laksh sees the truck which was passing by his side. That is when reality strikes him and he turns towards the person who had just saved him.
He was shocked seeing a girl with panic evident in her innocent large eyes. (guys it is our swara). Laksh sighed in relief and turns towards the person and smiled at her. She too smiles at him after realizing that he is all safe and sound. Laksh forward his hands towards her and says ” thanks for saving and I am laksh” and waited for her response while she simply stared at him.
Other side :

After hearing laksh shout the phone got disconnected and sanskar was scared to hell about what has happened to him. He was continuously trying his number and is on his way to the address which laksh had mentioned, but it constantly says switched off. ( his mobile broke when he got saved).

He was driving the car like crazy that he didn’t notice a small baby crawling on the road as it was too small. Suddenly some one shouted and fell in front of his car. He got scared out of his wits and stops the car. He furiously gets out of the car and finds a girl bending in front of his car with her back towards him who is holding something in her hand( he didn’t notice the baby has the girl was covering it). He got so angry and started to shout at the girl angrily.
San : hey you don’t you have eyes. What the hell did you think of yourself. Don’t you have brains..
He was continuously lashing at her when she suddenly turned around with the baby in her hands. That’s when sanskar noticed her angry as well as concerned eyes (yes it is our ragini). He got confused at first wondering about the reason for her anger, when suddenly someone came to her and thanked her cryingly for saving her baby to which she simply noded. That’s when the reality strikes sanskar and he stood there freezed with ragini murderously glaring at him.
The screen freezes on

1)swara’s blank face
2)laksh’s confused face
3)ragini ‘s angry face
4)sanskar’ s shocked face
All the four faces are shown in split screen. (four different reactions in one screen… Lol.. ???)
Precap : swalak ragsan bonding

So guys what do you think of today’s episode. I seriously don’t have any idea of whether it is good or bad. Only your comments can clear my doubts. So guys keep commenting. Love you guys a lot. K bye ? take care. ☺☺☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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