Swaragini-A love so pure can never be explained (ch-32)


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Chapter 31

Recap :swalak ragsan separation

Days passes by…
It has been a week since swalak and ragsan talked with each other. Ragsan also tried a lot to talk to explain swalak but they are really hurt and didn’t accept their apologies. Even sanlak doesn’t talk with each other inspite of staying under one roof which doesn’t go un noticed by the family members. But doesn’t interfere as they very well know how they care for each other and it will be sorted out soon.
@badi :
Swa: maa, what is this? Y only my things are disappearing everytime? Dadi, how many times I have asked u not to misplace my things? Baba, can u please switch off the tv ? here I am shouting like anything and no one seems to care about it. I’m getting late for my job.
She got frustrated as she doesn’t get any response so furiously turns around to scold again but instead saw shekhar, sumi and dadi giving her weird looks.
Swa : what? Y r u all staring at me like that? It will be more useful if u help me find the purse rather than simply staring at me.
But they didn’t give any response and continued staring at her.
Swa(shouted at the top of her voice) : for god’s sake can u please say what is wrong with u all.
Shekhar : now u want us to search ur purse right?
Swa : haan
Sumi : but v can only search a thing only if it is lost.
Swa : what do u mean by that?
Dadi : arey pagal chori u only kept ur purse in your handbag before eating and now shouting at us.
Swara was taken back by it and searched her handbag and found the purse. She hits her forehead and says apologetically “ sorry I forgot keeping it inside. K it’s getting late .i’ll leave bye”
Saying so she left the place. While all the three shook their head frustrated .
Dadi : o god this chori is torturing us for past one week. She scolded me a lots of time saying I did this, I did that but infact it was all done by herself. I never got scolded so much even by my parents or my husband. baapre what to say?
Sumi : I feel very bad for her. She is behaving so frustrated for past one week. She doesn’t even eat well. She is not talking with us properly. It seems that she lost her voice again. The only time she opens her mouth is for scolding us.
Shekhar : I don’t know what is her problem. But it definitely has something to do with her friends. From the day they met there was not a single day they were separate but for the past week I could not find them at all. If ragini/ sanskar calls also she asks us to say that she is not at home.the only person she talks with is laksh but that too became so formal. They hardly speak 2/3 minutes. Don’t know what has gotten into her.
Sumi : shekhar she is very close to only u after janki. So u urself speak to her once she returns.
Shekhar nods his head and looks thoughtfully.

@mm :
All are getting ready for their day to day wok. Everyone gathered at dining table for having their food. Sanskaar and laksh are seated opposite to each other but doesn’t spare a glance at each other. Sujatha signaled ap , dp, rp, and uttara and adharsh and everyone nods understanding.
Dp : sanskar, how did the meeting go yesterday?
San : it went very well bade papa, the clients are very happy and the deal is finalized.
Dp : That’s good.i know that ur very talented.
Sanskar nods faking a smile
Ap : laksh beta why don’t u do an internship in our company under sanskar’s supervision. In that way u can learn many business tactics from him.
Lak : no maa, now I’m busy with my studies and exam date is nearing. So I can’t do it.
Dp : haan ap, y r u forcing him anyways he can’t do it
Suj : arey bhaisa, y r u saying like that? My laksh is very talented. He can do ten works at a time.
Utt : if so then y he is saying no now.i think he is afraid of doing business
Rp: arey uttara how can u speak like that with ur brother?
Dp : what wrong did she say now? whatever she said is right. He is afraid of business
Lak : I’m not afraid of anything. K I’ll do the internship. I’ll go directly to the company after completing my college.
Saying so he took his bag and furiously walks off.sanskar also left for his work after completing his breakfast.
Everyone gave thumbs up to each other (s it was their plan to clear their misunderstandings)

@college :
Ragini was sitting idle without any expression on her face. She was like this for the past one week. She doesn’t even concentrate on her studies. Nisha felt very bad for her. She thinks that she is the reason for her sufferings as she doesn’t know what happened after she left. Ragini was lost in her own world when the professor calledher. Nisha shook her to get her back to reality.
Prof : ragini, what r u doing? If u can’t b attentive in the class. Then please leave.
Rag : sorry madam. It’s just that..
Prof : no excuses for the past few days ur repeating the same thing. Now leave my class at this instant.
Ragini left the class upset and sat on the bench in college ground. That was the same place where she met laksh for the first time. All flashbacks came to her mind and tears fell down from her eyes. She blames herself for all the happenings. She couldn’t find peace at all. That’s when she remembered that it has been a long time since she visited the orphanage. She thinks that she could find some peace there and left for the orphanage.

Orphanage :
After reaching orphanage she felt a bit relieved while playing with the children of the orphanage. Although it broughther the of memories of swaragsanlak playing in the park. She thought to ignore it atleast for the moment.she found one of her orphanage child chotu crying at a distance while playing and went to him .
Rag : chotu, what happened? Y r u crying?
Chotu : di,I’m…I’m…I’m… afraid.
Rag : afraid of what chotu?
Chotu opens his mouth to say something but saw someone and got scared and ran from there. She follows him asking him to stop but he disappeared quickly. She met the owner of the ashram anupama mam and tok her blessings.
Anu : how r u beta?
Rag : I’m fine maa.how r u?
Anu : everyone fine dear. So how is ur life going ? y r u so dull?
Rag : wo..nothing ma it’s just that I’m tired.
Anu : o kk beta .take care of ur health.
Rag : k ma it’s getting late. I have to go for y part time job bye maa.
She took her blessings and left the place.

The screen freezes on relieved face of ragini.

Precap: misunderstanding clears. a big twist which turns everyone’s life.

So guys that’s for today. I know it’s not such a good chapter but still for u to like it. I know many are missing romantic scenes but upcoming episodes will be filled with drama as well as romance. So guys sorry for less romance as far now
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