Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-3)


Hii guys I’m prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope you like it too. First of all I like to thank my dear friends anamica, ruhani and sanchami for their continuous support and a special thanks to riya Kapoor for accepting me as her sister has I always longed for a sister but never had one. I like to thank b, chandani and binith for commenting for my story and asheeyana for providing me the encouragement for which I am very grateful of. I also like to thank s priya for commenting as well as for understanding that I’m not partial to any of the couple. So guys you are my strength and I look forward for your support through out the end… Love you all a lot… ????.Here goes the next chapter.
Recap :swasan introduction

In mm:
Adharsh entering laksh room and see him getting ready for the day with tiredness evident in his eyes.
Adh : laksh, you seem so tired. Who asked you to party all night?
Lak : arey bhai, have you forgot? Today is my first day of my college (laksh is joining for mba) and there is a party thrown on behalf of me. Then how could I not attend it?
Adharsh nods his head understanding and again turning towards laksh
Adh : laksh, did you feel bad about sanskar not helping you out before?
He asks this with worry evident in his eyes for the reaction of laksh.
But laksh burst out laughing and says,
Lak : bhai, you should have watched the scene of how sanskar fooled me by pretending to help me. I still couldn’t understand how I believed him so easily even after knowing so very well about him.
Laksh keeps laughing in middle of this whole conversation while Adharsh stood confused
Adh : laksh, I thought that you will feel bad about sanskar for behaving like that with you but here you are laughing like crazy. I can’t understand anything.
Lak : no bhai, I would never feel bad about sanskar because we always share this type of relationship starting from our childhood. From childhood we used to fight, enjoy the other person’s misery and have fun in teasing each other but neither bhai nor me would never hate each other. Even though we don’t show it we both love each other a lot and whatever sanskar does is only for my good. I am damn sure about it.
Laksh completes his speech and turns around to see Adharsh smiling proudly at him. Laksh also smiles back and leaves for the day.

At orphanage :
Anupama watches smilingly at ragini who is spending time with her prince and Princesses. Suddenly she remembers something and calls out to ragini.
Anu : beta, please come here. I want to discuss an important matter with you.
Ragini waves bye to the kids with a flying kiss and walks towards anupama
Rag : Haan Maa bolo. what is the matter?
Anu : beta, you know very well that nowadays it’s very difficult to run the orphanage as we are running out of money. So I think it will be good if we could collect funds for the orphanage and I need your help for it. I know it’s difficult for you as you have a part time job to do after college but still beta, can you manage to spend some time time between 4-6 today so that we could meet a person who can provide us with funds for the orphanage.
Rag : Haan Maa, I’ll surely be able to help bcoz my working time starts only at 6. But Maa whom we are going to meet today?
Anu : chairman of maheswari group of companies. I got an appointment from him to meet him today at 4:30 in his office. I would like you to accompany me for the meeting.
Rag :Maa, I too heared a lot about them but how did you manage to get an appointment from them? They are so rich and it isn’t easy to get an appointment with their busy schedule.
Anu : beta, once, they were the main reason for running the orphanage without any difficulty as they gave a lot of funds for our orphanage. But everything changed once they lost their beloved daughter uttara in an accident. From then they stopped visiting our orphanage. Yesterday I called them to inform about the situation and they said that they are ready to help us.
Rag : k Maa. Then I’ll directly reach maheswari company after completing my college and you too reach there, else we will be late.
Saying so ragini waved bye to Anupama and left for the college

At badi :
Swara is getting ready to leave for the institution. She is a teacher in a mute institution. Suddenly sumi came to her room and finds her upset about morning incident.
Sumi : shona, breakfast is ready. Come down fast.
Swara nodded her head in negative and spoke in sign language that she is not hungry
Sumi sighingly reaches towards her and hold her hand and made her sit down.
Sumi : beta, I know very well that you are angry at yourself about the morning incident. But shona it is not your fault. What if you didn’t notice the object falling like every other one?
Swara shaking her head said in sign language
Swa : Maa, I’m not angry about the incident it’s just that I’m angry at my inability to speak. I am angry that I am not useful to anyone in this world. Just like today I’ll never be able to, Be useful to anyone present in this world.
Saying so she started crying and Sumi hugged and consoled her when suddenly a hand caressed her hair. Swara looks up to find Shekhar who is giving a warm smile to her saying
Shekhar : cutie one could never ever say that they are useless in this world. Every one has their own reason for their birth just like me and your mom.
Swara questioningly looked at her father who continued.
Shekhar : yes beta we are born to take care of our cutie. You said that you are useless but in reality without you only we are useless. Our cutie’s smile is the soul reason for our existence. Don’t ever think low of your self because you are our strength and it pains us a lot whenever you cry.
On hearing this Swara wiped her tears immediately and looks up at her father and say in her sign language that YOUR CUTIE WILL NEVER EVER BE WEAK. saying so she smiled broadly at them and the trio shared a group hug when suddenly someone hits her head and she turns to see her dadi staring at her with food plate in her hands and says..
Dadi : here I am worrying about your health and is bringing food for you but you forgot your dadi and is happily hugging your parents.
Saying so she angrily keeps the food plate down and turns towards other side when Swara came running towards her and hugged her and placed a kiss on her dadi’s cheek who in turn smilingly feeds her the food. Screen ends on smiling face of Sumi and Shekhar.

Precap : swalak ragsan meeting

So guys I know it isn’t so good but still I’m hoping for your comments. As you all know the pairs I want to show swalak and ragsan bonding too because that is another important thing which I miss in the serial. K friends Bye, take care. Love you all a lot.

Credit to: Prateeksha

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  2. Reveal the pairs. I hope itz ragsan. Make love triangle between ragsan and laksh or swara?

    1. Sry anu I think you have not read my other two chapters. I have revealed in my first chapter itself it’s swasan and raglak. My aim is to give equal importance to both the pairs. As far raglan and swasan concerned I want to show a beautiful bond between them. One with friendship other with bro-sis relation. Hope you understand.

    2. Sr it’s a typo. I wanna show the bonding between ragsan and swalak .

      1. It’s really nice dear and myself it feels that this type of doesn’t need any kind of love triangles, it’s so different story line

  3. Awesome update dr… Sanlak bonding is amazing v always got to see swaragini bonding well but in ur ff u showed sanlak bonding which is simply amazing they understand each other a lot… I’m very excited for the nxt epi.. When will swasan n raglak meet?

    1. First of all. Thanks ruhani for your constant support. I first wanna show the friendship and bonding between swalak and ragsan and then love between the pairs. Hope you don’t mind it. ☺

  4. Make it ragsan and swalak

    1. Sry pooja I’ve already mentioned that it will be only swasan and raglak. As far ragsan and swalak I wanna show a good bonding between them. Sry once again. ☺

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