Swaragini- A love so pure can never be explained (ch-29)


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Recap : swasan hospital nokjhok. Ragini accepting viraat love. Laksh shocked.
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Laksh shocked seeing RagVi confession and hug. He couldn’t watch it anymore and so turned back and left the place.
Lak p.o.v:
What is this? How could laado do like this? She loves that monkey, but why? And why does it affect me so much? I’m just her friend and nothing more. Of course it’s natural for a girl to fall in love with someone. She cannot be only my friend throughout her lifetime. She also deserves a partner. There is nothing wrong in it. Then why the hell am i worried about it? Why my heart is paining so much? It’s not like I’m in love with her r anythi… what do I love her? No, no, no lucky it’s nothing like that stop imagining urself. Even if I love her there is nothing can be done anymore. She already loves someone and I don’t have any right to force her to like me. After all I’m her true friend and if she is happy then I’m fine with it. I should support in her decision and stand for her. But what if the mon.. no I should not call him like that anymore . What if he is not the right person for my laado? I’ve to keep an eye on him and protect my laado. HAAN LAADO NO MATTER WHETHER U LOVE ME R NOT I’LL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR U AND WILL SUPPORT U THROUGHOU UR LIFE.
After having a lot of debate with his mind he took a firm decision. He made his heart accept the reality. Just then his mobile rings and he picks it up to see ragini calling. He understood that she is calling to inform him about the confession which he witnessed.
Lak (in mind) : sorry laado, even though I accepted the reality I don’t have the courage to hear u saying about u loving someone. I need some time.
Making up his mind he switched off his mobile and thrown it into his pockets. Just then meera appeared out of nowhere and says,
Meera : Hey laksh what have u thought of tomorrow’s fresher’s party?
Lak : now what is there to think of it?
Meera : about the partner… I have asked u whether u want to b my partner and u left without saying anything?
Laksh thought for a second and said: k.

Meera squealed and jumped in excitement and left the place after hugging laksh .
@swara side:
Swara called laksh and informed him about the merger of fresher’s party and her celebration for getting her voice back. Laksh likes this idea. At last he could divert his mind from all the stressfull events that has happened a while back.
Swa : k lucky ,laado said that there will be a partner for each in the party. So it’s decided that I’ll b ur partner while sanky will b of laado’s.
Lak : no shona, I already have a partner and I doubt laado accompanying sanky too as she too have a partner now.
Swa : what but how is that possible? Laado only said in the break about the pairing and all but now she herself changed it that too without informing me.
Swara got pissed by all these sudden changes in plan.
Lak : no shona, she herself doesn’t know that the plans will get changed. It happened just a while back.
Swa : lucky what r u saying ? I can’t understand anything.

Laksh explained everything to swara. Swara was jumping from earth to sky. She is so happy for her laado. She is on cloud nine and was continuously blabbering to laksh. It upsets laksh more but still he doesn’t want to say anything to swara which would upset her so immediately thought of cutting the call.
Lak : k sona,it’s getting late. I have to leave .bye
Swa : hey lucky wait , does laado know that ur aware of her boyfriend?
Lak : no shone why?
Swa : then I have a plan . let’s all avoid laado only for today. I know she wants to say about her love to us but v have to ignore her and should not pick her calls.
Lak : but why shona?
Swa : hey budhdhu it’s a surprise for her. Let us all congratulate both of them during the party and will make some special arrangements for a date as a gift for them. Laado will be so happy and shocked. How is my plan?
Laksh was dumbstruck at her sudden plans.
Lak : u know what shona, if someone said to me that ur such a romantic, talkative and fun loving girl like this some two days back, I would have definitely admitted them in a mental asylum. But now I think it’s time for me to get an admission in mental asylum.
Swara laughed out loudly and said,
Swa : arey pagal, did u forget our gang name which was given by me ? it’s CRAZY GUYS. So it’s obvious for us to be admitted in mental asylum. Now stop all this crap and cut the call I’ve to inform sanky of our plan too else laado would inform him.
Saying so she immediately cuts the call without waiting for his response.
@swasan side:
Swara calls sanskar and informs everything to him.
San : what she love someone? Is she mad? She is just a small little girl. How could she even think like that? And who is that idiot who proposed laado? I’ll definitely break his bones for eyeing our laado.
Swa : o hello, r u mad r what? What’s wrong if she has a boy friend?
San : shona, have u lost ur mind? Our laado is still a small girl who doesn’t know anything about this evil world. What if that stupid take advantage of her innocence?
Swa : o really, then y don’t u buy a feeding bottle and feed ur laado by singing lullaby for her.
San : SHONA!!!

Swa : y r u shouting? It seems that lucky is far matured than u. he did not react as mad as u r.
San : what? lucky knows about it?
Swa : haan he is the one who informed me about the confession of ragvi
San : ragvi? When did laado change her name?
Swa : god!!! It’s blended form of ragini and virat . anyways forget it. No use explaining to u.now listen properly to what I say.
Saying so swara explained her plans to sanskaar too.
San : what? Our laado ,going for a date ,that too gifted by us. I know u and lucky both don’t have brains but for once y can’t u both try to behave normal. What if that idiot has any evil intentions towards our laado?
Swa : o for god sake, I’m saying it for a hundredth time that our laado is not a kid. She very well know to take care of her, now please talk about what r all the things that v have to arrange for the date. No no u don’t have to do anything myself and lucky will take care of the arrangements.
San (angered by her words) :and y is it so?
Swa : because now I’m sure u will buy lollipops for them and send them to a kid’s movie for a date.
San (loosing all his cool) SHONA

But he is too late as she has already cut the call and went to make the arrangements for the date.
@ ragini side:
She is trying to call swasanlak for a long time but none picks up the call.
Rag : now what happened to all these stupids? No one is picking up the call. This lucky I know he is very lazy but what happened to shona and sanky. I wanna share an important news with them but no one is picking up the call. K now I will also won’t talk to them till they call me back.
Saying so she huffed and left the place.
@swasan side:
She messaged sanskar about they being the partners for the party as all the pair got switched. After sending the message swara thought of her earlier conversation with sanskar and a smile spread on her face. That’s when she got remainded that tomorrow she will be dancing with sanskar in the party. She blushed profusely when the thought striked her. Sanskar too read the message and smiled happily after knowing that swara will be accompanying him for the party.
@laksh side :

He was pained to the core on thinking of the date that he is gifting for his laado.
Lak : how could I see her with someone else?
The thought of it itself brought a drop of tear on his eyes but he immediately wiped it off .
Lak : no laado, I won’t show my pain in front of u. I just want u to be happy throughout ur life no matter whom u r with.
The screen freezes on laksh painful face.

So guys that’s for today. Hope u like it too. I know from the last two three chapters all r missing raglak but what to do NO PAIN NO GAIN. So please wait for some more time. And guys who r all have contact with me through wattpad , I would like to say that due to some unknown reasons I couldn’t login to my lazyandsleepyhead account. So I created a new account and my id is prateeksha 94. Please follow me in this id hereafter. k guys, thanks for reading… love u all a ot.. bye…take care   

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