Swaragini-A love so pure can never be explained (ch-28)


So here is the next chapter. That is chapter 28. Hope u like it too..
@ragini side:
Ragini is sitting in her class totally upset. She couldn’t concentrate on her work. She was very much upset with the behavior of laksh. She thought of diverting her mind from the incident so she started taking notes, that’s when she noted even nisha is absent today..
Rag (in mind) : o god… now how will I divert my mind ? There is no one to share my feelings also
When ragini was busy blaming circumstances, an announcement is heared from the college loud speaker. It tells about the upcoming welcome party for all the freshers on saturday. It also says that each fresher can bring an outsider for participating in the couple dance. Ragini got happy and thinks that this is the best way to sort out all the differences between laksh. She thinks of inviting both swasan as when they four gets united, then no differences can crop up between them. She praised herself for this and decided to call swara during the lunch break.
@laksh side:

Laksh is really fed up of meera who is always clinging to his side.
Lak (in mind) :god what have I got myself into? Just to irritate laado I got stuck with this chipku. Now please save me. But y did I behave in such a way with laado. I really can’t understand. Why did I get angry whenever I see her with that monkey?
He too hears about the announcement that is made.
Meera : baby,u don’t need to bring any outsider for dance . I’m there na.. v both will make such a great par as if made for each other..
Laksh got shocked hearing it.
Lak (in mind) : o.m.g.. myself?… dance?… that too with this chipku? That will be the last thing that I will ever do in my life time.
Meera : baby, please describe our pair with any example please…
Laksh thought for a while and said

Lak : our pair is like cake and knife.
Meera (in mind): wow I never thought that he likes me so much. He is comparing me with cake and he being the knife has the only right to claim me .
Meera : wow baby, I’m so lucky . love u a lot.
Lak (in mind) : is this girl a mad? I said her to be the knife which cuts me into pieces and here she is saying that she is lucky. Only god knows what’s in her mind. But what about the fresher’s party? How can I avoid her?
He thinks for a while and comes up with an idea.he thinks to apologise ragini for his earlier behavior and also ask her to accompany him for the party.
Lak (in mind) : yes. This is the best way to make up as well as to escape from this chipku.
He thought to speak to ragini in the evening before leaving for his home.
@ragini side:

Ragini calls swara and informs her about the upcoming celebration and swara also informs her about the party she has kept. They both plan to merge the two in away that ragini invites sanskar has her dance partner while laksh invites swara.
Swa : k laado.. then u inform this to laksh while I’ll inform to sanky
Rag : nahi shone, who I had a small with laksh. So u please inform him while I’lll inform sanky.
Swa : u both na.. uff.. k leave it. I’ll inform laksh.
They both cut their call and went for their chores
@evening :
Laksh was searching ragini and with a great difficulty he even got rid of meera . He searched her throughout the college but couldn’t find her. He thought to speak to her tomorrow and left for his home.

@next day :
Laksh reached the college as soon as possible. He searched ragini once again but couldn’t find her . he found nisha standing and watching something . she looked shocked. He goes near her and stood in a distance hiding behind a tree. He watched in the direction of nisha. He was hell shocked on seeing the sight before him.
Virat (shakti arora) stood before ragini on his knees. He had a flower in his hand.
Virat : angel.u r my life and I fell in love the day I saw u.ur smile means the world to me. U r the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. U know each and everything about my past and present life. So will u accompany me in my future to make it more beautiful than my past?

Ragini stood there smiling and says “YES I AM”
Virat stood up smiling and both ragvi share a hug. Laksh stood there heartbroken witnessing this scene with tears rolling down from his eyes.
The screen ends on RagVi hug and laksh heartbroken face.

So guys that’s for today. Wanna kill me? If s then go ahead.i know this is a very short episode but it’s necessary for the storyline to end here. Please forgive me. K guys.. thanks a lot for reading.. bye..take care… love u all a lot   

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  1. Hehe i liked cake n knife scene…… N in last part to be very frank they were really very cute… N there convo too….. I didn’t comment there so I am telling here only…. I liked both swasan n raglak….n how come Ragini accepted his proposal??? Akka wat is running in ur mins??? Ahhhh now eagerly waiting to know wat happens……. Totally the two parts were brilliant……??

    1. Prateeksha

      O siso I’m happy that you liked both the parts. I know u r a raglak fan but u loved swasan scenes. I’m really happy for that. My siso become mature I think (hahaha wink) . That’s great. The cake and knife scene is my favorite too. Angry with ragini right? Me 2. Now it’s ur turn. Now go guess what is in my mind, my sweetheart. Will update soon. Love you a lot siso ?

  2. Megha123

    Oh no!! Again another misunderstanding I think they’re just practicing a play / may be he just asked her as a friend anyway loved this part very much

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks megha dear for your continuous support. I’m happy that you liked it. Nice guess but u have to wait to know what happens in upcoming episodes ☺

  3. raglak scenes are nice, but clear the misunderstandings soon

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks lovely dear for your continuous support. I’m happy that you liked it. Will update soon ☺

  4. nice twist..

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks kumu dear for your continuous support. I’m happy that you liked it ☺

  5. Divyanshri

    Knife n cake part was nice Di….. she is so stupid. …..n what is this rag accept his proposal…. I think there is something in this….u will surely bring some twist….. will be waiting ????

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks divyanshri siso. I’m happy that you liked it. Yup the knife and cake is my favorite too. But siso don’t keep so high hopes in me because I may not be able to satisfy ur expectations. Love you a lot siso ?

  6. so nice twist and turns siso luved it truely ur completely fab i am ur fan love u from the core of heart

    1. Prateeksha

      O siso. Where were u all these days. I missed u a lot. I thought u forgot me. Love you a lot siso. Did u update any of ur ff. Bcoz nowadays I rarely visit tellyupdates. ???

  7. I over this part cake& knife it’s superb I too feel meera is mad ??? wats that at the end poor lucky ???

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks ash for commenting. I’m happy that you liked it. Yup knife and cake is my favorite too. Will get to see in upcoming episodes ☺

  8. Loved it dear. Knife and cake part is superb.Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks ammu dear for your continuous support. I’m happy that you liked it. Yup that’s my favorite too ☺

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks dharani for commenting on both the parts. I’m happy that you liked it ☺

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Please unite Raglak soon
    Loved Laksh’s act of cake and knife
    Waiting for the next one……….

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks spp for commenting. I’m happy that you liked it. Yup the cake and knife is my favorite too. Will update soon ☺

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  10. Chaitali

    I like the both parts di…hehe laksh is with chipku!Great update di

    btw..how is ur newly married life going? ?

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks chaitali siso for commenting. I’m happy that you liked it. Yup my new life is awesome and how r u? Love you a lot siso.. Take care ☺

      1. Chaitali

        i am good di…love u too!

  11. Superb episode akka enaku antha cake nd knife scene nalla pudichiruku eagerly waiting for next episode akka

    1. Prateeksha

      Thanks sanchami dear for your continuous support. I’m happy that you liked it. Yup that’s my favorite too. Love you a lot siso ?

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