Swaragini-A love so pure can never be explained (ch-27)


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Recap :raglak misunderstanding. Swasan secret meeting

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when swasan were in the middle of a conversation,they found the sound of door knob cracking. Both are tensed like anything and doesn’t know what to do. The door gets opened and the same wardboy who has sent sujju and ap out comes in. both felt so relieved and throws a sigh.
Wardboy : madam ,where is my money?
San : money???
Swa : arey can’t u wait for sometime. Am I gonna run with ur money?
Sanskar was shocked and asks swara : shona? Yeh sab kya hai?
But swara ignored him and gave 300 rupees to wardboy
Wardboy : madam , what is this? U promised me to give 500 but only 300?
Swa : that’s ur penality for interrupting us. V already as very has very less time and ur wasting it. Now get lost from here.
Swara shouted at him and the ward boy left mumbling under his breath. She turned towards sanskar to find him numbstruck seeing all this.

Swa : what? Y r u seeing me as if I’m a ghost?
San : I never expected to see this side of u.
Swa : is that a complaint or compliment?
San (confused himself) : complaint..no..no.. compliment…no…. k leave it.
Swara looks at him with an unbelievable expression.
Swa : sometimes I wonder that how could you become the chairman maheswari industries?
Sanskar looks defended and says
San : excuse me. What did u mean by that?
Swa (with attitude) : I mean that u r so DUMB.
San : what?
Swa : haan did u hear it properly mr.maheswari? U.ARE.DUMB.
San : so u r ms.gadodia?

Saying so they both turned towards opposite side with a folded hands and attitude expression on their face. Both r looking each other from the corner of their eyes without the knowledge of the other person.
Swa (in mind) : shona, have u gone mad? U came here to enquire about his health and instead ur fighting with him. Have u lost ur mind ? did u forget that he is the one who saved ur life? How could u forget that he is here just because of u? Now stop showing this stupid attitude and apologise to him.
San (in mind) : sanky, what did u do? She came here with so much difficulty that too by bribing the wardboy only to meet to u and here ur showing ur attitude and fighting with her? Did u forget what r all ur mom said to her. Instead of apologizing for her rude behavior ur adding more pain to her. Now stop behaving nonsense.
Both of them made their minds and turned towards the other and said SORRY at the same time. Both stood quiet for sometime and immediately burst out laughing. Their cute moment was disturbed by the sound of door opening. Knowing full well about who is entering swara immediately held Sanskar’s hand and said
Swa : bye sanky, I have to leave. Take care
Saying so she immediately rushed towards the window and jumps through it. Sanskar was worried about her and is constantly looking out of the window. Ap and sujatha found him staring towards the window every now and then,

Ap : beta, what happened ? y r u continuously staring at the window?
San (with a stern face) : kuch nahi badi maa
Suj : arey y r u keeping that angry face? Bcoz u couldn’t speak to that chori?
Sanskar kept mum and doesn’t say anything. Ap felt bad for him and said,
Ap : sujatha stop treating him achild and give his phone back to him.
Suj : but jiji, just because ur supporting him he is not at all obeying my words.
Ap : acha, then wat about u? even ur spoiling that idiot laksh by always supporting him. In fact sanskar is far better than him. He is very naughty and doesn’t obey anyone’s words whereas our sanskar is running our whole business successfully.
Suj : but jiji, y r u bringing mera bacha in these talks.y r u comparing him with sanskar? He is still a child. He doesn’t know what is right and wrong. Only sanskar has to teach him all these. But see, he himself is not proper nowadays

Listening to their talks sanskar got confused who is his real mom? As everytime it is quiet opposite in case of both him and laksh. Can’t tolerating anymore he shouted,
San : now will u both please stop all these and give me some peace? I’m very tired
Sujatha starts to open her mouth to say something but stops midway seeing the stern look on ap’s face. She was about to leave but ap signals her something. She unwillingly gives the mobile back to sanskar and he happily takes it.
Ap : beta , u can call anyone now. But don’t take much time. Speak fast and then take rest. V will stay out.
Saying both ap and sujatha left the place. Once they r out sanskar immediately dials swara’s number
Swa : hello

San : hello shone

Swa :sanky, how did u manag..
She was about to ask something but was cut by sanskar.
San : shona,now don’t start ur interrogation because I have very less time to speak with u. now say r u okay? Did u get hurt while jumping from the window?
Swa : no no sanky,I’m totally fine. Did u forget I was born in a village and I used to climb trees during my childhood days.
San : o kk now I get it. So this is the reason for the mischievious side of urs?
Swa : haan kk. Now don’t start again. Actually I forgot to invite u before/

San : invite for what?
Swa : for the party on Saturday .to celebrate for me getting my voice back. Timing-sharp 6. Don’t forget. And can u able to come? If ur health is not k then no problem. V can celebrate some other day.
San : no no . I’m fine. Actually I’m getting discharged today. So I’ll definitely join u. did u invite raglak?
Swa: haan I’m about to invite them.

San : k shona, bye then.. see u on saturday ..take care.
Swa : bye sanky..
The screen endsd on happy faces of swasan.
Fully on swasan right? K then u would have guessed the contents of next episode by now. Am I right? Now let’s go the the next chapter 

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