Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-26)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope u like it too.i would like to thank divyanshri sis, ammu, aaushi jain, sindhura, nikky guptra, ammu, ankita, roshni sis, nitu, megha 123, dharani, mahjabeen, sanya, soujanya, reethi, niya, chaitali(please read my reply), fairy for their valuable comments. Ur comments r my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I have replied individually to each and every comment. Please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too.so guys love u all a lot. Heregoes the next chapter….
Recap-family drama. Sujatha scolding swaragini for sanskar’s condition. Swaragini shy remembering their hug with sanlak.
Here is the link for the last chapter
Swaragini reaches straight to baadi and informs the news of swara getting her voice back and also sanskaar getting shot. Shekhar, sumi and dadi are shedding happy tears on hearing their shona’s voice after a long time but at the same time they are worried for sanskaar also. Both shekhar and sumi wants to meet sanskar at once but swaragini explained them about what all has happened at hospital. So everyone decided to meet him once their anger subsided. Ragini too left early as she is very tired and needs to go to the college the next day.

@sanlak side:
It’s night time and everyone from the family left the place as sanskaar doesn’t want anyone to stay with him except laksh. Both sanlak are upset by the behavior of their family towards swaragini but they decided to sort out everything they are back to their normal life…
Next morning:
Laksh left to college once sujatha and ap came with food for sanskaar for the day. He was very much nervous to meet ragini after what all happened yesterday. He was praying to god to give him courage to face the upset ragini and also to keep him away from the irritating meera. He came early to college and was searching for ragini everywhere but couldn’t find her. On his way he met ragini’s friend nisha and enquired her about ragini’s whereabouts.
Lak : nisha, do u know where is laado?
Nisha : wo… I saw her talking with her new friend a while back?
Lak : new friend?
Nisha : haan.
Lak : where is she now?
Nisha : under the tree near cafeteria.
Lak : k thanks nisha, see u later …bye..
Nisha : bye laksh
Laksh was searching ragini around cafeteria and found her talking with someone but he couldn’t see his/her face as they are standing behind the tree. Laksh was shocked to see ragini laughing holding her stomach. He was expecting her to be upset and angry with him but here she is happily chatting and laughing.
lak (in mind) : o god, thanks a lot.. I was waiting for her scoldings and argument but u saved me by making her mood light. But who is she talking to?
He walks a bit closer and was shocked to find the person to be none other than viraat(shakti arora-hope u all remember him). At one side he was happy and mesmerized to see his angel’s smile but on the other side he was furious at the fact that it was not because of him but someone else. This thought kills him a lot.
Rag : seriously viru ur…(again burst out laughing)
Lak (in mind) : what??? viru??? Hmm.. Seems like she is calling a puppy(jealousy at it’s peak)
Vir : o angel, u r damn awesome my angel
Saying so he too started laughing. Both are laughing like mad people and laksh couldn’t take it anymore. He feels like puncing him on his face but somehow controlled himself. In order to halt their moment he faked a cough. That’s when ragini noticed laksh.

Rag : hii lucky, when did u come?
Lak : I came a longggg back but u both r busy laughing like mad people.
Rag : arey lucky, that’s something hilarious and u know what it is?
When ragini started to open her mouth she was abruptly cut off by viraat
Vir : no angel, it’s something between the two us and u shud not say it to anyone. Did u forget ur promise?
He asked so cutely making a pout face.
Rag : o my baby I’m sorry. K I won’t say anything
Lak (in mind) : baby,angel,viru.. what else is left for me to hear?
Lak : excuse me. Sry for interrupting but I’m really not interested about anyone’s personal so u don’t have to say anything. I came here for apologizing for my chachi’s behavior yesterday that’s it.
Ragini was taken aback by laksh’s rude behavior but still continued
Rag : arey lucky, what’s wrong with u? y this sorry vorry and all . i can very well understand her situation
Lak : k fine. Let me leave then
Saying so he was about to turn when he found someone wrap hands around his arm. Without seeing he could very well say that it is none other than MEERA.
Meera : hii baby,y r u absent all these days? I missed u a lot dear.
Lak( in mind) : can this day become anymore worse?
He was about to shout at meera but he suddenly noticed ragvi and thought for a second.
Lak : o baby, I missed u a lot too..but don’t worry today I’m gonna spend time only with u.come let’s go for class now
Saying so lakeera went to their class while ragini stood there bewildered. She get’s remainded of her hug yesterday and a small drop of tear escaped her eyes.
Vir : come angel, even v r getting late for our class
Saying so he dragged ragini with him.

@other side:
Swara left for her work early. Swara on her way went to the temple to thank god for her voice as well as for her friends. After reaching to the school she met her friend nakusha (mahii vijj). They r very happy to see each other after all that happened and nakusha’s happiness doubled on hearing her best friend’s voice. They thought to celebrate it on coming Saturday. Swara decided to invite ragsanlak too. That’s when she gets reminded of sanskar. The thought of sanskar disturbed her a lot. Both nakusha and swara left for their respective classes. Her students are also happy to hear their favorite teacher’s voice. They got a hope that someday that even their disabilities get vanished. After some classes she got her free session. Swara could not concentrate about anything except sanskar. At last she decided something and took her bag and left the place.

Sanskaar was really fed up all the lectures of sujatha and ap and their over caring nature.
San (in mind): Gods please do some miracle and save me from them.
Just then sanskar got a phone call from swara .he was about to pick it up but sujatha snatches it from him.
Suj: hereafter u r not going to keep any contact with both the girls.
San : but maa…
He was interrupted by a ward boy who asks both sujatha and ap to meet the doctor to talk something about sanskar. They both left the place asking him to take care of.
San (in mind) : god u r really powerful. Now at last I could get some peace.
When he was about to fall sleep he heared some cracking sound. He looked around to find someone bolt open the door.
San (in mind) : o no they returned so soon….
But he was shocked to see it is swara who is entering the place.
San : shona tum?…
He was about to shout but she immediately keeps her finger on his lips.
Shona(in whisper) : don’t shout sanky. What if ur mother and badi maa comes. Keep quiet
San (in same whisper) : but why r u coming like a thief? U could have come as everyone right?
Swa : that’s what even I thought and I called u to check whether they will allow me to meet u and as expected it they snatched ur phone.
During their convo they hear someone opening the door. Swasan got tensed and doesn’t know what to do.
The screen ends on split screens of tensed swasan

So guys that’s for today. Very lengthy one right?Anyways hope u like it.
Guys I have a question from my side for a long time. Please answer ..
Do u find this ff a balanced one between both the couples or not?
If not then say which couple I’m more biased to?
K guys thanks for reading… love u all a lot…bye..take care ..   

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  1. Awww so sweet. Jelaous laksh…

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks nitu. i’m happy that u liked it 🙂

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks nitu. i’m happy that u liked it 🙂

      1. Prateeksha

        sorry sindhu wrongly sent. i’m happy that u liked it and thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. superb jealousy laksh, cute ragu

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      thanks lovely. i’m happy that u liked it 🙂

  3. Chaitali

    Nice part di…and i read ur reply in last part..and gave the links too!

    And ans of ur ques..u r giving equal importance to both couple!

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks chaitali siso. i’m happy that u liked it. thanks for ur opinion too. ur second season. i am reading now and will comment in ur comment page itself.love u a lot 🙂

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks dharani. i’m happy that u liked it 🙂

  4. Wow akka Raglak part was best part…. Ooo I was Imagining his jealousy face he would be soo cute at that time….n his reaction when he saw meera would even cute….. It was awesome part…. N who will be coming to Swasan room??? Waiting to know…n regarding ur question I am happy n okay with ur writings….i don’t have any prob….. He he… Bye bye akka….tc..love u…???

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks roshni sis for commenting. i’m happy that u liked it. will get to know in the next episode. love u a lot too siso…bye..taks care.. 🙂

  5. Megha123

    I think that u balanced the pairs BTW today’s epi was totally awsm & i guess that the person is either ragu / lucky

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks for ur opinion megha. i’m happy that u liked it and thanks for commenting too. love u a lot 🙂

  6. Ruhani

    Superb dr.. Raglak jealousy was awesome

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  7. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Laksh jealousy was so cute
    Waiting for the next one….

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks spp..i’m happy that u liked it. will update soon 🙂

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  8. Aweee it’s so cute laksh is feeling jealous ?????..u r balancing both pairs nicely
    Will be waiting for next part.post asap

    1. Prateeksha

      thanks reethi. i’m happy that u liked it. thanks for opinion too.will post soon 🙂

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  9. Loved it dear and Raglak scenes are superb

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  10. Sriya

    awesome one dear post next one asap i am worried for swara hope sanskar saves her at right time
    love u loads!
    keep smiling always!

    1. Prateeksha

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  11. Wow it was Amazing I am waiting plzzz update soon
    Poor swara she cant meet sanky openly
    And poor laksh how much He was jolous

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  12. Superbbb…mind blownggg dear??

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  13. Superb episode akka laksh vooda poramaa pakka supera iruku neeinga eppavum mass sisso

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    Awsome episode as usual Di…. but so small….. but OK… I understand u r busy. …..post soon if u can… ?

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