Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-25)

Hii guys is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope u all remember me nd my ff. I know a simple sorry will not make up for my delay and also I don’t want to bore u at start itself. So presenting this longggg chapter as a small compensation for my delay. hope u will forgive me after reading my apology note which is at the end. I would like to thank divyanshri sis, neha, Anamica sis, lovely, sanya , ammu, riya sis, soujanya, reethi sis, nikky, ammu(I think there are 2), roshni sis, kanak, megha 123, sanchami sis, sriya, dharani, kumu, Natasha sis, and ash for their valuable comments. U r comments r my strength and they mean a lot to me . so keep commenting.i have replied individually to each and every comment. Please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too. So guys love u all a lot    and heregoes the next chapter…
Recap : everyone happy for swara.sanskaar safe.swara hugs sanskaar

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Ragsanlak are shocked seeing swara hugging sanskaar. Swara is crying vigorously.she cups sanskar’s face and says “sanskar tum teek to hai na? I was really afraid seeing u in this condition.i’m solrry sanskaar. I’m really sorry. It all has happened bcoz of me.please forgive me sanskar. Please..” saying so she hugs him once again.
This comes as another shock for sanskaar.he was shocked hearing her voice.he looks at raglak but both doesn’t know how to respond. While all stood confused in their own world,swara stops crying suddenly and realizes her position with sanskar. She moves back with a jerk and looks awkwardly at sanskaar.

Ragsanlak are in such anawkward condition that they doesn’t know what to say. Swara curses herself in her mind.laksh thought to lighten the environment and starts to speak. But before he could say anything the door opens with a bang. All r shocked to see the whole maheswar family standing in front of them. Sujatha and ap runs and hugs sanskar.ap is crying vigorously while sujatha asks laksh how this all has happened.laksh explained them everything about how sanlak became friends with swaragini, Swaraginisanlak bonding, swara kidnap and sanskaar getting shot while saving ragini. All r shocked on hearing it and thanked god for saving sanskaar. after sometime everyone calms down a bit. That’s when laksh noticed swaragini standing in a corner not knowing what to do in between all this chaos. Laksh realizes his mistake of not introducing swaragini properly to his family.
Laksh suddenly shouted,

Lak : maa,papa,chacha, chachi…thay are swara and ragini.our soul friends
Swaragini greeted them with folded hands. Both rp and dp responded them while sujju and ap looked away. Swaragini took blessings of both rp and dp by falling on their feet. When swara was about to fall on sujatha’s feet she moved away calling “bhaisa” and the same goes with ragini and ap.they both understood that both sujatha and ap doesn’t like them. So they moved away smiling to escape notice of sanlak but nothing could escape from the observation of sanlak. All felt awkward for sometime,suddenly sanskar got remainded of swara’s voice.
San :shona…u…ur voice?
Rag :haan sanky,shona got her voice back in shock on seeing u getting shot. As someone says every bad thing as something good in it, even though u got shot….
Before she could complete her sentence,ap shouted,
Ap : what do u mean by good? Our son got shot and that’s good for u?
Rag : no aunty I didn’t mean it that way…
Suj : chup.just bcoz of u both my son is in this condition and ur saying it is good.how dare u?..
She was cut off by laksh,
Lak: chachi listen please..

Suj : u keep quiet.even u didn’t say anything to me about all this police case and all.if u have said then I wouldn’t let u both do all this. And even after all this this chori says that it’s good. How dare she? Does she know how much it pains for a mother to see his child in this condition? What does she know about mother child relation?
Hearing the word relation ragini’s eyes wells up and she tries hard to control her tears. Seeing her in this condition both sanlak got furious. But before anyone of them could respond they heared someone shouting,

Swa : enuf .enuf is enuf. Don’t say a single word anymore. I can’t hear another single bad word about my laado. Do u know why did she say so? Because I WAS MUTE till yesterday. Haan I’m mute. I got my voice back in shock on seeing sanskaar getting shot. That is what she was trying to say from start but ur least interested to hear it. Sry for shouting at u like this. But I can’t see any of my friends in trouble. I’m sorry if I hurt u . v will leave now.
Saying so she grabbed ragini’s hand and walks out of the room giving a slight nod to sanlak and said Namaste to rp and dp.ragini became so numb to even react. Today she saw a different swara from the one she knows. not only ragini but sanlak r also shocked to the core to react. Sujatha who was surprised turns to laksh and asks,
Suj : does whatever she said is true?
Laksh simply nodded his head.
Suj : o my god.she got her voice only today but see the way of her talking. No respect to elders. Thank god she was mute before .
Saying so she went to get food for sanlak. Both sanlak got angry on her words but decided to keep quiet as they don’t want anymore drama for the day.

@outside ot:
Ragini looks bewildered at swara while swara looks confusingly at her.
Swa : what ?is there something wrong on my face?
Saying so she started to go to search a mirror but was stopped by ragini
Rag : who r u?
Swa : kya?
Rag : I asked who r u? my shona can never say a word or raise her voice on elders. Now say who r u?
Swara laughed hearing it and says,
Swa : arey budhdhu, how am I supposed to raise the voice when I don’t have voice at first place. And ofcourse whatever u said is correct. I won’t raise my voice before elders but she spoke a lot about u and I can’t bear it anymore. I lost all my cool once I found tears in ur eyes.that’s y I shouted. But that aunty ….god…she is? can’t believe she is the mother of our simple and sweet sanky? And…
Rag : arey arey enuf yaar… I know u got ur voiceback after a long period of 10 years and u have 10 years of talks to catch up with. But please my ear drums r working properly since my birth and it can’t take this much talk of urs. So save some for ur ma,papa and dadi too.
Saying so she laughed and swara too joined it
Rag : and what did u say ? SIMPLE AND SWEET SANKY haan…
Swara got surprised by what she said but somehow tries manage it in order to escape from ragini’s teasing

Swa : haan ofcourse what is wrong in that? Being a chairperson of maheswari’s he is so simple and sweet. That’s what I said.
Rag : wow dear, u tackle it very well. But what about the hug that happened a while back haan..?
Thinking about the hug , a blush crept on swara’s cheeks
Rag : seems like someone blushing
Swa : arey chup yaar, y r u teasing me? Even u and laksh hugged outside the operation theater .does it mean that u both have something in between u?
Saying so she walks past ragini with a victorious smile on her face. Ragini stood there shocked by swara’s words. She gets remainded of her hug with laksh and a smile appeared on her lips.
The screen ends on smiling faces of swaragini

Precap : ragini viraat (shakti arora) friendship. Laksh jealous. Swra sanskaar secret meeting in hospital.

So guys that’s for today. Hope u liked it. I have a note for my friends who writes ff. I’m sorry guys that I couldn’t read ur ff’s .it’s just that I was quiet busy for a week and half. But don’t worry now I’m free and will make up for all my loses. Please forgive ur sister for this dears. And for my other friends, I’m sorry dear for late update but today I promise u all that hereafter I will update daily as I’m quiet free for a month and will try to end my ff as soon as possible. Hope u will forgive me for the delay. K guys, thanks a lot for reading…love u all a lottttt…..bye..take care 

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