Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-24)

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Recap : swara gets her voice back. Sanskaar gets shot.

Swaraglak are shocked hearing the bullet shot. before anyone could understand what’s happening they found sanskar lying on the floor with a pool of blood. Swaraglak ran towards him and hugs him. Swaragini are crying vigorously while the police captured dharam and drags him away beating vigorously. Laksh was shocked to core and was crying hugging sanskar. the inspector calls ambulance. The ambulance arrives and sanskar is taken to hospital followed by swaraglak. All are crying vigorously and are praying for his welfare.

@ the hospital:
Sanskar is rushed into the operation theater. His face is covered with oxygen mask. The doctors and nurses are running here and there in tension. outside the operation theater all the three are drowned in their own thoughts and are crying silently. They are amused and shocked at the turn of events that happened within a week. Life has turned upside down for all the four in a single week.
Ragini’s pov:
“o god why did this happen to sanky? What mistake he or anyone of us has done. Till few hours back my shona’s life was at risk. But now my sanky’s life is at stake. That too because of me. Why am I a curse to everyone? I have been very happy for last few days as atlast I got someone who cares for me but it seems like my bad luck not only follows me but also my closed ones. I shouldn’t be born at all. I am a curse to everyone.

While thinking so she falls down the floor crying. Laksh who went to inform his family about sanskar’s condition comes back to find her in this condition. He runs to her and hugs her in a consoling way.
Rag : lucky,it all has happened because of me. It’s actually me who should have got shot. I’m a curse ato everyone. I should have died , then this situation doesn’t have happened
Laksh got furious on hearing it…
Lak : tu pagal hai kya? Stop blaming urself. It’s just the situation that all this has happened. If sanky had heared all this then I’m sure u would be dead for sure. Take all these non sense thoughts out of ur mind. I know what has happened is really bad , but v shud be happy that atleast our shona is safe right n…..

That’s when both remembered about shona . they gets remainded about how she shouted sanskar’s name a while back. Both are shocked to the core that they stopped crying and looked at each other speechless. Immediately they tilted their head towards swara’s direction. They found her sitting on the chair staring intently at a blank space. It seems that she even forgot that she existed in the world. Her eyes are swollen and her face doesn’t portray any emotions. raglak walks towards her and called out her name.
Rag : shona (no response)
Lak : SHONA (still no response)
Ragini shaked her vigorously. Swara is brought out of her thoughts and looked intently at ragini’s face. It seems that she doesn’t have any idea about what is happening around her. She looked around her and recalled the moments that happened a while back.
Suddenly she broke down crying . she hugged ragini and is crying vigorously,
Swa : laado, it all has happened because me. If he has not kidnapped me ,then this all wouldn’t have happened. Laaado,say me laadoo, nothing will happen to MY sanky right? Say na laadoo .. why r u staring at me like that? Am I any alien?
She got irritated by the surprised looks she is getting from both raglak.
Rag : sh..shona…u..ur…voice..

That’s when shona realized that all this while she was talking without sign language. She has got her voice back. She was haapy, sad, surprised, shocked. she experiences all the types of emotions at once.
Before she or anyone could say anything the doctor stepped out of the operation theater. On seeing him ,everyone forgets their talks and rushed towards him. All r bombarding him with questions like how he is? Can v meet him now? Etc..the doctor shushed all and said,
Doc : don’t worry. The bullot doesn’t cause much damage .v have removed the bullet from his body and he is out of danger now.
Lak : thank u so much doctor… can v meet him now?
Doc : ofcourse u ca…

Before he could complete his sentence swra pushed him aside and entered the operation theater. both raglak and doctor are amused by the weird behavior of swara.
They both entered the operation theater after apologizing doctor for swara’s weird behavior . as soon as they entered, they are shocked to find swara crying vigorously hugging sanskar tightly.
Sanskar slowly opens his eyes and he too was shocked to find swara crying hugging him. He turned towards raglak who was equally shocked as him by the bold behavior of the shy and silent swara.
The screen ends on chocked and confused faces of ragsanlak

Precap : family drama. Starting of swasan raglak love story

So guys that’s for today and I solemly apologize for the late update. hope u liked it. K guys thanks for reading…. Love u all a lot..bye..take care   .

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