Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-23)

Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope u like it too.i would thank my lovely readers like roshni siso, neha, lovely, j, sanji, soujanya,ammu, ammu(don’t know whether u both r same r different person but I found different logos for both the comments), s priya akka, sanchami siso, megha 123, divyanshri, reethi, anamica sis (don’t forget to take a look at previous chapter), nikki, kumu ,chaitali( I asked u a question .please do take alook of my previous episode) (who still remember about my ff) for their valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I have replied individually to each and every comment. Please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too.so guys love you all a lot .i know this is a very short episode but it’s necessary. Hope you understand and guys here goes the next chapter…

Recap : ragsanlak reach the prostituition.swara missing.
Here is the link for the last chapter
Chapter 22

@ one side:
Ragsanlak are driving crazily towards the cliff side. all are looking so tensed while ragini is teary eyed and was continuously praying to god
@ other side :
Goons drag swara outside the car after reaching the cliff.swara was struggling a lot to get out of their grip. The saddest part of the situation is she couldn’t even cry out for help. Dharam and his men drag her to the end of the cliff.she was pleading holding her hand but those men doesn’t show any mercy to her. They are trying to push her from the cliff but she struggles hard with them.
Ragsanlak along with the inspector reaches the cliff and finds swara who is struggling with the goons . inspector fires towards the sky. All gets shocked on seeing inspector. A smile appears on the faces of swaragsanlak on seeing each other. Swara pushes off the goons who has loosened their grip on seeing the police force. She ran towards them but her arm was suddenly caught by a strong hand. She turns around to find dharam pointing a gun toward her. Dharam points gun on swara’s forehead and blackmails them to back off. All are really tensed and are pleading him to leave swara.
Dharam (to the police) : all of you put ur guns down…varna…
He tightens his hold on swara. All are looking tensed not knowing what to do?
Everyone’s concentration was fully on dharam excepta ragsanlak. The only person they are watching is their shona. swara also looks only at them. All had a determined face and are looking at each other while dharam’s whole concentration was about how to escape. Swara slightly nodded her head with a stern look on her face while ragini too responded by a slight grin. Both sanlak watched all this and understood what they r up to. No one noticed the eye talk of the quadro and was busy only about out forcing dharam.
All of a sudden ragini falls down on her knees and started crying. She falls before dharam’s feet with folded hands and says,
Rag : please, I beg u …please leave my shona…
Saying so she falls on the floor crying while everyone including dharam was shocked by her sudden behavior. but he tried to sound as cool as possible and said,
Dharam : arey pagal ladki,uto…what did u think am I a fool to leave her and get caught by the police? Stop doing all thi….
Before he could complete his sentence he found his eyes burning like hell. He loses his balance and a strong force made him fall down . he couldn’t figure out what’s happening when he felt severe pain on his jaw, shoulder and stomach. That’s when reality strikes him and he opens his eyes with a lot of effort to find a smirking ragini who is standing hugging and consoling swara. He finds that she is the one who has thrown mud on his face and sanlak where the ones who had taken advantage of this opportunity and started beating him while he lost balance due to mud. His eyes are burning to see a smirking furious ragini in front of him. He was at full rage on seeing her smiling face. Her smile pained him more than sanlak’s beating. He was looking murderously at her and swara while both gave a stern look towards him telling him that he can never do bad with them. Atlast the inspector freed him from sanlak’s clutches who at any minute would become murderers of dharam. He was dragged to the police van by the police force along with his goons. While going also he was continuously looking at swaragini but they had diverted their attention from him a long back. They were busy njoying the re union of their loved ones. Utilizing the moment dharam snatched the gun from the inspector and aimed it first towards swara but later on moved it towards ragini. Before anybody could understand he shot a bullet towards ragini with a smirking face(the same one that ragini gave to him a while back). A loud sound of bullet firing is heared. All are frozen at their place while trances of blood are found on the faces of swaragini. Before anybody could react they heared a shouting of a different voice…
The screen freezes on blood stained faces of swaragini.
Ufff… I know it’s a too much filmy episode with a very boring writing skills of mine. But still I tried my level best to present the story as much as interesting a possible . ofcourse u all know that it is my first ff, so please forgive me if u don’t find it interesting. K guys enough of my bak bak. Hope I didn’t disappoint u too much . thanks a lot for reading. Love u all a lot…bye…take care   

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    ????????NO NO NO it’s not fair Di u stoped in the midway….. why…….
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