Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-22)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. I think u all remember me. at last my marriage is over and I got some free time.so I’m uploading an episode today. Hope I don’t lose track of the story line. I would like to thank reethi , lovely , Natasha sis ,sanchami sis ,soujanya , megha 123 ,kumu ,ash dear, s priya akka , anamica sis (belated birthday wishes dear.hope u had a blast) , ammu , riya siso, and roshni sis (hope ur health is fine) for their valuable comments.ur comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I would like to thank my silent readers too. So guys love you all a lot and enough of my boring speech. Here goes the next chapter….
Recap : ranawat getting caught by police . swara sending the information on her whereabouts to ragsanlak.

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@one side:
All the three are very happy and are continuously thanking god for finding about the whereabouts of swara. They are tracking the location using the signal from the mobile through which swara contacted. Police is also following them but in a certain distance in order to avoid suspicions.
@other side:
Swara is pacing the whole place waiting eagerly for her friends arrival .just then the door gets opened and swara found a few men smirking evilly at her.
Man 1 : arey waah, what a beauty? No wonder that she is bought for such a good price.
Man 2 : haan yaar, but now its getting late. V have to take her otherwise dharam saab (mysterious person) will get angry. U know he is very strict in business.
Hearing their talking swara got frightened like hell. She is praying continuously for the quick arrival of her friends.

@one side:
All the three reached the place of the signal and was examining the whole area. It seems to be a normal living chawl but the looks they get from the people there doesn’t seem to be good. There are many buildings surrounding the whole area and they are confused about where to start the search. They thought of using the signal but even that seems to be disconnected. While all the three are wondering what to do ragini found a man lying lustily at her. She gave death glares to him but he remained unaffected. He came near her and said,
The man: wow what an item? how much rate for u?
Both sanlak got furious on hearing him. The next moment the man was lying on the floor with blood oozing out from his nose. Ragini turned to find a furious laksh standing with his palm covered with blood and the next moment she found loud noises of cry of the same man. She turned around to find sanskar beating him like hell who was later joined by laksh.
Lak : how dare u to ask such a question to her?
San : today u will get the reward of insulting a girl.

Saying so they beat him continuously while ragini stopped them with all her power.
Rag (at her high pitch): ENOUGH…
Hearing her shouting they both left him while he ran away to save his life.
Rag (furiously): is this the time for all this? Our shona is in danger and u both r giving importance to the talks of this animal.
Lak (in equal anger): then what v r supposed to do? To simply listen to the talks of that shameless, no matter what he says to u?
San : haan laado, how could u think that v will leave him just like that after hearing about what he said to you? S right now shona’s life is in danger and she is very important. But that doesn’t mean ur in anyway less important to us.
Lak : haan for us u both r equally important and v will not bear a single bad thing happening to any one of you.

Saying so laksh fisted his arms while ragini grabbed it to control his anger and looks at both sanlak with teary eyed.
Rag (in mind): till a week before, I didn’t have anybody who will take care of me.i was always afraid of the evil society and faked a bold face just to show off them that I’m not weak. But in reality from inside I was craving for someone’s love, care and protection. I thought I was so unlucky that I don’t deserve any of this .but today god proved me wrong and made me the luckiest person of the world. THANK YOU GOD…THANK YOU SO MUCH..

While she was lost in her thoughts she found sanlak sitting in a corner trying to calm down themselves. She looked overwhelmingly at them and goes towards them.
Rag (calmingly): k babas, I know but please try to understand. I know whatever happened to me is not right. But think for once, our shona is also somewhere here who is suffering a lot more than me. V have reached this place just a few minutes ago and so much as happened for us. But our shona, only god knows for how long she is here and what are all the sufferings she is going through. So please forget all this and think of a solution for our problem.
Both sanlak understood the seriousness of her talks and thought to find a solution than simply wasting time by sitting here.

Lak : but laado, now from where will v find our shona .there are so many houses in this chawl. How could v simply go and search in any place without the owner’s permission?
San : haan laado, lucky is right .v cannot simply enter into anyone’s house without their permission.
Rag : but I don’t think there is any house here.
Sanlak (confused) :what?

Rag: what did the man asked me a while back?
Lak : now y r u again remainding that moron? Whatever u want to say, say directly.
Rag : arey buddhu, just think for a second. Will he ask the same question to any other girls in a decent locality?
Both sanlak gets aware of whatever she said and atlast somehow figured out what she meant and got terrified.
San : so.u.mean.this.is.a.PROSTITUTION?

Ragini nodded worriedly while sanlak stood shocked..
Lak: So v shudn’t delay anymore and soon v have to take the help of inspector.
They called inspector and he too arrives quickly. They explain everything to him and the inspector ordered his force to search the whole locality along with ragsanlak.

Ragsanlak searched the whole place and finally entered the room where swara has been held captive. But to their shock they couldn’t find swara but only her bangles.in the mean time the police while raiding arrests all the gooons, pr*stitutes and pimps and sends them through the van. Suddenly one of the pr*stitute came towards ragsanlak. She is none other than chamkili (the one who helped swara).
She explains them everything that happened a while back.

Flashback starts:
As soon as the goons entered to take swara the mobile which she used to contact ragsanlak started ringing. That’s when swara understood her mistake of not putting it in silence due to her tension. They glared furiously at her and beats her to reveal the name of the person who helped her. But she didn’t point anyone.so they informed dharam about all that has happened and he aks them to kill her as she is dangerous to be kept alive. dharam said that because of that one girl v all will get caught as she has already informed to the police. So dharam along with his men dragged swara outside and planned to throw her off from the cliff nearby. after that they thought to flee from the city.
Flashback ends.

All the three gets shocked and immediately starts driving towards the cliff along with the police force.
The screen ends on the worried faces of ragsanlak.

Precap : a shock and surprise

So guys that’s for today. Hope it’s not boring. I reuest u to mention if u find it boring in any case so that I could rectify it. K friends thanks for reading.love you all a lot.bye…take care 🙂 🙂

Credit to: prateeksha

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      Thanks Nikky for commenting. I’m happy that you liked it. Will update soon ☺

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  16. […] Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope u like it too.i would thank my lovely readers like roshni siso, neha, lovely, j, sanji, soujanya,ammu, ammu(don’t know whether u both r same r different person but I found different logos for both the comments), s priya akka, sanchami siso, megha 123, divyanshri, reethi, anamica sis (don’t forget to take a look at previous chapter), nikki, kumu ,chaitali( I asked u a question .please do take alook of my previous episode) (who still remember about my ff) for their valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I have replied individually to each and every comment. Please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too.so guys love you all a lot .i know this is a very short episode but it’s necessary. Hope you understand and guys here goes the next chapter…  Recap : ragsanlak reach the prostituition.swara missing. Here is the link for the last chapter Chapter 22 […]

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