Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-21)

Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. I know you all are angry with me. But you all know the reason for it which is my marraige. As far apology concerned I’ll give my boring speech at the end. So here goes the next chapter….
Recap :swara kidnap investigation. Mysterious person revealed. Ranawat revenge.
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Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-20)

Ragsanlak are searching for swara at one side. Suddenly an ambulance comes from the opposite side. (yes it is the one which has swara). Their car was waiting for the signal while swara’s ambulance passes by them. Swara sees ragini from the window but couldn’t get up or move her body. She tries to signal her but she was too weak to do that. She was watching ragini with teary eyed while ragini also has tears in her eyes with a worried face for swara.
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The ambulance passes by Ragsanlak car and swaragini gets separated.
@swara side :
The ambulance stops at a crowded area. The goons pull a struggling swara outside the ambulance while swara is amused at the normal behavior of the people at this situation. While swara was Confused, the goons drag her to the nearby building. They drags her to a room and locks her inside. From the noises from outside swara could not comprehend anything but after some time she could clearly figure out where she is? PROSTITUTION.
@ other side :
Ragsanlak was standing near their car which is parked in the same Park where they played blindfold. They were reminiscing the most beautiful moment of their life which was just a day before. Ragini was looking at the children playing in the park and has tears in her eyes. Sanskar was standing leaning on the car with his hands covering his face. Laksh was running his hands through his hair not knowing what to do. Suddenly sanskar receives a call from the inspector asking him to come to the station as they found some clues. All three immediately got into the car and left the place.
@ other side:
Swara was scared to hell thinking about the kind of the place she is. She was constantly praying to God to save her. Suddenly she finds the door open and immediately takes a stick which is kept near her. She was holding it tightly when a lady enters with a food plate. Swara was moving away from her and the lady understood her fear. She slowly places the food near swara and smilingly tells her.
Lady : don’t get afraid of me. Even I’m a victim of this worst society. You seem to be so innocent but I don’t how did you get into this garbage. Outside there is bidding going on for you and here you are unnecessarily afraid of me. What to say? But Y r u not saying anything. Say something.
For some unknown reason swara finds her words comforting. So she pointed her mouth and shakes her hand in negative indicating that she is mute. The lady felt sympathy towards swara. When she was about to ask her something a goon interrupts her and says “arey, chamkili , Y r u taking so much tym.leave soon”. The lady got scared and moves from there hesitantly.
@ other side :
The inspector says Ragsanlak, “we found some information about ranawat from his village. The people in the village says that ranawat often comes to a certain place in this city. We investigated the place and we managed to find the Mobile no of ranawat. We r tracking it for a long time and I have sent the police force to capture ranawat “. Ragsanlak thanked the inspector when suddenly a phone call interrupts. They get information that they captured ranawat and are on their way to the police station. Ragsanlak became very happy and had a group hug.
After sometime ranawat is dragged inside by the police force. Seeing him all the three got furious. Sanlak rushes towards him for hitting when there is a loud noise SLAP. All r shocked seeing a furious ragini standing there with her fuming eyes.
Rag :you blo*dy. How dare you to hurt my shona? Where is she? Say quickly r else I’ll kill you.
Saying so she was about to grab his collar while sanlak controlled her. The inspector asked them to keep quiet and started questioning ranawat. But ranawat was adamant and didn’t open his mouth instead he was smirking. The inspector got angry and started beating him.
@ other side
The lady comes back to swara’s room with a food plate for lunch. She signals something with her eyes towards the food as there was a goon by her side. After that she leaves. Swara got suspicious and examined the food and was shocked to find a mobile in it. She understood what happened and silently thanked chameli. She thought to send an video of her and the place and send it through what’s app. She felt so relieved after sending the text and was thanking God.
@ other side :
All r loosing their cool seeing the adamant nature of ranawat even after experiencing severe torture. Then suddenly sanskar’s mbl starts to vibrate. Sanskar took out his mobile and found the video of swara and the place she is. He got so happy and informed raglak about it. All got happy and the trio had a tearful hug while ranawat got shocked and angry.
The screen freezes on smiling faces of Ragsanlak and shocked face of ranawat.
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