Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-20)

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Recap : truth out. Janki dies. Swara mute.
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Shekhar, sumi, Dada and dadi all are frozen with so many shocks in a single day. Sumi collapsed on the ground while Shekhar held her by shoulders. The nurse came with swara who doesn’t understand what’s happening. She found Janki lying on stretcher and runs to her. She opens her mouth to call out Janki but couldn’t. She was struggling a lot and was crying hugging Janki. She couldn’t understand what has happened to her voice and to her Janki Maa who is simply lying, the one who couldn’t see a single drop of tear from her eyes. She looked helplessly at sumi who broke down unable to bear the happenings in front of hers. She has never experienced so much pain in her life. Not even when her parents died or Shekhar got married to Janki.

Suddenly she felt some one near the door. Everyone turns towards the door and found ranawat standing fuming. He slowly walked towards Janki’s lifeless body. He couldn’t bear the sight in front of him. His sister, his happiness, his world is lying dead before him. His legs gave up and he collapsed to ground and shouted at the top of his voice CHUTKY. He was crying like hell when his eyes suddenly fell on swara. He got furious and his eyes turned blood red.

Here screamed at her like he’ll.
Ran :you devil, it’s just because of you. I lost my sister. U r the soul reason for all her suffering. First, ur mother snatched her love and u?…. U have snatched her life from her. I won’t leave you.
Saying so he forwarded towards her and grabbed her neck. Everyone was shocked by his sudden action. Shekhar pulled him away from her and started beating him. The hospital staff rushed hearing the noise and separated both. The nurse who has seen everything explains it to the hospital staff and they called the police and handed ranawat to them. While going away he turned back and screamed at them I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU. I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL TO AN EXTENT THAT YOU WANT TO KILL YOURSELF…
Before he speaks anymore the police dragged him away. Swara who was already afraid got terrified with the turn of events holds sumi tightly. After some time swara fell down unconscious. Ever one got afraid and rushed her to the doctor. The doctor informs that it’s just due to fear and nothing more. He gave her few shots and asks everyone to leave as she needs some rest. Everyone was afraid of ranawat and doesn’t know what to do. So they decided to complete Janki’s funeral as soon as possible and leave the village and move to some other place where ranawat could not reach. After few days everything got over and Shekhar left the place with sumi, shona, Dada and dadi. They reached Kolkata and Shekhar set up his own small business and then married sumi.

Flashback ends.
All ragsanlak are shocked hearing this story.
San :I’m very sure. It’s definitely ranawat. He wants to take revenge from shona and that’s why kidnapped her.
Rag :yeah ur right sanky. Even I’m sure. We have to save our shona before anything happens to her.
Lak :uncle do you have any idea about where ranawat is?
Shekhar :no I have not heard anything about ranawat after that and I don’t want to hear too. But once I saw on TV that our palace was on auction due to economic crisis. I heard ranawat has got so many loans on that palace and couldn’t repay it. Hence it has gone under auction. It was some 2 years back. I don’t know what he has done with so much money as I heard from the news that he is unmarried.
Lak :I think he was using all the money on a particular thing and that’s…
All closed their eyes helpless while the inspector said,
Ins :Don’t worry. We will definitely find him as soon as possible. I will send a team to his village and will try to gather information about him.
Saying so the inspector left.
San :I’m sure. He will not be in village. He is somewhere near us and we have to find him as soon as possible.
Raglak nodded and all the three left the place assuring Shekhar and sumi that they will definitely bring shona back.
They thought to first find the various routes that leads to the forest where the kidnappers escaped with shona.

Other side :
The door of the room gets opened and swara lifts her head up. This time she could clearly see the face of the man who has a raging eyes with pure hatred visible on it . But this time he was not alone. Another person with a terrific smirk on his face stood behind him. It didn’t take much time for swara to find who the person his. (yes, no twist it’s ranawat). Flashes of her childhood memories came flowing into her mind. She felt so afraid and weak seeing him but didn’t lose hope. She is determined to be strong for her family and friends. So she just turned her face away. Ranawat was quiet shaken by her bold action but immediately composes.
Ran :waah dharam… You have done your job perfect even though it took some time.
Dha : of course, a work which is given to dharam Sinha can never be left incomplete. It got delayed just because of her useless friends.
Swara looks murderous at him for speaking ill about her friends. Dharam got angry by her look and grabbed her by her arm. He was holding it so tight that she closed her eyes in pain.
Dha :how dare you to stare at dharam Sinha. That too for that friends whom u have met just 2/3 days before.
Swara looks questioning at him while he continued,
Dha :what? Shocked that how do I know everything about u right? I have been following u for about 6 months. Then how come I have not known about u? (yes, he is the mysterious person).
He left her arm and turned towards ranawat who was enjoying the scene and swara’s pain.
Dha :k my job is finished. Now what are u gonna do with her.
Ran :I want her to suffer each and every second of her life. So I’m giving her to u. U can do whatever u want. What else can be a better punishment to her than this?
Saying so he laughed villainous while swara was scared like hell listening to their talks.
Dha :what will I do with this dumb donkey?
Ran : think proper. You’ll find the answer.
Saying so he smirked while dharam smiled understanding. Swara looks at them shocked and confused. Soon they left the place. After sometime, some men came and dragged her to the van.
When she struggled resisting , one of the goon slapped her hard and she fell weak on the seat.
They started the van and she could here a siren sound. That’s when she realized that she is in an ambulance in order to escape from the police. Now she is totally helpless and doesn’t know what to do.
Other side:
Ragsanlak found that there are only two ways in the forest for escaping and are driving through one of the two ways. Sanlak are seated front while ragini sat at the back and was continously offering prayers for swara’s welfare.
The screen freezes on tensed faces of Ragsanlak and crying face of swara.
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