Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-2)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with next chapter. I am very thankful to revti, kanak, neha, shagun, anamica, aamna, sanchami, ammu, ananya, riya Kapoor and ruhani for your valuable comments. I am very happy to have so many comments bcoz I have never expected this much comments for my story. You guys don’t have any idea about how much your comments mean to me. Love you all a lot and your comments are my strength. I request you to continue to comment no matter whether it is positive or negative because your comments help me to improve my writing skills. So guys here goes the next episode
Recap : raglak introduction

In mm :
As soon as laksh entered the house he stopped dead in his tracks on seeing the person standing in front of him. Sujatha also turns back and get shocked.
A dashing guy with an yellow shirt and white blazer stands in front of him with mischief evident in his eyes. He was looking cool but also has an evil smirk on his face. Laksh was looking at him with fear in his eyes. Sujatha was smiling sheepishly at him. Suddenly footsteps are heard and everyone looks up to find dp coming down from stairs. Laksh was pleading to the person by his eyes.
Laksh : bhai please don’t say anything to papa please. I beg you please.
Sujatha : Haan sanskar beta(yes he is our sanskar) please forgive him and don’t inform to dp.
San : Maa you are the one who is spoiling him and you very well know that I don’t ever lie to bade Maa and bade papa.
Law : but bhai you know very well that how strict is papa and please I’ll do whatever you say.
Sanskar thinking for a while nods his head and both Sujatha and laksh sighed in relief.
After seeing the trio dp comes towards them and asks about what they are discussing.
Dp turning towards sanskar : beta why did you get ready so early?
San : bade papa have you forgot that today we have the meeting with our foreign delegates for the new project.
Dp : yes beta.. I have totally forgot about it. Anyways why do I have to worry about it after giving it’s responsible to you?
Sanskar nodded his head smilingly and said “I’ll never break your trust”
Dp then turns towards laksh and looks astonished at him.
Dp : From when did the sun start rising from the west?
Lak : papa wo..

Before laksh could complete his sentence sanskar interrupts…
San : Bade papa did you forgot about the universal truth that THE SUN CAN RISE ONLY WHEN IT IS SET.
Saying so sanskar evilly smirked at laksh who was shooting daggers at sanskar while dp stood there confused.
Dp : beta what are you saying?
San again smirking at laksh : Arey lucky why are you staring at me like that when I have not said anything about you leaving in the midnight and coming back only in the morning.
Dp shouts at laksh when realization dawned on him.
Dp : laksh, when will you even understand your responsibility? Why do I even question you when all I get back is only your acting skills.
Suj : bhaiya please don’t scold him. He is a small boy.
Dp : shut up sujatha. It’s all your pampering that made him a spoilt brat.
Then turning to sanskar,
Dp : beta from today onwards I hand his whole responsiblity to you. Here after his all expenses and activities will be managed only by you. He couldn’t spend even a penny without your permission.
Sanskar simply noded and was enjoying the moment. Once dp leaves laksh and sujatha angrily turn towards sanskar who was grinning mischievously at him.

Suj : why did you say everything to bhaiyya when you have said that you wouldn’t.
Sanskar grinning : To make you two understand that what may come the situation “I would never lie to bade papa”
Just then adharsh comes down with his phone in his hands and asked laksh about why did he call? (the phone call laksh made for entering the house is to adharsh )
But laksh went upstairs fuming without answering. Once he left sujatha explains everything to adharsh and left glaring sanskar.
Adharsh turning to sanskar,
Adh : Y did you do this?
San : I don’t like bade papa are anybody else scolding him for being irresponsible and also I can’t be able to lie to bade papa.
Adh : but you could have at least kept quite na?
Adharsh said shaking his head.
San : Arey bhaiyya Y r u getting tensed? I’ll take care of him because now all his control is in my hands.
Adh : it’s not that sanskar I know that you are doing all this only for his good but what would you do when he starts hating you for that?
Sanskar simply smiles at him and leave making adharsh wonder.
In bm
Dadi : shona wake up na it’s time for pooja
No response

Dadi : shona what are you doing? Why are you sleeping for so long? Are you not feeling well?
Dadi goes near to touch her but get surprised seeing the pillows alone.
At the same time the bathroom door opens and a gorgeous girl with yellow and red salwar Kameez steps out of it with her hair all wet and water dripping from it. She looks awesome in it.
Dadi : Arey shona … You are up? K now come down it’s time for pooja
She simply nodded and went to wipe her hair while dadi left the room.
After some time every one gather for pooja and start singing Aarti except shona(yes it’s our swara). After arti everyone starts to do their core while swara was getting ready to go to the market for buying grocery with her dadi.
After stepping out of her house swara notices a vessel falling from the terrace and it was about to fall on her mom sumi who was a little far away from them. She tried to warn sumi about it and that’s when the reality strikes which made her breakdown. But before the vessel could hit sumi, Shekhar comes on time and save her. That’s when everyone’s gaze turned towards swara who was completely broken down by the fact that SHE IS MUTE.

Precap : swara and laksh point of view

So guys did you like the introduction part of another couple swasan.
Note for swasan fans : I know that I have promised you all to write it fully swasan. But it is necessary to involve laksh in it for the story line as well as for presenting the character of sanskar. Hope you understand. Swara’s character will be explained in next chapter.
Note for raglak fans : you all may think that I’m giving importance to swara by making her mute. But the reality is I want all the positive and negative for both swara and ragini should be the same bcoz, ragini is an orphan and she has to fight the world independently. In the same way, swara has every one with her but even she has to face the world boldly. As far ragini character concerned I’ll add it in every chapter little by little to make the story interesting. Hope you too understand.
So guys I request all of you to comment whether it is positive or negative and mainly point it out if you feel any of the pair is left out or not given equal importance. I may try my best but still “to err is human”. Hope you enjoy it.

Credit to: Prateeksha

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