Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-19)

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Recap : sumi and Shekhar flashback.
Here is the link for the last chapter
Flashback continues…
Janki and Shekhar are broken down hearing the truth. Shekhar gets furious on seeing ranawat and hurriedly grabs him by neck and started choking him..
Shekhar (furiously) :why did you do this? What wrong did I do to you? Why did you spoil my life? I’ll not leave you..
Saying so he tightened his hold on him. Everyone grabbed him with all their efforts to prevent him from killing ranawat.
Janki (completely broken) :bhaiya why did you do this? Why did you spoil three lives? How could you become so cruel? You spoiled an innocent girl’s life? Why? I hate you. I hate you so much…
Ranawat got more shaken by janki’s words than Shekhar’s attempt to kill him.
Ran :nahi… Nahi.. Nahi chutkey. Aise math boliyae. I can’t tolerate you hating me. I did all this because you loved Shekhar a lot but he loved sumi. That’s why I did all this. I can’t see you in pain by losing your love. Please don’t hate me.
Saying so he comes forward to hold her hands but Janki backed off.
Janki :no don’t touch me. You lost all your rights on your sister. From today I break all ties with you. Now answer me. Where does sumi live?
Ranawat stood there numb seeing the hatred of his beloved sister.
Seeing him standing there silent Janki shouted at the top of her voice “I SAID ANSWER ME”
Ranawat said everything about sumi and her whereabouts. Both Shekhar and Janki left for sumi’s place. They came to her house and knocked the door. The door was opened by sumi who was shocked seeing Shekhar and Janki at the door.
Shekhar joined his hands towards her and said,
Shekhar : sumi, mujhae maaf Kar dho. I made a grave mistake by not trusting you. I just now got to know the truth. Please please forgive me. I beg you please…
While she stood there shocked and confused Janki explained about everything to her.
Janki (crying) :I’m really sorry for what has happened. I really don’t know anything about my brother’s plot. Even though I didn’t do anything, it all has happened because of my brother’s unconditional love towards me. Please come back to your original place.
On hearing her saying this both Shekhar and sumi are shocked to the core.
Sumi :what are you saying?
Janki :Haan I’m saying correct. Only you have the right to be Shekhar’s wife. Please, please come back
Shekhar interrupted and said “but Janki?…”
Janki :no Shekhar this is the only best option for all of us. You didn’t love me you loved only sumi. Only she has the right to be your wife not me. She has already suffered a lot. She deserves to lead a better life after all the sufferings she had gone through.
Seeing their conversation sumi shouted “JUST STOP IT”.
Sumi (to Janki) :what did you think of yourself? A Mahan? Did you think that I will agree to whatever you say? How could you think that I would become his wife after all that has happened. No never I would never do it.
Sumi (turning furiously towards Shekhar) : and what did you think of yourself? I will forget everything by a mere sorry. I trusted you with my whole heart and loved you truly. But what did you gave me in return? You left me as it is in the middle and said that I’m characterless. You have never once thought that I couldn’t do such a thing. How could I trust you again. A trust once broken can never be fixed and I’ll never come back to you.
Hearing the arguments outside, a sleep of cute person is disturbed. A small voice comes from inside MAA.. (yes it’s our shona)
Everyone got silent hearing it and found a small girl of 2 and 1/2 years coming outside rubbing her eyes with a bride doll in her hand.
Sumi :swara beta, what are you doing here? Go inside and play with Nana and Nani..
Swara looks confused at all. Shekhar understands what is happening and questioningly looks at sumi while she nodded positively at him. Janki looks at the silent conversation and understands everything. She slowly moves towards swara and bends down to her level and asks
Janki :swara , hai na?
Swara nodded her head cutely and Janki smiles at her. She kissed at swara ‘s cheeks and turned towards sumi.
She folds her hands towards her and explains about her situation of not having a child. She cryingly begs in front of her to come and stay with them.
Sumi’ s heart melts for her crying. She keeps her hand on her shoulder and said,
Sumi :k I’ll come with you but not as Shekhar’s wife or lover but only as your sister. I will come only if you accept for it.
Janki smilingly wipes her tears and nodded happily. She moves towards swara and smilingly caressess her cheeks while swara smiled at her. She turned towards sumi and ask “can I call her shona.” (“yes the name was given by Janki)
Sumi smilingly nodded and said “you have equal right on her as me and can call her whatever you wish”
Janki got very happy and picked swara in her arms and the trio (Janki, sumi and swara) had a group hug. Shekhar although is guilty about whatever happened, he is very happy to see the bonding of the three most important women of his life.
From then onwards life was like a heaven for all the five. Although sumi is upset and distanced with Shekhar she is very happy to be with her sister Janki and swara. As far Janki concerned her shona is her world and the reason for her existence. Shona now loves Janki as equal as sumi even a bit more and calls her “Janki Maa”.
Days pass by,
Sumi’s parents died of illness. Janki has somehow convinced Shekhar’s parents to accept sumi and swara and they too accepted sumi as their daughter after her parents death.
One day
Swa :no I won’t come. No no no..
Sumi :swara you became so adamant. You have got fever. We have to go to the doctor. Now get up.
Swa :no I won’t. He will give me injection. I won’t come.
Seeing this Janki came and sat near swara
Janki :Shona won’t you listen to your Janki Maa’s words?
Swa :no Maa, I’ll definitely listen to you.
Janki :k then go with sumi to doctor. Then only your fever will get reduced.
Swara thought for a while and said,
Swa :k then only you have to come with me. Not sumi Maa. She will always scold me. I will only go with you to doctor.
Janki :k beta that’s like a good girl. Now come let’s go…
Saying so she picked swara in her arms and took the car keys. She placed swara in the front seat and she sat in the driver seat. Both waved bye to sumi and left the place.
While driving the car Janki finds that the car’s brake got failed. She got panicked and tried a lot to slow down the car but couldn’t. She found a truck approaching her and understood what’s gonna happen. She removed swara from her seat and threw her outside the car and within a second there was a loud crash… BANG…
@hospital :
Janki opened her eyes with lot of strain and looked at the crying faces of Shekhar, Janki, Dada and dadi. She smiled weakly at them and said with a lot of difficulty “SHONA?”
Sumi (crying) :she is fine but got some minor injuries.
Janki (with great difficulty) :don’t cry. My end as reached.
A drop of tear escaped from her eye..
All cried vigorously hearing her.
Sumi :di.. Please don’t say like that..
Shekhar :Janki, don’t worry you will get alright. Please don’t say like that.
She smiled at them and continued..
Janki :I have a last wish. I want a good Maa and Papa for my Shona. She should get the love of both her parents and only you can give that. Please promise me that you both will marry and give all the love of the world to my Shona.. Please promise me..
She forwarded her hand and both Shekhar and sumi held it and assured her to give what she wanted.
She smiled relieved and breath her last..
All were crying vigorously. Suddenly a doctor came to them and asked,
Doc :are you the parents of swara ?
Both sumi and Shekhar nodded crying while the doctor said,
Doc :your daughter is fine. But I’m sry to say that she lost her voice due to the shock of the accident.
Everyone stood there freezed on hearing this. The ground under them got collapsed.
The screen freezes on shocked and crying faces of Shekhar and sumi.
So guys that’s for today. Hope you are not bore. K guys thanks for reading. Love you all a lot ? ? ?. Bye ?…take care ☺☺☺

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