Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-18)


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Recap :ragsanlak investigate about swara kidnap. Mysterious person torture swara.

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The inspector and ragsanlak looks curiously at Shekhar and sumi while they stood there tensed.
Inspector :sir do you have anything to say to us?
Shekhar :wo.. Wo… Kuch nahi.
Lak :uncle, please don’t hide anything. It’s a matter of shona ‘s life. We can’t take risk in it.
Rag :Maa, at least you say. Don’t hide anything from us? Please speak up at least for shone.
Shekhar looked at sumi while she nodded her head to continue. Shekhar started saying,
Flashback :
A big mansion is shown. It is a palace of rajkot where wedding preparations are on full swing. The bride is looking gorgeous with red lehenga and heavy jewelleries. She was looking more beautiful by her bright face with a contended smile on her lips.
Bride (in mind) : the day I have been dreaming from my childhood is finally here. I’m getting married to the love of my life.
Suddenly she found footsteps near the door. She turned to find a man standing near the door. He too smiles seeing her bright face.
Another side the groom is seated in front of the mirror. He looked sad and had tears in his eyes.
Groom :why God? Why this has happened to me? The person I loved the most had broken my heart into pieces. Why did you do this to me? I’m in this situation just because of her. I will never forgive her for this.

In some other side :
A girl is running while some goons are chasing after her. She was breathing heavily but some how escapes from the goons. She is running towards the same palace where the wedding is taking place.
The bride and groom are performing the marraige rituals while the girl tries hard reaching the place. After taking the seven pheras the groom applies sindoor on her forehead and adorns mangalsutra around her neck. When the girl reaches the place she finds the marraige is completed.
She found janki and Shekhar taking blessings from the elders after their marriage. The girl stood there teary eyed and opens her mouth to shout. At that moment a strong hand is placed on her mouth preventing her from shouting while someone dragged her away from the place. She turns around to find the same man who was standing near the door smiling at the bride.
Man :what are you doing here? Can’t you see the marraige is over?
Sumi :no I won’t keep quiet. I want to say to everyone about the injustice that has happened to me. Leave me.
Man smirks at her and says
Man :who will believe you?
Girl : my Shekhar. He will definitely believe me.
The man laughs sarcastically and says,
Man :then why did he agree to marry her?
Girl :it’s all because of your cheap tricks.
Man :yes it’s all because of me. Now what will you do?
Girl :I’ll say every one about what happened.
The girl started walking off but stopped in midway hearing him say,
Man :then what will happen to your parents. Did you forget that they are still under my captivity? Now if you go and say anything to them, then you could never see them at all. Now you decide what you will do?

The girl stood there crying helplessly while the man continued..
Man :if you leave this place with your parents without creating any problems then everything will be normal as it is. You should not come back to this place ever after that.
The girl stood there crying about what to do? Images of her parents and Shekhar’s marraige that happened just a while before were flowing through her mind. She nodded her head slightly accepting whatever he said. He smiled victtoriously.
Man :keep it in your mind. You should never ever try to return to this place. If you do then you will know the consequences. I don’t want anybody to know about what happened especially my sister. She has entered this marriage with lots of dreams in her eyes and I can’t see my sister’s dream getting shattered. (yes it is the bride’s brother (ranawat) ).
The girl furiously turns towards ranawat and she is none other than sumi.
Sumi :you mark my words ranawat ji. You would have separated me from my love and made your sister married to him but she will never ever lead a happy life with him. You couldn’t give happiness to one person by snatching it from the other . God will definitely punish you for your deeds.
Saying so she furiously walks off leaving the palace as well as rajkot.
Ranawat stood there with sumi’s words ringing in his head. He immediately discarded the thoughts and left the place.
After 3 years :
A lady is shown looking up at the sky with tears in her eyes. She is none other than janki.
Janki :why God? Why did you do this to me? When I got married to the love of my life I felt as if I was the happiest person in the world but you proved that I’m wrong. You gave me my love but took away my child from me.
She gets remainded of the day when she was 8 months pregnant and got slipped from the stairs. She was very critical but got saved by the doctors efforts. In that incident she lost her child. After that the doctors declared that she could never ever get pregnant. Both Shekhar and janki totally broke down on hearing this.
While she was standing there, a pair of hand held her by the shoulders. Yes it is Shekhar. He too had tears in his eyes. She hugged him crying while Shekhar thought to tell her about sumi.
He tells everything about sumi to janki. She stood there shocked listening to all this. She felt something was not proper in the whole story but kept quiet seeing Shekhar’s condition. After talking for a while Shekhar left the place.
When janki was on her way to her room she passed by her brother’s room. She found loud noises from the room and stops at the entrance. Ranawat was drinking with his friends and was discussing about how he separated sumi from Shekhar by proving her character less in front of Shekhar in order to get him married to his sister. He also says about sumi living in the nearby village with her parents and how he always keeps a watch of her making sure that she doesn’t return to the palace.
Janki stood there shocked by the greatest revelation of her life and was disgusted by the behavior of her brother. She falls down crying and every one gathered around her seeing her crying. Shekhar asks her the reason for it while janki explained everything to him. He too got collapsed on the ground realizing the mistake he had done.

Recap : past continues..

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