Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-17)

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Recap :ragsan conversation. Swara kidnap.
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The inspector enquired every one in the hospital. But no one seems to have any idea about the incident. So they thought to find some clue via cctv camera. Ragsanlak were also watching it intently. They found a man entering into swara ‘s ward with a black mask. He stands at the entrance and sprayed some thing into the ward. After sometime he comes out with a stretcher and takes a turn. After that he or the stretcher is not found any other cctv cameras. All were shocked seeing this.
Rag :how could he vanish just like that?
San :inspector please check the camera present on the way were the stretcher turned.
Ins :there is no camera present there?
Lak :but Y?
Ins :it’s staff changing room.
Everyone rushed to the place and found only a single room. After examining the whole room they found that the window grills has been replaced by duplicate grills. They found out that the kidnapper entered and left through the window with swara.
The police came out to question the watchman if he saw someone near the window. But the watchman denied seeing anyone. That’s when they noticed that there is a forest nearby and guessed that they would have escaped into the forest.
Ragsanlak shouted at the hospital authorities for their carelessness.
San :how could you people be irresponsible?
Inspector :that even I can question you?I have warned you so many times that someone is after her. But you never payed any heed to it.
Lak :no sir, we have tried our level best to keep the kidnapper oblivious of our plan.
Inspector :then how did this happen? How could you let her to be alone. It’s you who have been irresponsible then why you blame the hospital authorities.
Both sanlak had their heads down out of guilty.
Ragini shouted at the inspector ENOUGH.
Rag :don’t you dare say a word against my friends. Do you have any idea of how much they care for shona? They would go to any length to protect her. Yeah I do agree that they made a mistake by letting her alone but it’s not their fault. It’s just the situation which led them to take the decision. I am very sure that we will definitely find our shona and bring her back home safe and sound and it’s a promise.
Immediately turning her head towards sanlak she asks “hai na?”
Both nodes their heads vigorously to her question like small children accepting their teacher’s demand. The inspector watched the trio amused and left for further investigation.
She points her finger towards sanlak and says
Rag :you both, don’t you dare once again blame yourself for whatever happened. Just think of what to do next to save shona. Did you get that?
Both showed a thumbs up to her and she too walked away with the inspector.
Laksh became numb seeing her this side while sanskar sighed. (he already has this experience with her that too in the same hospital. So he is not very much shocked by her behavior ) (guys do you remember ragini scolded sanskar in the same way to make him to stop blaming himself for the accident? )
Sanskar patted laksh shoulder signaling him to move while laksh looks questioning at him seeing his calm reaction. Understanding what he was trying to ask sanskar calmly replied,
San :don’t worry you will get used to it.
Saying so he too left with laksh for further investigation.
@mysterious place
Swara opens her eyes slightly but still couldn’t see anything. She felt a severe pain in her hands and legs. She tried to sit but couldn’t. That’s when she understood that her hands and legs are tied up. She also found out that the room is pitch dark and so couldn’t find out anything. When her eyes got adjusted to the darkness she found out various things lying around her and that’s when she found out that she is in a store room.
Suddenly the door of the room gets opened. Her eyes got irritated due to the sudden brightness. So she closed her eyes tightly. She found a masked man approaching her. By his height and weight she easily guessed that he is not the same person who kidnapped her. She was horrified at first and closed her eyes tightly. Images of Ragsanlak and her parents came in front of her.
Swara (in mind) :I shouldn’t be afraid. I’m not the old swara. I have everyone around me. I need to be brave to face the situation . I have to be strong for my parents and friends.
With this determined thought she opened her eyes and looks bravely at the person. Seeing her determined look, the person was shocked at first but immediately composes himself and says,
Mp (mysterious person) :how are you dear? I am sorry for the bad welcome but what to do I have no other choice.
Swara looks curiously at him while he continued…
Mp :I wanted to hear you scream and plead for your freedom but what to do you are mute.
Saying so he laughed loudly while swara smirked at him. Seeing her smirking he got more angry and caught her by her hair …
Mp :you stupid helpless girl, how dare you smirk at me. I have never heard any information that you have so much guts. From where did you get all this?
Saying so he tightened his grip on her hair but swara remained unaffected..
Mp :show as much as attitude you can but remember one thing, you are definitely gonna pay for my sister’s life. I will make sure that you rot in hell for the rest of your life. You will have such a pain that makes you think death is far better than this. Let’s see who is gonna save you.
Saying so he ordered his men to take her somewhere. They dragged her with him while he smirked evilly.
@hospital :
They were searching everywhere but couldn’t find any useful information. Ragsanlak are confused about what to do next while Shekhar and sumi are crying hugging each other. Swara’s friend nakusha (hope you remember her. It’s Mahi vij) is also present there and is consoling her parents. The inspector came towards them and said,
Inspector :we have thoroughly searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything useful. As I already said it doesn’t seem to be a normal kidnapping. Someone has been after her for a long time and was waiting for an appropriate opportunity. As far investigating, It seems to be a revenge plan which is plotted from a long time.
Hearing the word revenge Shekhar and sumi got stiffened. Sumi ‘s grip on Shekhar got tightened. The inspector moves towards nakusha and questions her,
Inspector :does miss, swara had any problem with anyone in the institution are someone outside the institution.
Naku :no sir, she is very sweet. She would never hurt anyone. I have known her for a long time. She doesn’t have any grudges with anyone . I’m very sure about it.
The inspector sighed and turned towards Shekhar and sumi who was looking pale.
Ragsanlak and inspector looked curiously at them while Shekhar and sumi gulped.
The screen freezes on curious faces of Ragsanlak and pale faces of Shekhar and sumi.
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