Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-16)

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Recap :swara faints. Ragsanlak blame themselves for swara’s condition.
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@sanlak side :
Sanlak reaches home and went to their rooms without saying anything.
Ap goes to sanskar room while sujatha goes to laksh room for calling them for food. But as expected they refused and asked to not disturb them anymore.
Both ap and sujatha finds something wrong with them. But left without saying anything.
@ragini side :
Ragini is very worried about swara and doesn’t know what to do. She immediately dials sanskar,
Ragsan phone convo :
San :hello
Rag :hello sanky, what happened? Everything fine there na..? How is shona ?
San :she is fine when we left the hospital. The doctor said that she is a little weak and asked her to take rest.
Rag :what? You left the hospital? But why? At least lucky is there na..
San :wo… Laado. He also came with me. We don’t have the guts to face swara.
Rag 😮 shit. So.. For that you leave shona alone there?
San :no Laado.. Her family is there. Even you will be with her na… Then what?
Rag : but sanky I can’t be with her now. My coffee shop manager doesn’t give me permission. Now what will we do?
San :Laado relax, she is with her parents only na, they will take care of her.
Rag :k sanky but please you both don’t blame yourselves. Of course we have made a mistake. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t care for her. Even shona knows it. I’m sure she will definitely forgive us. Please sanky, please understand. I know you are very matured, so you can understand it but lucky is like a child. Only you can make him understand.
San :you are right Laado, tomorrow before leaving for our work, we should visit shona. You don’t worry I’ll make lucky understand.
Rag :k sanky then I’ll keep the phone.
San :Laado wait. I wanna ask you something. Why did you lie to shona and lucky about your job.
Rag :wo… Sanky, except you no one knows that I’m orphan. As I already said you are sensible and mature. That’s why you never tried to show sympathy towards me or help me financially. But as far lucky and shona concerned they would never allow me to do a job and would even try to help me financially. Shona also would not allow me to stay in a hostel. She would immediately ask me to come and live with her. I know they are concerned towards me but I don’t want to be a burden for them.
San :but Laado, how could you say that? They would definitely understand you and would never consider you as a burden. What would happen when they come to know about it by themselves? They would feel so hurt.
Rag :s sanky , I guess you are right. I will say it to them but only at the right time. This is the not the situation for it. Until then they shouldn’t know about it. Promise me that you will not say anything to them till I ask you to say.
San :but Laado…
Rag :please sanky…
San :k but don’t take more time.
Rag :k sanky, have work gotta go, bye, take care.
San :Haan Laado, bye good night.
After thinking for a while sanskar left to meet laksh in his room.
Sanskar knocks his room door while laksh thinks that it’s sujatha.
Lak :chachi, I said na.. Please I don’t want any food. Please leave me alone for sometime.
San :lucky it’s me. Open the door.
Laksh gets surprised and immediately opens the door
Lak :bhai what are you doing at this time? Did you get any information about shona? She is fine na? Is there any problem? Bhai, Y are you so silent? Please say something.
San :arey pagal.. How could I say something? When you are not even allowing me to speak anything. First of all nothing has happened to shona. I came here to say about what Laado said on the phone.
Sanky explains everything to laksh. (guys as far ragini concerned he lied for her absence by blaming the imaginary Hitler warden that she didn’t allow her to leave (bechari warden))
Laksh nodded in agreement and said,
Lak :bhai, do you think she will forgive us for what we have done?
San :even I had the same doubt lucky but after speaking to Laado I think she will definitely forgive us.
Lak :how could you say that so confident bhai?
San :simple just think of yourself in shona’s condition. What will you do?
Laksh thought for a second and understood sanskar’s point and nodded his head in agreement .
Sanskar and laksh hug each other and said good bye and gets parted.
@swara side :
Sumi was lying on swara’s bed side. She slept with only her head on bed. Swara suddenly wakes up to find sumi sleeping. (Shekhar left the place as only one person is allowed to stay at night with the patient ). Swara gets remainded of the day’s incident and felt bad for her friends. She immediately took a pen and paper from her mother’s bag which is laid on the side table and started writing something.
@mysterious place :
The servant of the mysterious person explained about what all he saw while following swara. He also said him about swara being with only her mother right now.
The mysterious person smirks a little while the servant left the place nodding and understanding what is in his master’s mind.
Swara letter :
Hii friends,
I know very well about what you feel right now. I couldn’t say anything while that idiotic doctor was scolding my best friends that too in front of me. I felt like stabbing him for saying those words to you. I wanted to shout at him TO SHUT THE f**k UP but as you all know I couldn’t do that. I thought of explaining you once you come inside but you left me just like that without even saying a bye. I felt very bad. Please don’t blame yourself for what happened.
I know you all are feeling bad that you couldn’t take a good care of me. But you all know what? Yesterday was the bestest day of life. I never felt so lively before.
From my childhood I wanted to have friends. Play with them, Prank with them, Pay for the mischievous deeds that I have done with them. But I never got the chance for it. Yes I do had friends in childhood and I do play with them. But guess what? I’m the winner of all the games. Not because I’m an all rounder. It’s just because they would give up their victory for me out of mere sympathy. Even though I was always with them I felt like I was all alone.
But you guys had never done it to me. And you know what? I’m really happy that you didn’t question me yesterday like how are you shona? Can you play? Do you want this? Do you want that? Uff… I was really fed up of all these questions.
I really don’t want any special care. I wanted to be as normal as everyone and you people have provided me with that. I’m really grateful for that. I want to apologize you on behalf of that dumb doctor.
Please I’m happy the way you treat me now and I don’t want you to show any extra concern towards me. I want to be like this with you throughout my life time. You guys are the reason for the smile on my face and I want the same smile on your face too. So please guys please come back. You are my soul friends. Please don’t leave me. Love you a lot Laado, Sanky and lucky. You people are the main reason for my existence.
With love,
Your sho………………
Suddenly swara felt so dizzy. She tried to wake her mom but even she doesn’t respond. The last thing she saw was a black masked man approaching her and every thing blackens.
@next day morning :
Ragsanlak reach swara’s ward and found sumi sleeping on the empty bed. Sanlak tries to wake her up but couldn’t. They splash some water on her face and she slowly opens her eyes. Ragini goes to check if she is in the washroom but couldn’t find her.
Lak :aunty were is shona?
Sumi :I don’t know she was here only.
Everyone was searching for her everywhere
Sumi :don’t know how I slept so long. It never happened become. God please send my shona back to me.
San :don’t worry aunty nothing will happen to shona. We will definitely find her.
Suddenly ragini finds the letter near the wall. She called everyone and shows the letter to them.
Ragsanlak read the letter and stood there shocked
Ragini fell on the floor crying SHONA while Sanlak stood there numb with shocked to the core.
The screen ends on shocked face of Sanlak and crying face of sumi and ragini.
So guys that’s for today. I really don’t have any idea whether it is boring or not. I wish you like it. K guys thanks for reading bye ? take care. Love you a lot ☺ ☺ ☺

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