Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-15)

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Recap :swaragsanlak discussion in the park. All had a masti time.
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After playing continuously everyone got tired and was sitting on a bench. All had a contended smile on their faces. Suddenly ragini looked at her watch and screamed “o my God”
San :what happened laado?
Rag :sanky it’s gonna become 6.i have to leave.
Sanskar gets remainded of her part time job and nods understanding while laksh spoke up,
Lak 😮 your Hitler warden..
Swara questioningly looks at laksh while laksh explains her about ragini’s hostel and the strict warden. Sanskar looks puzzled by laksh’s explanation and turns his head towards ragini. Ragini pleads with her eyes to not reveal anything to swalak while sanskar simply nods. He decides to ask the reason for her behavior after sometime.
Lak :k come I’ll drop you.
Rag :no no lucky, I already said na… My warden is very strict and will unnecessarily question me if she sees a guy with me.
Lak :does your warden at least know that she lives in 21st century?
When ragini was about to answer sanskar spoke for her,
San :arey lucky, why are you cross investigating her so much. She is saying na she is getting late.
Sanskar turned towards ragini and says,
San :come laado we will get you an auto rickshaw.
Saying so everyone got up from their places.
Ragini hugged swara before leaving while both sanlak accompanied her to help her to get an auto rickshaw.
While sanlak were busy sending off ragini swara felt an immense pain in her head. She couldn’t bear it and fell down on her knees. Though they were standing so close to her, she couldn’t call out to them. Tears were flowing from her eyes and she became unconscious.
After sending ragini sanlak turned around and get shocked seeing swara unconscious on the ground . They ran towards her and shouted “shona”. They both tried to wake her up but couldn’t.
Sanlak took her to sanskar’s car and sanskar took her to hospital while laksh followed them behind in his car. Tears were constantly flowing from sanskar’s eyes on looking at swara’s pale face. Laksh was following them in his car hell worried about his best friend and wished nothing would happen to her.
After reaching the hospital she was immediately taken towards the ward. Sanlak stayed outside the ward while the doctors examined her.
Seeing sanskar’s condition laksh held his shoulder firmly and says “don’t worry bhai nothing will happen to shona. She is very strong”. Sanskar hugged him and both stood there in each other’s embrace.
After sometime the nurse comes out and says “she has gained consciousness and doctor called you inside”
They both entered the ward and finds swara awake. She smiled faintly at them assuring that she is fine. The doctor turned towards sanlak and asked
Doc :what she was doing before becoming unconscious?
Sanlak looked down and said
San :she was playing with us in the park.
Doc :what ?playing? Seriously? Are you people out of your mind? Did you forget what I said yesterday about complete bed rest for a month ?
Sanlak looks down ashamed while the doctor continued
Doc : only yesterday she got into such a big accident and today she is playing. Waah… What type of friends you are? You doesn’t even care about her health. How could you let her play? On seeing all your dramas yesterday I thought you will take good care of her. But see what you have done today. Are you all kids to play in a park? I have never seen such irresponsible people in my life.
The doctor continued his scolding towards Sanlak while swara looked murderously at him for scolding her friends that too in front of her. She felt so angered that she thought of hitting the doctor’s head numerous times but she couldn’t react as she was feeling so weak.
She raised her head to look at Sanlak who had tiny drops of tears in their eyes. Her eyes started watering up seeing their friend’s condition and sweared under her breath to teach a lesson to the doctor once she gets a little strength.
After his continuous scolding the doctor left the place tired. Sanlak too followed the doctor and left the place not able to meet swara’s eyes. They both sat there silent with guilt.
Then after remembering something sanskar took his mobile out and dialed Shekhar ‘s number. Laksh too took out his mobile and dialed ragini’ s number.
Both explained everything to the one at the other end of the receiver.
The gadodiyas kept the phone down saying that they are coming while ragini stood numb not knowing what to say. Sensing the guilt in laksh’s voice ragini understood what they are going through.
Rag :lucky don’t worry it’s not your fault. Ask sanskar also to not to worry. I’m coming there.
Laksh didn’t respond to any of ragini’s consoling and immediately hangs up.
Ragini can very well understand what they both are going through as even she is in the same position. She too blamed herself for being so careless about her sister’s health. Tears started flowing from her eyes. She immediately goes to her manager and explains her situation.
Man :what once again you need permission? Yesterday also you took leave na.. Why don’t you just quit the job if you find so difficult to do it?
Rag :no sir it’s not like that. Please sir my sister is not well. Please understand. This is the last time I’m asking for permission. Here after I won’t repeat it. Please sir only today.
Man :look ms. Ragini. You have only two options either stay and do the work or just quit the job.
Saying so the manager left while ragini stood there crying.
@ hospital
Shekhar and sumi came towards sanlak and gets very much worried seeing their condition.
Shekhar :beta she is fine na? Is there anything serious?
Lak : no uncle it’s just that she didn’t take enough rest. Nothing serious you can go meet her.
Looking at sanlak’s condition sumikar got confused.
Sumi :beta it’s nothing serious na. Then why you both are like this?
San :no aunty, it’s all my fault. I took shona out assuring you that she’ll be fine. But I couldn’t take good care of her. Now she is in this position just because of my carelessness.
Shekhar :but beta it’s not your fault. Why are you blaming yourself unnecessarily?
Lak :no uncle, bhai is right. Not only him, even I’m also equally responsible for it. I couldn’t take proper care of my best friend. I’m really sorry uncle.
Sumi :arey beta, why you both doing like this? First come inside and meet shona. Then everything will be alright.
Sanlak nodded their head in negative and said “no aunty now we couldn’t even look at shona’s eyes. We will leave now and will meet her tomorrow”
Saying so they both left the place while sumikar stood there numb. As soon as they entered swara’s ward she questioned them about sanlak. They explained everything to her. Swara listened everything and she too had tears in her eyes.
The screen ends on helpless faces of swaragsanlak (guys everyone are helpless in their own ways )
OK guys.. That’s for today. Hope you are all ready with your tomatoes and eggs to throw at me for this sad chapter. But what to do? A coin as two sides right? Anyways I made all of you sad by this episode, so I deserve all your tomatoes and eggs. K guys thanks for reading. Bye ? take care. Love you all a lot ☺☺☺

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