Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-14)


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Recap : ragini and vishal meets. Laksh angered. Raglak and swasan plans to meet at the park.
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In car :
On swasan side :
Sanskar is driving while swara is looking out of the window.
The atmosphere outside is awesome with trees waving slowly providing cool breeze to the already beautiful environment.
Swara is enjoying the atmosphere with a small smile in her face. Sanskar smirks seeing the smile on her face.
On raglak side :
The atmosphere in raglak side is totally different. There was awkward silence between them. Both were pissed at each other but both doesn’t know the reason for it. The only sound that comes from the car is the song “tu jaanae naa”. They both were silently listening to it with various thoughts in their mind.
On swasan side :
After a few minutes of driving swasan reached first to the park and are waiting for raglak. They found some children playing in the park with bubbles. Swasan were watching them playing and swara was playing with the bubbles that come to her side. Sanskar was watching her lovingly while the song “sawar loon” plays in their car.
On raglak side :
Ragini not able to take it anymore thought to break the silence. She spoke up,
Rag :lucky why are you so silent? Talk something na. It feels like we don’t even know each other.
Laksh thought for a second and smiled
Lak : nothing like that laado. K leave it. Now tell… How was your day today in colg? Anything interesting.
Ragini thought about her morning conversation with Nisha and immediately a smile appear in her lips. Laksh sees her smiling cutely and was admiring it for a while but immediately came back to reality and asks,
Lak :what so funny happened that you are smiling like this?
Rag :wo… Lucky actually I thought of an incident were I made a fun of myself.
Lak :o.. What is that incident?
Rag (in mind) : o God how will I say that to him? No.. No.. I can’t.
Rag :yaar nothing it’s so silly leave it. Now you say, how was your day with meera?
Laksh’s smile dissappears hearing meera’s name.
Lak 😮 please. Don’t even ask about it. Only God knows that how I escaped from her clutches.
Ragini gets happy hearing laksh’s words about meera.
On swasan side :
Swara sees sanskar watching her and blows a bubble from her side towards him. It hits his nose and he comes back to reality. He sees swara making fun of him seeing his expressions. He fakes anger and was about to hold her but swara sticks her tongue out and runs out of the car. Sanskar starts chasing her while swara crashes at someone.
@ Park :
The person is none other than ragini.
Rag (with raised eyebrows) :uh ho.. What’s happening here?
Swara blushed while sanskar stood there embarrassed.
San :wo… Laado… We were just playing.
Lak (with a shocked expression) :what…. bhai, is it really you? Am I dreaming or what ? U and playing. is it even possible.?
Hearing laksh’s question both doesn’t know what to speak.
Seeing their uncomfortable situation, ragini spoke
Rag :arey lucky what’s wrong with you. Why are you questioning like that? Is there any rule that we should quit playing once we grow up?
Swara hugs ragini as if accepting what she said and nods her head while ragini continued,
Rag (looking playfully at laksh) :shona, I think laksh has become too old to play. Hai na..
Sanskar gave hi-fi to ragini while swara hits her playfully for mocking her best friend.
Lak :hello Mr and Ms. Best buddies. You both are mocking me? The great laksh maheswari. I will show you who I am and I’m ready for playing.
Swara gave hi – fi to laksh while ragsan gave a “whatever” look.
Rag : so everyone ready. K let’s play.
San :hey but wait we have came here for discussing about something.
Lak :ya bhai I have totally forgot about it. K first let’s discuss and then play.
Everyone agreed and sanskar explained everyone about the case and what the inspector said to him. They were discussing it with a smile on their face as instructed by sanskar to avoid suspicion but inside they were very well aware of the seriousness.
San :laado, on that day you said that you have seen the goons who chased swara right?
Rag :Haan sanky I do remember it.
San :so only you and shona know their face. Inspector wants to enquire you both about the incident but you both shouldn’t go at the same time. It may raise their suspicion.
Sanskar turning towards ragini
Rag :laado tomorrow you go to police station and give your statement. I have already informed everything to the inspector. Lucky you also accompany laado to the police station as we can’t send her alone.
Laksh nodded and said :but bhai what about swara’s statement?
San :that we will decide after discussing with the inspector.
Everyone nodded and was thinking about it with a fake smile on their face. Laksh thinks to lighten the atmosphere and says
Lak :ok so discussions are over. now it’s time for fun
Everyone’s face brighten up hearing laksh.
Rag :k lucky what game we will play?
Lak :I don’t have any idea
Saying so he turned towards sanskar and said “bhai?”
San :I too don’t know. Lucky you very well know that I’m not the fun type.
Everyone was looking confused while swara sees something and smiles. She called everyone and points towards the thing that she saw . Every one looks at the direction and sees some children playing a game.
Everyone looks at each other with a small smile playing in their lips and shouted in unison “BLINDFOLD”.
They started playing the game.
Lak :so who will blindfold first?
Rag : who else other than you lucky?
Lak : O and Y so?
Rag : because I say so..
Saying so she shrugged her shoulders while laksh looked at her with an unbelievable expression. Seeing their silly fights sanskar stepped in,
San :k guys, don’t start again. Let me blindfold first, then lucky, then shona and then finally laado. K?
Everyone gave a thumbs up and blindfolded sanskar with a handkerchief.
They started playing and everyone was enjoying to the core. People passing by had a smile on their face seeing the grown up children.
All the four’s mind has a similar thought that “GOD I WISH, LET THIS MOMENT FREEZE FOREVER”.
The screen ends on smiling faces of swaragsanlak.
So guys that’s for today. Thanks for reading. Hope you like it too. K guys bye ? take care. Love you all a lot ☺☺☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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