Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-13)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope you like it too. I would like to thank sindhu rm, ridhi, lovely, roshni sis, snehahari, crystal, asheeyana dear, reethi, ammu, sanchami dear, Maya, megha, Natasha sis, s priya, kumu and lavanya for your valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I replied individually to each and every comment. Please do take a look of it. I would also like to thank my silent readers too. So guys love you all a lot ???. Here goes the next chapter…
Recap : Shekhar and sanskar takes swara to home. Ragini confused about her feelings for laksh. Laksh gets irritated by meera.

@raglak college
Ragini and laksh walking towards each other from opposite direction. Laksh feels very happy to see ragini after missing her for a whole day. He happily walks towards her and when they were a few meters apart ragini gets stumbled and was about to hit the ground. She closed her eyes tightly and was welcoming the ground when suddenly a pair of strong hands catch her by waist. She opened her eyes to look at the person who has caught her. Her eyes met with a pair of dashing eyes. His face is not clearly seen due to the sunshine. He lifts her up and asks “are you OK?” flashing a heartthrob smile at her. She simply nods her head at him and smilingly says “thank you”.
The new guy forwarded his hand towards ragini and said “Hii I’m vishal” (guys it’s Shakti Arora, I think now you understand why I gave so much build up ?) ragini also shakes hands with him and says “Hii I’m ragini. Nice meeting you.”
Vish :nice to meet you too beautiful.
Ragini hesitantly smiles at him and immediately looks at laksh from the corner of her eyes. Laksh looks pissed by their conversation. Ragini gets remainded of the morning incident and thinks to irritate him more. Ragini deliberately laughs loudly and says,
Rag :you are also looking so handsome.
Saying so they both gave hi – fi to each other while laksh stood there angrily. Suddenly vishal turns towards laksh and questioningly looks at ragini.
Rag : oops.. I forgot. He is my friend laksh.
Vish : hai bro nice meeting you.
He forwards his hand towards laksh while laksh shakes it with a Stern face. He turns towards ragini and says
Lak :laado come let’s go. It’s getting late.
Vish :laado?
Rag :we best friends have certain names which we prefer to call only among ourselves.
Vish :So beautiful, then let me also call you laado because you are very sweet.
Laksh immediately interrupts and says
Lak :sry but as she already said we prefer to call our pet names only among ourselves.
Laksh says it quite rudely while ragini gets tensed about vishal’s reaction.
Vish :no problem bro.
He turns to ragini and says,
Vish :beautiful, would you mind if I keep a pet name for you which can be called only by me?
Ragini nods her head in negative as she doesn’t want to make vishal upset more who is already pissed with laksh’s behavior.
Vish :how about angel?
Rag :as you wish
Vish :ok angel. Have to leave now. See you later bye..
Rag :bye..
Once vishal leaves the place ragini turns towards laksh who was looking angrily at her.
Lak :how could you let him call you angel?
Rag :what’s wrong in that? And why do you have to worry about it?
Lak :wo… It’s nothing but I don’t want anybody to take advantage of you.
Rag :does he seem as a wrong person to you?
Laksh nodded in negative.
Lak (in mind) :even though I didn’t like his behavior towards ragini, it’s true that he doesn’t seem to be a bad guy.
Lak :ok anyways be careful. Come let’s go.
Rag :where?
Lak :bhai asked me to come with you to discuss about something important.
Ragini gets remainded of her part time job.
Rag :but I have plans at 6.
Lak :what plans?
Rag :wo.. I live in a hostel and the warden is very strict in my hostel. She doesn’t allow anybody enter the hostel after 6.
Lak :k don’t worry. Bhai asked us to come to the nearby Park and I don’t think that it will take a long time.
Ragini nodded and both raglak left in their car.
@ badi:
Sanskar came in and greeted Shekhar, sumi and dadi and took their blessings.
Sumi : sanskar beta, what a surprise. Take your seat. Wait I’ll bring something for you.
San :no, no, aunty. Actually I came here for some other purpose.
Shekhar :what is it beta?
San :wo.. Uncle. I want to discuss about swara’s case with swaraglak. So i asked both raglak to come to the park. I came here to take swara also with me.
Sumi :but beta, swara’s condition is still not good. How could I send her out with you.
Dadi :if you want you can bring your friends to our home and discuss na..
San :nahi dadi, wo.. I don’t know whether I can say it to you. But the inspector says that swara ‘s case seems to be a pre planned one.
Everyone gets shocked hearing this.
Shekhar :what?
San :uncle don’t get panic. It’s just an assumption. But the inspector doesn’t want to take any risk. He thinks that somebody is always watching you. That is the reason they planned a situation in which swara could not escape at all. But by God’s grace she is safe now. So it’s better to behave as if everything is normal and that this meeting also seems to be a casual friends meet.
Shekhar nods his head agreeing while sumi and dadi stands tensed. Seeing their tension sanskar goes towards them and says,
San :don’t worry aunty, until I’m present nothing will happen to swara and I promise you that.
Sumi nodded and sanskar turned towards Shekhar,
San :so uncle may I?
Shekhar nods his head and both left towards swara ‘s room.
As soon as they enter they found swara lying awake. She smiles at sanskar and says (sign language) to her papa,
Swara :I heard everything papa. I’m ready.
Shekhar conveys it to sanskar and both helped swara till the car. After making swara position properly sanskar came towards Shekhar, dadi and sumi and says,
San :uncle, aunty, dadi everyone please behave as if nothing happened and as soon as you reached the entrance send off us smiling. No body should have any doubt on you and don’t make any tensed face.
Everyone nodded agreeing and does as sanskar said and swasan drove off.
The screen ends on split screen of swasan and raglak driving.

Precap :swasan raglak case discussion.

So guys that’s for today. Hope you like it too. I know that this one is also a filler and a very small chapter too. please forgive me for that . I promise that next chapter will be as long as the previous one. As far Shakti Arora character concerned don’t worry I would definitely won’t make him a villain as I think meera is enough for the role. (after all how could make a cute person like Shakti a villain ?). And guys if you don’t like Shakti you can very well imagine anybody else in the place of Shakti. K guys thanks for reading. Love you all a lot ? ? ? bye.. Take care.. ☺☺☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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