Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-12)


Hii guys this is prateeksha back with another chapter. Hope you like it too. I would like to thank reethi, b, lovely, Maya, roshni, fagu, Serena, asheeyana, crystal, kumu, soujanya, riya siso, megha, sanchami dear, Natasha sis and ammu for their valuable comments. Your comments are my strength and they mean a lot to me. So keep commenting. I replied individually to each and every comment. Please do take a look of it. I would like to thank my silent readers too. So guys love you all a lot ???. Here goes the next chapter…
Recap : swasan romance and ragini upset over laksh and meera’s closeness.
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@ raglak college
Ragini enters the class upset and meets Nisha.
Nisha :Hii ragini. Why did you leave all of a sudden?what happened? Any problem?
Rag :aise kuch nahi. Actually I forgot about a work that I have planned.
Nisha after seeing ragini’s tensed face
Nisha : but it seems as if you are upset about something. If you don’t mind you can share it with me.
Ragini after thinking for a second
Rag (in mind) :it will be better if I discuss it with someone.
Rag :actually there is a friend of mine who I have met recently. I feel very happy whenever my friend is around me but today I saw my friend with some other person. I couldn’t bear the closeness between them. I don’t know the reason for it.

Nisha : is your friend a male or female?
Ragini thought for a second and replied “female” (she doesn’t want to arouse any suspicion about her)
Nisha : no doubt then. she is your best friend and sometimes in friendship we could get possessive about our friends that we don’t want to share them with anybody else.
Rag (in mind) : thank God. I got worried unnecessarily. But wait, if that is the case then why didn’t I get affected by swalak’s closeness. Actually she is the one very close to laksh more than me. They are so close that they refer themselves as BLOOD FRIENDS. But I don’t feel any kind of insecurities by their friendship. Then why I feel so insecured about meera alone?
A lots of questions were banging her head which is interrupted by Nisha
Nisha :arey again you are lost? Now what happened?
Rag (hesitantly) : Nisha… what.. if.. my friend.. is a…. M.. A.. L.. E?
Nisha raised her eyebrows suspiciously at her.
Rag :no no don’t think wrong. I asked it only out of curiosity.
Nisha (casually) : no doubt that you are in love with him.
Rag (widely opening her mouth) :W.. H.. A.. T?

She shouted so loud that the whole class turned towards them. Ragini hesitantly smiled at them and said “sorry”. Just then the professor enters the class and everyone’s attention gets diverted. Nisha looked at her confused for sometime but then proceeded with her work.
Rag (in mind) 😮 God, why did I even ask her about this ? She made it even complicated. Me and laksh.. No no how is it possible? I shouldn’t take her words seriously.
@badi :
Sumi and dadi are waiting for swara and just then the car arrives. Sheksan gets out first and helps swara to get out too.
Dadi comes and hugs swara and says,
Dadi : shona tum teek tho hai na?

Swara simply nods her head smiling and gets into the house. Everyone make arrangements for swara to settle and dadi and Shekhar left the room leaving swasan and sumi.
Sumi (to shona) : beta you take rest. I’ll bring soup for you. (turning to sanskar) :sanskar beta what would you like to have? Tea or coffee?
San :tea
Sumi left swasan alone to get tea and soup.

Both swasan felt uncomfortable about their privacy. They both get reminded of their closeness in the hospital and felt embarrassed.
Sanskar is glancing at swara ‘s room nervously thinking of what to speak. He nervously says “your room is very beautiful and neat”. Swara hesitantly nods her head smiling. The awkward moment is vanished by sumi who entered the room with a tray holding a soup bowl and tea. She serves them to swasan and turns to sanskar

Sumi :beta you should eat here only. Wait for sometime I’ll prepare breakfast for you.
San :no no aunty. Actually I have an important meeting after two hours. I didn’t even get freshed up from morning. Every one in my house is worried so I’ll come some other time.
Sumi :ok beta as you wish. But you should definitely come once again.
Sanskar nodded and took elders blessing. He waved bye to swara and left the place.
The same person who was following swara took pictures of all the events happening till sanskar’s departure by hiding.

@mysterious place :
He showed all the pictures to the head. He was shocked seeing sanskar in the picture.
Head :isn’t he the managing director of maheswari industries?
Myst person :yes sir.
Head : what is he doing in her house?
The mysterious person explained all that has happened that night.
Head 😮 shit. Now it’s very difficult to kidnap her. But anyways I won’t back off after receiving the money. We should now wait for the right time. After all for how long will she escape from us?
Saying so he smirked evilly joined by his spy(mysterious person) .
@badi :
Swara was continuously speaking (sign language) about ragsanlak from the time sanskar left. Both Shekhar and sumi are listening to her happily seeing the contended smile on their daughter’s lips. After all her chattering she dozes off to sleep while Shekhar and sumi left her room.
Shekhar : I’m very happy today to see the happy face of my daughter.
Sumi :Haan Shekhar, I have never seen her smiling so contendly. Before also she used to smile. But there is always a ray of sadness visible in her eyes at that time. But now I couldn’t find that sadness.
Shekhar :we should thank those three for making her smile.

Sumi nodded agreeingly but dadi interrupted
Dadi : but anyways we shouldn’t trust anyone so easily. Our shona is innocent so we should be very careful about it.
Shekhar :Maa, don’t say like that we both trust them fully and all the three are very good at heart. Stop doubting each and everyone. Don’t say the same words in front of shona. she would get hurt and I don’t want to see her sad face again.
Saying so both Shekhar and sumi left while dadi stands there worried.
@raglak college :

Laksh sitting in the canteen and is watching meera who is buying snacks for both of them.
Lak (in mind) 😮 God, what’s wrong with this girl? She is not letting me alone even for a minute. Always sticking by my side as if we were born like that. And the most ridiculous part is I couldn’t even go to a washroom without her permission. I think I made a mistake by becoming friends with her. She didn’t even allow me to say a proper good bye to laado. Don’t know where is she now? But how could I search her with this irritating girl by my side.
Suddenly his gaze turned towards meera who is looking intently at him as if he would vanish the minute she diverts her gaze. Just then laksh noticed her arguing about something with the cashier and immediately left the place using the opportunity without meera noticing it.
He was searching for ragini and found her coming in the opposite direction. He immediately called out and waved at her. Ragini too notices him and smiles hesitantly at him. They both were approaching each other.

The screen ends on raglak.
So guys that’s for today. I know that today’s episode is just a filler with zero romance but what to do? True love cannot happen just like that. Some fillers are required for explaining a true love’s intensity.

Guys I also have a confusion whether to bring a new guy for ragini or is meera enough for the vamp role? I need your suggestions for it. As far swasan concerned there is also a love triangle but it’s quiet mysterious so don’t worry about that right now. So guys thanks for reading. Love you all a lot ????. K bye take care ☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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