Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-11)

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Recap : swaragini sanlak bonding and masti

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In hospital :
All the four were enjoying in the hospital as if it was a picnic spot and all the doctors and nurses are fed up of controlling them. After some time the gadodiyas arrived and was relieved seeing swara. Ragsanlak explained them whatever happened.
Shek : shona here after you don’t have to go to the mute institution. What if they again try to attack you?
Seeing swara upset over her father’s decision sanskar immediately spoke up
San (forwarding his hand) : sry i have not introduced myself properly. I am sanskar maheswari, managing director of maheswari group of companies . He is my brother laksh maheswari and meet my best friend ragini. Uncle you don’t have to worry about our friend anymore. We are there to take care of her and I know any father would say the same thing to their daughter at this situation. But for how long will you able to keep her in your house itself? Trust me uncle nothing will happen to shona. I’ll take all the steps to catch the people who tried to harm her and they won’t escape from me so easily.
Shekhar looked at sanskar amused on seeing his concern for his daughter and also accepts that whatever sanskar said is true. He looked up on his daughter who was watching him with expectant eyes and sighed.
Shek :teek hai beta. I’ll accept whatever you said but here after she should not leave on her own self. I’ll drop and pick her up wherever she wants to go and the most important thing is she should not work late hours.

Swara gets happy and hugged her father and says in sign language “thank you papa”
Shek : arey how will I not accept to the wishes of my princess.
Rag : Haan uncle. You no need to worry about shona she is very brave and after all she is the sister of jhansi ki rani hai na…
Saying so ragini lifted her collar while laksh interrupted
Lak :achcha, who is the jhansi ki rani here?
Rag : of course me who else?
Lak :yaa you are right. But then you should have seen your face on that time when you are thinking that swara lost her voice because of you. It was as if you have seen a booth . wah that is the real face of jhansi ki rani. Hai na shona..
Swara smilingly winks at him and swasanlak burst out laughing. Ragini glared at them but sanlak didn’t mind her but swara seeing the sad face of ragini holds her ears saying sorry. Seeing the pleading face of swara ragini’s anger vanishes and hugs her says “it’s k shona”
Suddenly swara says something to Shekhar in sign language but the trio couldn’t understand it. So Shekhar translated…
Shek :shona says that even jhansi ki rani is a princess before becoming rani. So here after I have two princesses. But shona is right from now on I have two daughters
Saying so he hugged ragini and kissed on her top of her head.
Sumi : and what about me?
Sumi :from now onwards I too have two daughters but ragini you should promise me that you will always be on my side. Because swara always supports her dad.
Saying so sumi stares at Shekhar and swara with fake anger
Rag :ji aunty

Sumi :no aunty call me Maa…
Ragini looked at her teary eyed and called her “Maa” and hugs her tightly while ragini smiled contended..
Ragini overwhelmingly looks at swara who has just now gave her a beautiful family which is a her dream from childhood while swara looks at her confused about her grateful looks (guys both swalak doesn’t know that ragini is an orphan)
San :lucky , laado I think you have to leave now as you have to go to college today. Did you forget that you both have already ruined your first day by going late to college?
Lak :Haan that terrific professor. How could I forget his terror look. Even laado had a worst experience with her motu professor. Hai na laado?
Ragini nods her head dreaded reminded of last day’s events.
Rag : but sanky what about shona? How could we leave her alone?
Shona tries to protest saying that she will be fine alone while everyone gave her a dreadful glare realizing what she tried to convey. Shona silently looks down not wanting to face anymore glares.
San :I’m there na I’ll take care of her
Lak :but bhai you have your office works na..
San :no I informed bade papa so he will take care of it.
Raglak noded convinced and left hugging swasan.
After some time inspector arrives and takes swara’s statement (swara wrote it down) and sanskar said to the inspector “I want you to find the person who tried to harm swara as soon as possible and make sure he face my vrath of harming her”
While sanskar speaks Shekhar and shona looks at him. One being amazed while the latter being happy.
After some time the doctor comes to swara and checks her
Doc :she needs to take complete bed rest for at least a month as her leg is fractured and had some more injuries on her head and arms.
Shek :doctor please I request you to make arrangements for her discharge as I don’t want her to stay here. I will take care of her in my home itself.
Doc :ok I’ll appoint a nurse for her and please come with me for signing the discharge papers.
Shek :ok doctor I’ll come in a while

Doctor left and Shekhar turned to sumi
Shek :you go home first and make arrangements for swara to stay while I complete the formalities here and come with swara
Sumi nodded and left and Shekhar too left to meet the doctor.
Suddenly a ward boy comes and says
Ward boy :mam your car has arrived . Will you be able to come are should I bring a stretcher?
Swara tried to get up but couldn’t so the ward boy starts to leave to get a stretcher while sanskar said “no need I’ll take her to the vehicle . Thanks for your help” the ward boy left nodded while swara looks at sanskar confusingly
Sanskar slowly moves towards swara and puts his one hand on her back while he placed his another hand under her legs and lifted her up while swara looks at him shocked.
Sanskar looks lovingly at swara and assured her that everything is fine.
They both had an intense eye lock while a cool breeze blowed making swara’s hair cover her face.
Sanskar smilingly blows the hair away from her face. As soon as sanskar’s cool blow touches her face swara felt as if electricity had passed through her body.
Their intense moments were disturbed by the ward boy who says that the vehicle is waiting.
After being brought back to reality sanskar looks away embarrassed and walked with swara in his arms who is blushing red like tomato. He then placed her in the vehicle and closed the door. Soon Shekhar too arrives there and the trio left for swara’s badi.

In colg :
Ragini stood at the entrance gate of the college. She remembers how she quickly got freshed up as soon as laksh brought her to the hostel and came as fast as she could. She looked at her watch and found that she has 30 more minutes left for the college to start and sighed in relief.
Suddenly she jerked away seeing a black Mercedes pulled next to her. She looks up and found that it’s laksh and smiled at him.
Rag :Hii lucky. So even you got ready so soon.
Lak :yup how could I not?After all the death glares that I received yesterday which is enough for a life time.
Ragini smilingly punched at him lightly and asked
Rag :what about swasan?
Lak :yeah bhai called me and said that swara is in her home and is completely fine now.
Rag :how strange na lucky? within a day everything has turned upside down in our lives
Laksh smilingly noded agreeing to her statement. Laksh parked his car and joined ragini and both walked towards the college.
Ragini suddenly got remembered that she has not ate anything properly from last night and even today she skipped her breakfast. She knew very well that laksh will also be in the same state as her. So she thought to ask laksh whether they can complete their breakfast in canteen before reaching their class as there is enough time left.
She turned to laksh and started opening her mouth “luck..” but was stopped seeing a girl coming towards them and hugging laksh. She felt immense pain in her heart but doesn’t know the reason for it. As she was standing still, laksh’s voice brought her to reality
Lak :laado, she is meera (kanchi Singh) , my new friend in this college whom I met first yesterday and we are classmates.
Rag (irritated) :but you were sent out immediately you entered your class na.. After that you met only me.. If that is the case then I’m only your first friend na..
Ragini spoke a little possessively while laksh continued,
Lak :Haan, but as I already said she is my first friend who is my classmate as well but you are my Junior. There is a difference na..
Saying so he turned towards meera and says
Lak :meera, she is laado.

Meer :what type of name is that?
Lak :no that’s our pet name for her. Her real name is ragini.
Meera disinterestedly to ragini :hey
Ragini nervously smiled at her and said “hi”
Meer :come laksh. We have an important work.
Meera suddenly entangled her fingers with laksh and dragged him waving bye to ragini with laksh following her wondered of what the important work is
Ragini stood there upset and then she walks of sadly to her class.
The screen ends on upset face of ragini and blushing face of swara.

So guys this long chapter is for the long wait you had been through and please accept it as a token of my apology (k I get it, that’s so filmy ?). Anyways what do you think about today’s episode?
As far ragini concerned she now got a family but what will happen for swara? Will she get her voice back? . Let’s see that in upcoming episodes. So guys that’s for today and hope you like it. K bye ? take care. Love you all a lot ☺☺☺.

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