Swaragini – A love so pure can never be explained (ch-10)


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Recap : ragsanlak get to know about their relation with each other. Swara operation. Sanskar blaming himself for swara being mute.

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In hospital :
Ragsan are numb seeing swara ‘s condition while swara looks at them confused.
Suddenly sanskar came towards swara and started his ranting again
San : I’m… I’m.. I’m really sorry. You are in this situation just because of me. I know you won’t forgive me for what I have done. I’m the one to be blamed as I have done your accident. Because of me you have lost your voice. I know I deserve my punishment for this . Don’t worry I would surrender myself to the police as I can’t live with guilt throughout my life…
He was continuously blabbering while ragini stood there shocked not knowing how to handle the situation. Swara was looking at both of them confused and was afraid seeing their weird behavior. She was looking at them as if they were some aliens and is looking for a way to escape from them.
Sanskar came near swara but swara moved away feared. Sanskar thought that she is even disgusted by his presence and is moving away from him.

Ragini seeing all this stepped in and said
Rag : listen. I know whatever he has done is wrong. But please forgive him. He is already in so much pain, he can’t suffer anymore by rotting in jail. Please don’t do anything like that.
Sanskar got furious on hearing this and shouted
San : what are you saying ragini? You want me to run away from my crime without facing the consequences. I know you are trying to protect me as you are my friend but it is an injustice to this innocent girl who has lost her voice because of this accident. I can’t support the wrong path.
They both were trying to reason out each other while swara looked at their drama amused. She one by one put all the pieces together and finally realized their stupidity and that they are misunderstood.

She immediately shakes her hands and tries to convey them in sign that they are not at fault and that she is really mute. But they both didn’t understand what she said and instead thought that SHE EVEN LOST HER MENTAL BALANCE.
While they were still arguing, swara was fed up of their nonsense and sat with hands on her head not knowing how to make them understand.
Suddenly laksh enters the room with medicines in his hand and was shocked to see swara
Lak :tum?
Swara ‘s face lightens up seeing laksh and she smiles at him. After all she had seen someone normal in this room.
San :laksh do you know her before.
Lak : Haan bhai she is the who saved me yesterday from the accident.

Sanskar got more guilty on hearing this. He had spoiled the life of his brother’s savior
San :then Y didn’t say that before itself?
Lak :no bhai. I have not seen her face till now so I didn’t know that. But why you two were arguing while I entered?
Rag : laksh wo..wo..
San : she lost her voice because of me.
Lak : what?
Rag : Haan laksh. Doctor said na.. That anything may happen to her due to the shock she has experienced. We thought nothing will happen. But she lost her voice due to the accident.
Lak : but how is that possible?
San : why is it not possible laksh? Didn’t you hear what the doctor said?
While laksh was utterly confused he looks at swara she she shook her head in disbelief. That’s when laksh realized the situation and questioningly looks at swara and she responded nodding her head.
Laksh burst out in laughter and he was joined by swara who also started laughing by their foolishness.

Ragsan got angry by their behavior and immediately spoke up,
Rag (irritated) :what’s so funny here?
But without answering they both were still laughing holding their stomach.
San : laksh have you gone mad?
Lak : we are not mad. It’s you two who are mad. How can a person become mute twice?
Ragsan were looking at him confused and while laksh continued,
Lak : arey buddhus she is already mute. Her voice is not lost because of the accident.
Ragsan in unison : what?
Seeing their expressions swalak again started laughing. Ragsan stared at them with anger but soon even they burst out laughing.
When all the four were laughing like mad people the nurse entered and shouted,
Nurse : you crazy people, you started again ? Is it not enough what you have done yesterday and you are still continuing it? From the time you entered this hospital the peacefulness of this place is totally vanished. NOW BE SILENT.
Saying so the nurse left after examining swara.
All of them had now came back to their normal form and was smiling at each other’s madness.
Swara looks at them questioningly and found a note pad (doctor’s note pad) and pen near her table and started writing on it.(guys from here whatever swara speaks in conversation is by her writing in the note pad)

Swa : so can anybody explain what is happening here?
Ragsanlak explained everything to swara while swara listened patiently.
Swa : thanks laksh for saving me by giving blood.
Lak : arey yaar. Even you saved my life. Then why all these thanks and all.
Swara turning towards ragsan and wrote,
Swa : you don’t have to feel guilty about it as the accident was not your fault.
Saying so she wrote all the incident that has happened before the accident in short.
San : do you have any idea about who they are?
Swara shakes her head in negative.
Rag : don’t worry we will take care of it. We can file a complaint against them.
While all the four were talking a nurse entered and said
Nurse : miss gauri, the inspector as arrived to take your statement. Shall I send him in?
Everyone was wondering who is gauri while ragini bit her tongue. She suddenly started to speak leaving others confused,
Rag : yes but please ask him to come after some time as she is very tired and wants to have something.
The nurse nodded and left the place while everyone stared at her demanding an explanation.
Rag :” arey why are you looking at me like that” and said about how she has mentioned her as her sister and was asked to fill a form “i don’t know your name so I myself gave the name has gauri”
Saying so she shrugged her shoulders

Lak :” and why is it gauri rather than any other names?
Rag : that’s my favorite soap ‘s heroine name. She also has another name in that seriel which is GUDIYA. on seeing her innocent face I remembered gudiya so I kept it. What’s wrong in that?
Swa : actually I like that name but my closed ones call me shona. Since you are my sister from today you can also call me shona.
Sanlak (pouting cutely) :then what about us?
Swa : of course you are all my besties and you can also call me so.
Lak : but shona I thought I’m your best friend as ragini is already best friend of sanskar.
Laksh complained cutely while the others laughed at his reaction.
Swa : achcha baba, but why are you feeling for that as they are only BEST FRIENDS but we are BLOOD FRIENDS . So we are more besties than they both.
San : accha? but still we are the best.
Lak :no we are the best.
Rag :arey buddhus stop it. We all four are besties and no one can separate us. So stop this silly fights.

They all agreed and gave hi-fi to each other.
Lak : if so then we have to give a name for our gang
San : and what will be the name.
Rag : wait let us think
Swa : arey fools, why are you thinking so much, we already got a name na..
Everyone looks at her confused while swara continued,
Swa : what did the nurse about us a while back
Ragsanlak in unison :CRAZY GUYS. ?
All gets happy with their new bonding and was smiling happily..
Rag (in her mind) : God, within a single day you have changed my miserable life to such a wonderful life. I have always craved for someone’s love and attention but was always afraid of the society and never let anyone get close to me. But now I have not only got the world’s best people as my friends but also a beautiful relation… My new sister… Thank God… Thank a lot for giving me such a wonderful day.
She was smiling contendly at her new found relation and friends.

Swara (in mind) : God, I have always been away from everyone who tries to come near me because they wanted to be my friend only because of sympathy. The only person who doesn’t show any sympathy towards me is my only friend naku. Even though she is my close friend she is not the crazy type. I always miss the fun in my life. But now with these many crazy people around me I think I am going to enjoy each and every second of my life to the fullest. And now I also have a new relation called my sister. I don’t know why but my heart feels so close to her. Thank God for giving me such a beautiful day. If papa gets to know about it he will be very happy seeing my happiness. Papa… Maa.. O God i totally forgot about them. I have to inform about me to them.
She immediately calls ragsanlak and gave them her phone number to contact her parents and sanskar takes out his mobile to contact them.
In badi :
Sumi : Shekhar I’m so worried about her. We can’t wait anymore. Let’s file a complaint in the police station.
Dadi : Haan Shekhar, she is right we can’t waste time anymore.

Shekhar nodded his head in agreement and was about to go to the police station while his phone rings. He picks up the call. (yes it’s our sanskar). He explains him about all that has happened and asks him to come to XYZ hospital. Shekhar thanked him and cut the call. He turned towards sumi and dadi and explains everything to them
All the three sighed in relief and started to go to the hospital.
In hospital :
All were having their gala time and laksh spoke up
Lak : I think if swara has a name in our gang then we all three also should have a specific name in our gang na..

All noded in agreement and laksh says,
Laksh : k mine will be lucky
San : k then mine will be Sanky . And what about you ragini?
Swa : I’ll give a name for my sister
Ragini noded her head and swara thinks for a while and says “laado”
San : and why is it so?
Swa : bcoz I like laado very much and even she is so sweet as laado.
They all agreed with their names and were smiling happily.

The screen ends on smiling faces of sholaa (shona and laado) and Sanlak.
So guys that’s for today. Hope you like it and please do comment. I don’t know whether I will be able to post for next two days as I will be busy with my marraige shopping but anyways I’ll try my best to post a chapter at least. K guys bye ? take care. Love you all a lot ☺☺☺

Credit to: Prateeksha

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