Swaragini Love me – Prologue


freinds who read “swaragini differnt love story” or intro of “swaragini how can i love him” than this story is same as both story but difference is just change of name

of story so please read this because this all are same and sorry that i have changed name of this story to ‘swaragini love me’ but read this story in this new name

guys i know may be pissed of introduction and all but i am realy sorry and do not worry guys for compensation i will upload two episode tomorrow morning apx 6am
guys it is just like teaser but i thought to add it as prologue

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% SWASAN IN SWARA HOUSE %%%%%%%%%%%
sanskar came to strich his shirt at swara’s house (his plan to meet swara) ,
sanky- swara i want my new shirt to strich by u
swara- ok so please take off ur shirt which u weared so i can take measurement of this shirt and with that measurement i will strtch new shirt
sanky-(feels bad because he thought that swara will come near him and will take measurement from his body but naughty idea came in his mind) he take off his shirt

infront of swara so her heart beat raises and he sees her condition and moves his bare body to attract swara but after some time she come to sense
swara- tumhe sharam nhi a rhi h kya please bathroom m jau or door open ha koi dekh lega to problem ho jargi and she drag him to bathroom (but neighboring ladies sees

whole tamasha)
than swara strich his new shirt and took 2 hour and gave to him and say u may be hungry so u can eat food if u do not mind
sanky happily says okk no problem
she makes aloo bhurta and roti sanky eates food in kitchen only and notices that she only have 3 type of vegetable aloo,began and only one type of dal in kitchen and

he ask do u like began and aloo but swara replied painfully MAJBOORI ME INSAN KO SUKHI ROTI BHI FAVORITE LAGTE HE
sanky- mtlb me smjha nhi or tumhara favorite food konsa h
swara- chuckeled favourite ki to me soch bhi nhi sakti hame to bs 2 time ka khana thik se mil jae vhi bhot h and unknown tears rolled from swara eyes and she continues

do u know sanky i used to like fish very much and i eat weakely but after my mother coma in this three years i could not afford to purchase fish due to this reason i

only bring cheapest vegetables and this sleeper which i am wearing it gave by one aunty i never spend money on me in this 3 years, i brought clothes which have mistake

because that are cheap and i could get in 300rs but i do not realise any body about my condition because i do not want that other people show pity on me and i hate

this but i told u because u r my best freind and POOR also so that u can understand my pain not that rich heartless people so i wear some good suits of three years

before in any funCtion and this 1 sandal is also three year before only
tears also rolles from sanky eyes and thinks how he spend money and her condition and he hug her tightly and after some time ho composes and went to his house

after his going society people start taunting swara and question on her character and say to leave house in any condition within 10 days and take ur lifeless mother

with u and swara was heart broken and she starts walking on road as lifeless body and sees big tv on circle where all people were looking and it was some function but

unfortunately her eyes fall on tv and shoked to see that sanky is sanskar maheshwari to whome she hates most and the person who tried to rape her and it was biggest

shock for her as she betrayed by his best freind and this make bigest shock in swara life
day passes and swara condition becomes critical nad she was admitted to hospital and doctor says we need 5 lakh money because ur kidney got demaged and u have to plant

new kidney and if u give money than we have to find suitable donor but swara replied sir i dont have this much money and ask how many days i can live but doctor

replied u only can live 15 days if u do not transplant
swara- (smile comes on her face besides all her pain) she stand and start going but
doctor- beta u will be died majak me mat lo please kuch pese arrange krlo tumhari life ka swal h or tum khush kyo ho itni
swara- kis life ki bat kr rhe he jo he hi nhi or meri zindagi hi ek mazak he or kisk liye jiyu us ameer bap k liye jisne hme chod diya, meri maa k liye jo 3 saal se

lifeless h, or dost k liye jise sirf meri body chahiye thi ya fir is samaj k liye jisne mujhe taunt k alawa kuch nhi diya or meri zindagi me sirf darkness hi darkness

so what is the need of this body it should be dead it should be dead (she painfully says all words)
she walks away and thinks in this 15 days i have to cure mother and i was happy that i will leave this heartless world forever forever forever………
and i shouted loudly “BHGWANJI UR SWARA IS COMING TO U ” AND SHE STARTS CRYING BADLY AS HER LIFE IS GOing to end in 15 days and she will be free from all stress, she

will be free from all taunts and bad people of this world and cries on sitting on knees and prey hey bhgwanji meri jsi life kisi dushman ko bhi mt dena nhi to usase

pehle tumhare pas bula lena use …………..
afer some days swara thinks i only have 10 days and in this days i had to arrange 10 lakh to cure my mother and i also have to find my father because i am reason of my

mother condition and so i will unite my parents but from where i can get money but two thoughts running in her mind on car recing but in this i only get 5 lakh or i

may also died but if i died who will take care of my mother and one statement striked in my mind of sanskar maheshwari “BABY IF U GIVE PLEASURE TO ME WHOLE NIGHT THAN

I CAN GIVE ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY TO U O=AND I ONLY WANT UR FLESH BABY “(note that this statement given by sabky when he tried to rap her)…………
what swara will choose car recing ya giving her dignity to sanky ?
will swara able to find her father before her death ?
or she will alive ?
or somethink other will happen ?
guys i know ther are many question poping in ur mind
guys u only know 30% truth and do not feel bad about sanky char. because u do not know whether sanky is changed or not
guys this part will come after 12 to 13 episode in my ff so till 12 to 13 epi u will enjoy pranks,romance and fun and do not take tention i do not like emotional drama
freind i will give equal importance to both pairs or may be 55% to swasan or 45% raglak but i will try best to give equal imp. to both char.
and i will not drag emotional drama
guys if u realy like than please shower ur comment so i will feel good

Credit to: pathan

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  1. guys i will upload two episode tomorrow early morning or after noon please read that

  2. Hi first of all nice effort for writing story. But yar pls dnt continue it. It is not at all nice. Think something better na. See dnt misunderstand me i am not disappointing u. But story is very bad. U can write something better. Think about it. I think many people will study these ff’s mostly to feel special love & change in story. So pls dnt take me wrng. Pls dnt feel & also i am expecting a better story from u. Sry if u r hurt.

  3. It’s so painful plz upload next sooner can’t wait for that plz

  4. awsm yar plZ upload next by tommorow

  5. hey those who did not read the inro of this story please search as swaragini how can i love him intro or swaragini different love story episode 7

  6. guys today night i uploaded first episode of this story who is summary of last 6 episode of swaragini different love story and u can search on google in the name as “SWARAGINI LOVE ME INTRO+EPISODE 1”

  7. Very nice story line.

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