Swaragini – A Love Pair from Heaven FanFiction Chapter 3


At gadodia house

Swaragini are ready to go for college swara is wearing a T-shirt and jeans and hair open with curls and ragini is wearing umbrella frock with hair open and having a dupatta around her neck.They take their bag.Swara has taken her bag around her neck and one hand and ragini also same.They come down and sits in their car and go


In the maheshwari house

Sanlak are ready for their college laksh is wearing a T-shirt with jacket and a tracker pant and sanskar is wearing a T-shirt bwith jacket and jeans.They both also take their bag in the same way as swaragini.They come down and went on their respective bikes.

In the college

Swaragini and sanlak came to the college and they both saw each other and wave Hi.
As Swara is modern and beautiful all guys look at her and stares at her .All starts coming and shaking hand with Swara some shake hands with ragini also and all the girls are coming towards sanlak and waving Hi to them and shaking hand also.sanskar get jealous on seeing every boys towards swara. He cone and take Swara with him.All four of the share a friendly moment than they went inside the college and go to their class all are in the same class.swaragini sits on first bench if second row and sanlak sits on first bench of third row.The teacher comes and they all wish.

The teacher tell them about dance competition in the college and tells that audition is tomorrow.

Precap:sanlak and swaragini are waiting for results

Credit to: Deeba

Credit to: Deeba

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