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Sanskar’s POV ~

25th May 2015
It was a bright sunny morning. The sun shone at its peak and I could hear the birds chirping monotonously. The children outside were shouting at the top of their voices. For them it was a lively Sunday morning. But for me, it was like any other day. God..! I hated this idea of living. I hated my life.

It was already 11 and I was still in my bed as there was no office today. But I had another important work to be completed. I have promised Laksh to accompany him to the beach today as he was going to propose to Ragini, the love of his life. And as usual he was hell nervous and had asked me to come along.

In the evening, Laksh dragged me to beach an hour before just to practice for the proposal. This guy was impossible..! After an hour or so, Ragini finally showed up. She came along with one of her friends. Wait..! I’ve never seen this friend before.. But how does that matter to me?

We left the couple to spend some quality time together and she rushed towards the sea. The gushing white waves touched her beautiful feet and there came an automatic smile on her face. She looked adorable. I sat on the sand, watching this big kid doing all kind of childishness. She noticed me looking at her and came and sat next to me.

‘Hi..! I am Swara, Ragu’s friend. Nice to meet you.’ She said forwarding her hand.

‘Hey..! I am Sanskar.’

She sat there quietly, playing with the sand and smiling at times looking at the small shells. This girl was irresistible. Cute and innocent, she was.

‘Life is so beautiful, isn’t it? Like this warm sunset, rushing waters, and those clinking shells. And of course like this sand.. It flows out of your hand really fast. Within seconds..!’ She said.

Now she was talking about life to me, the one who had seen the most bitter and intolerable side of it and the one who never believed in the mere idea of living.

‘I don’t think it is. I mean, at least I don’t love my life. I wish I could end it right away. Living life kills me..!’

‘What..? Your girlfriend ditched you? Or you haven’t yet succeeded in your career? But whatever it may be, how can anyone say that life isn’t beautiful? Its the most amazing gift one can get. An opportunity. Why are you so broken?’

‘Huh..! It isn’t Swara. At least for me. My life isn’t worth living. Both my parents died in a plane crash when I was 16. I had to face the most difficult circumstances. I had no one to share myself with. You think life is good because you might have them all – parents, friends, love. I never had. Life snatched away the most beautiful part of me.. My parents. And now I am alive only for the outer world.’

I never understood why I said that. But somewhere, I had an inch hope that she was the one who could understand me and bring me out of the drudgery, my life had put me through.

‘Wrong.. Absolutely wrong.. Sanskar you are highly mistaken. God gave you this life because you were strong enough to live it. Now you cannot put his faith to test. You have to live.’

‘Life to me is nothing less than a tragedy. My tragic life..!’

‘Hey.. Its not tragic.. Its a magic. Our life is a magic…!’


‘Yeah.. ! Just imagine one day you sleep and never wake up.. You then regret the things you kept for tomorrow. Life is all about taking chances; acting goofy; dancing like a mad and not caring about what the world thinks of you. Its basically about learning to love what you have today.. Before it turns to what you had.’

May be she was right. Am I underestimating my life? Is life actually that beautiful? Swara’s talks had left a deep impact on my mind. For once, I thought about living life to its fullest.

I saw Ragini and Laksh coming towards us, walking hand in hand and smiling and this definitely meant that it was a YES from Ragini’s side. I was happy.. And sad simultaneously. Happy for both of them and sad because Swara would now go. I wanted to talk to her.. More and more. Somehow I started living my life. Sudden change.

Ragini waved at us from a distance and she immediately got up. She was about to leave when she turned to me.



‘Life is not measured by the number of days we live, but by how much we actually live in those days. Start living life. You’ll soon find that its the most beautiful gift you’ve ever got. Bye..!’

And she left. Not like forever.. Many more meetings followed after that. Everytime Laksh used to take me along and she came with Ragini, we used to spend our time together, chit chatting and living life..! Soon we became friends. Best friends..

25th December 2015
Seven months.. Seven months since I first met her.. Seven months since I’ve started living my life.. It was her birthday today. Man I’ve been planning for this day for past one month. I was going propose her today. Now I understood what Laksh had to go through. It is really torturous.

I had planned a small surprise for her at a far off place and Ragini brought her there. She looked ravishing. She wore a red knee length dress with white diamonds embedded all over. I confess, I did skip a beat on seeing her.

‘Sanskar, what is this? So many surprises in a single day..? Nearly every hour, you’re sending me a gift. My room’s fulnow. Come on yaar..!’

‘Swara.. Happy birthday.. And yeah Merry Christmas..!’

‘Oh yeah.. I completely forgot. Merry Christmas..’

I couldn’t wait anymore. I have to propose her right there. I bent on my knees and started off with the most difficult task ever…

‘Miss Swara, will you someday, if I prove to be a good boyfriend and stuff and we complete many years of courtship, marry me? Because I really love you and would like to have your life as lit up as this place is right now. I hope to make you the happiest you can be, happier than you have ever been. But before I do it, let me give you something that will remind you of this day.’ I said and took out a ring from my pocket.

All the while she stood there shocked. She was happy but a tint of sadness appeared on her beautiful face.

‘No Sanskar.. I can’t do this. I can’t let this happen.’

‘What? Don’t you love me? Swara. Look at me. In my eyes, straight.’

‘Sanskar I don’t have any time left. I am a cancer patient and I am going through my fourth stage. My life is uncertain. I can die any moment.’

I was left appalled. The girl who taught me to live, was herself standing at the doorsteps of death. But I still love her. She is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I hugged her tightly and consoled her.

‘Sanskar.. I love you too..’ She finally spoke up, her voice breaking as she cried.
And she fainted. Suddenly.

28th December 2015
This was my story. Our love story. And I stand here only because of you, Swara. My Swara. I chose to live because she wanted me to. And I will live. Live for her.

With Love,

Tears Welled up in my eyes as I reminisced our old memories and moments of togetherness. I looked at Swara who was lying peacefully in a coffin. The ring shone in her finger.
And I managed to smile.. Smile for it was her last wish..!

One day you’ll get up and there won’t be any time left to do the things you always wanted to. So better, do it now.
-Paulo Coelho

Life is uncertain. So today let’s do whatever we want to and tell our near and dear ones how much we love and care for them, before its too late.
Life is short. So break the rules; forgive easily; walk carefree; laugh uncontrollably; love passionately and never regret anything that made you smile.

Life is too short to be explained in words. So instead of describing it, let’s just live it..!

And guys do tell me how it was. Good? Boring? Or whatever? Tell me before its too late, ha..!
And yeah.. It was Shreya’s theory of life. Comment, if you agree.

#the fault in our stars


Credit to: Shreya

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