Thanks for your support friends. Deeksha, your view is correct some scenes will like bahubali because I admired ramyakrishnan mam character in that movie. I want to give the same characterization to Ragini but the story plot will be different.. Past and Present are in different time periods and there is no connection between this season and previous seasons. But the concept is same- a bond between sister and brother and mystery, revenge.
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Let I start today episode.
Tanishkant is a small kingdom which includes small villages and a Capital city Amaravathi.
Ragini is 8 year old and Swara is 1and half years old. Aditya and Sahil are premature babies. Laksh and Sanskar are 9 years old.
The next day morning,
Sun rays fall on Ragini’s face and she wakes up. Still, Aditya and Sahil , swara trio are sleeping.
Ragini gets ready herself in Rani’s attire. A Armour shields her, Sword kept it in her waist.
Ragini comes out of her room and a maid comes.
“Rajkumari ka Pranam..! Samrat will arrive at any minute…”Maid informs.
Ragini claps her hand and two soldiers comes there.
“Tell senapathi to meet me in mantralosana” Ragini said and goes to Mantralosana.
In Mantralosana,
Ragini sees the map of her nation and Senapathi Ugrasena enters.
“Rajkumari ka pranam..!”Senapathi enters the mantralosana.
Ragini nods “Arrange everything to welcome Samrat Durgaprasad and now where Mayankpur’s sena is located?”
Senapathi points a place in map.” It will take them to reach our place four to five days to the corner village of our nation”
“Relocate the people who are staying in corner village and destroy all water resources. There should be no sign of food.. and after there is a hill path .Make rock falls down from hillside and block the way . now how many days they need?”Ragini orders Senapathi.
Senapathi looks her amazed.” They will return or it will take a month to reach next village”
A pigeon sits on Ragini’s hand and Ragini caresses pigeon neck and takes the chit , reads it and smiles.
“ it’s time to welcome Samrat Durgaprasad…”Ragini said and discuss something with Senapathi and goes out.
At outside palace,
Samrat Dp and Rajkumar Lakshya Dev enters in a chariot with his soldiers .
Dp and Laksh climbs down from chariot.
“Mahishmati ka Samrat and Rajkumar ka Tanishkant mea Swagatham.”Ragini folds her hand before and welcomes Laksh and Dp.
Dp nods and smiles .Laksh smiles by seeing Ragini.
“Rajkumari Ragini devi ka Mahishmati Rajkumar ka Pranam..” Laksh folds his hand before and Said with little bit attitude.
Ragini face shown curve by seeing Laksh attitude.
“ your soldiers must be tired. Senapathi!(calls)”Ragini calls Senapathi.
Senapathi comes infront of Ragini.” Show the place which we made ready for Mahishmati soldiers and make them take rest . they must be tired” Ragini said sweetly and Senapathi nods.
“ I arranged place for Rajkumar to refresh. (claps- a maid comes) take Rajkumar to palace to refresh and take care. There must be no complaints raised .(Laksh goes with Maid after Dp signed to go )can we get inside, Samrat ?” Ragini asked while showing the way.
Dp nods.
“ you are proving the sentence “Athithi devo bava”” Dp said.
“ I will treat our Athithi’s best until they are Athithi’s samrat”Ragini said with sweet smile.
Dp researches about the inner meaning of Ragini’s words and smiles.
Ragini and Dp goes to the court where mantri’s present.
Mantri’s wishes Dp and Ragini.
Ragini sits in her throne and Dp sits in a chair which placed near throne and equal to throne.
Mantri’s left After Ragini signs them to leave.
“ I directly come to the point, Samrat. Can I know the reason for your sudden arrival ?” Ragini asked casually.
“ Rajkumari, you know that Mayankpur and Shekar can attack Tanishkant at any time.”Dp started.
“ I know and you can’t worry about Samrat”Ragini replied sternly.
“ I have to worry Rajkumari. You are so young and you didn’t know anything about War. I want to help you as you are my friend’s daughter”Dp expresses his worriedness about current situation .
“ if you want to help us, then you can help us by sending your army not by merging our nation with your samrat…” Ragini said in a very calm tone.
Dp looks her amused.” You are misunderstanding me , Rajkumari(takes a deep breath). Now I don’t have any other way” Dp touches his sword to take out.
At that time , Laksh enters the court and Ragini sees him.
Ragini jumps and Runs near Laksh. Laksh looks at them confusingly.
The next minute, Ragini twists Laksh one hand back and puts the short sword on Laksh neck, takes laksh in sword point.
“Rajkumari..”Dp yells.
“Maaf karo Rajkumar Lakshya”Ragini whispers in Laksh ears. Laksh is still in confusion, what is happened.
As a acceptance of Defeat, Dp is going put his sword in ground.
“ no need Samrat. I know , for a king, his weapon is his pride” Ragini said determinately and releases laksh from Sword point.
Dp gives a confusing look to Ragini.
“Samrat, Mera Pithasri said a lot about by you and by his word, I can guess about your thinking. You try to stop me from participating in war. For our safety, you want to merge Tanishkant. But I promised people that still I alive, I will ensure their freedom” Ragini said.
“ I can’t merge Tanishkant with Mahishmati. Our freedom is our breathing Samrat. If you want to merge Tanishkant, announce a war against us. Tanishkant people’s never scared about war. Bravery is in their blood.but still I am alive, I will fight against who are all try to snatch our freedom”Ragini continues.
“Rajkumari, is this your final decision?” Dp asked.
“ yes..”Rajkumari Ragini nods with pride and determination.
“if Maharaj rudra is alive now, he will proud of you Rajkumari. But for your safety, I leave a part of my sena in the corner ”Dp said.
Laksh stares Ragini angrily and rewinding their convo.
Ragini walks towards throne and put her crown on throne.
“ now, I want your Ashirvaad Samrat as my pithasri’s friend” Ragini bends .
“Vijay bhava” Dp blesses ragini.
Ragini smiles and put the crown on her head again.
“Pithasri, our soldiers are unconscious . I suspect..”Laksh looks Ragini angrily.

“Samrat, your soldiers will wake up after two hours. Then only, you can go. Now I will show your rooms ,Samrat.”Ragini said.
“ I want to see Rajkumars and Rajkumari Swara..”Dp asked.
“ I will arrange ,Samrat”Ragini answered and walks before.
Laksh comes near Dp.
“Pithasri, you lied to me. you told that she would be my friend even Maharaj Rudra said this but she take me in sword point. Which friend will do like this?” Laksh asked loudly.
Ragini feels a unknown pain in her heart but it vanished next minute.
“Samrat, this is your room and we will meet at night .now I will leave” Ragini said and Dp nods.
Ragini leaves and Laksh stares the direction which she goes.
Ragini enters her room and sees Vishnu takes care of Sahil,Aadi and Swara in maid attire.
Ragini chuckled by seeing Vishnu like this but next minute her smile faded.
Ragini signs everyone go out.
“Mahamantri..”Ragini stressed her tone to get Vishnu to real world.
Vishnu puts babies in bed and sleeping swara in his hand.
“what about current situation in our corners?” Ragini asked.
“most of them accepted you as their new heir of throne. But still…”Vishnu hesitated.
“ I think there is no need to Let Mayankpur spies roam freely in Tanishkant. Already they finished their half work by instigating people against me ”Ragini said while looking sky.
Vishnu looks Ragini with questions.
“are you hiding anything from me, Rajkumari?” Vishnu asked.
Ragini didn’t answer” Mahamantri, you are going out of this nation once the war is completed against Mayankpur. If you hesitate, I will sent away you from nation forcefully. “ Ragini said.
“ you can’t Rajkumari..” Vishnu roared.
Suddenly, two soldiers come inside and locks Vishnu in swordpoint.
“Take him to jail”Ragini ordered and Soldiers take Vishnu from there.
This news spreads around nation.
At night,
Dp and Laksh comes to Ragini’s room as Ragini asked.
“Samrat, they are my choti Rajkumari Swara and Rajkumar Adityavarma and Sahilraj.”Ragini introduced them.
“thirkayushman bhava”Dp blessed .
“Samrat, my spies told me that Mayankpur’s one part of sena is going to attack Mahishmati and you, in way. So, keep safe yourself(points Laksh who is playing with Swara and babies). Don’t trust anyone ” Ragini informed.
“Rajkumari, I think we leave now itself but I never think Mayankpur will stoop low like this” Dp said.
Ragini sent off”See you soon…Samrat”
Dp smiles and Laksh gives a stern face.
Ragini smiles by seeing their face.
Dp leaves with his soldiers.
“Senapathi..!” Ragini calls.
Senapathi Ugrasena comes before Ragini.
“ divide Mahishmati’s soldiers and put them in different places for safeguard and take care they shouldn’t comminucate to each other group”Ragini ordered and Senapathi nods.
In Jail,
Vishnu sits in floor and suddenly side wall of jail opens and Ragini comes out from secret way.
“Mahamantri, I thought you must be escaped without my help. Go , I have kept a horse outside”Ragini said .
Vishnu smiles.” I am waiting for you Rajkumari. now tell, what is your plan?”
Ragini tells something hidden.
“try to safeguard Rajkumar Sanskar and come soon as much you can.”Ragini said.
Vishnu nods and leaves.
In the way of Mahishmati,
“Samrat, it’s not safe to travel as we need to cross the river. “Senapathi said.
Dp nods” make ready the camp. We are staying here tonight”
Within few minutes, Soldiers set the camp.
Rajkumar LakshyaDev enters his camp and lays on cot which made of cotton rope and wood.
Laksh closes his eyes and ragini’s magnificent face comes in his eyes.
“ she must be younger than me but she easily tackled me. first I should learn deeper and I will defeat her” Laksh thinks.
Two soldiers stand outside Laksh camp to safeguard him.
A soldier hears a sound and goes to check. Suddenly someone hold his mouth, head lock him and thrashes his neck. Same happen to another soldier.
Laksh feels something odd and takes his short sword for safety, comes out to check.
Suddenly someone closes his mouth with cloth and ties cloth in eyes.
Laksh struggles to get from their grip but they ties his hands and legs, put him in sack.
“we will finish him as soon as possible..” person 1 said and person 2 nods.
One person throws Rajmutra of mayankpur in Laksh cot and leaves with Laksh.
Both the persons arrived near river and throw the sack in river.
The next day morning,
Dp wakes up and goes Laksh camp, panicked to see laksh missing.
“ search Rajkumar Laksh …”Dp roars.
At that time, a soldier sees Mayankpur’s Rajmutra.
“Samrat, it’s mayankpur’s rajmutra..”Soldier said.
Another soldier enters and nods his head down.”Samrat..”
Dp sees the clothes of laksh in soldier’s hand.” we get this from nearby river..”Soldier said while nodding his head.
Dp touches Laksh clothes and yells” Lakshya…”
His eyes become so red.”I will not leave you Samrat Ramprasad. I will make you feel the same pain and I will punish not only you , your people also.” Dp roared in anger and takes his sword out.
In an dark place,
Sanskar wakes up and sees himself gagged and his hands and legs are tied.
A person entered and frees Sanskar’s mouth.
“who are you? where am I ? are you also king Shekar’s men?”Sanskar asked the person.
“ Rajkumar Sanskar, you are safe. We will not harm you. you are in Palace of Tanishkant and I am Mahamantri Vishnu .”Vishnu answered.
“ but this place didn’t look like palace..”Sanskar asked.
Vishnu smiled and blindfolded Sanskar.”what are you doing?”
“ don’t need to panic, Rajkumar. Just for few minutes…”Vishnu answered and throw Sanskar to his shoulder.
After few minutes,
Vishnu takes the blindfold and Sanskar sees a large room.
“Rajkumar, don’t come out of this room. It’s not safe for you and we got to know , you are interested in paintings and in sword fight . There are brushes and colours, you can paint in wall or if you want train sword fight, our soldiers will help you to take training .our Rajkumari will meet you soon”Vishnu said and signs Soldiers to keep eye on Sanskar.
Vishnu leaves and Sanskar stands in confusion and try to recall what happened.
“Am I in my rival’s nation, Tanishkant? “Sanskar face shows shocking expression.
Laksh sits in his car and Race started.
Laksh raises his speed and try to put the brake. But Brake is not working.
“ ohh! Sweety ! very old technic…” Laksh muttered.
Laksh try to control the car but the car flipped and Laksh spoils the tanker and fuel starts to leak.
Everyone is shocked but Laksh steadies the car and raises the speed.
Laksh’s team become tensed by hearing Laksh’s brake is not working.
A pin drop silence occupies the ground and finally Laksh wins second place.
Car is stopped because of loss of fuel.
Laksh comes out and takes his helmet and a little bit blood oozing from his head and falls down unconscious.
In Office,
“Organize everything for meeting. I don’t want any disturbance in meeting.”Sanskar ordered his PA Aman.
Sanskar phone rings and Sanskar attends the call.
“what?” Sanskar stands in shock.
“Cancel all the meetings “Sanskar ordered and PA looks at him shocked.
“Sir, but we may face so much loss. It’s so important” PA try to say the importance of meeting.
“ Do what I say”Sanskar roared and runs from his office.
PA informs Dp and Dp also receives a call about Laksh.
In Hospital,
Laksh is laying on bed and Sanskar taunts him.
“ how many times I told you Laksh ? ok. if you don’t want to get into business, I will agree and even support you . But please stop this car racing. I can’t lose you”Sanskar said while holding Laksh hand.
“ bhai… I am alright.”Laksh replied.
Ap and Dp enters ward.
Ap caresses Laksh face.”please Laksh for me. we already lost Uttara, I can’t lose you .”
Sanskar comes out and wipes his tears.
“Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari, we arrest you for try to murder Mr.Lakshya Sharma” Inspector said while handcuffing Sanskar.
Sanskar looks shocked.
Dp comes out .”Inspector, mind your words. Laksh is my son..”
“ A small change , your friend’s son who was died in accident. You kept him with you just for the shares of your friend. Now you make him transfer his shares to your son name and try to kill him by failing his brake. Even Mr.Lakshya Sharma is said the same in this letter” Inspector justified his decision.
Dadi who comes inside hospital, sees the scenario and informs Laksh about this and Laksh comes out.
Laksh snatches the letter.” It’s not even my handwriting and nor the sign is mine. It’s just fake like your accusations. Maheshwari mera parivaar and I am their beta. So before blame my family, think many times inspector. Now leave from here “ Laksh roared.
“Sorry sir. We will find the culprit soon”Inspector back off.
“one minute…”Laksh points handcuff in Sanskar’s hand.
Inspector takes it back and leaves.
Sanskar stands frozen by the accusation.
“Bhai..”Laksh put his hand .
“Did you think I can do this?”Sanskar asked in pain.
“bhai..” Laksh hugs Sanskar .” I will trust you more than myself. I am so hungry come we will eat golgappa outside.”
Laksh drags using his left hand as his right hand have a sprain.
Sanskar smiles and go with him.
At outside,
Sanskar feeds golgappa to Laksh .
“bhai you also eat some”Laksh feeds Sanskar by using his left hand.
“ how many days after we are eating like this?” Sanskar recalled his college days.
“Sometimes, we will come out at midnight to eat ice cream.. and Uttara will ..” Laksh stops in middle.
Sanskar puts his hand on Laksh shoulder and turns his face.”hey see there that girl looks so hot…”
Laksh smiled” bhai, I know you choice is always bad but I never think this much worst..”
That girl comes towards them.
“what are you speaking about me?” girl asked and Sanskar looks Laksh to help him.
“Arre Matha ji, two brothers have a lot to talk but how you say that we are talking about you?” Laksh asked that girl.
“you pointed on me”Girl said sternly.
“ohh! Matha ji we didn’t point you. we pointed the buffalo which stand behind you “ Laksh points the buffalo.
Girl get embarrassed and stamped her foot, leaves.
Both Sanlak gives hifi and laughs.
“but bhai, you should know how to handle girls being the great flirt lakshya ‘s bhai. (raised his collar)” Laksh said.
Sanskar taps his head “Dramebazz..”
Laksh smiles” bhai, we have to return home…”
Sanskar smile faded.
“Bhai, don’t worry about mirchi. I will handle him…” Laksh winks at Sanskar both returned home.
In MM,
Sanlak enters, Dp looks them angrily while Ap looks at them helplessly.
“Sanskar, I know Laksh is careless. but how could you? you already know there is threat in LAKSH life. But still you ate at road side and even travelled at bus” Dp asked Sanskar angrily and throw angry look Sanlak.
“Arre Dad, just relax. We know how many your mens following us. So don’t worry about our safety. Annu maa, I am full. I will take rest” Laksh yawns and goes to his room by refusing Dp anger looks.
“ I got my Laksh back after so many days..”Sanskar whispered and Dp smiled.
“Papa, what about loss?” Sanskar switch over to office matter.
“ I explained delagates about situation”Dp said.
In Laksh room,
Laksh lays on bed and closes his eyes.
“ I love you Laksh..”Ragini said while locking her eyes with Laksh and clutching Laksh’s collars.
Laksh opens his eyes in jerk and opens his wardrobe.
Ragini and Uttara smiles and Laksh caresses their photo with Love and care.
Laksh door opens and a lady comes inside.
“ you will never change naa Mrs.Maheshwari..” Laksh closes his wardrobe door and sits on his bed.
“what do you think I will fall in your trap”Dadi asked angrily.
“ohh! Sweety. You already falled in my trap. Don’t you realize?” Laksh asked with a smirk .
Dadi looks him shockingly.
“ Mrs.Parvati maheshwari can’t see her grandson with handcuff for five minutes. What will happen if she sees her grandson in jail?” Laksh asked sarcastically.
“Don’t dare..Laksh Sharma”Dadi threatened by raising her hands.
Laksh caught her hands in air.
“ohh! Mrs.Maheshwari. you can’t kill me. If I have a single scractch, your grandson will be in jail. I plotted that much against him. he will be more than ten years in jail. Do you want that happen?” Laksh asked calmly.
“ you can’t do this. You love him so much. I know you are try to threaten me”Dadi said.
“ I can Mrs.Maheshwari. yes, I love him and I treat him as my bhai. that’s why he is still alive, after all whatever you did with me. it’s just a start Mrs.Maheshwari, how you ruined my life, I will do the same with your grandson” Laksh replied.
Dadi looks at him with moist eyes.” No… please I beg you..”
Laksh smirks and sees someone opening door and holds Dadi hands in his face.
“Dadi, see I am ok.nothing happened to me” Laksh said and Dadi gives a confused look.
Sanskar and Ap enters with milk and sees Laksh and Dadi.
Sanskar side hugs Dadi.”Dadi, just relax. Let him take some rest and your lucky is alright. Maa..”
Ap nods and leaves with Dadi.
“Laksh, drink this and I will take your tablets…”Sanskar said while giving milk glass to Laksh.
“Haan bhai..” Laksh said and sits on bed.
Precap: Past: Raglak friendship, Present: Swasan meeting.
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