Hi friends… there is the teaser for the next ten episodes…
Scene 1
Sahil have Swara in his shoulders while Laksh have Sanskar in his shoulder. Both Swasan is in bridal attire and have garlands in their hand.
Sanskar winks at Swara which makes Swara blush. Laksh and Sahil plays by chaging their heights while Swasan try to exchange garlands.
Maheshwari smiles while seeing their family happiness
Scene 2
A girl walks on a lawn angrily.
“Rago maa…”Aditya try to reduce anger of Ragini.
“you told me that this marriage never be happen Aadi. how did you let this marriage happen?” Ragini asked him angrily.
“Rago maa..”Aadi said and bow his head down by seeing Ragini’s anger.
“Aadi.. Ragini…” a voice comes and both turns sees a girl comes towards her.
Both changes their face expression.
“what happened? Why are you both so tensed?” girl asked.
Ragini smiles Fakely.” Nothing Uttu. Just a business tension.”Ragini said and walk towards house .
Uttara looks at Ragini confusedly.
Aadi side hugs her
“So, Mrs.Aditya Singhania , why can’t we go a long drive?” Aadi asked her to distract from her thoughts and nuzzles his nose in Uttara’s neck.
“not now Aadi. First , go and reduce ragini’s tension. Go..”Uttara points the way to house.
Aadi shrugs and then smiles.
Aadi smiles and holds uttara hands in his hands. Both walks towards house after a little eyelock.
Scene 3
Ragini and Laksh were sitting in the mandap.
“Mangalya tharanam…”Priest announced and chanted mantra’s. the music pandit’s played their melan and nathaswaram in higher pitch.
Ragini blushed a little while Laksh adored her neck with mangalsutra. Both Looked each other.
Scene 4
Swara was waiting for Sanskar in thier bed.
Sanskar came and left her moni.
Swara looked at Sanskar.”Sanskar… I want to tell something important”Swara told with a hesitating voice.
“I know you are Ragini’s sister,Swara…”Sanskar said while Swara looked at him shockingly.
Scene 5
Swara was going to light kitchen’s stove with lighter while dadi made the lighter fall down.
Swara looked at her questioningly while her mind recognized the leaking smell of LPG.
Scene 6
Arjun entered MM.
“Mr.Maheshwari, we are arresting you for the corruption in bridge construction. There is a warrant”Arjun showed the warrant while Dadi looked at Laksh shockingly.
Scene 7
Uttara entered MM’s hall being lost all her energy.
Ap was walking worriedly as she was expecting someone’s presence.
“uttara…”Swara said in shock by seeing Uttara alive.
“Uttara…”Ap turned and saw uttara in shock and happiness.
“Uttu..!”Ap called her name with love.
Uttara looked at them with expressionless eyes.
Scene 8
The full moon shines in the sky.
In the waterfall,
Laksh was slowly entering into the water while a hand a hold him by his shoulders.
“Sahi!” Laksh murmured by seeing Ragini’s reflection in water.
Scene 9
There was a lady who was kept on pyre.
Laksh , Sanskar , Dp , Sahil standing beside.
Laksh was standing with tears frozen eyes.
“Mama…”Sahil touched Laksh’s shoulder with teary eyes.
Laksh released a painful smile and lit the pyre.
Aadi looked at the burning pyre with unknown expression from far .
“you wish each and every moment to be with me… but you can’t . even I will be in your life , you will feel the pain . you will feel the same pain of losing your beloved ones. You will know being live in this world as lifeless” a voice ringed in Laksh’s mind.
“you made me know Sahi…”Laksh said and a long tears escaped from his eyes.

hi friends and sissiees… there is a teaser …. i hope this will help you to get your answers.(wink @bharu sissy). i will upload the episodes as soon as possible. Bye.. bye.. take care … Bala is signing off..

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