Sahil and Aadi is 16 year old. Uttara and kavya 15 year old. Ragini is 24 while Swara is 18. Laksh and Sanskar are 25.Shalini, I will finish the past soon with in five or six parts and I will give present after two episodes. Deeksha, Swasan track will be start from tomorrow episode .Asra, Swara and Ragini lives in different nations which is so far away from each other. Thanks for all your support friends lovely, astra, ammu ,bharathi sissy, asra, sree , chandu, Vk, fairy, shalini,saranya, dharani,hemalatha, sherin ,s , deeksha Ragzteju, Raglakholic.
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Let I start the episode.
Aditya’s Pov
I am staring the void sky in which darkness start to occupy. Even my mind is also in the same state. I still regret why I asked that wish to Rago maa.

Flashback starts…
“Rago maa, I want roam different countries to learn different arts.” I asked her which makes Rago maa shocks.
“Aadi, you are so little. It’s have time to go gurukul” Rago maa said while cupping my face.
“it’s my wish. You said naa Raj parivaar should keep their words.” I said with pleading face.
Rago maa turned her face” are you so desperate to go away from me?” I sensed her choke in her voice.
I hugged her legs as I can reach only that height at that time.” No rago maa. I want to be strong to save this nation and especially you Rago maa.”
She kneeled before me and kissed my forehead.” Promise me you will return before maha purnima function”
I started my travel with a spy. First we went to parushurama desh which near to Mayankpur even Rago maa went mayankpur to learn some arts with Uttara. I learnt Urumi and varmam in parushurama desh and I promised gurudev that I will use only to defend myself. Then only, I went to Sathagam where my life entirely changed. The spy Rathu whom took care of me, died because of some unknown disease when I was just 11 while travelling in forest area. At that time, I don’t what can I do as I was a small boy. I just hold his hand and stared his face with the hope he would wake up.
“ rathu…” I shaked and called the name which I always call him. but he was not opening his eyes.
“Rathu… don’t play with me. please open your eyes. I accept I am scared . please..” I started to cry.
Someone put their hands on my shoulder. I jerked his hand and turned with fear.
“ who are you ? what are you doing here?” he asked me while a man comes there and stand behind him.
“ he is mera dost. He is not opening his eyes. I tried my best but still he was sleeping” I stared rathu while burst out in tears.
That boy hugged me tightly and the man caressed my hair.
“beta, god take your friend with him as he wants him to be happy” he said while I looked him with confusion . he wiped my tears.
“ dost, my house is nearby only.come with us and First have some food.” Boy said to me and signed the man.
I looked rathu.
“ he will not come with us. I will do his last rituals.”that man said.
That boy took me to his chariot. I cried by remembering my rathu and I don’t know when I slept.
When I woke up, I was in a big room and confused to see my surrounding.
That boy entered the room.
“where am I ?” I asked him.
“I am Rajkumar Arjun and the man whom you saw with me, is my pithasri Maharaj Rajat. You are in Sagatham palace”he said.
I know we and Sagatham were not good in terms.
“what is your name?” he asked me.
“Aparajith…” I said with guilt but my rathu instructed me to not reveal my own identity.
“Rathu.. he will worry about me” I said and starts to walk, but stopped as confused about the way.
His pithasri entered our room and hold my hands.
“ he never come …” he said.
“no you are lying. He will not leave me like this.” I said with moist eyes.
“beta, he is there as a star” Maharaj Rajat said while pointing dark sky.
“like my maa.. baba…” I muttered unknowingly.
He looked me shockingly.
Flashback ends…

I started to grown up in sathagam palace as friend of Arjun. Maharaj Rajat is very kind . being a single parent, he never married anyother girl and even he took care of me. I communicated with rago maa through pigeon but I hided that I am in sathagam.Maharaj Rajat teached me some important techniques in bow and arrow especially Agnigaruda. Arjun treated me as his own brother. I also got veera there . time made me senapathi of Sathagam that too at the age of 13. I helped Sathagam to become Samrajya.But now the scenario is completely different . The Samrajya which I treated as my own nation, now I have to fight against them. it will be difficult to me. but I have to do it for saving Rago maa. But I will never let Rago maa to participate in this war. The scenario is so confusing because Sathagam soldiers are famous for dignity. He will never stoop low like this.
A soldier comes inside”Rajkumar Adityavarma ka pranam… Senapathi want to meet you.”
“let him come inside. Don’t let anyone come inside till Senapathi goes out ”I ordered.
Senapathi comes inside.
“Rajkumar, we got to know that spies entered our nation through the Ganthanam nation , border of Mayankpur. I thought Mayankpur and Sathagam hold their hands to destruct us and Mahishmati”senapathi said. But it’s not seem to be believe.
“senapathi, divide our sena into four . put three part in Sathagam point and about other one, I want to see them” I ordered.
“wait. Uttara is going to leave tanishkant and will stay in Mahaishmati with her true identity. It’s must be her last day tomorrow as Tanishkant praja” I said while controlling myself. Because I don’t want to put her in danger. But her separation is difficult to me also. she is my close friend from my childhood.
“ ok Rajkumar..”Senapathi said while hiding his moist eyes. He raised her as his daughter and gave all the love, fulfilled all the responsibilities as a father. It’s not easy .
I put my hands on his shoulder.” It’s needed Senapathi and you also know that day should come.”
Senapathi just nodded and left.

In Vishnu’s room,
Sanlak entered vishnu’s room after getting permission.
“Pranam Gurudev…”Sanlak said unisonly and bends.
“Vijay bhava…”Vishnu gives blessings.
“Gurudev, without giving guruthakshana our gurukul will never be completed”Sanskar said and Laksh nods.
“ I want you both should remain as friends whatever the situation happens. You both should dupport each other and should direct each other in a good way”Vishnu said.
Sanlak sees each other and smiles.” We always support each other and our friendship will remain same” Sanlak said in unison.
Vishnu smiles.” Go and sleep “
Sanlak nods and leaves to their room.

In Ragini’s room,
Ragini opens her eyes and sits in bed, feels someone gaze on her.
“ohh! How much time you slept? I am waiting for a long time. Now only you wake up” Swara said while yawning.
“Swara..”Ragini muttered her name and rubbed her eyes.
Swara pinched her hands.
“Ouch!” Ragini said and glared Swara.
“ohh! Rago di. you are not dreaming. It’s me only and stop glaring me”Swara said.
Ragini hugged her suddenly.
“Swara. when did you come? But Mahishmati Samrat didn’t sent me any message.”Ragin said .
“because he don’t know. He thought that I was in Nishag( corner country of Mahishmati which shares corner with Tanishkant) .” Swara said casually.
“how much time I told you swara. don’t come out without soldiers”Ragini scolded.
“don’t forget I am also Tanishkant Rajkumari and no one can escape from my arrow . moreover I came here after travelling two days, you are scolding me”Swara said proudly.
Ragimi smiled at Swara’s antics.” I know swara. I didn’t meant to scold but I am worried.” Ragini said .
“Finally you smiled. Smile makes you more beautiful di ”Swara said happily.
Suddenly Swara have hiccups.
“Swara , drink this water. You will feel better”Ragini tapped Swara’s head and made her drink water.
Swara looks at Ragini with moist eyes.” I want to be with you Rago di. I also want to spend some time with my choti’s ” Swara said and put her head on Ragini’s lap.
Ragini just caressed Swara’s hair.
Swara turned.” Di, I forget to bring clothes. What I want to wear tomorrow? tomorrow is Maha purnima naa. I should wear something special”
“hmm! We will decide about it tomorrow .”Ragini said while continuing caressing hair.

Swara takes anklets in her hands.” Di , whose is this? Aadi said you never wear anklets. Then who is it? are you bought it for me?”
Ragini snatched it from Swara’s hands.
“ no it’s not for you..”Ragini said suddenly and realized her behavior.
“sorry Swara, but I can’t share it with you. I bought some another anklets for you which is more beautiful than this.”Ragini said and try to convince Swara.
“but it’s special naa di. because it’s my jeju’s gift naa”Swara winked her eyes.
“ how do you know?” Ragini muttered in shock but next minute she changed her face.
“it’s rubbish swara.”Ragini said sternly and turn her face.
Swara sit on bed and take Ragini’s face in her hand.
“don’t lie di. I know you are loving Laksh bhai and you also realized your love . Then why are you hiding this from Laksh bhai?” Swara asked.
“because he will be remain as a threat Swara for our life our desh”Ragini said.
“I can’t understand Rago di. what are you hiding?” Swara asked Ragini.
Ragini blurts out everything which she had in her heart as a burden-secret of their family’s elder’s mysterious death.
Both swaragini sits in bed with tears .
“ only because of our pithasri’s dosti, we lost our family. because Mahishmati rivals knows we would be threat in their way even they didn’t have any mercy on babies also. I don’t want to raise the same situation again because of my love . I can’t bear any lose again in my life”Ragini said while sobbing.
Swara takes Ragini’s head in her lap and slowly caresses it.
“Di, we are Raj parivaar. We always have enemies. It’s our life. We don’t know what will happen to us in future. I know we can’t change the past. But accept your future. Sahil and Aadi should support each other and defend themselves even they can save our nation. Don’t ruin two lives by hiding your love. I know about Laksh bhai, he will never back once he decided.”Swara said .
Ragini stared the void and remembering her moments with Laksh while swara starts to sing laali which Ragini sang for swara in her childhood.
Ragini again slept and Swara covers her with sheet. She hears some sound in secret way. She hided herself behind pillar and hold short sword tightly.
Laksh comes inside through secret way.

Laksh POV
Moon’s lights fall on Ragini’s face as a strong cold breeze blows inside the room. A series of lamps gives light to the whole room.
I slowly walks towards Ragini and sits beside her, take her hands in his palms.
“Ragini… I don’t know why you hiding your love from me. I know you loves me. your single sight made me realize that you also loves me. I don’t know today what happened to you . but I love this Ragini also who is carefree and love to enjoy her life. But I love my lioness also . Soon, I will make you accept your love towards me. I am waiting for that day Ragini..” I said slowly while setting her hair strands. She is so beautiful today.
“ I love you Ragini…”I caressed her hands and stand to go my room. I don’t want anyone to us like this now.
“ I love you Laksh…”Ragini murmured in sleep and turns. The Anklets which she hold in her hands made a cute sound. I don’t know what I am feeling now. I just want to hug her tightly and lock in my embrace. But she is sleeping and she is not well also. but I can’t control myself. I lightly pecked her forehead.
I heard a small sound which make completely broken my thoughts “Bhai…”Swara called me. but what is she doing here ? when did she came here? Is she heard my talks?
I turned and saw Swara who is having teasing smile. I feel that I am embarrassed as my behan caught me redhanded.
I just walked back and looked ground being embarrassed in my life’s first time.
“wah! Am I dreaming? Finally mera bhai looked ground being embarrassed.”Swara said dramatically.
I composed my self , look Swara and asked.”what are you doing here? You must be in ”
“Can I ask the same question?”Swara asked by raising her eyebrows. She made me completely crazy.

How can I tell to my behan that I am in love with Ragini. even I easily confessed my feelings to Ragini.
“bhai, don’t forget I am also Rajkumari of Tanishkant. Moreover what are you doing here that too at this time?” Swara asked me in an anger tone. But I can see a smile in her face.
“Swara, I just came here to see Ragini as I have a bad dream.” I lied and stares ragini’s face lovingly. The moon’s light made her face more beautiful. I can’t take my eyes from her.
“ she is completely fine. now go and sleep in your room.”swara said while hiding her smile.
I started to walk but I stopped”Swara, when did you come here?”. I prayed Kalimaa this little devil shouldn’t know about my love.
“when you started your love talks but I closed my eyes when you pecked Rago di’s forehead” swara said teasingly.
“Swara, don’t say about it to pithasri. First , I want to make Ragini confess her feelings.” I said.
“bhai, you know about me naa. If you want anything from me, you have to present something to me.”she said while sitting beside Ragini.
“I will give whatever you want” I promised.
“the hands which you caressed , never leave this hands once you hold”Swara said with a smile in her face.
“I will never leave her hands once I hold” I promised swara.
“Thanks bhai.. sorry I have to practice to call you as jeju”she said happily.
“ no need Swara. whatever happens in our life, you will always remain as my behan. I always love whenever you call me as bhai.” I said to my little devil who is having moist eyes.
I just sidehugged her.” Swara, emotional face didn’t suits you . you are looking like monkey”
“bhai..” she punched in my chest.
“go now. Otherwise I will call Aadi and Sahil. They will not speak like me. you know in which way they will speak.”Swara said with smirk. My little devil is back in form.
I just smiled and go to my room through secret way.
I entered my room.Sanskar is already slept. I just lay beside him and remembered whatever happened today. My time with Ragini and Swara, who are most important persons of my life. It’s the most blissful day in my life. I smiled like a mad and slowly I dozed off.

The next day morning,
Sanlak wakes up.
“Laksh, today is last day here as Gurudev’s sikshya. Why can’t we have a little competition?” Sanskar asked Laksh.
“hmm!”Laksh nodded.
Both get ready and walks towards practicing ground.
Sanlak takes bow and arrow , points towards the aim, releases their arrow.
Two arrows halves sanlak arrow and hits the aim.
Sanskar turned amusingly.
“Swara..”Laksh muttered.
Sanskar turns and sees Laksh’s expression.
“Do you know her Laksh?” Sanskar asked.
“she is my behan” Laksh said with smile.
Swara walked towards them.
“Swara, he is ..”Laksh started.
“Rajkumar Sanskar, Mayankpur Yuvraj. Am I correct, bhai?” Swara asked.
“Mahishmati Rajkumari ka Sanskar ka pranam…”Sanskar said.
“Finally I met you. bhai always spoke about you in his letters. I don’t know how you both hiding your friendship this many years.”Swara said and Sanskar returns a smile.
“but you caught us. Still I don’t know how you got our secret friendship even maa can’t know about us” Laksh pouts.
“because I am not a duffer like you bhai” Swara said teasingly and starts to run.
Laksh starts to chase her . Swara slips , falls on Sanskar who is standing with bare chest only dhoti in his waist as Sanlak both in practice ground. Sanskar catches her in the nick of time, swara holds one of his shoulder and stands.
Laksh comes near her and twist her ears.
“what you call me duffer naa” Laksh twist her ears with a painless manner.
“bhai..”Swara smiled and pouted.
Sanskar left the place suddenly but both swalak didn’t notice it .

Sanskar’s POV
What is happening to me. it’s strange. I didn’t get angry when she broke my arrow. When she smile, why I also smiled. Why I want her to hold in my embrace.(bangs the nearby wall ) No it’s hopeless. Papa will never accept any relation from mahishmati and I can’t lose Laksh in this. May be it’s attraction towards her. (Sanskar closed his eyes and Swara smiles in his eyes) Arghh! She is making me crazy. Just now, I met her even I don’t know anything about her. (Sanskar eyes falls on a saree which he weaved)
Sanskar takes the saree in his hand and caressed little bit.

In Ragini’s room,
“Rajkumari ka pranam! Mayankpur Rajkumar Sanskar want to meet you” Maid said.
“let him come inside” Ragini said with her asusual attitude who is wearing an armour.
Sanskar comes inside.
“ Rajkumari, I don’t know I can present it or not. you always filled a behan’s position in my life. I don’t know when will I meet you again. it’s for you”Sanskar gives a saree which is wrapped in cloth.
“bhaiya… some relations will never end by distance. We will remain the same.”Ragini said while staring the saree with moist eyes.
Swara entered while hearing their talks accidentally.
“Rago di..”Swara entered with a bang as now only she entered.
Sanskar signed as he is leaving.
“Rago di… this Saree is superb.”Swara said while seeing the saree.
“because it’s special. A bhai weaved this for his behan” Ragini said emotionally.
Sanskar entered his room while Laksh get ready in his prince attire. A long blue white shawl with beautiful embroidaries is in his shoulders and a end is in other hand. A pearl earstuds hold their places in Laksh ears. Finally, he wears a pearl chain and surya dilak in middle of eye brows beautifies his face.
“Sanskar… Am I looking good?” laksh asked Sanskar who is having a teasing smile in his face.
“ not good.. but ok”Sanskar teased which makes Laksh punch Sanskar arm.
Soon Sanskar gets ready in emerald greenish attire. A green silk shawl is in his shoulder. A ruby earstudsin his ears and a circle type ornament which he weared in his neck with ruby at the centre.

In Ragini room,
Ragini claps her hands and maids come inside.
“Ji Rajkumari…”Maid said and bow her head.
“call Mehandi womens and Uttara, Kavya also. “Ragini ordered.
Soon , mehandi womens come and start to put mehandi in Swara , Ragini , Uttara and Kavya hands.
Aadi and Sahil entered room with some maids who is having food in their hands.
“Rago maa, we will feed you. don’t worry “Aadi said.
Saying this, Aadi and Sahil feed the four and left to see the arrangements . Outside the palace, people are dancing happily and someone prepares for pooja. Swara and Uttara went to balcony to see people’s happiness and celebrations.
Ragini sees Kavya who is lost and having moist eyes.
“Kavya..”Ragini called her name softly.
“Ji Rajkumari..”Kavya said.
“ you can call me di Kavya”Ragini said softly.
“Rajkumari, already you gave shelter to me. I am the one whom left by my own parents as I am bad omen in their life. Don’t bound me by your love”Kavya said.
“Kavya… you are so lucky to us. My family was broken. When you came here, I got my family back. You are so much lucky to us and you also my family. so stop speaking like this if you really consider us your family .”Ragini said determinately. Kavya side hugs Ragini without disturbing their mehandi.
Soon , they washed their hands and get ready. Ragini takes sanskar’s saree and get ready, while swara wears reddish green saree, Kavya wears yellow saree and Uttara wears sky blue saree in their room.

Ragini’s POV
I sit infront of mirror after a long time to do make up which I never did after my bharathanatiyam class. I take pearl ear studs , a long haram and finally Anklets which Laksh was presented. I smiled unknowingly. I don’t know why I am smiling. But his thoughts makes me smile. Yes I am loving him but something stops me. some fear hold my heart not to tell my feelings to him. whatever swara said was correct. We don’t know when will our enemy arise and which side. It’s habituated to Raj parivaar. But…
“Rago maa… we are getting late” Uttara said while entering and I put anklets in my ankle.
“Rago maa.. wait somethings are missing” Uttara said and put a stud in my nose and put it’s chain in my hairstrands.
I looked myself in mirror while Uttara puts a moni in my head. I smiled to myself while looking myself in the mirror.
“Rago maa, why this function suddenly? We didn’t celebrate this in previous years”Uttara asked me.
“Uttu, it’s very special purnima. It will come only once in 20 years. So we will do special poojas…”I explained about the pooja.
Soon, we all reached the mandir. I see Laksh in the front and he smiled to me. I don’t know why I can’t see his eyes directly. It’s first time, that I can’t see his eyes directly. I looked down to hide my blusing face. it’s really kinda different.
Ragini POV ends…

Aadi and Sahil are reached there with bow and arrows in their hand.
Dool starts to play.
“hara hara mahadeva..” a chant fills the place.
Here, a large lord shiva sculpture stands in middle who is having five heads, 16 hands with different type of weapons including axe, chakra, shell horn, agni,dool, etc and it’s height is so high . it’s kinda forest area.
“Sanskar, what is this lord? I didn’t see like…”Laksh asked Sanskar.
“he is a form of Lord shiva Kalasamhara moorthy, the one who lays under Shivji’s foot is lord yama. Shiv ji killed yama inorder to save his devotee Markandaya. Kalasamhara Moorthy is Tanishkant kuldev”Sanskar whispered in Laksh ears.
Here, some pots are designed with metal ring in their head and having solutions in their.
Ragini walked towards Shivji idol and takes Sindoor in her hand, throws it too on Shivji’s idol.
Doll sound gets higher and Ragini starts to blow shell horn(Sangu or Panchanyam) as sign of starting of Pooja. A sanganath sound occupies the place and fills the void.
Ragini holds her hand before and walk backwards, takes bow and arrow in her hands.
Aadi, Sahil and Swara holds their hands before and chants” hara hara Mahadev…”
“hara hara Mahadeva…”people replied loudly.
Tanishkant Rajwaaris takes their bow and arrow in their hand and releases their arrow . Aadi and Sahol arrow goes through the ring in pot and flies in sky with pot. Swaragini’s arrow hits the pot once it’s reached the correct position and the solution in the pot falls on Shivji’s idol.like this, Rajwaaris do the abhishek of shivji idol.
Dool beats gets higher and “hara hara Mahadeva..”chant reached the sky. Everyone holds their hand above their head and chants loudly .First sandal mixed water, milk , curd, honey, turmeric mixed water,coconut water, normal water, sindoor, Turmeric and Vibhuti put on Shivji’s idol and abishek is completed.
Rajwaaris puts their weapons under Shivji idol’s feet and takes flower petals in their hands, throws it on shivji’s feet.

Soon, Dark starts to occupy the place and moon starts to rise. Aadi and Sahil take fire pots in their hands and stands before the colours which was poured on floor infront of Shivji’s idol .
Ragini and swara walks towards a cave near to temple which floor was covered with snakes.
Swaragini enters the cave and snakes leaves from their way. Both get inside and walks towards a stage which is made up of Rock.
Here , a veena and yazh(an ancient music instruement ) both have rubies on it, are placed there. Ragini takes Rudraveena while Swara yazh in her hands. Both come out of the cave and sits before Shivji’s idol.
“hereeem..” Ragini start to play veena while all other stopped to play their instruement. Swara followed Ragini’s notes by playing yazh. A heavenliness music occupies the enter place.
Aadi and Sahil dance according to the music and kicks the colour. Both dances with fire pot in their hand and draws a portrait under shivji’s idol.
Clouds hides the moon and also shivji’s heads except middle head. Moon come out of the cloud A King cobra who is in Shivji’s idol falls on Ragini and twirl around Ragini’s neck. Swaragini both immersed in their instruement didn’t notice the snake while Aadi and Sahil busy in their dance. Aadi and Sahil throws their fire pot which falls on Shivji’s one hand and another on Karuvatchi(a circle around Shivji’s idol).
A fire takes Shivji’s circle and moon light comes from Shivji’s centre eye(third eye) which looks like he opened his third eye.

The moon light comes from Shivji’s thirde eye falls on Shivling( which is made up of Emerald and have diamond on his centre of trimark) in the palace terrace. A green light occupies the whole place, a eight type of Shivji’s form appears on eight points of nation and a Shivji and Maa parvati both appears on sky in marriage pose from Shivling , above Kalasamhara moorthy .
“hara hara Mahadeva…” people’s voice highered while Aadi eyes glued on opposite direction as he see Veerapatra(Shivji’s ferocious form) in the point where Tanishkant shares it’s end with Mahishmati and Mayankpur. Kavya’s eyes glued on Maa Sathi Agnipravesh in the point where Palace is. No one didn’t see other forms except Shivparvati as other forms vanished in seconds.

Sahil takes Maha Aarti to Shivparvati . Swaragini plays their instruement in higher tone while King cobra climbed down from Ragini and climbed up in Shivji’s idol.
Dool and Shell horn sound mixed with Swaragini’s Veena and yazh and sounds starts to reflect from nearby mountains. Aadi steps front and holds Mahaaarti plate along with Sahil.
A burning Karuvatchi becomes normal and Clouds hides moon. Everything become normal again and Swaragini stops playing and bows their heads towards Rudraveena and Yaazh. Both Takes in their hands and enters the cave, places it in their place. Both comes out while Snakes start to safeguard Veena and yazh again.
People bows their head and start to leave. A man comes near Sanskar and shows Rajmutra of mayankpur.
“Rajkumar Sanskar ka pranam! Samrat want to see you and he is ganthanam nation. He told me to inform that he want to speak something important soon.”Men said.
Sanskar takes Rajmutra and checks it.”ok.’
Sanskar walks towards laksh” Laksh, mera pithasri wants to see me now. I am going now and say this to Aadi and others.”
Laksh nods and Sanskar leaves with men.

After some hour , all the people leaves the place completely. Only Ragini family and some soldiers are there.Laksh walk towards Aadi,Sahil,Uttara, kavya, swaragini who is praying before Shiv idol.
Aadi turns and Sees laksh, holds Uttara’s hand and walk towards Laksh while Swaragini immersed themselves in prayer..
“Laksh, you have to vacate with Uttara now itself. It’s important.(whisperes in Uttara ears) Uttara, give this message to Mahishmati Samraj . I can’t trust any other one. It’s Rajragasiya.” Aadi said and signs some mens.
“Laksh, these mens are loyal ones. They will take you Mahishmati palace through forest which make you reach soon “Aadi said while Laksh looking him questioningly.
“Sanskar…”Aadi searched Sanskar.
“Sanskar went to his nation before sometime as an emergency”Laksh said which makes knots in Aadi forehead.
“what? If anyone come here to take him”Aadi asked.
“some men… is any problem, Aadi?” laksh asked while seeing worriedness in Aadi eyes.
Aadi makes his face normal suddenly “ no nothing Laksh. Suddenly he went out naa that’s why.”
Laksh looks him unsatisfied.
“Laksh, go now. Go..”Aadi pushes Laksh to distract him and Laksh smiles.” You are very happy to sent away me” Laksh said glaringly.
“it’s important Laksh. go soon and give this message to samrat”Aadi said and gives silkcolth which was wrapped and sealed with Tanishkant Rajmutra.
Laksh smiles and Uttara looks Ragini while Ragini is busy in praying .Aditya mens escorts Laksh and Uttara and both starts to walks with them.
Aadi signs and some other mens comes to him.” go and Search Rajkumar Sanskar in Nishag,ganthanam and Forest also. I want him alive at any cost.” Aditya roared in little sound which was only heard by his mens.
His mens nods his head .

Infront of shiv idol,
“Rago di,I want to go. Please take me soon. I want to spent my days with my family “Swara said with moist eyes.
Ragini hugs her.”I will take you soon Swara. just some more days…”
Swara sits on her horse and rides it. Aditya roams around fort and ensures all the outsiders are left.
Aditya comes near Ragini.”Rago maa, where is Swara di?”
“she went to her nation. Where is Uttara, Sanskar also?”Ragini asked Aadi .
“I sent Uttara as a messanger to Mahishmati Samrat. They also want to see her. Sanskar went to his nation as an emergency.”Aadi said.
“Emergency..”Ragini asked questioningly.
“I don’t know. Laksh informed me before he went”Aadi said.
“is Laksh gone?” Ragini asked being feel dejected.
“haan Rago maa. He is gone with Uttara. Rago maa already it’s so late. You all go to palace. I will come ”Aadi said.
Ragini nods and left with kavya.
Aadi sit in nearby rock and makes sound . An eagle sits in his shoulder. He writes a chit and ties it in eagle’s neck while hiding it and let it to fly.
“Aadi, I checked Sagatham end point again. fort is safe.”Sahil said.
Aadi looks the point where Tanishkant shares it’s end with Mahishmati and Mayankpur and remembers Veerapatra form which he seen doing the pooja.
“hereafter no one shouldn’t be allowed from Mahismati and Mayankpur until this issue is solved.”Aadi said.
“but they are our friendly countries” Sahil said.
“ no Sahil. Already that Sagatham spies entered through that end only. I don’t want to take risk”Aadi said which makes Sahil nod.

In An isolated place,
Two mens are drinking alcohol and laughs devislishly.
“Ganthanam Maharaj, just some days after you are Maharaj of Mayankpur and I am maharaj of Mahishmati. No one will doubt us.”Nishag Maharaj laughed devilishly.
“haan we kindled the wish of capturing mahishmati and Mayankpur in Sagatham Samrat mind and we will have Tanishkant as a bonus”Ganthanam Maharaj smirked.
“ we already tried to kill Rajkumar Sanskar and Laksh to make the throne as heirless for that we instigated Shekar to kidnap Sanskar. Your mens tried to kill Laksh by putting the blame on Mayankpur Samrat. But everything is failed. Because of Shekar, we also escaped” Nishag maharaj blabbered in the effect of alcohol.
“don’t worry. I sent my mens to kidnap Sanskar. Now we will give him as prey. But what will happen If Samrat Rajat opposed .”Ganthanam Maharaj said while gulping another glass of alcohol.
“ha ha ha Samrat Rajat have only two ways. One is stopping Mahapurnima function in Tanishkant or give Rajkumar Sanskar as prey. I sent waste mens to stop the function. they should get caught but they will have Sagatham mark. So they will think they are Sagatham spies which will create enmity. No one will doubt us ”Nishag Maharaj said.
Both Ganthanam and Nishag Maharaj smiles evilishly.

In isolated place,
Rajat and Tantrek talks.
“are you hearing the veena sound, Samrat?”Tantrek asked by hearing veena sound which is reflected between mountains.
“haan Gurudev. But my heart shouldn’t allow me to give Rajkumar Sanskar as prey. It’s injustice if you want some another one, take them from my sena”Rajat said.
“ no Samrat. Rajkumar Sanskar born in Simha rasi and Simha Laknam his horoscope is only matches after Aparajith. I asked you to give Aparajith as prey before some years, but you refused and also made a cut in his ankle to make him unfit for prey.” Tantrek said.
“Aparajith.. he is also like Arjun to me , gurudev. One side, my longing forces me for war to capture both that Samraj but another side, my heart says something wrong is going to happen”Rajat said.
“Samrat don’t hesitate. It’s the only way to win Tanishkant. You don’t know about Rudraveena. It’s very powerful. It’s vibration always save Tanishkant because it’s belongs to Lord shiva. . If you want win, you should give Sanskar as prey to Kalimaa at the start of war. Kalimaa will help you to win this war”Tantrek said and started to walk inside his cave which was positioned in nearby forest of Nishag.

In the way of Nishag,
Swara sees some group of mens and chitchatting, walking. She stopped her horse at far and start to walk towards them.
There, Sanskar is laying subconscious , his hands and legs are tied and taken by two mens with the help of log. Because of darkness, Swara can’t see his face.
“ Dhanyavan Kalimaa. We make him to inhale that smoke which was given by gurudev.otherwise we all dead. Even in subconscious, how much talently he swing the sword. One minute, I scared” a men said.
“he is Rajkumar. It’s none surprised me. that’s why I already made him inhale the smoke without his attention.”another men said.
“walk fast. We should take him soon with in a day as they want to give him as prey.otherwise, our king will burn us alive” men replied and fastened his walk.
Swara overhears it.
“ no . it shouldn’t happen. Now I am this Samraj ka Rajkumari. I will help that Rajkumar and also find the culprit.”Swara decided and follows them.

Precap: Marriage of Tanishkant Rajkumari and war.

To be continued…

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