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Past episodes :

Let I start the episode.
Ragini wakes up and sees Aadi and Sahil are sleeping by holding her hands.
Ragini tries to remember what happened yesterday.
“Auchh!” Ragini holds her head as she have a little bit pain.
Aadi and Sahil wakes up next minute .
“Rago maa../Di…” Sahil and Aadi stands and sits beside her.
“ I am ok.. Aadi. Sahil..”Ragini tries to smile.
“ we know how much you are fine ”Aadi and Sahil said in unison and glares.
Ragini smiles and shows her full teeth but seeing their glaring pouts.
Aadi and Sahil chuckled.
Uttara comes inside with some hot solution in her hand.
“Rago maa, drink this. It will help you get your strength. Don’t you care for your health. How much fever you have? When we see you unconscious in floor, we scared so much.”Uttara said and Aadi sees her with thankful eyes and uttra signs ok.
“ Rago maa, don’t dare to step out this room . take rest” Aadi said .
“ but I have so many works. Tomorrow is full moon day also.” Ragini said.
“ we both here and we will take care today. So take rest and do whatever you want but don’t step out of this room”Sahil said.
“Uttara take care of Rago maa…” Aadi said and Aadi and Sahil leaves the room.
“Uttara I will obey you but I don’t want this kashayam(medicine)” Ragini said and pleaded.
“ no rago maa not a single word. Are you going to drink or will I make you drink” Uttara asked while rolling her eyes.
Ragini murmured” chipkali..”

Uttara heard it and hide her smile” now drink this..”
Ragini drink while made faces.
“ I am sleepy. Go and take care of fort”Ragini said while yawns and close her eyes.
Uttara smiles and walks out.
“Uttara wait a minute..”Ragini said while remembering about Laksh.
“Haan Rago maa…”Uttara said.
“Laksh is in secret room… he don’t know the way to come out. Take care of him”Ragini said .
“Laksh..”Uttara said to herself and sees Ragini who is lost in her thoughts and smiles mischeviously .
“I will take care of it , Rago maa..”Uttara said and leaves.
Laksh wakes up in his room and recalls his moment with Ragini.
“ why she suddenly tied me? how I slept?” Laksh asked himself and sees his nails accidentally which is brown in colour because of drug.
“ohh! She drugged me. hmm! I am starting to affect her …”Laksh smiled.
Uttara entered his room.”Pranam Rajkumar Lakshya…”
Laksh come out of his thought.
“Pranam Devi Uttara..”Laksh said while hiding his smile.
“ can we go outside?” Uttara asked him with attitude.
Laksh nods and Uttara signs him to walk before.
Laksh walks and Uttara blindfolds him.

“what are you doing , Uttara?”Laksh asked while try to stop her.
“Rajkumar, we can’t reveal our secret way to you . so just for a moment”Uttara said calmly which makes Laksh silent.
After some minutes of walk, Uttara opens his blindfold.
Laksh sees himself in a practicing ground.
“Uttara, why don’t we practice today? Wait some time, I will be ready here” Laksh said .
Uttara looks at him and then nods.” Ok Rajkumar Lakshya…”
“ if you are comfortable , you can call me bhai. my behan also like you…”Laksh said and goes out.
Uttara looks at the way Laksh goes.
“ bhai… he wants me to call him as bhai. even some times I feel like that. Hmm! No… pithasri told me to step away from Mahishmati raj parivaar..”Uttara thinks herself.
“whatever I will obey my pithasri words…” Uttara said herself and left to court.
Inside palace,
Aadi and Sahil enters Mantralosana .
“Pranam Rajkumar” Senapathi Ugrasena said.
“ is that man said anything while interrogating?” Aadi asked about the persons who he took from forest for punishment.
“ your suspicions are right Rajkumar. He is belong to Sathagam and they came here to make confusions in nation and to attack rajkumari in full moon day”Senapathi stops.
“ but it’s not possible to enter our nation from Sathagam and moreover they stayed at the border of Mahishmati and mayankpur”Aadi said.
“even I am thinking about this Rajkumar and important news, Sathagam will attack us anytime after full moon day”Senapathi said.
“ Senapathi… we will meet you on court and don’t tell this to Rajkumari or Uttara until Full moon day passes away “ Aadi said.
Senapathi nods and leaves.
Aditya leans on the table where map kept.
Aditya draws a pigeon shape on the map.
“what are you doing Aadi?”Sahil asked.
“ teaching you..”Aadi replied which makes Sahil glare and Aadi smiles.
“ how can you smile even you know our desh is in danger”Sahil asked.
“Arre Mera bhai… we are going to lead this war as would be yuvraj and Senapathi. So don’t be tensed.ok”Aadi said while putting his hand on Sahil shoulders.
Sahil puts his palm on Aadi’s forehead.” Are you ok Aadi? is anything hit your head while coming here? Or your mind lost your sense by this shocking news? Why are you smiling like pagal(mad)? ”
“Arre what do you want? Plotting war plans tensedly. Grown up yaar just chill”Aadi said which makes Sahil worry more.
“ definitely something happened in you .”Sahil said
“ ok. now listen me” Aadi said in serious tone.
“see this pigeon shape Sahil. The head part is us Tanishkant . one wing is mahishmati and another wing is Mayankpur. The both wings are secured by long mountains and the body is covered with Mountains and the tail part is sea. The neck end point is the only point we share with other two samraj and for two samraj we are the connecting point. If any outsiders want to conquer This samrajya’s, they need to first conquer us and Sathagam is the samrajya which we share our another end ”Aadi explained Sahil about their land position.
“That means…”Sahil continued.

“ hmm! Sathagam want to conquer us to take over this both Samrajya as we are hurdle in their way. but only one point is confusing me. we secured the point which we shared with Sathagam and it’s not possible for that spies, to enter from this point” Aadi said clearly and looks Sahil.
“ how are definitely say they are belongs to Sathagam?” Sahil asked.
“Sahil, for the past ten years, I am roaming around so many nations to learn some important arts. Once I went to Sathagam, I saw that skull mark there. The skull mark denotes they are loyal spies for Sathagam “ Aadi replied and gives a intense look .
“Do you think.. but how it’s possible?” Sahil huffed as he can’t take the truth.
“Everything is possible here Sahil. Tanishkant is in big threat . After the full moon day, we are going to evict Sanskar, Laksh and uttara from here.” Aadi said.
“ ok Aadi. we are getting late for court” Sahil said.
“ you go first. I will come soon now I want to be alone for some moments ”Aadi said.
Sahil nods thinkingly and leaves to court.
Aadi looks map and put a half circle shape above pigeon head and a long drop falls from his eyes.

Flashback starts…
“ Senapathi Aparajith jai ho..Senapathi Aparajith jai ho..” this lines start to ring in Aditya mind.
A little kid who is in the age of 13 walks like a lion in a stairs. A man and a 15year boy who looks like king and prince hugs him tightly.
“ you made me proud Aparajith. You make this Sagatham as Samrajya..” man said happily and proudly.
“ it’s mera guru thakshana gurudev…”Aparajith said and bends for Aashirvaad.
Man gives his blessing.” Vijay bhava…”
“Samrat Rajat jai ho! Samrat Rajat jai ho!” people cheered.
“ now as a king, I want to present a thing which you want more. what do you want from me”Rajat continued.
“ now Sagatham is a Samrajya and I wish you treat all the people of nations which you conquered ,as your own people and rule in good manner and please don’t treat as Slaves, give freedom to the soldiers we hold as captives in this war” Aparajith said.
Rajat looks Aparajith amusingly.” You have all the qualities to be a king.”
“ I have one more wish “Aparajith continued.
“ I will do whatever you ask”Rajat promised in happiness.
“ relieve me from the position of Senapathi and give permission to go my own country as I promised my Rago maa, I will return at the age 14”Aparajith said and returns Rajmutra of Sathagam .
Rajat gives a shock expression and yuvraj holds Aparajith hands.
Aparajith hugs Yuvraj Arjun.” the distance will never reduce the bond between us Arjun. now let me go” Aparajith said while seeing moist eyes of Arjun.
Arjun lose his grip in Aparajith hands. Aparajith climbs down the stairs.
Aparajith climbed his horse.”Veera lets go..”. people and Samrat stares him with moist eyes.
Veera starts to run .
“ I hope we will meet soon”Arjun said while seeing aprajith as a point because of distance.
“even I wish that Arjun”Aparajith said to himself , turns and sees Arjun as a point.
Flashback ends…
Aditya wipes his tears and looks into his arms, remove the ornament , stares the skull mark in his hand.
“ no.. I am not Aparajith. I am Aditya varma, Rajkumar of Tanishkant. It’s my responsibility to safeguard my people and ensure their freedom..”Aadi said to himself and his face hardened as Stone.
In sanlak room,
Laksh pov
I enter the room and sees Sanskar who is lost in their thoughts. I walked slowly and put my hands on Sanskar.
“ no..” he jerked and stand suddenly. His face tells me how much he scared.
“Sanskar.. relax. It’s me Laksh “I pacified him and made him drink water.
He take a long breath and drink the pot full of water in one go.
“ now tell Sanskar, what happened?” I asked him by forgetting everything.
Sanskar told about his dream.” I don’t scare about death, Laksh. but the way.. even I dreamt as I am dying in the battle. I never scare but this dream affects me. I don’t die in the hand of a tantrek .”
Yes what ever he said was true. A Rajkumar never wish to die in the hands of tantrek or because of disease. We prefer death in war battle even we feel happiness.
“Sanskar, it’s just a dream leave it. my maa always say the dream which we saw in day time, it will never become true and whatever the circumstance, I will always with you ”I said and he smiled.
“ ok. we will become ready. Now I want to practice with Uttara. I will be ready soon” I said and he nodded.
I made myself ready and take special caring to show myself look good. I want to see Ragini soon as whatever happened yesterday. I travelled in her embrace that too on a lion and I want to know the punishment gived to that culprits.
I come out but Sanskar is not there. I come out and see Uttara giving orders to soldiers.
I walked towards her and by seeing me, she ordered that soldier to move .” Uttara, can we practice today?”
“Sorry Rajkumar Lakshya, I have so many works for making arrangements for tomorrow function.” She refused politely.
“hmm! It’s ok Uttara.. but.. I asked..” I started to talk
“Sorry Rajkumar. It’s better if you stay away from me”Uttara said sternly and leave me frozen. why? My sahi behan refused me to accept her as my bhai.

Ragini’s POV
I feel so bored in this room. So I decide to go out. I made myself ready in my armour . Sword is set in my waist and I take my dagger . I used secret way to go out and I walk towards practicing ground.
“Sorry Rajkumar. It’s better if you stay away from me”Uttara said to Laksh sternly. His eyes suddenly become moist. I don’t know why I can’t see his pain. Uttara gone out and I walked towards Laksh and signed soldiers to go out from practicing ground . I put my hands on Laksh shoulder and he hugged me suddenly.
“why Ragini? Why she said like that? I just asked her to call me as bhai. is she hate me?” Laksh blurted out.
I don’t know why I caressed his hairs, why I can’t see his tears.
“Laksh, if she knows the truth, she will accept you.” I said. He suddenly broke the hug as Uttara comes inside . how I let him to hug me? why I didn’t realize I am hugging him.
He snapped his fingers before me.
“ on. What is the punishment you gave that culprits?” Laksh asked me.
“Rago maa, I said naa to take rest. Why you come out?””Uttara asked me.
“what happened Uttara?”Laksh asked her and I signed her not to say but.
“Rago maa had fever.”Uttara said.
“just fever. Let her take some fresh air. She will feel better”laksh said which makes Ragini smile.
“but..”Uttara hesitates.
“I will take care of her” Laksh assured. Uttara stares smiling face of Ragini and nods, leaves.
“Ragini, what is the punishment you gave to that culprits?” Laksh asked Ragini .
“Do you want really know ? you will be scared Laksh” Ragini said while taking a sword in her hand.
“Scare that too me… even I don’t know about that word”Laksh asked while raising one of his eyebrow.
“chan…”Ragini starts to call but Laksh closed her mouth.
Ragini raised her one of her eye brow and points Laksh hand.
Laksh takes his hand suddenly .
“Someone said that they didn’t scared”Ragini said and laughs.
Laksh lost himself in Ragini’s smile.
“Laksh come soon. Where you lost ?”Ragini said and walks.
“hmm.. nothing Ragini. What can I do Ragini? Even I can kill a animal but I can’t even harm Chandra. Because it’s belongs to you .it means..” Laksh stopped by seeing Ragini clutching her sword hold tighter.
Laksh walks before Ragini”Ragini, now you lost somewhere” Laksh said and smiled by seeing Ragini’s face change . Ragini sees land for a second and smiled. But the next minute..
“Chalein…”Ragini said with her attitude and walks.
Both Raglak reaches the place where culprits bodies are kept.
Ragini stares the bodies without any expressions while Laksh turned his face because he can’t see their bodies .
In Tanishkant court,
“Rajkumar Aditya is entering the court…” a soldier kneeled and then announced.
Mantri’s stand and wishes Aditya. Aditya gives a little nod and walks towards throne, stands near throne with Sahil.
“Kumari Uttara, go and take Rajkumar Sanskar with you. he never enter the court today until I order” Aditya ordered.
Uttara nods.”Ji Rajkumar..” Uttara left the court.
Aditya signs Mantri’s to sit.
“what about the preparitions ?” Aadi asked.
“everything is perfect Rajkumar.” A old minister answered.
“ well! I have to announce a important one . Sathagam Samraj will announce a war against us soon.” Aadi announced.
A silence occopies the place.
“Sagatham Samraj…” one minister muttered in fear.
Sahil gives a intense look to that minister which makes that minister bow his head down.
“Mantri, don’t you know Tanishkant is well known for it’s braveness”Aadi asked with suppressed anger.
“ Don’t mistake me Rajkumar .but Sagatham army is ten times bigger than us. It will be a complete destruction if a war happens” old mantri 2 said.
“ yes Sagatham army is bigger than us but it didn’t meant we are weak. Soldiers count will never decide the victory mantri..”Aditya said a glare tone which makes everyone nod.
“Mantri, for tomorrow’s function so many people will come from Mahishmati and Mayankpur. Calculate each and everyone. Once, the function completed, everyone should be evicted. Don’t let anyone to stay here. Rajkumar Sahil will monitor this process..”Aditya starts to order.
“Senapathi, make strong the corner which we share with sathagam. Strong the fort with weapons. Mantri, collect the food grains and hold as a stock in the fort. Until the war completed, our people should not be starved. And important one , until the full moon day passes away, this matter should be hide from people. The one who is responsible for the leakage of this matter, will be jailed and their family evicted from nation.”Aadi finishes the order.
Everyone looks at him with shocked face except Senapathi.
“everyone can leave and start the work now itself ”Aadi roared
Everyone left and Sahil puts his hand on Aadi’s shoulders.
“we will face this war and we will win. I will sent our messengers to Mahishmati and Mayankpur for helping us”Sahil said . Aadi smiles and nods.” Do that work faster bhai..” Aadi said.
Sahil left to take care of his responsibilities.
“ but now Mahishmati and Mayankpur can’t help us , Sahil. Tanishknat will alone face this war..”Aadi said while seeing the enterance of the court.
In Raglak side,
Ragini sees Laksh who turned his face and holds Laksh chin, make him forcefully see that dead bodies. Laksh close his eyes that he can’t see that bodies.
“See them Laksh see them do you think they didn’t deserve this?” Ragini asked with a dangerous tone.
“they deserve dead sentence. But why this much cruel?” Laksh asked while trying to release himself from Ragini’s holds.
Ragini laughs wickedly which makes Laksh scare more.
“Laksh, that girl is also have the pain naa. I want make them feel the same pain. They tied that girl’s mouth naa I just order to stich their mouth. They tied that girl’s hand and ankles.but I order to cut their hands and legs. When they raped her, how much pain she beard until her death. I did the same. I made the feel pain of burning in this death dig. They not burn at the instant. They would feel the heat and that heat slowly killed them. they even can’t shout to reduce their pain. But it’s lesser when the girls face come in mind”Ragini said in anger while looking the half cremated bodies.
Laksh turns her face while looking Ragini’s red eyes.
“It’s my mistake. She already have fever now I remembered”Laksh cursed himself.
“Ragini.. you did a correct thing. but even seeing their bodies will be a sin. So please, we go from there…”Laksh pleaded.
Ragini looks changed into soft expression.
“haan.. you are correct Laksh. seeing their bodies also a sin. Come we will go from there.” Ragini said and walks.
“is she really my Ragini? How she accept my words without any words?” Laksh asked himself and remembers their hug.
“what happened to her?” Laksh stands there confused.
“Arre Laksh will you come or not ?” Ragini asked Laksh and stamped her foot and makes faces like a child.
“ I will ..” Laksh runs towards her.
Ragini starts to cry suddenly .
“Rajkumari what happened to you?” Laksh asked concernly.
“no Rajkumari.. only Ragini.”Ragini said while holding Laksh hands.
“Definietely something happened to my Ragini.” Laksh said to himself.
Ragini starts to sing sweetly and walk towards her palace. Peoples and courtiers looks her amusingly. Laksh releases his hand and follows Ragini with little bit distance.
Ragini enters the field and work along with people.
“Ragini, I know you trust your people. But it’s not safe here. So please..”Laksh pleaded.
“ok.”Ragini simply said and walk towards palace.
Laksh runs behind her.”Ragini, why are you obeying my words today?” Laksh asked Ragini.
Ragini makes faces with her lips.
” I don’t know Laksh. my heart didn’t let me to go against your words”Ragini said while thinking.
Suddenly Ragini feels something hit her backside.
Ragini turns and gives a stern look to Chandra.
“Yeah Chandra.. why you hit me? it’s paining naa…” Ragini said and slaps Chandra face little bit playfully.
Chandra roars like a little kitten and bends his head.” ohh my Chandra.. don’t be sad. I will not scold you okay. You are my pyarri Chandra…” Ragini said and nuzzles her nose in chandra’s forehead.
Chandra makes Ragini fall and licks her face.
“Chandra.. bass.. bass.. “ chandra stops and growls, points palace by his look.
“everyone must be worried in palace..”Laksh realized.
Laksh goes to near Ragini.” stop there.. Ragini didn’t need anyone help. She will stand on her own”
Ragini stand and sits in Chandra. Laksh comes to sit back to her.
“hey your place is this only”Ragini moves back and points front.
“you are very clear in this”Laksh murmured.
Laksh sits, Ragini holds one hand on Chandra and another hand on Laksh waist. Laksh looks Ragini eyes.
Chandra starts to run while Raglak have an deep eyelock.
Chandra stopped in Palace garden and roared. Aadi and Sahil, Vishnu, senapathi and Uttara runs towards her.
Ragini climbed down from Chandra.
Sahil and Aadi hugs her tighter and breaks the hug.
“Di, do you know how much we are scared? Why you left the palace without informing us?” Sahil asked with little bit anger tone.
Ragini taps his forehead.
“am I elder or you?”Ragini asked while holding her waist.”hmm.. who elder?” Ragini asked.
“it’s you only di”Sahil said while Aadi and others suppressing their laugh.
“so don’t ask me any question. I am so tired.” Ragini said while yawns.
“ but I am elder than you . I will ask you”Sanskar said.
“ohh bhaiya… (pulls Sanskar cheeks)I know you will never ask me any question. I am so tired naa…” Ragini said while making tired face and winks at Aadi.
“Rago maa.. Uttara will take you to your room”Aadi said.
“Ohh my pyarri bacha…”Ragini hugs Aadi.” I love you so much…”
“I know Rago maa.. go and take rest”Aadi said and Ragini nods her head like a kid.
Uttara takes Ragini to her room.
“what happened to her? Why she act like this?” Sanskar asked Aadi.
“don’t worry . Rago maa is just enjoying her life without any restrictions.”Aadi said.
Sanlak gives a confused expressions.
Aadi and Sahil looks each other.
“Sanskar, Laksh… we are having some work and Gurudev said that your gurukul ends tomorrow. so enjoy your day here as Student”Aadi said with smile , left with Sahil.
“I don’t want to go from here..”Laksh said while looking Ragini and Uttara whom are climbing stairs.
“ but, our responsibilities are waiting for us. Don’t worry. I think Ragini start to love you”Sanskar whispered last sentence.
“I think so..”Laksh said with smile.
In Sahil’s room,
“I already said don’t give that medicine to Rago maa”Aadi said in a glare tone.
“but she also need to just stay away from stress atleast for one day. For her betterment only, I gave her that medicine” Sahil justified.
“what medicine you both are speaking about?” a voice comes there which makes Aadi and Sahil shock.
“Swara di…”Aadi and Sahil turns and runs towards her. Swara smiles who come here through secret way.
“ohh! Mera bacha..”Swara kissed both of their forehead.
“why are you late? You should be here before sunrise.” Sahil said complainingly.
Swara holds her ears.” Sorry… can you forgive this di?”
Sahil side hugs her.” I am just kidding di ”
“ ok now tell which medicine you gave Rago di? don’t try to hide”Swara said strictly.
Sahil and Aadi looks eachother.
“we gave medicine which suppress her thinking ability to reduce her stress. Now she will just act what she thinks now. She not remember her responsibilities being rajkumari.” Sahil said hesitantly.
“but Rago maa will be ok at sun dusk”Aadi assured and told what happened yesterday night.
Swara sits with moist eyes.”She is always hide her pains”
Aadi and Sahil sits before her”but don’t worry di . we will be her support and reduce her pain”
Swara smiles at her choti’s and hugs them in the same position.

Precap:Full moon day which makes everyone change their life.

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