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Let I start the story.

Laksh’s POV
I reached the forest area and now Sun also started to dusk in west.
“Ragini.. where is she? Is she safe?” these questions make me restless. I climb down from my horse and take my sword, start to walk in forest with the help of Sword and a fire log in my hand.

“ some one help me…” I hear a sound. It’s it’s my Ragini . I start to run fast to the direction of sound. I see a man hold my Ragini’s hand and she is struggling in his grip. Some persons laughing by seeing her state. I run to nearby them to rescue my Ragini but… I see all the mens are laying on ground and they all ingured in leg and someone lost their leg. I raised my head to see Ragini but my vision frozen at her sword. She is standing with sword which have blood in its surface and blood falls from her sword. I looked her face which have some blood lines. She turned and started to walk by refusing my presence. I followed her and she stops nearby a river . the stream is so fast and no one can swim in it. she started to walk inside the river and starts to drown . “ Ragini..” I yelled and being angry on myself . why I can’t study what is running in her mind. I dived in river and tried to steady myself and search her. The stream is so fast and it’s so cold. My legs start to freeze and I feel someone holding the cloth which I am wearing now and drags me , pulls me to their direction.

“ leave me, my Ragini is there. I have to search her. Leave me..” I struggled but he pulled me with so much force . I turned and see, it my rago. I swim with her and we both climbed in land area.
I hold her by her shoulders” what are you thinking yourself Ragini? Are you mad? First you came here alone now in that river. Are you lose your mind?” I don’t know why I am get that much anger. But suddenly someone pushed me , when I see him with anger, I realized I am on ground and a lion is on me and roared ferociously , bend towards my neck.
“Chandra…” Ragini roared and that lion Chandra take his mouth from my neck, but still his one paw on my chest by making sure I can’t stand, looked Ragini.
“come here…”Ragini ordered and it obeyed like a dog and walk towards Ragini and licks her feet, moves his tail like a dog.

Ragini caressed his hair. Ohh! Kalimaa… why? I already have so many hurdles now this lion also.
Ragini walked towards me and offered her hand. I hold her hands and stand but I feel some pain in my leg and stumbled, starts to fall as I have injury in my leg. It’s so small but I acted like I have sprain.
But she hold me and I looked her eyes.
“Chandra…” Ragini stressed her voice and that lion Chandra come towards me and sit, bend his head and forwards his paw.
I looked Ragini and she signed me to touch Chandra. I touched it’s forehead, it caressed his head on my hand like a cat. I can’t believe it’s the same one which tried me to kill before some time.
“ he is like a kid for his beloved ones now he will obey you but don’t test his patience”Ragini said calmly. Still I am in her embrace. It start to affect me and I feel sudden blood flow in my face.
I heard anger whin of my Shubdev. He is so anger that I caressed Chandra. Both Chandra and Shubdev glared each other and Shubdev raised his fore legs in air and whinned loudly. Chandra shaked his head and Roared loudly. I think both are ready for fight.

“Shubdev..” I stressed my tone and looked into his eyes and he nods his head down.
“Chandra..”Ragini put her hand on chandra and he become calm. But both glared each other.
Ragini took me in her hand” no Rajkumari.. I can manage…” I said hesitantly because I don’t want to go away from her.
She gives me a intense look which make me shut my mouth. She placed me on Chandra and sits beside me, hold me by her one hand and her another hand hold Chandra.
“Rajkumar Laksh, tell your horse to follow us”Ragini said but I kept my mouth mum.
“Rajkumar lakshya..”she stresses her tone.
“ I will say but you have to call me laksh and my horse have a name shubdev .otherwise you can say him directly..” I said stubbornly.
She looks me and then my horse who is blocking her way . Finally, she called me”Lakshya.. please say your shubdev to move from my way and my Chandra don’t have so much patience..”
“Shubdev..” I called him and he come towards me. I took Ragini hands and caressed Shubdev forehead with Ragini hands.
He whinned lightly as a acceptance.”Shubdev , go to palace. We are coming soon..” I said and he shaked his head and run towards palace.

She take her hands from me and hold Chandra with both of her hands and in this , she leaned towards me unknowingly. Everything is upside down in my love. I should lock her in my embrace and ride in my horse. But see here… she hold me in her embrace and we are travelling in her lion. But I am loving it because I love my Ragini. I looked her but she lost in her thoughts. I turned to see where that thieves but they are missing.
“Ragini.. that thieves..” I asked.
“Aadi and Sahil taken them for giving punishment…”Ragini said.
“they came here.. but Gurudev ordered…” she didn’t let me to complete.
“ they never obey anyone when it comes to me”Ragini said . I feel that she is proud of her choti’s love towards her.
“ I am also Ragini. Do you know naa how much I am love you..” I said and she glared me but who cares her glare now.
I keep mum again and Chandra starts to run. I see that Ragini is lost in her thoughts. I thought to talk with her because we can’t get this moments again.

“ Ragini , soon we will marry each other and we will have so much babies like you and me and…” I start to said about my dreams but Ragini stopped Chandra suddenly.
“what happened Ragini? Is anything serious?” I asked her but she joined my hands back and tied with some rope which is made of banyan fig.
“Ragini.. what is this?” I asked shockingly but she put some clothes in my mouth.
“mmmph..!” I can only say this to her now .
“ not a word more Lakshya. Now keep mum and let me go fastly”Ragini said and start to ride fastly Chandra.
Slowly sleep occupies me.
Ragini’s POV
I came here Forest which is border of my desh. I disguised myself as a normal girl and starts to walk in forest area . As I expected , some mens who hided their face in cloth and hold my hand with lust.
“she is so beautiful.why cant we present her to our king?” one asked another one and I acted as scared and hold my sword without getting their glances.
“ ohh! Our king will have so many girls in his life. Afterall he is king. first we will finish her” another one said and looked me with lust in their life.” That girl was dead easily. I didn’t fulfill my desire. So now I will first ” other one said. They are totally five and have skull mark in their arm.

One hold my hand and that kid face.. her innocence come infront of me. they are just animals which don’t deserve any position in world. within a minute, I take my sword which I hided, injured all of them. yes I didn’t kill anyone at that time because they should please for their death due to the unbearable pain which I will give for them. I don’t know where didi Laksh came here. By seeing him, the anger which brunt in my heart start to reduce. I started to walk towards nearby river and cleaned my sword and myself by drowning myself for three times. When I come out of river, I saw laksh is searching me in the middle of river. Is he mad? How can he risk his life? A man who have brain never do such a thing. Swimming is in this river is equal to attempting suicide. I jumped and I can see his legs start to frozen because of coldness of water. But he still searched me. I pulled him and we both climbed in land area.
” what are you thinking yourself Ragini? Are you mad? First you came here alone now in that river. Are you lose your mind?” he asked me by piercing my fingers in my arms. But I didn’t feel any pain. I feel his love towards me and the shock is I am loving this. I am loving being loved by Laksh. suddenly Chandra tried to kill him. I felt my soul is leaving me when Chandra kept his mouth near laksh neck to bite.

“Chandra..” I yelled. He looked towards me and I signed him to get off from Laksh. he obeyed me and take his paw from Laksh shoulder and come towards me. I felt something a new feeling start to arouse me inside . I bended my head and caressed his hairs to hide my tears. After all so many years, tears start to flowing from my eyes in happiness. My Laksh is safe.. wait! What can I say?my Laksh..no. it can’t be happen. I composed myself and walked towards laksh, offered my hand. he hesitated but finally accepted. I help him to stand but he stumbled. I hold him in my embrace. His touch, the love in his touch started to affect me.
“Chandra…” I called him and he came and bended infront of Laksh. he never bend anyone other than me even before Aadi or Sahil.

I signed Laksh to touch chandra’s forehead first he hesitated then he caressed chandra’s forehead. Chandra accepted him. I made him sit on Chandra at that time, his horse come here . I think he should seen Chandra attacked laksh. his horse is so much angry and Chandra also . finally we made them calm and laksh sent his horse to palace.
When we come to see that thieves, their bodies are not there and I see Aadi’s dagger there. That means Aadi and Sahil come here. Is they see me and Laksh? but I didn’t see them in nearby river not even their horse.
“Ragini.. that thieves ..” Laksh started to ask.
“Aadi and Sahil taken them for giving punishment…”I answered him.
“they came here.. but Gurudev ordered…” Laksh said but I cut him in middle.
“ they never obey anyone when it comes to me”I said with little bit proud about my choti’s love towards me.
“ I am also Ragini. Do you know naa how much I am love you..” Laksh said and I glared him but inside I am feeling happy. Why? I don’t know. I feel confused about my feelings when it comes to him.
He keep mum again and Chandra starts to run.
I remembered about that skull marks and their words. They said their king is a womanizer. My doubt is right . they are not belongs to Tanishkant. Because my people never do like this. Their goodness is my pride and I never let my people to starve for money . Who are they? Why they came here? Who is behind this? These questions start to running in my mind.
“ Ragini , soon we will marry each other and we will have so much babies like you and me and…” Laksh start to said dreamingly . I imagined his words unknowingly… Laksh put mangalsutra in my neck and fills my mang with sindoor. Arghh! No… what I am doing? If I let him to continue, he will make me mad in his love .

“what happened Ragini? Is anything serious?” he asked me with so much concern in his voice. His concern melts me and I feel something breaking me inside my walls which I built around my heart this much years. He was breaking it. No… I never let him to break my walls . If he continue his talk like this, I will definitely loose my control over him.
I see a banyan tree and stopped Chandra under it, take a banyan fig in my hand. I take his hands back and tied it.
“Ragini.. what is this?” he asked me shockingly but I torn a little bit from my pallu and tied his mouth also.
“mmmph..!” he can only say this to me now . I felt guilt to tie him like this. But I don’t have any other way. He is injured so I can’t leave him here at the same time, I can’t hear his talks.
“ not a word more Lakshya. Now keep mum and let me go fastly”I said and start to ride fastly Chandra.
Soon, we reached the secret way which lead me to my palace while moon is in the mid of the sky. Laksh is in deep sleep in my arms. His face glows in moon light. I carefully take him in my embrace and starts to walk. After few walks, I reached a room in my palace and make him lay on cot, freed him. he is in deep sleep as I drugged him by using sleeping potion through his nails.
I started to walk towards secret way.
“Ragini…” Laksh called me in sleep. I turned and see his face.” mea tumse pyaar karta hu.. Ragini..understand me..” he blabbered in sleep.

I walked towards him and kissed his forehead. He start to sleep peacefully. A single drop falls on his cheek from my eyes. I wiped my tears and run towards my room.
I come to my room and sit in wooden chair . I see my face in mirror accidentally.
.” mea tumse pyaar karta hu.. Ragini..understand me..” Laksh words ring in mind.
I pushed the things which in table before in frusturation.
“ why are you loving me this much, Laksh? why? We are not meant to be together Laksh. we are not meant to be together never ever . Your life is a puzzle laksh which you don’t know Laksh. it will not harm you but it will harm mera desh and mera parivaar. I already lost my maa, baba bua because of mera baba ka dosti. I can’t lose my choti’s in your love Laksh. understand me Laksh.. please go away from me. go away from me… your love is so pure Laksh. in your love, you don’t consider about your ego. Even you ready to lose but not ready to make me lose. Why Laksh? you didn’t defend yourself when I tied you even though you are strong. you can even ready to lose your pride being a rajkumar and bend yourself infront of me. why Laksh ? why you love me this much laksh?” I blurted out which was burden in my heart.
“ because I love you Ragini I don’t have any reason for loving you just ask your heart it will say ” I heard Laksh voice and he smiled in mirror. I turned with excitement and shock but he is not there.
I folded myself in floor.” But I can’t love you Laksh..” I murmured .
Laksh touched my shoulder and I turned” then, why are you worrying about me?”
“ because you are my dost..” I replied.
“Dost.. you can’t lie Ragini. I am not only dost for you.. I know..” Laksh smiled towards me and touched my shoulders again.

“Accept Ragini…you love me. you care for me, worry for me, can’t see my suffering moreover you scared that I will break your walls of heart. because I am affecting you . whenever you thought about me, you will smile automatically. Because my memories gives you happy even though you act as angry . It’s all love Ragini… you love me…” Laksh said while caressing my hair.
“ no .. I don’t love you…” I shouted on my lungs and throw a vase towards him. Laksh vanished in air.
Am I hallucinating him? is it my thoughts? I asked myself.
“ no.. it can’t be my thoughts. I don’t love Laksh”I said to myself and take long breaths.
I feel someone caressing my head and I turned.
“ maa..” I said by seeing my maa.
“Rago…it’s ok beta. Don’t stress yourself. You are refusing him just for our desh goodness.” My maa said .
“ our life is not important when it comes to desh goodness, Rago…” my papa said to me and smiled to me.
“ maa.. baba..” I tried to hug them but they also … vanished in air.
“ maa.. baba…” I tried to search them in my room. No they also not here.
“ maa.. baba.. I need you now. Please come to me… maa.. please. I can’t take it more. baba… I can’t tolerate this pain. It’s killing me from inside .Please take me with you…” I said and bend down.
“ maa..” I yelled out in my full strength and collapsed on my floor.
Ragini pov ends…

Ragini’s voice reflects in the palace. Uttara, kavya ,Vishnu, Aadi , Sahil and Sanskar runs towards Ragini’s room.
Uttara runs inside first and sees Ragini who is completely collapsed and sobbing and sees her clothes are tightly fitted to her body which shows her cleavages.
Uttara turns and ordered” Aadi, sahil stay here don’t let anyone come inside. Until I say, you also stay there.Kavya come with me.”
Uttara claps her hand and two maids come inside.
Uttara changes Ragini’s clothes and make her lay on cot.
Ragini lose her conscious and blabbers in subconsciously.
Uttara comes outside and says to Aadi”Sahil you go and call Raj vaidya.Aadi come inside”
Aadi goes inside and takes Ragini’s head in her lap.
“maa.. baba.. why did you left me? please come to me..”Ragini said subconsciuosly and cries.
A Long drop falls from Aadi, Uttara , Vishnu and Sanskar eyes.
Aadi holds Ragini hands.

“Rago maa.. they gone. But I am with you .. your Aadi..” Aadi said by suppressing his pain.
“ no.. you will also leave me in middle like mera maa baba..” Ragini said.
Aadi locks his last finger with Ragini’s last finger.
“ rago maa… you said naa you will never leave me.like that I will also never leave you. mea tumari Aadi hoo… I will never leave you”Aadi said.
“Sachi..”Ragini asked like a kid.
“ muchi..”Aadi said without unlocking their finger.
Raj vaidya comes inside and checks Ragini.
“Rajkumar, mix this potion in milk and give it to Rajkumari…”Rajvaidya said and signs Vishnu to come out.
“ what happened to her, Rajvaidya?” Vishnu asked.
“Something made Rajkumari shatter fully and renewed her wounds. I thought that kid’s death . She will be alright at morning and keep her happy” Raj vaidya said and left.
Sahil hear this.

Sahil sent Sanskar, Vishnu and Uttara, kavya to their room after so much hardly convinced.
Aadi make Ragini drink milk in which medicine is mixed. Soon, Ragini falls on asleep.
Aadi makes her head lay on cot and walks. But he stopped because of their last finger hold.
Aadi sees the last finger hold painfully and releases it.
Sahil puts his hand on Aadi’s shoulders and Aadi hide his tears and wipes it.
“no need to hide Aadi..”Sahil said calmly and side hugs Aadi.
Sahil said what Raj vaidya said.
“ I can’t understand Aadi. Di is so strong but…”Sahil said in helplessness.

Aadi remembers what he saw nearby river in forest.
“Rago maa loves Laksh but she don’t want to accept it”Aadi said calmly and Sahil shows a shocked face.
“what ?Rago di loves Laksh.”Sahil exclaimed.
“Don’t exclaim Sahil. But something bothers my Rago maa to accept his love. We have to identify it and remove it” Aadi said.
“we can speak to di”Sahil said.
Aadi smiles bitterly.
“ no Sahil. We can’t. it will increase her pain. We should be very careful in this. Because Rago maa is not the one we see, she is totally opposite. She is so sensitive . we have to take indirect ways to solve this problem.”Aadi said by leaving Sahil to think.
Aadi walks inside and sits beside Ragini and Sahil sits beside Ragini on another side. Both start to sleep on the same position by holding Ragini hands.
In an isolated place,
“ Guruji, I want to be samrat of Mahishmati and Mayankpur. You said me to wait until the correct time come. I lost my patience…” Rajat, king of Sathagam said.
A man who looks small and black smiles wickedly and walks towards Kalimaa idol with the help of stick.
“ to get something bigger , patience is must maharaj. Just wait for some more days . After a week of coming full moon day, you can announce war against Tanishkant, then Manhishmati, Tanishknat and Mayankpur will be under your foot . but we want to give prey for Kalimaa” Tantrek said.
“ whom you want to give as prey?” Rajat asked.
“Rajkumar Sanskar…”Tantrek said which shocks Rajat.
“Mayankpur ka Yuvraj…”Rajat asked stammeringly.
“ haan.. that Sanskar only..”Guruji said.
“Don’t worry dost. We are with you” two mens come inside and put their hands on Rajat.
” Until, you both are with me, I will win easily..” Rajat said and the trio smiles wickedly.
“Jai ho Kalimaa.. jai ho..” Tantrek throws sindoor on Kalimaa’s idol.
In a forest side area ,
Sanskar is running to save himself. He didn’t have any weapon.
“ who are they? Why they chasing me?” Sanskar asked himself and slipped in forest floor .
Sanskar sees a short black man Tantreek before him.
Tantreek takes a sword and cuts Sanskar’s head.
“maa..”Sanskar shouted little bit and wakes up, sees the surrounding and puts his hand on his neck.
“I am in tanishkant palace only . still my head is in my body only .. what a worst dream is?” Sanskar said to himself and drinks water which kept in nearby pot.
Sanskar walks toward balcony and sees Sun starts to rise.
“ maa always says the dream which we sees in early morning should become true. No… it can’t become true…”Sanskar said to himself.
“Sanskar it’s just a dream. Leave it and forget it”Sanskar said to himself in a determined tone.

Precap: Full moon day and Sanskar’s meet with swara.

Sorry Bharathi, I will give Swasan scenes in next episode. sara is signing out. keep smiling and take care.

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