Thanks for the support friends and also silent readers. Thanks asra, chandu, bharathi, megha, ammu , astra, ammu , vk, dharani, lovely , nikky , Raglak holic, deeksha , arohi. Kavya role will played by Avika gor and her age is 15 in this ff in past.

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Let I start today episode.
Lakshya’s POV
I don’t know what happening in me. but one thing I am sure. I am becoming mad in my love. Not a single day left without thinking about her. in my younger days, first I thought that I am wanting revenge from her to keep sword in my neck and defeated me, then I thought I am admiring her that’s why I was thinking about her. But when days start to roll, I start to realize that I am loving her. Pyaar… the most wonderful feeling which I am feeling now for Ragini devi no.. for me she is Ragini just my Ragini . Mera dil ka rani… my day starts with her and ends with her . even I learnt painting only to imagine about her. It’s a different art. I can draw whole picture of a person by only seeing their eyes. I learnt only to imagine about her look. Because I can’t forget her eyes which I was seen before so many years. Her magnificient expressive eyes. Her eyes resembles lion’s eyes. When my pithasri sent gurukul again in Tanishkant, first I refused but then I accepted only to be near Ragini and my Uttara. Uthu… mera behan. I don’t know why my Pithasri make her stay away from us. Definitely he have a important reason. Swara entered our life to fulfil Uthu’s position even I thought Uttara’s dead in her younger age but he disclosed this to me just before he admitting me in Mahamantri Vishnu’s gurukul.
“ Laksh, your sahi behan Uttara is still alive and she is living as Tanishkant Senapathi’s putri. You should give her rights back if anything happen to me” this is the words, mera Pithasri said to me. First time, I saw his eyes were moist . he is also longing for her. Finally , I arrived here and started to get training under Vishnu gurudev and I met Sanskar there. Mera mitra who even can risk his life for me. still I am thanking Kalimaa for making us known each other. Otherwise, we should also carry the hatred in our hearts for each other. A new phase started in my life with Sanskar,Aadi and Sahil. We four enjoyed a lot in Ashram. I never think Aadi and Sahil are Tanishkant rajkumars and Aadi is a chathriya (Warrior). I thought that he is Brahmin and learning veda’s from gurudev. I tried so many times, to see Ragini and uttara . All my try go into vain finally we were invited for Vasantha panchami ending function holi. I saw my Ragini after a long time. She is just look what I thought except manliness in her . the brave, the confident, manliness gave a new look to her, the most manipulating eyes who can make anyone bend to her in fear and respect . I lost my thoughts when she stood with bow and arrow in her hands. She not only lit fire in logs she also shoot an love arrow directly towards my heart. that time Aadi entered the ground everything made upside down. Uttara entered ground. I never thought my behan will fight this much and Aadi also. Even though I saw my swara’s fight but she fighted ferocious . only I saw anger in her eyes .my breath returned to me when the fight between Aadi and Uttara was over. Then Ragini entered the ground. I lost all my senses. I don’t know for whom I should worry my love Ragini or my mitra Aadi. Finally I and Sanskar concluded the relationships and relaxed. I felt relaxed that I didn’t say anyone about my love not even Sanskar. When I walked in palace garden, I remembered a secret way to go Ragini’s room which was taught by gurudev when I came her in my small age and I tried it. I scared to do it first then I do it by believing my love. I also want to know Ragini’s feelings . is she remember me? but I felt most happy when she remembered me by my eyes as I am. I also find her with her single touch in Ashram when she came in theif disguise. (releases a long breath) finally I got to know she have some feelings towards me . her tears gives me immense pain and immense happiness. It pained me when I saw her tears but I felt happy that the tears for me . she worries for me. when I ask her that she never let touch her others, her frozen state told me my love will make her love , now I have to break her shells and I will definitely do it to get my Ragini. So my Samragini wait for your Samrat. From tomorrow , I will never leave a single chance.
Determined laksh starts to sleep and a calm wind helped him to get sleep easily.

In Ragini’s room,
Ragini’s POV
I opened my eyes once I finished my Lally. Uttara is sleeping . when Samrat Dp gave her to my hand, she was so tiny.
“Rajkumari Ragini, someone is trying to kill my putri. Even though I am Samrat , I can’t ensure her safety now. Please take care of her… I will get return her when a correct time comes.” Samrat sent Uttara through my spies and written this in a letter . I sensed his pain. It’s not so easy. My doubts get stronger .some one … someone is working against Samrat Dp and we are hurdles in their way. That’s why they are trying to kill us . but why they didn’t try to kill Rajkumar laksh only they tried to kill Rajkumari Uttara. But I kept it aside. I promised him that I will keep her safe. I made Senapathi accept her as his daughter and we both continued the lie. . Uttara and Aditya made my world. my days start to revolve on them with my duties. Only because of them, I didn’t lose my real one. Both are very special to me. I don’t know how I lived these years without Aadi. Only because of Uttara, I withstand Aadi’s absence in my life.
Then after a year later, I sent Swara there to keep there safe but Samrat adopted her without knowing about her real identity. First I scared but no one attacked her there. One day , I exposed her real identity to Samrat and made him promise that no one shouldn’t know about her even his relatives. He accepted and even lakshya didn’t know about this. But one day , I went there by hiding my real identity and told her all truth. I promised her that I will take her return when Aadi takes the position of king . Mamasri advised me to learn a special kind of dance art which is only meant for Rajkumari’s from Mayankpur Samragini. Here Rajkumar Sanskar treated me as his behan. Really I lived there happily by enjoying his care. everything is going perfect but now this Laksh returned into our life. I don’t know what I am felling for him and why I allowed him to touch me. what ever he said is right , I will kill anyone if they tried to touch me with lust . but why I allowed him. arghh! Ragini… Pyaar is not meant for your life. Your life is to save your nation. Keep this in your mind.
“ muchhh..” this sound distracted my mind. Uttara start to lick her right thumb. Still she didn’t come over this habit . she is just a kid. I slowly take her thumb finger out and take the neem oil which I kept in table always . I put oil in her thumb finger and leave her hand. again she start to lick her finger in sleep but her face expressions changed but she is still sleeping. It made me smile little bit and I caressed her hair. She little bit cuddled in my hand by putting her head in my hand. I slowly pecked her forehead . it’ s it’s enough to me… my choti’s mera Uttara and mera desh… it’s enough to me. I don’t want anyone in my life especially Laksh. I want to remain the same Rago maa for my choti’s and Rajkumari for my desh people. But he have something which made me worry for him. may be pithasri words.” He is rajkumar Lakshya Ragini. He should be a best friend to you like I have Samrat Durga as my mitra …” my pithasri introduced Laksh to me via painting and he made me draw Laksh painting by his words. But his friendship taken his life. If he didn’t friend of samrat, he never involved in war and he should not be bachstabbed . not only him, even his friendship snatched my maa and bua . his friendship is the only reason which made me stay away from mera Swara and Sahil. I can’t believe when I got to know Mahishmati spies tried to kill mera parivaar. I hided this even from mamasri and sent him faraway by made this world believe that Sahil and Swara were died and my mamasri was a traitor. For all my sorrows , only his friendship with samrat is the reason. Even though I know all this, I can’t keep not to worry about Laksh. may be I kept my pithasri’s words deep inside my heart. but now I will make him far away from me . I don’t care about me but I have to care about my choti’s and mera desh. Before It go out of my hand, I should make him far away from me…far away from me.. my eye lids become heavy and nitra devi start to occupy me.

The next day morning,
Sanskar wakes up first and sees laksh who is sleeping with smile in his face.
Sanskar shakes laksh.
Laksh holds Sanskar hands and kept his hand in his facein sleep. Sanskar still lays on bed beside Laksh.
“Laksh.. leave me..”Sanskar said horrifiedly .
“ not that much soon Ragini..” laksh tight his grip.
“Ragini..”Sanskar muttered confusingly.
“ragini.. when your hands become so rough like Sanskar..? who cares…”Laksh told in sleep and hold tighter.
Sanskar sees water pot and takes it in one hand and throws the water in Laksh face.
Laksh wakes up with jerk and looks Sanskar angrily.
“what is this Laksh? you can wake up me normally” Laksh huffed.
“ragini.. when your hands become so rough like Sanskar..? who cares…” Sanskar mimicked as Laksh.
Laksh gives a shocked expression and recalls his dream, looks down as he was embarrassed.
“ don’t nod your head down. It’s not look good for ek chathriya.. do you love Rajkumari Ragini?” Sanskar asked in low voice.
Laksh looks Sanskar with shocked expression and then nods.
Sanskar cups Laksh face” say it clearly..”
“ mea Ragini se pyaar karta hu..”Laksh said while Sanskar looking into laksh eyes.
Chap… dual sound reflects the entire room.
“why did you slapped me?” Laksh asked while holding his both side cheeks.
“ if anyone is in your place, I will bury them alive Lakshya..”Sanskar said angrily.
Laksh gives a confused expression and Sanskar takes Long breaths and make himself relaxed.
“See me Laksh. you are my mitra for you even I can risk my life but I treat her as my behan . if I get to know that you are troubling her, then don’t scold me for what I do and don’t dare to tell your feelings to her. I said this for your safety. She will kill you the next moment. I have seen this with my own eyes” Sanskar said harshly.
“ I told my feelings to her” Laksh said by holding his either side of face with his hand which made Sanskar jaw drops down.
“did you have any dream like that?” Sanskar asked doubtedly and Laksh nods no.
“She also have some feelings for me Sanskar.” Laksh said and described what happened yesterday night.
“ I want your help… Sanskar and you know everything about me. do you think I am not deserving Ragini?” Laksh asked painfully that his best friend didn’t support him.
Sanskar sit beside Laksh and hold his hand.
“Sorry Laksh. when it comes to Ragini, I lost my mind. You don’t know Laksh. when I was small, I lost my sahi(own) behan. But Ragini consoled me and made me fell as her bhai and you deserve her. But I focused about her fellings. If she is ok means I don’t have any issue, but if I know you are forcing her, you have to see worst side of me and I also support my mitra but don’t disclose about this Aadi and Sahil. I can’t give any assurity about it’s outcome.” Sanskar said to Laksh.
Lines starts to form on Laksh forehead.
“ ohh Kalimaa.. why you write this fate to me. I already have to struggle more to get my love. In this ,Why you made mera mitra’s as Villains of my love story..”Laksh said sarcastically which made Sanskar chuckle.
“ Sanskar..Laksh..”Aadi and Sahil gets inside Sanlak room.
Laksh and Sanskar stands up and sees each other.
“did they hear our convo?” Laksh asked and hide his fear.
Sanskar signs don’t he know.
“vo Laksh.. I didn’t meant to hide our identity..”Aditya hesitated.
“ but we promised di that we never reveal identity before she reveal”Sahil finished and looked Sanlak.
Laksh walks towards them” we can understand Aadi. Even we faked our enmity like that. It needed by time…” Laksh put his hand on Aadi and Sahil shoulders.
“ we shouldn’t easily forgive them Sanskar..” Laksh words ringed in Sanskar’s mind and resulted in meaningful smile.
Sanskar also walked towards Aadi and Sahil.” It’s okay Sahil. Still are you hide anything from me?” Sanskar asked.
Aadi nods no and hugged Sanskar.” I said naa Sahil, our mitra’s will understand us”Aadi said with smile.
“yes Aadi. They can understand. but still I don’t know how they easily forgive me especially laksh. he always act as having fake anger for little things when it come to us. But now…”Sahil said and looked laksh doubtedly.
“Arre Sahil, you will never let me a good …” Laksh shrugged which made everyone chuckle and Laksh also smiled.
“ ok soon get ready. We will meet in practicing ground…” Aadi said and left with sahil.
Sanskar and Laksh made themselves ready in brown clothes.

Soon, a sweet voice fills the palace.
Sanlak walks towards the place where the sound comes.
Kavya sings in a very sweet voice and takes Aarti for Durga idol which is made of a particular mix of five metals which includes gold, silver.
Ragini, Aadi and Sahil ,Uttara, Vishnu also present there.
Kavya opens her eyes and sees Ragini and everyone.
“voo.. maaf karo Rajkumari.. it’s my habit to do aarti to my maa..Durga maa..”Kavya said.
“ there is no need to ask forgiveness and you sang very well. After a long time, I feel this palace get life by your voice..”Ragini said.”What is your name?” Uttara asked.
Kavya smiles little bit by hearing Ragini’s praise and Sees Uttara.
“ mera nam Kavya.. Kavyakavithayini..”Kavya said with smile.
“ your name suits you very much..”Ragini said and takes prasad .
“Aadi .. Sahil..Uttara.. meet me in practicing ground”Ragini ordered and left while signing Vishnu to meet her outside.
At outside Kavya room,
“ she is so innocent mamasri. Who is she?” Ragini asked while walking towards practicing ground.
“she is grown up in a Kalimaa temple by a sanyasini. I know her from her little age. She doesn’t know about outer world other than temple”Vishnu said.
Ragini stopped walking and looks Vishnu shockingly and Vishnu nods.
“that sanyasini is very old. She requested me to take care of her and Sahil gives special attention to her” Vishnu said.
“ but Sahil is still a kid and you are saying…”Ragini said in disbelief.
“ I raised him Ragini . I know about his every move and your pithasri married your maa when he is just 18 by abducting her from swayamvar”Vishnu said and wipes his tears which comes by remembering about his friend.
Ragini thinks deeply about vishnu’s word and start to walk towards Practicing ground with Vishnu.
“mahamantri ka Pranam…” Senapathi Ugrasena welcomes Vishnu.
Vishnu nodded “Senapathi ka pranam”.
Sanlak, Aadi, Sahil and Uttara entered practicing ground. Uttara forced Kavya to come with her.
Laksh’s pov
I come to practicing place . I can’t believe my eyes. Ragini is doing gathayutham (you can see in lord yama‘s hand )with a soldier.
The soldier looks so gigantic like bhima. He swinged his gathayud with so much force. He didn’t gave any heed that she is Rajkumari.It may hurt her in arms. She may get hurt.
“Ragini…” I murmured and stepped before but Sanskar hold my hands and nods no.
She tackled easily and continued her fight. I frozen completely. I know she is very good ruler and good in sword and Bow and arrow. But gathayutham…
My thoughts are broken when Sanskar shaked and jumped by seeing Ragini made her opponent loose her gathayuth . then she also thrown her gathayuth and started malyudh(wrestling) with that soldier. She bend and take him in her shoulder, thrown him away. She take some long breaths and smiled.
“ I already said naa chipkali my rago maa will win”Aadi said to uttara.
“ I also said the same and don’t call me chipkali..”uttara said in anger and takes her sword out.” Today we will see who will win..”
Both started to fight with sword.
“ in smaller age, they fought with wodden sticks now upgraded to swords. But their childishness never change how much they grown up” Sahil said and Sanskar chuckled.
Aadi and Uttara glared Sanhil which makes them stop smile.
“ that soldier may lose intentionally . how he fight with her Rajkumari…?”I said to tease her. I want to fight with her.
“ you can fight with my rago maa. Then we will see who will win..” Uttara said angrily. Ohh! Laksh you made your little behan angry.
I bend and takes Aashirvad from my gurudev. We both started our fight. She is so much strong not only physically mentally also .
I looked her eyes and accidentally, I lost myself. She thrown me into ground and sit on me. I smiled and winked at her .

Mera behan Uttara jumped in happiness for my defeat.
“You are going to be samrat .Don’t let your mind scatter in unwanted things Rajkumar Lakshya. “Ragini said sternly but her tone didn’t affect me and I enjoyed her victory in my heart.
“ sometimes mind also needs to be scattered Rajkumari and moreover …” I walked towards her and stand near her and bend towards her ears” I already lost my heart to you. this fight all didn’t matter to me” I whispered .
She turned towards me and glared me. I looked into her eyes. her eyes shows not only anger and also a little bit happiness. I don’t know may be I am hallucinating because of my love. Our eyelock are broken because of a bell sound. Her face expression is completely changed. It becomes anger into serious one.
“Chandra..”Ragini yelled and start to run. A lion also come somewhere and jumped beyond me, run towards Ragini.
Ragini jumped and sit in that lion, hold it’s hair tightly which made me lose my sense completely. Sudden black surrounds me.
“Laksh… Laksh…”Someone is calling me. I felt wet in my face. I slowly opened my eyes. Sanskar sits beside me.
I hold my head..”Ragini.. that Lion…” I muttered and Sanskar tapped my head hardly.
“ouch! It’s paining Sanskar..” I said and he glared me” today you embarrassed me Laksh. how can you faint just seeing a lion?” Sanskar asked me. is he become mad?
“ oh! Just a lion. What will you do? if you see a lion that to very much close? I just shocked” I shrugged and he gives a impossible look.
“ok. why she gone suddenly? What is that bell sound?” I asked him.
“ that bell for people. If it rings means, people is in danger or some problem” Sanskar said.” Come lets go court…” I said and we both marched towards court.
We entered court. Ragini is sit in throne on her usual attire. Uttara sits next to her. Aadi and Sahil is not there .
“Sanskar, what is Uttra doing here?” I whispered in his ears. “ she is next to Ragini here. Actually she is responsible when Ragini is not in fort” Sanskar answered. I thought my behan is a warrior but never think she is taken that much responsibility. I see everyone’s look falls on middle and most of them nods their head down.
Here a kid lays on middle of court and her eyes looks motionless. Is she dead? Her face is only visible but her face have so many scratches. What happening here? How she died? Why this environment become this much tensed.
“ Rajkumari, yesterday night someone entered our village and robbed us. One taken my daughter and we got her,..” old man start to cry louder. I closed my eyes in an unknown pain. That kid may be only 10 to 12. How can a man do this? A real men never can do like this. Is he really human or an animal? He deserves dead.
Everyone suddenly stand and Sanskar hold my hands. I see the scenario.. Ragini stand from her throne her eyes her eyes become so red and have tears in her eyes.
She walked towards that kid and caressed her face. a drop falled from her eyes. I don’t know what is running in her mind. But it’s result … I should be with her .
“ you will get their dead bodies who is responsible for this nation’s daughter’s condition when the sun rises tomorrow.” she said calmly very calmly and start to leave the court. How her voice is this much calm… is a sign of destruction? But I don’t have any answer.

Once Ragini left the court, I followed her. She entered into a room and closed it from inside. Aadi and Sahil see her entering the room and knocked it. but there is no response .Sanskar and Sahil take a log and banged it in door. Door opened but she is not inside. Where is she? I know she is strong and brave but she don’t know about her opponents. No I can’t risk with her.
Uttra comes inside and takes long breaths” even Chandra is not in palace…”
Gurudev entered that room”Rajkumari will return tomorrow morning. If anyone have doubt on her, they can stay here” by saying this, he left. But my heart feels so restless.
“Sanskar, I am going to that village. Say something to Aadi and Sahil if they ask about me” I come out and go towards out while whistling.
Shubdev comes fastly and I climbed in him. for a warrior , his horse is important one my Shubdev.
“Shubdev, we have to go fast..” I whispered in his ear, he shaked his head and made sounds loudly, runs faster.

To be continued…

Chandu, sorry yaar. First I will complete this past. Nowadays, Pressure in office is high. I am working in IT software, mostly I always come at 10 in night and I will wake up at 5 to write this story and I have only half an hour then I have to do my house hold works. I can’t concentrate on different stories. Soon I will complete this past and I will give answers for all your questions in present . Again sorry chandu and I have a question to all my readers, are you ok with story line or felt as boring? Please inform me. keep smiling and take care . Sara is signing out .

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