Ragini and Swara, Aditya and Sahil are siblings and Rajwaaris of Tanshkant. Laksh and Uttara are siblings, raj waaaris of Mahishmati and Sanskar and kavya also and rajwaaris of Mayankpur . Aditya is Ragini’s bua Radhika and Mahamantri Vishnu ka Son. Sahil is Ragini’s own brother. To keep Sahil safe, Vishnu and Ragini announces Aditya as Ragini’s choti and heir of throne. Shekar who have enmity with Ragini’s nation, kidnaps Sanskar and made Sanskar papa Samrat Rp to announce war against Ragini’s nation. Shekar tries to kill Laksh and made the accusation fall on Rp.Ragini saves Sanlak and caught Shekar. Rp and Dp kills Shekar after getting their sons. Ragini get to know Some one from Dp’s side, killed her father and family elders and tries to kill her choti’s also. so she made Sahil,Swara and Vishnu stay away from her. 16 Years passed, SWARA grown up as Dp’s daughter and Uttara raised up as Ragini’s Senapathi’s daughter . Vishnu takes Guruji avatar and Sanlak learns under him without knowing about him and made Aadi and Sahil as his friends. Aadi and Sahil returned to their nation and Sahil knows the truth. Ragini didn’t want to expose the truth about Aadi and Sahil also accepts. Ragini decides to make Aadi as Yuvaraj and announces Aditya as Yuvraj at the vasantha panchami ending. Vishnu opposes this as only Maharaj waaris rule the nation. Ragini and Sahil try to convince Vishnu.
Let I start the episode.

Previous Episodes:

In Ragini’s room,
Ragini enters her room in fully exhausted state. Suddenly someone twists her hand back and puts a short sword in her neck.
“ what is this Rajkumar Lakshya?” Ragini asked in a low voice.
Laksh releases her and takes the cloth which hides his face.” how did you know it’s me?” Laksh asked amusingly.
“ to know about someone presence, it’s not needed to see their face” Ragini said.
“ so you are saying, I am close to your heart naa Ragini..”Laksh asked casually while sitting in a cot and biting a apple which he taken near by cot .
“ First of all, what are you doing here Rajkumar Lakshya. First get out of my room… wait.” Ragini said and Laksh starts to walk outside.Ragini sees out of her room and sees maids and soldiers are there.
Laksh also shows his face little bit outside.
“what are you seeing Ragini..?” Laksh whispered in Ragini’s ears.
Ragini jerked and turns. Ragini closes Laksh’s mouth and twists his hand back, pin him in wall.
“ are you pagal Lakshya ? how can you come here that too at night time ? do you want to die by my soldiers hand ?what are you doing here Lakshya? How did you come to my room?” Ragini asked Lakshya in a low tone but stronger.
Laksh points Ragini hands which was closing his mouth through eyes and Ragini sees herself little bit leaning on Lakshya.
Ragini suddenly separates herself.
“ how are you coming here?” Ragini asked sternly.
Laksh walks towards Ragini and Ragini stands the place where she stands.
“ Arre Ragini, how many times you will lock me in your embrace? Even yesterday you made me unconscious .I just thought to take you im my embrace atleast one time” Laksh whispered in Ragini’s ears.
“ are you kidding Rajkumar Lakshya..? are you in your sense? If I didn’t recognize you, you would be dead in this time. My dagger would take your life” Ragini said angrily .
“ even I want the same Ragini. I will be happy if I die in your hand.” Laksh said dreamingly.
Ragini gives a confusing look and Laksh comes to his sense.
“First say how could you come here? That too after this much guards…”Ragini asked.
“hmm.. (teasingly) why would I say? Ragini devi.. is Tanishkant ka maharani. Can’t find herself?” laksh said playfully.
“Don’t test my patience Lakshya. I am talking with you this much patience just for..”Ragini stopped.
“ just for.. hmm.. pyaar .. naa Ragini..”Laksh said huskily.
“ Pyaar nahi Rajkumar. Maryada… I am respecting samrat Dp and still I am tolerating your nuisence just for your behan Uttara. Be in your limit..”Ragini said sternly.
“ but I am loving you Ragini when I saw you first. Mea tumse pyaar karta hu Ragini and I know you still keep my chain in your neck” Laksh said.
Ragini suddenly sees herself” how could you see that chain? No one can see that. I always hide that inside armour” Ragini said without realizing.
Laksh smiles naughtily.
“ ohh ! dhanyavan .. bahoot dhanyavan.. Kalimaa.. even I am scared that you are saying true that you didn’t love me.” Laksh said and Ragini stares him.
“Still I am just having for the name of dosti. If it gives hope to you, then I didn’t need it.” Ragini said angrily and plucks the chain from her neck and throws via balcony of her room.
Lakshya runs and jumps from balcony to catch the chain.
Ragini looks it with shock and runs towards balcony.
“ Laksh…”Ragini muttered. A long drop falls from her eyes and sits where she stands.

Ragini feels someone putting in her neck. She takes it in her hand.. Laksh’s chain.
Ragini turns in the sitting position itself and sees laksh with moist eyes who is standing before her.
Ragini stands and puts the step before but walks back. Laksh holds her by her hands.
“ why are you worrying about me?( Laksh catches the tear which is escaping from her eyes) what is the need of this tears ragini? Don’t say it’s because of dosti. You know it’s not” Laksh said while looking into Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini looks Laksh hand which was holding her hands.
“ I don’t love you Laksh. I didn’t have any feelings towards you. even you touch didn’t make me feel” Ragini said while looking Laksh hand.
Laksh takes his hand back and walks sadly and turns with a smile.
“ Ragini, now I will ask one thing , you will answer truthfully .”Laksh said and Ragini looks him with question.
“ do you allow any other man to touch your hand other than me and your bhai’s …” Laksh asked and Ragini looks at him shockingly.
“why I am letting him to hold my hand?” Ragini asked herself.
“ you may pretend that my touch didn’t make you feel but the truth is you will never let anyone touch you except me. you would kill him before touch your hand. “ Laksh said.
“now I will give..” Laksh takes a beautiful dagger and an anklet and sword.
“Ragini.. give this sword to Uttara. I can’t present her directly and this dagger and anklet for you” Laksh smiled and presses a brick little.
A secret passage opens and Laksh walks inside the way.
Ragini looks the way where Laksh goes.” Even I love you, I don’t care lakshya. You will never get to know about my feelings. I born to save this nation. And I live only for my tanishkant and my choti’s . I never let you distract me”
Ragini hears some other sound and sees uttara comes inside. Ragini hides dagger and anklet .
“Uttara , don’t you have any sleep?” Ragini asked caringly.
Uttara yawns and hugs her.
“I didn’t get sleep. From tomorrow , you will be busy with your bhai’s. so I thought to stay with you tonight” Uttara said.
“ hmm.. I will busy with my choti’s .(Uttara frowns) but no one can get your position. You will always remain my sweet ladli” Ragini pecked Uttara’s forehead.
Uttara smiles and suddenly makes her face anger” Rago maa, tell your choti . don’t call me as chipkali. If anyone is in his place, I will break his teeth. Still I am leaving for you”
“ I never come inbetween you and Aadi both are worst than cat and mouse and I am seeing you both still my childhood.” Ragini said with chuckle. Uttara frowned .
“ bas bas now go and change your clothes and first take this armour.sometime I wonder, if you have a twin. How can a same person whom can be caring and daring? In court, even I scare to see you and here, I don’t have any fear.” Uttara said.
“ hmm.. in court and before people, I am Rajkumari Ragini devi and here, I am Rago maa. Waise .. why are having this much anger? You should control your anger. “ Ragini said.
“what can I do Rago maa? I can’t bear a single word against you.”Uttara said.
“ both Aadi and you are just alike. That’s why both are fighting like this.” Ragini said with smile.
“ ok. I feel sleepy.. go and first change yourself”Uttara pushed ragini.

Ragini goes and comes with a normal Rajkumari’s attire. Her long hair starts to wave because of sudden strong air. Still a dagger decorates her waist.
Ragini starts to sing lori and her voice starts to fill the palace. Uttara starts to sleep with smile and Ragini also dozed off.
Laksh reaches his room and sees Sanskar who is weaving design’s in a cloth.
“Hmm.. Sanskar for what you are designing…? Wait do you know weaving”Laksh asked surprisingly.
“ I am weaving this for my behan and moreover a king should know about all the 64 kinds of arts. Then only he can justify others. Even Rajkumari Ragini knows all these arts.” Sanskar said.
“wait… how did you know about Rajkumari?” Laksh asked and felt little bit jealous that Sanskar knows about Ragini than him.
“Actually, Rajkumari and Senapathi ka putri came to our nation to learn bharathanatiyam and at that time, she told this to me. she is excellent in mutra’s but her face always remains expressionless.”Sanskar said.
“ do you also know bharathanatiyam?” Laksh asked in disbelief.
“haan.. what is mistake in this? Even Lord Shiv is god for dance. But my maa restricted from a type of dance art and she taught only Ragini and Uttara when I asked about this, she said that only for Rajkumari’s.”Sanskar pouted.
“ ok. you have to teach me bharathanatiyam and now sleep.” Laksh said and lays on cot.
Sanskar smiled and lays on another side.
Laksh closes his eyes and recalls about Ragini and his conversation.

To be continued…

Sorry for short update. Please spare me until dec end after that I will give big episodes and I will continue present after this past completed.

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