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Episode 48:The sun rise in the east and slowly spreaded the warm rays. Laksh opened his eyes and smiled by seeing Ragini’s face… His hand automatically searched for Sahil nearby while the reality hit him hard.A sad smile crept in his face while he walked towards the balcony.“Good morning Sahil!”He muttered while looking at the sun rise. Then , Slowly walked towards bed and then planted a soft kiss on Ragini’s forehead.He walked towards Kitchen and started to make coffee and other  drinks for everyone.“Laksh…”Nishu surprised to see him in kitchen.“Good morning bhabhi. Well! I made morning drinks for everyone”Laksh wished with a smile.“ what’s the need to do all this, Laksh? And, Kitchen is our kingdom. Don’t dare to enter again. Already, Sanskar is disturbing us a lot by keeping Swara as a reason”Nishu said playfully.“Then…”Laksh acted as thinking.“I dare…”Laksh winked while Nishu rooted  being surprised.“Here, Tea for you and Aman bhai and health drink for suji. I am going to maa’s room”Laksh said and left Kitchen while Sanskar entered to make drinks for Swara.“Good morning Bhabhi… Seems like you woke up very soon today… How did that little chaitan let you sleep?” Sanskar asked as Suji never sleeps that much easily before hearing stories and asking a lot of questions.Suji tapped him in head and then  smiled in disbelief.“if she hears this…

Wait! I will send her to your room…”Nishu said .“Bhabhi… you can even send Dracula to my room but not this little chaitaan! I can handle only one at the time…”Sanskar said.“Bhai… How can you tell my Swara as chaitan? What will happen if she hear this? Ohh!No..” Ragini’s dramatic voice filled the kitchen.“But when did I tell my swara as little chaitan?”Sanskar scratched his head.Nishu chuckled while Ragini walked towards Nishu and put her hand on Nishu’s shoulder then both signaled each other.“Rago,  I am going to wake up Suji and Sanskar is going to make her ready for school.”Nishu said.“And I am going to tell Swara about Sanskar’s confession…”Ragini said and both walked towards Kitchen door.Sanskar blocked the way with his hand.“Rago, Bhabhi… you both are blackmailing me. wait! I will complain this to my bhai. Lucky! Aman bhai!”Sanskar shouted.“Seems like my jeth ji forget what happened a week back!”Ragini continued her dramatic voice while Sanskar looked back at flashback.***At a night, In Garden of MM,Sanskar was looking at the moon and his face let a smile.“Sanskar…” A concerned voice sounded from his back.“Maa…”Sanskar sounded surprised by seeing Annu at the garden in midnight.Annu sat beside him , took his headon her lap and then started to caress his head.

“what are you thinking,Sanskar?”Annu asked calmly.“Maa, did you longed for your siblings when you were carrying me or Uttu?”Sanskar asked while his eyes fixed in a long which expressed he was in a deep thinking.“No…”Annu’s answer made him surprise and he looked at her with the same surprise expression.“Because I was there with my siblings and parents…”Annu said with a smile as she remembered that timeframe.Sanskar’s little sigh got back to her reality . She caressed his head again.“Sanskar,Pregnancy is a struggle between life and death for a girl. In Initial, she will be very happy as she is carrying her baby… that feeling…(Small smile)… But, slowly she will be a bit scared about her labour… Sasural needs her words to understand her. But, Not in her parent’s home… Her mother know what’s her mood… either she is happy or sad or tensed… Just by a glance, Her mother can understand…

The thought that she is with her father… that support and care , her father gives…nothing can stand before that…  her wishes, we may need her word… but not her siblings… a single expression in her eyes, they fulfill her wishes… her happiness is the most important one for them… The feel and secureness which  her parents and siblings give, her Sasural or husband  can’t give…”Annu gave a pause for a minute.“But, There would be a day in which  she will need her husband a lot… The Presence of her parents or her siblings with her wouldn’t matter …

Her eyes will search him… for his support… His voice and concerned touch will reduce her pain and make her smile even in that pain…”Annu wiped her tears.Sanskar looked at Annu .“Maa…”Sanskar pressed his hands on her palm while she smiled in assurance.“Do Swara long for her family?”Annu asked while Sanskar nodded.“She asked me who Sahil was…”Sanskar said.“Some memories… Some relations can’t be hided for  long time Sanskar… How moon shines after an dark cloud passes, that memories will be alive at one point of time again… Trust Durga maa, she will make everything right in our life. Go and sleep, Swara may search you if she wakes up in middle”Annu said and Sanskar sat straight.“Maa…(A small pause) I want to give a feel of her parents house to my Swara in our house itself.”Sanskar added while Annu just gave a nod.The next day,In Dining table at Breakfast,“we decided to do Swara’s Godhbarai on  next month…”Annu said.Everyone smiled except Suji and Satya as they couldn’t understand.“Maa.. That’s a good news. “Amrit said.“I will plan for arrangements…”Laksh squealed in joy.“And after that day, Sanskar and Laksh will stay in Uttara’s house and Aman will stay in Amrit’s house.”Dp said.“what?” Both Aman and Laksh yelled in shock.“I’m finished…”Dp said casually and left the dining hall while Annu followed him after giving Smile as a answer to Aman and Laksh.***Sanskar gulped as he remembered whatever happened after.“Today is Swara’s godhbaraai. And, Are you going to remind the same? Then, let me call them…”Nishu said while Sanskar held his ears.“Ok, I will not enter into kitchen… after Swara’s tenth month”Sanskar said.‘And also don’t tease Suji …”Ragini added.“I can even jump from cliff but I can’t spend a day without teasing her…”Sanskar said dramatically and left.“Come Rago, we are having a lot of work…”Nishu said while Ragini joined to help her.Laksh stepped into Dp’s room with tray  while Dp was reading business magazine.“Papa… Maa… Coffee…”Laksh entered while Dp just raised his specs to glance Laksh then again immersed himself in magazine while Ap was ready to leave the room to see the arrangements .Annu gave a smile which made Laksh smile bright. Annu took a cup then Laksh placed the tray on the table which kept before Dp.“Coffee is superb,Laku!”Annu complimented.“He is a chef naa…then,How would be?”Dp’s sharp voice made Laksh’s face cringe.“In return, you made Ragini take-In-Charge of our hotel business… ”

Laksh retorted in a second.“And Papa, Being chef and running my own restaurant, I am feeling very happy Papa. I am getting a self satisfaction . Working in that office … Something which stops to get the same feeling… Please papa, Trust me… One day, you will definitely proud of me…”Laksh expressed.Dp left the room without uttering a word.Laksh looked at Annu while she smiled assuringly.“It will take some time to accept your decision, Laksh… But , he will accept soon…”Annu said.“He will come to open your restaurant with his full acceptance… Maa hoo naa… I will take care. Go and get ready. Once , Sahil comes, he won’t let you alone…”Annu said.By hearing Sahil’s name, Laksh smiled and nodded.After half an hour,In Hall,Nishu and Ragini were drawing a small rangoli at the center while Aman was checking the security.

Annu directs the decoraters for the final touch. Sathya and Suji were playing in the hall by encircling their mothers. Laksh was staring Ragini while Ragini focused on her rangoli. A small blushing smile in  her face made Laksh smile broader in the mean while the lead of the day was looking at her in front of a mirror.She slowly caressed her baby bump which was now visually shown as she was in her ninth month. Her face was glown as turmeric multiplied her glowing  while Sindoor in her forehead glittered a bit which made her look  more beautiful. The Strings of Jasmine and Crossandra  adored her braided hair while Kanchevaram red and green mixed silk saree increased her beauty .  A small smile crept in her face while Sanskar adored her beautiful smile. She was looking as a new Swara to him today… Not the same playful swara whom he saw in the past five years. She carefully sat on a chair before dressing table and started to wear the jewelerries. She looked at him through mirror as she felt his gaze on her and raised her eyebrows as questioningly.Sanskar nodded his head negatively and then walked towards her with a smile. He took the mangtikka in his hand and put in her head.

She smiled blushingly while Sanskar started to made her wear all the jewelleries by his hand while Swara looked at him lovingly.Sanskar looked at her eyes while his lips slowly marched towards Swara. He kissed in her forehead while She closed her eyes as she lost herself. Slowly her hand embraced Sanskar in a hug and tilted her head on his hard chest.Both remained in the same position while the time didn’t get noticed by ayone.A door knock disturbed them.Swara broke her hug while Sanskar unwillingly started to walk towards door.Sanskar opened the door .Annu stormed into the room along with Ragini and saw Swara who was ready.“I am worried as we even forgot to make you ready in the work. For the first time, you did a good work Sanskar…”Annu said while taking bad eyes from Swara and put a dark mark under the ear lobe.“Maa…”Sanskar cringed while Annu smiled by seeing Swara’s blushing face and  her son’s  happiness enriched face.Ragini held Swara by her shoulders and made her sit on chair again.“From your maika, This is the  gift…”

Ragini put a small chain with lord krishna’s dollar in Swara’s neck.“This is Sahil’s gift … he bought this to gift  you for your pag phera(maru veedu)…”Ragini continued as she lost in her memories… The six days she spent with her brother… That happy memories she got after a long time of sorrow…Swara stared the chain for a minute then hold Ragini’s hands.“ I always have a belief Rago ka that Our beloved ones never leave us…  From my feelings, I felt that Our choti  loves us a lot… He will remain with us though we can’t recognize him…”Swara’s consoling words made Ragini feel better .“Maa…” Another Voice heard at the room front and he ran towards her and hugged her by her legs.“Sahil..!”A heart warming smile crept in Ragini’s face by seeing her son Sahil. She planted a small kiss on his forehead then cheeks.“Rago beta, I will come with Swara. you can go with Sahil…”Annu said while Ragini just nodded.Ragini and Sahil duo sat in the corner of hall. She started to feed him the special dishes which she made for him while he shared the stories whatever happened in his school. Both laughed and put a sad face together… while Laksh looked at them in a far and slowly walked towards them.Uttara looked the trio once . Her heart ached but she couldn’t do anything. Her mind looked back at random memories.***

The next day AdiUtt left with Sahil,Uttara and Aadi  were feeding Sahil happily  while Sakshi welcomed RagLak.Laksh looked at his sister’s happy face while Ragini smiled by seeing Aadi’s happy face.“Sahil is so cute and smart , Ragini beta… If he stays for more days, he will completely fill the house with happiness…”Sakshi adored while Ragini just gave smile as answer.“Maa… Papa…”Sahil ran towards them . Laksh took him in his hands.Ragini pressed Laksh’s hands gently and then he left with Sahil to the garden.“Rago maa, I finished all the formalities. Wait! I will take the documents…”Aditya said and started to leave.“There is no need of it,Aadi…”Ragini’s voice stopped him in his mid way while Ragini marched towards Uttara.Uttara and Aadi looked at her confusingly. Ragini held Uttara’s hands.“I am giving back what you gave…”Ragini muttered while the confusion in AdiUtt face increased.“your son…”Ragini muttered. There was a long silence occupied the place. Aadi got into reality first.“But he became your son Rago maa… Don’t let the past affect our present now. we are happy without him…”Aadi stopped as Ragini showed her palm.“you can’t lie to me,Aadi… ”Ragini said.“you are also his maa, Rago… I gave him to Lucky whole heartedly… he will be happy with you both “Uttara stammered while Ragini held her hands…“In the past five years, could you spend your time peacefully? You would be spending each and every moment just by worrying about him… just by thinking about him. you are consoling yourself that Sahil would be happy with us… don’t fool yourself, Uttu… And ,I am selfish maa Uttu. I want my Sahil’s happiness .  It will be best for my Sahil, Uttu… I don’t want this past will never become a hurdle in his life… as my Laksh or Aadi!”Ragini said by rekindling the emotions of Uttara and herself  and then left the hall by hiding her tears.Sahil entered into the house by passing Ragini and walked towards Uttara.“Papa said I am having two maa’s like Krishna… Really, Are you also my maa?”Sahil’s question broke Uttara completely and also Ragini… Uttara kneeled and hugged him whereas Ragini ran towards the car. Aadi’s pressed Uttara’s shoulder and hugged the duo while his gaze fixed on Ragini who was leaving by hiding her tears.Laksh kept the car ready to leave once Ragini boarded. The drive went aimless as their mind. Laksh stopped nearby a place where land and  sea meets…. A place which was far away from Kolkata… a place which only they were present…Laksh came out of car and opened the door for Ragini who were lost… The sound of tides didn’t reach her ears while she held Laksh hands and walked with him… Laksh looked at the sea then looked at Ragini.“Sahi!” His word made her head incline towards his shoulder. “Will he forget us?” her words made  his vision root on her face while her eyes rooted on the vast sea.“he may… we may endup as his Mamaji and mami rather than his maa and papa… we may became just relatives…”Laksh stopped as his words became hard for him while Ragini stared his face for a moment.“But, It will be good for all…”Laksh finished his sentence and then stared at the sea… How the tides continuously hit the land because of the waves on the surface of sea though it knows it can’t touch the land for a long time… They stood in the same place while they let the emotional waves to be silenced by consoling each other by their presence without muttering a word…

***“Uttu… where are you lost? Where are the bangles? …”Annu shook Uttara .“Haan maa…”Uttara muttered unconsciously while the reality get into her mind.“Sorry maa… Due to traffic on the way, I got late…”Uttara apologized for her late while giving the glass bangles and two wooden bangles .“Come…Let’s start the function.”Annu said with a smile by lightly patting in Uttara’s shoulders.In Hall, On the top of small rongoli , There was a table with sandalwood powder mixed with water, turmeric,kumkum, rose water and Atchathai(Rice mixed with turmeric). Beside that there was a long vessel like a big tumbler in which paddy  kept fully and on the top of that there was a lamp which needs to be lighted. A stone rolling pin of stone grindstone kept beside the table.Nishu came with Swara while Sanskar looked at Swara from a far while speaking with guests. A smile crept in his face while a smirk appeared in Laksh’s face.“Sanskar bhai…”Laksh tapped on his shoulder.Sanskar returned a glare which Laksh refused to acknowledge.

“I think you should change your kurta…”Laksh murmured in Sanskar’s ears.Sanskar raised his eyebrows then Laksh pointed a kumkum on his kurta and winked his eyes.A Blush shown in Sanskar’s face then he left the place to change his kurta.“Nishu, Light the diya…”Annu said then Nishu light the diya.Annu made her sit on the chair then kept some kozhukattai(dish made up of rice flour) in her moni and tied.“Meenu..!”Annu signed meenu to put the garland on Swara’s neck.“Sanksar..!”Annu called him while he came there hurriedly after changing his kurta.Swara looked at him questioningly while he sat beside her by keeping some distance.“Sanskar!”Annu signed while Sanskar took a pair of gold bangles outside and put it on Swara’s hands.They both smiled while having a small eye lock then Swara looked at earth.“Rago beta…”Annu signed Ragini to start. Annu held Swara’s one hand while Ragini held the another.Slowly,they started to put red and green bangles in her hand and ended with the wooden bangle.

Then, Annu put a sandal mix on Swara’s hands,cheeks and  forehead. she put kumkum on the same. She took the rooling pin and gave it to swara for a moment and then took it back.“Maa, How could swara bear that weight?”Sanskar asked in a low voice which the nearby people only can hear while Annu made him silent just by her eyes then muttered,”she can”.Sanskar sniffed at his mother.Annu blessed by putting the akshatha on her head.Then, other ladies did the same.Lastly, Swara stood without letting her tie down and bended for the blessings for everyone.All the ladies blessed her then Nishu gifted everyone a saree, turmeric ,sindoor,bettle  leaf and bettle seeds.After everyone left, The boys were chitchatting in Dp’s room with Dp while Sanskar , Aadi and Laksh left to be with Swara along with ladies.“Swara, you must be hungry. Wait! I will take lunch for you.”Sanskar said while Swara held his hand.“Today, I want to take it from Laksh’s hands.”Swara said while Sanskar looked at her being surprised as she never took lunch even from ragini’s hands in the recent days.“Won’t you feed me, Laksh?”Swara asked while laksh just nodded being emotional.Ragini gave Laksh a plate which have chitraAnnam(Five varieties of rice) , curries and sweets.Laksh started to fed Swara while she had with a smile.“It’s a custom Sanskar.

On the day of this function, Brother will feed his pregnant sister and  after  take her to his home.”Annu said.“But you chosen to send your sons instead of sending my wife to her maika.”Sanskar said to light the situation .Everyone smiled inlcuding Aadi.Uttara held his hand while he let a smile in assuring manner. Kavya looked at the scenario from the far.“I spelled those words… Those words by not able to withstand that pain… And so, living in the same pain…”Kavya muttered while tears left from her eyes and her lips curved into sarcastically by remembering Dadi’s words.“I am getting  punished for the sins I committed, Laksh… Please forgive me…”Dadi’s pleading when she met Dadi along with ragLak.“Not only you even I am…”Kavya muttered unconsciously while her mind travelled at that day.***“Kavya, Ragini is going to met Dadi tomorrow. Please, be with them.Don’t let any mishap. I don’t know how Laksh will react by seeing her.” Kavya looked at the hospital while Sanskar’s words echoed in her ears.She entered into that hospital along with RagLak.“Sir,Mam… Mrs.Parvathi is in that room…

”Nurse pointed the way then RagLak headed into that way while Sanskar just rooted in the place where he stood as he didn’t want to see the face again.Laksh’s face cringed by seeing Dadi bedridden… His heart reminded the beautiful memories he had with her… while his mind reminded him about all her sins which she committed with his family…Being trapped into an emotional twirl, Laksh looked at Dadi without uttering a word.Dadi’s hand traced to get water jug as her eyes lost the most of the power.Laksh fed her water in an immediate action.“Laksh!”Dadi muttered while touching his palm accidentally while he fed water.“why did you kill my parents?”Ragini’s question made Dadi realize that there were some other people.“I am the same Ragini… the one who lost her parents because of you…”Ragini accused directly while her face shined as fire in her anger.Dadi took a long breathe.“ I was from a powerful family from my village. My Rudra loved a girl named Kumudha… a poor girl… I couldn’t object his love directly. I scared to lose him.

So, I sent my men to kill her. But, she escaped… I sent my men to search her and to kill her… Later, I got to know that she was pregnant and carrying my grandson in her womb… I let her to be alive till she delivered my grandson then I killed her… And, when my mens were kidnapping the baby, they caught by police. My grandson sent to home. At that time, Ram decided to adopt a baby from that home and they adopted my grandson coincidentally. They named him as Amrit. Nearly for 8 years, My rudra didn’t marry anyone. After a long time struggle, I convinced him to marry your mother Kalyani. Everything went smooth until she caught me. Your mother got to know my real face . And I committed another crime. I tried to kill her by pushing her from steps but Amrit saw that. my rudra came out by hearing the sound. I again put a good face mask. Rudra took kalyani to hospital. But he died in accident… My rudra died in a accident while trying to save your mother.”Dadi cried.“I am not asking about your son. I am asking about my parents… The people who trusted you blindly… whom you killed mercilessly for your greed… I am asking about my Appa and Amma…”Ragini roared as she couldn’t control her anger by forgetting for what she came.Sanskar entered inside by hearing her sound while Laksh hold her in his embrace.“ yes,  I killed them because of my greed…

yes… they trusted me blindly. When I lied that Dp or Ram would have killed them for money and business… when I lied that I was staying with maheshwari’s to save my son’s shares… they believed as they trusted me blindly…   I wanted all the properties of maheshwari’s on my grandchildren’s name… I wanted my grandchild to be with me but they were the hurdles… And so, I …”Dadi swallowed the words. “Why did you kill Suji maa and Ram chachu?”Sanskar asked.“Ram saw Amrit being alive. I was scared that my truth would come out. So, I killed Ram then sujatha. “Dadi accepted her crimes.“Why did you kill my Sahil? What is the mistake he had done?”Ragini asked.“I didn’t aim him at that day. I aimed for Kavya… but he lost his life…”Dadi’s answer made everyone shock except Kavya.“Greed … isn’t it?”Kavya asked in a sarcastic yet in a deep tone.Dadi kept her head down though she couldn’t see anyone properly… May be Guilt…“You first killed your son’s love… just because that girl he loved was belong to poor family… then his wife… then others… you did everything for your greed… selfishness… you wanted your grandchildren just  to claim properties on their name and So, you can enjoy the power which that maney would give you.

”Kavya blamed her.“I am getting  punished for the sins I committed, Laksh… Please forgive me… This guilt and loneliness are killing me ,Laksh”Dadi pleaded.Laksh face turned light.“I forgive you dadi for whatever you did with me…”Laksh muttered .“But Not what you did with Sanky bhai , Uttu and Ammu bhai… I can’t forgive you… never… Atone your sins by giving your life to guilt and loneliness… Accept the pain which will drain you slowly as leeches…”Laksh said in a hard tone and started to leave while others followed him.“you destroyed everyone once by your greed for your revenge… Now greed for power…”Kavya said to herself by seeing Dadi.***Kavya was walking towards the guest house which was completely hid by concrete walls . She saw a small door to enter into guest house.Kavya entered into the guest house and put the switch on. The place was very clean and she entered into Sahil’s room.She walked towards Sahil’s photo and caressed it slowly. Her vision fallen on a note book which was kept under Sahil’s photo.She opened the note book and started to read.“ Nermai sollum iru vizhigal…

(The eyes tells her  honesty)Anburaikum aval ithazhgal…(The lips which always spreads love)Neenjin baaram kuraikum Aval punsiripu…(The smile which reduces my heart burden(sadness))Kadhala Mayakama kuzhapathil naan…( is this love or infatuation. I am in a confusion)Kadhaluku ithu vayathillai Uraikirathu Kadamai…(it’s not age for love says responsibilty)Aval Kadhalukuka uriyavanavano ketkirathu manam…(will I became her love asks my heart)Unarvin suzhalil tharkuriyai naan…( in the swirl of emotions, I am being here as clueless)Yeninum…(though)Ondruaikirathu  manam Avalandri Nanillai…(I am not without her says my heart) Ithuthan Kadhalo? (is it love?)“Kavya closed the note book being not able to continue further…“Kavya…”A Surprised voice made her turn.“Rago di…”Kavya muttered “what are you doing here? Sakshi aunty might have search you” Ragini said while putting oil in a lamp which kept before Sahil’s photo.She noticed the note in Kavya’s hands. “Will you come here often?”Kavya asked while ragini nodded.“In this place, I am feeling his vibes… I will come here whenever It’s possible… Swara shouldn’t see this house atleast until her delivery…”Ragini said by lighting the diya.“Did he love a girl?”Kavya asked hesitantly.

“hmm…He loved a girl very much. He even didn’t tell me regarding that.”Ragini said.“But in his letters, I can see his his love for her… Like how you hid your love in your heart, he also hid his love for you in his heart and left us even without telling…”Ragini said in a regretting tone.“Don’t be in past itself,Kavya… don’t destroy your life. even, Sahil wouldn’t accept that. For the sake of his love, start a new life Kavya…  he wish your happiness not self destruction.”Ragini expressed her wish.“I know where my path is heading towards Rago di… And today, I am very happy. I won’t destroy my life because it’s owned by my Sahil. Can I ask a wish?”Kavya ended in a pleading tone.Ragini just nodded her head.“A day when Aadi bhai  will need you a lot… From that day, you have to stand with Aadi bhai not only as his Rago maa… as also his sister…”Kavya said.“I will, Kavya… But…”Ragini tried to understand Kavya.“I will start a new life, Rago di…”Kavya gave a smile and then left the room.Soon, The relatives were left then Amrit left along with his family and uttara also.The sun set in the west while the moon started to rise.In Ap and Dp’s room,“Durga ji, Laksh wants your full approval and blessings for his new restaurant…”Annu said.“He is not understanding. Why not, you annu?”Dp said being annoyed.

“ I earned everything for our sons. Then, why did he so craves for struggle? If he want to do, take our hotel business and develop it”Dp continued.Annu let a smile out.“Durga ji, you know about Laksh. He is just like you. He adopted your characterizations also. The way you wanted to stand up on your hard work, he wants to do same.”Annu said while Dp sighed.“. Even he fails for the first time, he know how to stand up. Moreover, such a situation will never raise… Trust him Durga ji. He needs our  support mentally…”Annu said.Dp nodded his head by thinking about Annu’s words.In RagLak’s room,Sathya was sleeping on the bed while Laksh was working on a paper.Ragini took his specs from his eyes.“Sahi!”Laksh cringed and then closed his file.Ragini pointed the time while Laksh held his ears as sorry.Ragini smiled while Laksh pulled her towards him. Ragini bumped on his chest and then punched lightly.Laksh gave her the paper which shocked her.“What is this, Laksh?”Ragini asked being shocked.“Plans to meet secretly”Laksh said casually.Ragini looked at him being wondered.“how did you think that I can be in Uttara’s house for a week that too without seeing my Sahi?”Laksh nuzzled his nose on her nose tip.“Have Shame Mr.Maheshwari! You are father of two kids that too on 5 and 6 year old.”Ragini said in a low voice to not disturb Sathya’s sleep.“Even if I am father of five kids, I won’t feel shame for romancing with my wife.”Laksh muttered on her ears for which she started to blush.Sathya moved in sleep which attracted both of their attention.Laksh started to walk towards Sathya while Ragini hold him by his vest collars and pressed her lips hardly on Laksh’s lips. Their kiss went deeper and both parted after few minutes.“Be happy with this kiss for a week…”Ragini smirked at him and  then lay besides Sathya.Laksh lays on the other side of sathya .“you are playing with my emotions Sahi. That’s never be good.”Laksh sighed while Sathya cringed by hearing sound.Ragini signed him to be silent and sleep while Laksh huffed.A small smile kept in Ragini’s face in her sleep as being satisfied by teasing her husband.Laksh turned in sleep as he couldn’t sleep.“After snatching  my sleep, how peacefully you are sleeping…”Laksh muttered to himself while he forgot himself in the peaceful face of Ragini.“Good night,Sahi” he wished with a smile to sleeping Ragini and started to sleep by keeping his son on his chest and making his love lean on his shoulder.“Good night,Sahil”He wished by closing his eyes slowly drifted into sleep.


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