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Episode 41:
Swara and Sanskar was standing before MM after a long time.
Sanskar looked at his house emotionally while Swara looked at him questioningly.
“whose house it is ,Sanskar?”Swara asked by holding Sanskar’s hands.
“it’s our house,Swara.”Sanskar said while looking at the MM.
Swara looked at him questioningly.
“We did love marriage and expelled out of my house. you got into accident on the next day of our marriage and lost your memory.So, you don’t remember about my family. now, my maa is ready to take us back to home.”Sanskar said by lying half of his statement.
Swara hold Sanskar’s hand tightly then placed her head on his shoulder.
Both lost themselves in their embrace for a moment as they both need.
“Sanskar…”Aman screeched by seeing Sanskar at the entrance.
Soon, Everyone came by hearing Aman’s sound while Aman hugged Sanskar by bumping into him.
“Aman…”Sanskar hugged him back while Nishu and Ap came there with Aarti plate.
Ap took the Aarti to Swasan then Swasan entered MM.
“Maa…”Sanskar hugged Ap and Dp while Ap hid her tears from Sasnkar and parted.
“Go and take rest…I will make something for you…”Ap said.

Swara tried to bend for taking blessings from Ap and Dp then Ap stopped her in middle.
Swara looked at her bit shockingly then Ap caressed her head,”you shouldn’t bend during pregnancy,Swara. and our blessings is always with you”
“Swara, come .I will take you to Sanskar’s room. You are looking so tired.”Nishu said.
Swara just nodded and glanced about everyone’s concern for her .
“Bhai…”Uttara muttered and slowly walked towards him.
Sanskar lightly hugged her.
“Soon, everything will be fine in your life,Uttu.”Sanskar thought.
“Kavya is in Aditya’s mansion,Uttu.”Sanskar said.
“Are Lucky and Sahil also in kolkatta?”Uttara asked eagerly.
Sanskar nodded no.”They are with Ragini…”
Uttara looked at Sanskar horrified by his answer.
“Still, she don’t know the truth…”Sanskar added.
“no…”Uttara muttered as some of the past moments flashed in her mind.
Uttara took the car key and left MM while Sanskar signed everyone not to stop her.
“Sanskar…”Ap stressed and looked at him questioningly.
“She can’t live like this for her whole life maa… Now she has to decide…”Sanskar justified and went to his room.
In Aditya’s Kolkata Mansion,
Aditya was sleeping on a bed while Rajnath Singhania was sitting beside him and staring Aditya’s face.
A Layer of guilt was forming inside his heart.
“Papa…”Kavya touched his shoulder.
“I used to see him as energetic and always joyful. Even when I refused him, he didn’t stop to smile. I don’t know Kavya why I couldn’t see him like this. I feel like I am also responsible for his state.”Rajnath said.
“you are also one of the reason, Papa. You adopted bhai for maa’s happiness. When you both got me, you abandoned bhai literally. At that time, he was also small. I have seen him papa a lot of days, he craved for maa’s concern and your’s appreciation until he knew the truth. But , he never expressed. You might justify yourself by telling that you gave him money and education. But it’s not life papa. you and maa both sow a craving of love in his heart and thinking that only blood related person can give the true love. He started to search love and finally, you are seeing his state.”Kavya said.

“you are making me feel more guilty,Kavya”Rajnath said.
“no papa. I am just telling the truth.”Kavya said.
Rajnath left Aditya’s house then Uttara entered.
“Kavya…”Uttara entered angrily and stucked at her memories which she had with that house… her moments with Ragini and Aditya.
“bhabhi…”Kavya came with a smile in her face. The smile and the pain of memories resulted as anger in Uttara’s mind.
Uttara looked at Kavya angrily.”why did you do that Kavya? How could you send Laksh with ragini?”
“Isn’t Ragini wife of Laksh?”Kavya asked.
“wife…(Smiled sarcastically) where did she go by leaving my bhai to struggle for his life? yes… I know she don’t know the truth. But , How could she leave my lucky? Don’t she know how much he loves her? Don’t she know he can’t live without her? Even after knowing all this, she left my bhai Kavya… she sent him near to death. You can’t understand the pain kavya when doctor said your bhai could die at any time because of internal organ failure. I spend my days in that hospital just to see my bhai to be cured and perfect. but, what happened? He got trapped in his own memories and living in a puzzled life. I accept that I am obliged to you that you lied to Laksh that you were his wife when he searched about his Sahi. After that you supported him in all the ways you can, but it doesn’t mean you can again put his life at stake”Uttara shouted.
Kavya looked at her calmly.
“Bhabhi, I know how much you love your bhai. even you did whatever a mother can never do. you sacrified your rights on Sahil.”Kavya stopped and looked at Uttara’s face.
In a hospital bed,
Uttara was laying on the bed while Amrit entered her ward.
“Uttu, we need to abort the child. It will risk your life.”Amrit said .
“no Ammu bhai… he has to born… to hold my Lucky’s hands”Uttara said.
“Uttara…”Amrit muttered shockingly.
“Ragini left him…Maa sent Sanskar away from all of us. Kavya’s lie may comeout at any time .My life…(Smiles )… who will be with Lucky, Ammu bhai? he also needs someone who will be with him in his life… my son will be the one. Even in delivery if I am alive by chance, tell my family that baby is also dead and send my baby to Lucky. He will be my baby’s maa.. papa.. and everyone”Uttara said by caressing her baby bump.

“you did everything for your bhai. Then , what about Ragini? she also loved her choti… about her pain, I don’t want to say. You witnessed her pain. but you can’t understand the pain of witnessing own bhai’s death. She witnessed my Sahil’s last struggles for his life… she witnessed his death… How much devastated she could be? Yes, she left lucky just because she can’t lose anyone more in her revenge. She left Lucky just being scared to lose him forever, bhabhi. Do you think is that easy for her to leave her sister and husband? but she did just for their safety… she left her revenge which burnt her everyday. Now, without knowing the truth completely, she came back just for her Laksh… she can cure Laksh,Bhabhi… “Kavya said.
Uttara looked at her spell bounded being stucked between the game of hate and love.
“Kavya, why did you lie to Lucky that you are his wife? What is this game,Kavya?”Uttara stressed her tone.
“Bhabhi, Laksh can’t live without his sahi. And, I am doing for my love.”Kavya said by holding Uttara’s palms under hands palms.
“Don’t you love my Lucky?”Uttara asked.
“no bhabhi. I can’t. because I love my Sahil…(wiped her tears) he wanted to unite Ragini and Laksh. He wished to see his sisters happy life. I did everything just to fulfil his wishes, bhabhi. And, I don’t want to you lose Aadi bhai , Bhabhi. He was in deep guilt to leave you… for separating Ragini and Laksh…”Kavya stopped as Uttara was looking her questioningly
“He addicted to drugs. When ragini noticed about it, time had been crossed bhabhi. It’s your decision to save his life or let him die.”kavya said and started to leave the mansion.
Uttara stepped up on the stairs and entered their room.
“Aadi…”Uttara said emotionally by seeing his state and slowly walked towards him. Her hands started to tremble first then she hugged Aadi tightly.
“uttu…”Aadi said in a half conscious state.
Uttara hugged him more tighter.
Aadi’s phone started to ring with Ragini’s name.
“Hello…”Uttara said.
“Uttu…”Ragini said bit emotionally.
“Don’t break my trust again,Rago …”Uttara said , cut the call and closed her eyes tightly.
On another hand,
In Ooty,
Laksh was standing before the house where he started his life with Ragini.
“Maa…”Sahil pulled Ragini’s saree pallu.
“with whom you are speaking? Is it Kavya?”Sahil asked.
Ragini nodded no while Sahil pouted sadly.
“maa, whose house it is?”Sathya asked.
“it’s our house,Sathya…”Ragini said while opening the door.
Ragini held Laksh’s hands while Laksh looked at her eyes.
Both entered into the house by keeping their right leg…
Laksh took a glance of the house .
“Sathu…Sahil… come, I will change your clothes. “Ragini said and took Sathya and Sahil with her.
After half an hour,
She came out by calling Laksh.

“where is he? Wait! I will check in terrace first”Ragini thought and went to terrace.
Laksh was standing by crossing his arms and staring the nearby farms.
“Laksh, what are you doing here that too without Shawl or sweater? You will get cold”Ragini said while taking her shawl but Laksh stopped her in middle.
“I am not feeling that much cold,Ragini. Actually, I wanted to discuss about …”Laksh stopped as Ragini interrupted.
“you don’t know about our love life completely.. .why we got separated… but the past is not needed, Laksh . leave our past,Laksh. we will start a new life… with some of our beautiful past moments. In this house, you may remember our past moments… don’t restrain yourself from past. Let it to take you and I will help you to connect the dots.”Ragini said while embracing him with the shawl.
“And call me Sahi”Ragini murmured in Laksh’s ears and parted by seeing nervousness in laksh’s face because of their closeness.
“ Sahi …(smiles by getting a flash about Ragini)… My Sahi was bit naïve and shy girl… but you are completely different Ragini… you are bold and confident which I always wanted to see in my Sahi’s eyes…”Laksh answered with a smile.
Ragini stared at laksh’s smiling face.
“How much problems I had… I have… your presence it’s enough to make me smile,Sahi…”Laksh words ringed in Ragini’s ears.
“you changed me , Laksh… The education you gave me… The way you supported me and our family… The thoughts which you sow inside me… it’s happened, laksh… I transformed myself from a shy, playful and naïve girl to the one which I am now…”Ragini replied with a smile.
Laksh yawned as he was tired because of travelling.
“you must be also tired,Ragini. take some rest first”laksh said while Ragini eyes frozen at her maternal home.
She looked at the garden where she played with Sahil and spent most of the time with him and swara.
“Ragini..”Laksh called her name once again.
He hesitated to touch her then touched her to get into reality.
“Ragini, come and take rest.”Laksh said while Ragini observed his hesitation.
“Laksh, we are husband and wife. Why are you hesitating?”Ragini asked.
“The Sahi whom I know.. whom I love still, you are completely different from her Ragini. I am here to get my full memory. When I am seeing you, I am feeling something so special about you in my life. but I don’t know it’s love or not. I don’t know what will be it’s future when I get my memory back completely…”Laksh stopped as Ragini put her fingers on Laksh’s lips.
“Nothing will happen Laksh. May be the place can change but we will be together, purusha with our Sathya and Sahil. Never ever think about our separation again.”Ragini said and their closeness made Laksh nod automatically.

Ragini let a satisfactory smile in her face and turned to go inside.
“why did her closeness affecting me? Sahi, whom I loved and ragini, whom I see, they are totally different.Then, how did she control me? From my memory, I love my sahi a lot and reason to leave her also should be big. What if my past affect my sahil’s and Sathya’s life?”Laksh got into confusion.
“Laksh…”Ragini called him from down.
“I am coming Sahi…”Laksh said without realizing and then face palmed himself.
“what is happening with you,Laksh?”Laksh asked himself by pointing his finger on his face.
“Laksh…”Ragini called him for second time.
“wife is meant to control husband… it’s true…”Laksh said and walked downside.
“why is she smiling suddenly?”Laksh thought by seeing Ragini’s face and looked at the direction where she stares.
Sathya and Sahil were sleeping while Sathya held Sahil hands protectively.
Laksh also smiled by seeing that.
Laksh lay beside Sathya while Ragini lay beside Sahil, hugged them and slowly lost themselves in sleep.
In MM,
Swara was thinking about Maheshwari’s concern towards her while she felt someone gaze on her. Sanskar was cooking specially for her in his dreams as he was sleeping.
She looked at Door but there was no one. She saw the little foot nearby door.
Swara walked towards the door and saw Suji who was looking for her from door.
Swara kneeled beside Suji.
“who are you?”Swara asked in a low voice.
“Are you my chachi?”Suji asked.
Swara remembered about meeting Nishu and Aman in the morning.
Swara nodded,”why didn’t you come inside?”
“My maa said not to disturb you…”Suji said cutely.
“Cute girl…”Swara thought.
“Let’s go to kitchen…”Swara said .
“ I am going to play…”Suji said and ran from the place.
Swara walked towards kitchen .
Nishu was amused to see Swara there as Ap.
“Atha maa, Can I help you in cooking?”Swara asked hesitatingly.
Ap understood Swara as Sanskar already informed about the lie.
“Come,Swara, cut these onions. Before that drink this juice.”Ap said by giving an apple juice to her.
“Suji is very cute bhabhi”Swara complimented.
“When you know about her, you won’t say the same. I don’t know what she is doing now”Nishu said.
“She said that she was going to play…”Swara said while a big sound heard in garden… crackers…
“She was playing with crackers…”Ap and Nishu said in a union while Swara also looking tensed.
“Swara, don’t panic and be here. We will see about her.”Ap said by reminding her state and left.
After few minutes,Swara went outside by hearing Nishu’s sound.
Nishu was scolding Suji while Swara left a relaxed breath by seeing Suji safe.
“Oh! Cooking…”Swara thought and walked towards kitchen.

She saw the dal which was boiling in a vessel and started to cook without realizing.
Ap came back and surprised to see Swara completed the work.
“It’s very tasty,Swara…”Ap complimented by tasting the food.
Swara got into reality by hearing Ap’s words.
“Am I cooked? Is it tasty?”Swara asked.
“It’s really tasty,Swara…”Ap said.
“Atha maa, can you please say once again?”Swara said.
“It’s really tasty,Swara…”Ap repeated.
“It’s really tasty swara..”Ap’s voice sounded from Swara’s mobile.
“Athamaa, I will come soon..”Swara said and walked fastly towards their room .
“Swara, be slow and careful..”Ap said and smiled by seeing Swara’s happy face.
In Swasan’s room,
Swara was shaking Sanskar to make him woke up.
“Sanskar, do you know I cooked?”Swara said which made Sanskar woke up with jerk.
“did you burnt the kitchen again?”Sanskar asked with horrified face.
Swara made a sad face .
“It’s really tasty…”Ap’s voice came from phone.
“Swara…”Sanskar tried to held her hands while she moved suddenly.
“Sanskar…”Aman entered at that time.
“Bhaiya, you will speak to Sanskar. I will come…”Swara said and left the room.
She saw Nishu came out of a room and went there.
“Suji…”Swara said while entering the room.
Suji looked at Swara with a sad face.
“Did maa scold a lot?”Swara asked.
“I didn’t do any thing wrong. it was looking like a small cracker. But when I lit, it exploded and made a big sound to get me scolding from maa…”Suji said while her expressed her words.
“Maa just worried about you Suji.She loves you a lot. If you want to burn crackers, let me know. I will be with you. do you know I love burning crackers…”Swara said and her face become sad by remembering Sanskar’s answer.
“why did you suddenly become sad? Did anyone scold you?”Suji asked .
Swara nodded no.
“then what happened?”Suji asked.
Swara told what Sanskar asked her.
“But why did chachu said like that?”Suji asked.
“Actually one time, I tried to cook. But I forget I put vessel inside micro wave oven while seeing tom and jerry. And…”Swara stopped.
“And…”Suji asked.
“Kitchen was burnt totally…”Swara said while putting her head down.
“even I forget to do homework while seeing dora”Suji said.
“hmm.. but it doesn’t mean I will repeat my mistake again… I am not going to speak with your chahcu for the full day…”Swara declared her decision.
“Come… let’s go for lunch…”Swara said and held Suji’s hands.
Both come out of their room and heard Nishu’s scolding for Aman for handling crackers carelessly inside house.
“why do maa scolding papa?”Suji asked.
“I don’t know..”Swara shrugged and both came to hall.
Dp,Ap and everyone gathered in hall while Swara was so busy in ignoring Sanskar.
“Annu, who cook today? Food was very tasty”Dp said while Swara looked at Sanskar.
Sanskar pleaded through his eyes but Swara ignored him.
“Swara only…”Ap said.
“it’s superb Swara beta…”Dp said a open compliment.
Swara smiled.
“Actually mama, I don’t know cooking even I don’t how I cooked this much tastily. May be I forget my cooking skills in my accident”Swara said.
“Swara, our skills wont fade away easily. How you did cooking today, you will cook tastily soon. I will help you”Nishu said while Swara smiled at her.
Ap stopped eating and lost in her own world.
“Maa…”Aman called Ap and Ap got into real world.
After lunch, everyone dispersed to their work .Sanskar saw Suji who was staring at him.
“So Little anjel, won’t you speak with your chachu?”Sanskar asked and kneeled beside Suji as Suji turned her face by seeing him.
“I won’t until my friend speaks with you”Suji replied.
Sanskar looked at her confused.
“Swara chachi is my friend…”Suji said.
“your friend will forgive me soon…”Sanskar said and winked at Swara.
Swara first become bit nervous then she again started to ignore him.
“Suji, come with me. we are having a lot to do.”Swara said with a bit attitude.
“what do we do, now?”Suji asked.
“we will see tom and jerry…”Swara whispered in suji’s ears.
“Tom and jerry”Suji screamed in happiness and dragged Swara with her while Swara raised her head to see Sanskar’s reaction.
Sanskar tried to not Laugh.
“Already, he was treating me like small kid. Now, my image… total damage…”Swara thought and left with suji to see tom and jerry.
Sanskar turned towards Aman who was getting ready to go office .
“Aman, I booked three tickets for you. It’s a evening show .”Sanskar said.
Aman looked at Sanskar surprisingly.
“what is the matter,Sanskar?”Aman asked by raising his eye brow.
“nothing Aman. I just thought to help you…”Sanskar said .
Aman let out a smirk.
“Thought to help me.. or… to reduce Swara’s anger alone in the house…”Aman asked.
Sanskar punched on his chest playfully.
“Still, I accept your help brother…”Aman patted Sanskar’s shoulder and left.
In Ap and Dp’s room,
Ap was walking in cross .
“Annu, what happened to you?”Dp asked.
“not only skills, even memory won’t fade away easily. What will happen if Swara remember her past?”Annu let out her fear .
“only by pointing that, you made them both far away from this house for all these years,Annu. Now, even Swara needs you.”Dp said.
“I don’t know what I have to do now,durga ji”Ap said.
“Leave it to time,Annu… and Enjoy your present. Soon, Our Sanskar is going to be a father.”Dp said.
In Ooty,
Laksh woke up first and smiled by seeing Ragini’s peaceful face while his stomach growled by distracting him.
“My tummy… first I will give some to you…”laksh said himself and went to kitchen.
Laksh saw some apples, dates and honey which he took in a bag.
Laksh cut the apples and dates into small pieces and poured honey over the fruits.
“Purusha…”Ragini said.

Without realizing,Laksh hold her by her hip ,lift her and made her sit on the slab.
“Let’s eat,Sahi…”laksh took spoon near to her mouth with fruits and frozen by getting to know what he did.
Ragini herself ate it from spoon and took spoon from Laksh’s hands.
“It’s yummy,Purusha. I can definitely say you improved a lot in cooking.”Ragini said and fed him.
Laksh looked at Ragini with a mouth full of fruits which she fed.
“what are you staring at me ,Purusha?”Ragini snapped her fingers.
Laksh started to leave while Ragini hold his hand tightly.
“Have this laksh… we have to go for purchasing. Here, so many people know about you but not completely. I will tell you about them. ”Ragini said and started to leave by hiding her tears.
Laksh felt a strong urge inside to hug her but he constrained himself.
Laksh looked at the salad while his mind and heart started to fight.
“Sahi…”Laksh spelled which made Ragini stop in her way.
“let’s finish the salad, then we will go…”Laksh said by taking the spoon near to Ragini’s mouth.
Ragini smiled while her tears came out.
Laksh wiped her tears while he felt a sharp pain by seeing her tears as he knows he was the reason for her tears then Ragini wiped his tears.
Laksh puzzled by observing tearfall from his eyes.
“I am finished,Purusha. I will make ready Sahil and Sathya…”Ragini said and got inside.
Laksh held his head in frustration then called Kavya.
“How are you ,laksh?”Kavya asked.
“I am not fine,Kavya. I am scared deep inside of my heart to lose her again. because of that , I am scared to be close to her again.”Laksh said.
“What made you think like that,Laksh?”Kavya asked.
“Though I told her that the sahi whom I know and she, were different. But the truth , I feel the same. I couldn’t control my feelings towards her. I couldn’t stop myself thinking about our separation. If we love this much in our life, then the reason for our separation also should be the bigger one,Kavya. I am scared that the reason will again separate us… I am scared to lose her and my son again …I am scared that my sahil would hurt in this,Kavya. But , I am hurting her by constraining myself from her. I can’t see her being hurt. It’s like a hell to me,kavya .I don’t know what to do.”Laksh said on the phone while Ragini heard it accidentally.
“Sorry laksh, I can’t interfere as it’s husband-wife’s matter. But I can say only one thing being a friend to you, Trust your love. It will show you the way”Kavya said and cut the call.
“why did I accept to meet her for my selfish reason… now even I am messing up her life with me…”Laksh thought.
Ragini went inside their room while Laksh’s words ringed in her mind.
“maa…”Sathya woke up and called her while Sahil woke up next.
“Papa…”Sahil started to search laksh through his eyes.
“Sahil..Sathya… come with me. I will make you both ready…we will roam around this place…”Ragini said and then take them with her to make them ready.
Laksh entered their room while Sathya ran and hold Laksh’s hand.
“Papa…”Sathya said happily then Sahil pushed him a little and hugged laksh by his legs.
Laksh hugged Sahil by one his hand while his another hand extended to sathya.
Ragini looked at Sathya’s sad and shocked face then Sahil’s face. Sahil broke the hug and ran out of room then Sathya ran behind him.
In MM,
“where is everyone?”Swara thought while roaming around the full house.
Swara stopped before her room.
“Swara, you shouldn’t talk with Sanskar today.how could he ask me like that? I did that mistake only one time.”Swara lost in her thought.
Swara felt someone lifting her.
“Hey Sanskar.. leave me…”Swara hit in his chest while Sanskar laughed and kicked the room door to open,which irked her.
Swara kept silent but tightly gripped on Sanskar’s t-shirt by seeing darkness in the room.
Swara saw the candles lit inside the room which spreaded mild light inside the room.
Sanskar made her stand properly and hugged her from backside.
“itne gussa tumari pathi se?”Sanskar asked in a playful tone.
“yes, I’m anger on you… that too this much…”Swara said and turned herself in Sanskar’s embrace.
Sanskar lost himself for a moment when Swara’s hair slapped on his face then looked at Swara lovingly.
“why are you looking at me like this?”Swara asked while blushing then looked at his eyes.
Sanskar tried to hug her while her baby bump stopped him.
Swara turned and locked herself in Sanskar’s embrace.
“Have you forgiven me?”Sanskar asked.
“Yeah yeah… but if you repeat it, I will give you worst punishment…”Swara said in a threatening voice which only made Sanskar’s smile.
“what is he having in his eyes?whenever I see his eyes, I forget my anger…”Swara thought.
Sanskar back hugged her again while Swara felt that her baby was kicking.
“Sanskar..!”Swara widen her eyes while Sanskar also felt the baby kick .
The baby kicked again which made Swara and Sanskar look at each other eyes in happiness.
“See Sanskar, My son is kicking…”Swara said.

“no it’s my daughter…”Sanskar said while Swara glared him.
“why are you so obsessed with son?How could you know it’s a son?”Sanskar asked.
“Because I want a son who loves me a lot as his father…”Swara said and turned as she was blushing.
“And I am his mother.. I know,Sanskar… I can feel…”Swara said while caressing her baby bump.
Sanskar looked at Swara bit emotionally .
“Even, I want a daughter who loves his father a lot as his mother”Sanskar said.
Swara smiled a bit mischief and looked at Sky.
“hey parandhama… I leave this case to you… I hope you would give us a correct judgement and grant my wish… Otherwise, I will steal all the ladoo’s which athamaa keep it as bhog. Don’t you know it’s very sweet… I fall for it within one bite…”Swara said dramatically which made Sanskar burst into laughter.
“He is not like your husband who can get scared by your threatening…”Sanskar said which made Swara pout.
Sanskar walked towards her and hugged her .
“don’t you know you are looking so cute when you are angry?”Sanskar teased but Swara rested her head on Sanskar’s shoulder.
“Many times, I get a dream Sanskar… I am living in a house which have beautiful couple as my parents who loves me and each other a lot… where I am having a sister who loves me … a jeju who cares for me as my father do… a brother who always dares me and fights with me…but inside he worries for me and loves me a lot…May be I dreamt about our house,Sanskar. Athamaa and Mamaji loves us and each other a lot… Nishu bhabhi loves me like my sister… I don’t know that much about Aman bhai… but, I can feel his concern for me… I am missing that brother only… but don’t worry, once your brother cured and comeback to our family, I will make him as my brother also… ”Swara ended with a smile while Sanskar observed her longing for her family which he never can’t give…
The fear which he got before four years freshened up again…
“Some memories never fade away as the love …” Sanskar thought.
“I did wrong by taking you here… The place which reminds your painful memories forever … I risked your life to save my family’s life… what can I do, now?”Sanskar puzzled as his soul brother Laksh.
“Sanskar, I am hungry… give me something to eat”Swara said.
Sanskar pushed his thoughts aside and held Swara hands to take her to balcony.
In the balcony,
Sanskar fed Swara while she was just enjoying her husband’s love. Her vision fallen on the direction of out house which was completely hidden by concrete walls from all the side.
“what are you looking at there,Swara?”Sanskar asked by hiding his tension.
“There should be some house,Sanskar. I feel like…”Swara stopped as Sanskar interrupted.
“Arre Swara… we are here for the first time . don’t think too much with your little brain “Sanskar tapped on Swara’s head which made Swara pout and divert from her thinking.
“If I am little brain, you have little little little brain”Swara said with bit anger and got inside.
The lines started to show in Sanskar’s forehead and looked at the direction of outhouse.
“I will never let you to get back your memory,Swara… I can’t see your pain…”Sanskar said to himself in a promising tone.
In Ooty,
Sahil was sitting in the garden while Sathya was sitting beside him.
“Arre Sahil, why are you crying?”Sathya asked as Sahil was crying for the past 15 minutes.
“I pushed you,bhaiyu. you might be hurt… I am a bad brother… ”Sahil said while weeping.
“oh! Chotu, see I am not hurt… you are sweet chotu… now stop crying…”Sathya tried to pacify while Ragini sat beside Sahil.
“Sahil…”Ragini said and made him sat on her lap.
“why did you push your bhaiyu?”Ragini asked.
“He held my papa’s hand… only I can hold his hand”Sahil replied with possessiveness which reminded Ragini about her brother.
A smile played in ragini’s face because of the memories she shared with her brother.
“who is sathya to you?”Ragini asked.
“my bhaiyu”Sahil answered.
“Since, he is your brother… can’t your bhaiyu hold his papa’s hands?”Ragini asked.
“he can…”Sahil said half-heartedly.
“ok, we will do onething. Which hand you hold mostly this or that?”Ragini asked by showing her hands.
Sahil chosen left hand.
“Ok, you can hold left hand while since he is your bhaiyu, he can hold right hand. The same applies with me “Ragini said while Sahil and Sathya smiled broadly.
“ok now go and take your papa out for going outside”Ragini said.
Sathya and Sahil kissed Ragini cheeks and ran inside.
Laksh was rooted where he stood… Sahil’s scared and sad face frozen in his eyes… The insecurity which he observed from Sahil’s today… Sahil’s fear to not lose his rights on his father…
“Papa…”Two happy voices made him to get back to real world.
“Sahil…”laksh muttered and hugged Sahil after kneeling down.
Sahil broke the hug and held Laksh’s hand with his little hand while Sathya held Laksh’s another hand.
“Papa… let’s go…”Sathya and Sahil said in unison while Laksh just nodded and stood.
Laksh glanced at Sahil’s happy face while Ragini pressed his shoulder supportively.
“he is my life,Ragini… thanks…”Laksh said while Ragini observed the depth of it’s meaning.
For the first time, the change in Laksh… the change in their relationship … Ragini observed…
To be continued…

Precap: The Past and a Play

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  5. Chandana_hari

    Nooo words…tooo gud…but sad about lukky and ragini…plzzzz make some miracle and get happiness in their life..don’t u feel they suffered soo much hardships already…plzz bala show some mercy on my raglak…any wayy…I always admire ur writings…keeeepppp gggoooiiinnngggg

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  7. I am hating uttare she is only concern about lakshya n her own pain but in reality ragini and Aditya are the one who suffer so so much.adi didn’t have his family from start n then revenge game n now his wife is away from him b ragu lost shekhar shomi sahil n swara is also away from her n lakshya too n aadi’s condition has become very bad. Like lakshya-sahil share a great bond please show in future aadi-sathya strong bond.n please don’t show that lakshya s 1st priority as sahil or someone else it should be ragini always its my request.

    1. Here lakshya is only concern about sahil then what about sathya yar I don’t like it at all he is ignoring sathya and ragini please please dont show like that yar ragini already suffer so much n now showing lakshya’s priorities to others it must be hurting her please don’t show like that make lakshya work hard for ragini’s love he just can’t get her easily n make him realise ragu as his life n 1st priority its enough dear how much ragu has to suffer its beyond limits.

  8. Cute as always yaar… I hv a habit of imagining the situations when I read… i hv to say as I read it is very nice to imagine such scenes it’s very cute… waiting for the next1

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