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Episode 40:
In Newyork,
Ragini entered her Mansion while a small voice welcomed her.
“Maa…”A 6 year old boy hugged her legs while Ragini bend and took him in her hands.
“Oh Sathu…”Ragini swinged him while Sathya giggled.
Ragini made him stand in floor .
“come, Are you ready to go India?”Ragini asked while Sathya nodded happily.
“maa, can we going to stay in India forever?”Sathya asked.
“hmm… we are going to meet your Appa… Chithi(Maasi)… we are going to live with them”Ragini said while maids came with packed luggages.
“Appa…”Sathya asked while his eyes widened in happiness.
Ragini nodded with smile while Sathya again hugged her.
“will he take me to playground? Will he play with me? will he drop me in school as Tom’s dad?”Sathya asked.
Ragini looked at Sathya while a small guilt formed in her heart.
“Tell our Son Sahi that his Papa loves him a lot…”Laksh voice ringed in her mind which multiplied her guilt.
“he will do everything for his prince. Because Prince’s papa loves him a lot…”Ragini said.
“Then,why didn’t he come to meet me once?”Sathya asked.
“Your papa loves you a lot ,Sathu …It’s my mistake,Sathu… I separated you both ”Ragini thought.
“Maa…”Sathya pulled her dress by seeing her lost.
“Your Papa loves you a lot ,Sathu. Just always remember this. Ok…! I will explain you after some time. Come, I will make you ready first”Ragini said while Sathya nodded.
Soon, They got ready and left to airport.
In Airport,
“Maa, don’t Aadi come with us?”Sathya said and tapped his head himself.
Ragini give him a small glare and then smiled by seeing his antics.
“Maa, Can’t I call my friend by his name ? Oh my god!”Sathya said dramatically.
Ragini twitched his ear lightly .
“He is your mama! Remember that also. you and your Aadi will never change…”Ragini sighed while Sathya smiled.
Ragini’s phone ringed with Aadi’s name.
“Hello”Ragini said.
“Hello Rago maa… why are you going to India? What is the need for sudden visit?”Aadi asked in a high tone.
“I am going to settle in India with Sathya,Aadi.”Ragini said.
“why are you leaving me,Rago maa?”Aadi asked.
“I am not leaving you ,Aadi. I can’t. Like Sathya, you are also my son. I sent Airtickets to your PA. your flight is on night and I already packed your bags. It’s your decision Aadi to leave us or not . if you don’t want to leave us , Just go and take your bags. We will meet in India. Don’t take too much time. You know Sathya can’t spend a day without you.”Ragini said by locking Aadi in all the sides.
“why are you doing like this, Rago maa?”Aadi asked but silence was the only answer he got.
“ I am sorry to be hard to you ,Aadi. but I need my Aadi back… I need your smile back… I know who can bring your smile back… I got to know she also lost her smile in these years… I will make everything normal Aadi… “Ragini said to herself.
“Mam , your Flight is ready. I am sorry for the delay”Her PA James said by nodding his head down.
Ragini held Sathya hands and started to walk towards the jeep which would drop her nearby her flight.
In a Bar in Newyork,
Aadi leaned towards the chair while his hand held a scotch glass. His eyes were red because of Alcohol addiction while his unshaved beard and messed hairstyle could tell everyone that he was a modern Devdas… Dog was only missing because Ragini scared of dogs… Otherwise, he wouldn’t have missed that also…
“why are you going there Rago maa? I don’t have any strength to see your pain again…we don’t have anyone there Rago maa nor your Laksh, my Uttu or our Swara… and My Uttu will hurt you Rago maa for what I made her to go through… She will tell you the truth which can haunt you till your last minute of life… don’t go there Rago maa… don’t go there…”Aadi blabbered in drug effect.
“hey handsome…”A girl touched him sensuously .
Aadi pushed her hard and tried to stand.
“I am only for my Uttu.Do you understand?”Aadi yelled at her while stumbling. His PA ran towards him to take control of the situation.
In India,
At MM,
It’s early morning.
Ladies were getting ready for Karvachauth pooja while Uttara was also preparing food along with them.
“Mumma, why did you wake up early today?”Suji asked while yawning.
“Because , Your Mumma is keeping fast for your father.”Ap said.
“why are you keeping fast for Papa?”Suji asked.
Ap and Nishu looked at each other how they can make understand.
“Because Your mumma loves your papa a lot. That’s why “Uttara said while threading Poori dough and put a pinch of flour in Suji’s nose.
“Then I will also keep fast for my Papa…”Suji said while Aman hugged her and took her in his hand.
“Do you love your Papa that much?”Aman asked while Suji hugged him and kissed him in his cheeks.
“Suji beta, But only Mumma can keep fast for your papa. Like I am keeping fast for your dadu”Ap said.
“Like big anjel is keeping fast for mamu”Suji said innocently.
The situation turned into tighter while Aman thought to take Suji with him.
Uttara took Suji in her hands from Aman and made her sit on slab.
“hmm…”Uttara said .
“Aman bhai, what are you doing here in our kingdom?”Uttara asked to deviate while swinging the kneading pin in her hand.
“you can ask me putting that kneading pin down”Aman pointed his finger towards Rolling pin.
“Don’t worry bhai. I won’t hit you ”Uttara stopped as Aman interrupted.
“I can’t trust you and your bhabhi in this … “Aman stopped as Uttara was glaring at him.
“you can do this,Aman…”Aman told himself as he know what she would ask next while Uttara asked him,”Am I look like demon to you ?”
“How can I tell the truth about you openly?”Aman asked while slowly stepping out of kitchen.
“Today, I won’t leave you bhai”Uttara said while started to chase him with kneading pin in her hand.
“Uttu, Your bhabhi is keeping fast for my long life.“Aman said.
“That’s why I am going to give you a light punishment”Uttara said while Aman hid behind a big diwan in the hall.
“Arre Uttu, Leave him today”Dp said while Uttara turned towards Dp meanwhile Aman escaped from that place.
“Papa, you don’t support your son. Where is he?”Uttara said while searching Aman through her eyes.
“Badepapa…!” A voice made Dp and Uttara turn where [email protected] was standing with his wife, Meenu.
“Rudra…!”Dp muttered slowly as he remembered his friend while seeing Rajat’s face.
“Meenu, I think we came in a wrong time.”Amrit said while Uttara hide the kneading pin behind her back.
“nothing like that, bhai. Papa, you talk with bhai, I will come by taking coffee…”Uttara left to the kitchen being embarrassed.
“How are you,Champ?”Dp asked while he was hugging Amrit lightly.
“I am fine,Badepapa”Amrit replied with smile then Meenu and Rajat took blessings from Dp.
“Raj, I am going to Annu maa…”Meenu said in common and walked towards kitchen.
Milk was boiling in the stove while Ap was lost in her memories.
The day of Sahil’s cremation,
In Hospital,
“How will Laksh going to face this ?He loves Swara a lot”Aman muttered .
“where is Laksh?”A sudden question popped in everyone mind.
Aman looked at Dp shockingly with the question in his mind while Dp expressed the same.
“Papa, I am going to check on river side”Aman said and left to check about Laksh.
After half an hour, Aman entered into Hospital with unconscious Laksh and Uttara and admitted them.
Doctor came outside after ten minutes with the news about their health.
Sanskar was sitting there in Swara’s ward being in his own pain without knowing what happening outside.
Maheshwari’s were looking at Doctor’s face eagerly being with the hope to hear a good news about their children’s health.
“Your daughter is pregnant.”Doctor started while a lot of questions raised in Ap and Dp’s mind.
“What happened in my daughter’s life in the past two years?”Ap and Dp thought the same question.
“But your son is in critical state. He may fall into Coma at any time or even can…. Who is Ragini? he kept murmuring the name. it would be good if that person arrives soon…”Doctor finished.
“Ragini…”Dp murmured while remembering Ragini’s presence at Sahil’s last rites.
“Aman, do you know where is Ragini?”Dp asked.
“no papa… I didn’t see her there…”Aman said thinkingly. She came like flash and left.
“Search her. Where did she go?”Dp said.
Dp and Ap walked into Laksh’s ward.
“Laku…”Ap sobbed a little by seeing Laksh’s state.
“Sahi…!”Laksh murmured while oxygen mask covered his nostrils.
Little Sanskar and Laksh was laying on Ap’s lap while Ap was telling them a story and Dp was laying beside them by having sleeping Uttara on his chest. Sanskar was in his half sleep while Laksh was so keen about the story.
“Sanku… Laku… after some days, you will get your special anjel as your Papa. They will hold your hands in your difficult times. They are your Sahi… your half virtually. You should love them as your life. you should give them all their rights which they deserve. “ Ap said while Sanskar drifted into deep sleep.
Laksh turned to Dp.
“Papa, who is your special anjel?”Laksh asked.
“your maa…”Dp said with a smile.
“how much you love my maa?”Laksh asked.
“ as my life…”Dp said while giving intense stare to Ap which made her blush.
Dp smiled while Laksh looked at them confused.
“but not more than me…”Laksh shrugged and encircled his hands around Ap and slowly drifted into sleep.
Ap and Dp made them lay on bed properly .Dp lay beside Uttara while Ap lay beside Laksh while Sanskar was in middle of five.
“it’s not their age to understand your words…”Dp said.
“but they will remember when they need. I want both my sons like his father”Ap said while caressing her both sons head alternatively.
Ap turned her face by couldn’t see her son’s struggle.
“your daughter got conscious “Nurse said which made Dp and Ap enter her ward.
Ap caressed Uttara’s face while Uttara looked at Dp’s face with guilt.
“Papa… forgive me… I …”Uttara stammered and tears left her eyes while Dp wiped her tears.
“it’s not your mistake,Uttu. Don’t stress yourself”Dp said .
Uttara closed her eyes while her mind travelled through all her memories.
“Maa… Papa… Lucky?”Uttara asked worriedly.
Ap and Dp looked at each other with tear brimming eyes which created a lot of imagination in Uttara’s mind.
“no… Nothing will happen to my lucky…”Uttara yelled.
“Uttu, don’t stress yourself. It’s not good for your baby”Ap said which made Uttara pause for moment.
“maa… I want to see my lucky…”Uttara said and stood.
Aman held her hand to support as she was stumbling. Aman took her to Laksh’s ward.
“Lucky!” Uttara shocked by seeing his state .
“why did you let her go away from you if you know that you can’t sustain without her? Why did you love her that much?”Uttara muttered by holding his hand.
“Sahi… !Ragini…!”Laksh kept murmuring the names while Uttara decided to give a call to Aadi.
“Aman bhai, my phone..?”Uttara asked.
Aman nodded no as he didn’t know while Uttara tried to remember Aadi’s number.
“what can I do know,Lucky?”Uttara asked herself while staring Laksh’s face.
Aman left to search about Ragini.
Uttara saw Aadi’s PA face outside of Laksh’s ward.
Uttara came outside while Aadi’s PA looked at her face.
“Call Aadi and Inform him to come here soon”Uttara instructed while Aadi’s PA nodded his head.
Uttara entered Laksh’s ward with a hope of getting her Laksh back.
After half an hour,
Aadi arrived there and stormed into Swara’s ward while Sanskar went outside to meet doctor.
“Swara…”Aadi whispered by seeing his sister in death bed.
He doesn’t need so much time to understand what would have happened.
“Aadi…”Uttara held his hand while Aadi hugged her tightly.
“Uttu… My swara…”Aadi sobbed.
“Tell the truth to Rago maa,Aadi and take her to my Lucky… he is dying there without her”Uttara said while Aadi parted away suddenly.
Aadi looked at her horrified by imagining the scenary what would happen if Ragini get to know the truth.
“My Rago maa will die if she know the truth now… still, she is not even come out of the pain and shock of losing Sahil”Aadi said.
“She won’t for her life time,Aadi… because Swara and Sahil are her world… but my bhai is dying there… He needs her to hold his hand… beside her as his Sahi”Uttara pleaded for Laksh as she know what Sahil and Swara meant to RagLak.
“Because of the truth, already my one sister is in death bed. do you want me to tell truth to Rago maa,also?”Aadi shook Uttara.
Uttara looked at Aadi blankly by his question. But her mind changed by thinking about Laksh.
“if you can’t tell, then I will tell her myself.”Uttara said while wiping her tears though she know she couldn’t do that easily.
“In this, you will lose me Uttara”Aadi said in a deep voice.
“I will do anything to save my Lucky”Uttara said while their love stucked in the love for their siblings and fight to save them.
Aadi looked at her once and then Swara while Sanskar entered the ward.
“Do you hate her for what dadi did with your family?”Aadi asked while Sanskar looked at Aadi .
“She is my swara… why should I hate her? Moreover, she never related to that lady.”Sanskar said in a sharp voice.
Aadi stared Swara for a moment and left Swara’s ward.
“Beta, Do you know where is Ragini? My laksh…”Ap sobbed while Guilt started to press Aadi’s heart.
Because of his Dadi’s bad deeds, How much this family suffered? What was their mistake other than treating a outsider as their own family…
Aadi left without saying a word and saw laksh through the mirror.
“Never look back… and don’t let her to look back “Laksh words ringed in Aadi’s mind.
Aadi stared Laksh’s face as now he understood what the real meaning behind Laksh’s words.
“Can I tell the truth to Rago maa ?”Aadi shocked by his thought and left the place.
Uttara sat where she stood .
“How am I going to save my Lucky?”Uttara thought while Sanskar hold her by her shoulders.
“Uttu…”Sanskar spelled as he saw tears in her eyes.
His sister whom he thought as died… she was there infront of him… The memories of that day flooded in his mind… Betrayal of Parvati whom he respected most… Uttara’s accusal… Sahil’s death…His love’s suicide attempt…
“Lucky..”Uttara sobbed by hugging Sanskar.
Sanskar looked at her blankly as he didn’t know what happened outside.
Dp and Aman was entered inside.
“Uttara, do you know anything about Ragini? we are trying hard but ”Aman asked.
“Ragini!”Sanskar spelled shockingly while he slowly remembered about ragini’s arrival at Sahil’s last rites.
Uttara looked at Aman’s helpless face.
“She won’t come, Aman bhai.”Uttara said as she know about Aadi.
“Sir,Doctor is calling you..!”Nurse said.
Dp,Aman ,Sanskar and Uttara went to meet Doctor while Ap stood before Laksh’s ward.
“Mrs.Swara’s health is improving well. If this continues, she will be out of risk soon.”Doctor said while made everyone smile a bit while Uttara was also worried abot Laksh.
“My bhai?”Uttara asked.
Doctor adjusted his specs and adjusted his tone.
“Sorry… we tried our best but he is in COMA now”Doctor said and went outside by giving time to accept the truth.
Sanskar stepped back in shock.
“no…”he muttered as he could do only this while his sister’s heart started to turn as stone.
“Papa… Maa and Nishu bhabhi is in hospital for a long time. Take them to home. In Home, you can tell them about Lucky’s condition.”Uttara said and walked towards Laksh’s ward.
“Maa…”Uttara said softly which made Ap turn.
“go to home with Papa… I will be here”Uttara said.
“no Uttu… when Laksh wake up, I want to be with him… and he will be cured soon”Ap replied.
Uttara stared Ap for a while .
“maa… please go with Papa…”Uttara said.
Ap stared her daughter’s face . Something made her accept her daughter’s words.
After Ap left, Uttara looked at Sanskar.
“Bhai, Maa couldn’t handle laksh’s condition. Aman and Papa can’t console her .”Uttara said.
“I thought the same,Uttu”Sanskar said and left to MM.
In MM,
Dp,Ap, Aman and Nishu entered in to the hall while Dp eyes fallen on the CD which kept it on the table with a note .
“Once you hear this, you will get to know the truth Mr.Maheshwari. Please stop to help Parvati.- ACP Arjun…”
Aman read the note and looked at Dp questioningly. Though he know someone behind his family, he never expected it would be his Dadi.
Dp avoided eyecontact as he was trying to get Parvati out of jail.
“I treated her as my maa, Aman. I can’t see her in this state . Though Laksh accused her, I can’t trust that”Dp said.
Aman put the CD in Player while Ap took Nishu to her bed.
“Ajju…”The voice in the player sounded lovingly.
“when you hear this voice mail, I would have left this world Ajju.
Haan Ajju… I don’t have any other way to save my family from my own Dadi maa… my badepapa trust her blindly without knowing her true face… but I know how cruel it is… because I witnessed her crimes…
I was a normal boy Ajju who was living happily in my family with my Bade papa, Annu maa, my parents , Kallu maa, chote papa , my Sanku and my laku… Later Ragini,Aadi ,Swara and Uttu joined in my family… I was very happy … but It didn’t remained with me…
Once we went to Parvati’s village with my Kallu maa , Rudra chote papa and their children… I woke up in a middle of night , I witnessed that Parvati pushed my Kallu maa from stairs and she saw me… Her goon Devan locked me in a room … After that she always came thrice in a day just to give me food… if I didn’t eat or disobey her words, she used to beat me… I always cried for my maa… she used to tell me that I was her grandson though I refused to accept…
After some days, I escaped from that room… I saw my papa outside… I still wish I shouldn’t escape from that room on that day…”Ammu…” he spelled me happily and ran towards me… I was very happy that I am going to return to my family… but she … she shoved a long sword in his stomach and killed him…
She even sent her goon to kill my maa and my Laku… I pleaded her a lot… finally, I agreed to do whatever she says. She spared my laku’s life by acting like saving his life…Once I confirmed my Laku was safe in my badepapa’s hands by her words , I escaped from that place. But… Luck never favoured me Ajju. I caught in a child trafficking gang. There, I met Aman, my best friend, who showed love unconditionally and saved me everytime whenever I was in trouble. I was bit happy whenever he was with me. with his help, we escaped from that gang but we lost each other.
Somewhat , I reached my house but no one was there… I asked watch man and he replied me that everyone left the house. At that time, someone slashed watchman’s throat from behind. I looked at the man who was smiling wickedly to me. I knew again I was going to caught by that lady. I started to run after tricking him by throwing sand into his eyes. I fallen on the empty garden after getting hit in my head. At that time, I saw her again.
“how dare you to hurt my grandson?” she muttered that line. Though I was in the verge of losing my consciousness, I couldn’t help myself not to smile while remembering her beatings. But , Why did she address me as her grandson? I didn’t know at that time. When I woke up, My face was changed and Shubhankar papa told me I was his son,Rajat. I was so confused with my past. I thought it was my illusion and lived with the lie happily. In first, I used to get nightmares about Dadi. But you and Srimathi maa was with me. I lived happily until I saw laksh again in my life. He came as my patient. As a process to cure him, I hypnotized Laksh and got to know about his past.
I got to know that my illusions were real. I am Amrit not rajat. And That lady was still haunting my family. Kallu maa’s children were still alive except Ragini. I made my first priority to save my Sansku first from her as she already killed my Uttu. Laku was getting flashes and Dadi made him believe that she was the one killed ragini and tried to kill Laksh to get properties on Sanskar’s name and his good life. Laku was felt betrayed and started to conspire against Sanskar. But he stopped everything in middle as he love his family by failing Dadi’s plan. I patched up with Aman and just told him that someone was conspiring against our family. I didn’t told him truth about Dadi as it might put him in danger. He was out at that time because of Dadi. Dadi ordered her goon Devan to kill Laksh. but I made it first. I killed him . not only him, I killed lot of her goons.
In the process, I got to know about Swara who was joined in MM constructions recently and Aditya Singhania who was my Kallu maa’s son.
Dadi became silent for a period of time,Ajju. But I couldn’t trust her silence. I know something was cooking in her mind. Swara and Sanskar started to fall for eachother. I scared that Laksh would try to kill himself as he can’t live without Ragini and to hide the truth about Dadi as Sanskar could take revenge against them. and Sanskar was already hated ragini as he thought she was the reason for laksh’s pain .I decided to take Laksh away from my family but I thought about his illusions on Full moon day. Only, Sanskar can pacify him at that time. I thought to take risk and I kidnapped my own Sansku before the day of full moon day to make him stay away from Laku on that day. But I failed Ajju… I put my annu maa in danger… everything was changed suddenly… Swara and Sanskar decided to marry and Dadi got to about my truth. Before confronting her, I decided to do a DNA test why she was telling that I was her grandson. I did a sibling DNA test with Laksh and Swara by using their hair. My and Laksh DNA didn’t matched while Swara’s and my DNA matched as sibling. I hated myself for that truth
At that time, She planned to kill Sahil but I wondered why. What that innocent boy done to her? I could have killed her but I couldn’t . Already, Guilt of killing persons started to depress me . I didn’t know how I am going to save my family. I don’t have any evidence against her to prove the truth. Because she did everything on badepapa’s name.
During this, I got to know ragini and Uttara being alive when I investigated about Aadi. Aadi married Uttara and they all misunderstood Bade papa was the one who tried to kill Ragini and Laksh for property. They don’t know the truth. The truth… I decided to expose the truth before Laksh got his memory. I trusted on my bade papa that he will never let Sanskar to take revenge.
But how could I expose her when I don’t have evidence? I can’t risk on any other’s life and I can’t live with the identity of her grandson. I know she can do anything if it threatens her position as she was the one behind my chote papa’s death. I threatened her that I would expose her truth . As I expected, she did everything to kill me on Sanskar’s marriage day. In my room, you can get all the evidence which prove her guilty for killing me.
I know you will never forgive me for leaving you… but , I am sorry Ajju… I can’t live in guilt… and I am hating being identified as her grandson.. . Take care of maa and papa… and take care of my another family.”
[email protected] voice ended which put Dp and Aman in a deep drama. Dp had tears in his eyes by thinking about Amrit while Aman was thinking about his friendship.
“Ammu…”Ap sat on the stairs as she heard everything. Amrit , A Little boy ,who didn’t know other than smiling… the smile which was the reason of their smile… their Kannah…
“Ammu…”Sanskar got teary eyed as he also heard about Amrit .
Ap stood and walked towards Dp.
“Till now I never asked anything from you ,Durga… you never let such a situation arise in our life… but , I am asking this to you for the first time… I want that lady to be punished… for the pain she gave to my Ammu and my laksh… for snatching my Suji and Kallu from me… I want her to be punished…”Ap asked in a determined voice and extended her palm as sign to promise her .
“She will be punished…”Dp hold her palms as a sign of promise .
That night went sleepless to everyone.
“Maa…”Nishu put her hands on Ap’s shoulders which made Ap to come out of her thoughts.
Ap hurriedly switched off the gas as the milk was overflowing.
“Maa, I will take care of kitchen. You go and take some rest.”Nishu said by observing Ap’s disturbed thoughts.
“no nishu beta. I will take care of it”Ap said in a calm voice.
“Annu maa…”Meenu exclaimed and hugged Ap.
Ap looked at Meenu, who was a bit chirpy but maturned girl. But no one knows how she will act at times either mature or childish. But she … she brought happiness in Amrit’s life again which made Ap love her easily.
Ap smiled by seeing her.
“bhabhi, please show some mercy on my maa. If you are squeezing her like this, she would have endup in hospital.”Uttara said.
Meenu pouted by hearing this then smiled.
“Leave her Annu maa. She is jealous of us.”Meenu said while holding her saree pallu with a bit attitude and showed her tongue to Uttara.
Uttara and Nishu smiled while Ap also smiled a bit.
“Annu maa… Go to your kannahiya , otherwise he would endup in kitchen. Rest you know, it’s a disaster in cooking ”Meenu recalled Amrit’s cooking on a day when they visited MM.
Ap came out as Meenu pushed her while Uttara left the kitchen to get ready for office.
Nishu held Meenu’s hands and mouthed,”Thanks,Meenu…”
Meenu smiled as a assurance ,”Don’t worry Bhabhi. Everything will be fine soon…”Meenu said and resumed cooking .
In hall,
“Ammu…”Ap muttered which made Amrit run and hug her like a kid.
Ap caressed his head.
“How is my Kannahaiya? Do you get time now only to visit your Annu maa in these three months?”Ap asked with fake anger.
Amrit held his ears by his hands.
“Sorry… but I got stucked in outside India,Annu maa. Do you know Annu maa, America is like hell to me? but I don’t know why people like to stay there”Amrit said by diverting the topic.
Ap and Amrit sat in a sofa while Aman started to play with Suji by ignoring Amrit’s presence.
Ignorance of five years… That too from his best friend who was like a brother to him… Though he used to his ignorance… Though he know the reason, he don’t have the courage to speak about it.
Dp and Ap looked at both of them as something was going in between them.
“Maa… Bhai is on video call…”Uttara said and gave phone to Ap.
“Sanskar…”Ap said by hiding all her emotions by seeing her son’s face on phone.
It’s been one month after Sahil’s death.
They all got to know about Amrit being alive and getting treatment.
Uttara started to take care of Sahi industries in morning while her evening and night mostly spend in Laksh’s ward while Sanskar was staying in Laksh and Swara’s ward alternatively.
“Bhaiya…”Uttara yelled angrily while entering into MM.
“Uttara, what happened?”Ap asked worriedly by hearing Uttara’s angry voice.
Sanskar and Aman came out from their room.
“what is this,bhaiya? Why are you trying to shutdown Singhaniya Industries?”Uttara asked .
Sanskar and Aman looked at each other as how she got to know.
“I am asking you both…”Uttara stressed her words.
“we did what is correct,uttu. Yes, they don’t have any hands what his Dadi did to us. But , how could that Aditya marry you for revenge and now wasted your life. even that Ragini didn’t stopped him. didn’t she you friend? Did she forget how much you risked your life to save her ? We will ensure that they will definitely pay for their sins. We will get our revenge for our sister,”Sanskar said angrily and caressed Uttara’s face.
Uttara seemed unaffected by Sanskar’s touch while her mind just replaying his words.
“Revenge…”Uttara smiled bitterly and walked backwards.
“If they thought about revenge, I would have been in worst state. Not only me our entire family,bhai. Because they thought Our papa was the guilty. Rago maa trusted Lucky’s words, my Aadi believed our Rago maa’s words. You don’t know bhai what the pain she gone through in past two years. The pain of losing her child…staying away from her Laksh… desperately waiting to hear a good news about her siblings… But ,she never cried until she scared about Swara and Sahil’s safety in this house. She bore all the pain to get justice and revenge for her losses from our papa… She wanted to punish our papa but the wondering thing was , she thought this family as hers… she thought about me … she made me marry Aadi when I was lost my memory, just to save my love… my happiness…haan bhai, I love Aadi from my college days.”Uttara stopped and looked at Sanskar who was staring her shockingly.
“but do you know what I did? After knowing all the hatred she had , I asked Aadi to tell her truth when he saw Swara in death bed. He already broken by seeing his one sister in death bed and I asked him to tell truth to rago maa.when he refused, I threatened him to tell truth to Rago maa though I know she can also take decision like Swara . I became selfish to save my lucky . My decision forced him to go far away from me. you wanted to destroy him but the truth ,he would destroy himself in guilt… as his own grandmother killed Sahil because of him… as he separated Rago maa from Lucky when Lucky needs Ragomaa…He will be in a pain but he don’t have anyone to console him neither me nor Ragomaa as she couldn’t know what happened.”Uttara bursted out in crying while Sanskar and Aman just stared Uttara with moist eyes.
Ap looked at Uttara who was crying vigorously.
“Maa…”Sanskar’s voice made Ap got into reality.
“How are you Sanskar?How is Swara?”Ap asked in a normal tone.
“I am fine maa. She is also fine. Maa, she wanted to stay in our house for her delivery.She is longing for a family….”Sanskar said while his last sentence expressed his pain and longing.
Ap became silent while Meenu shouted from back.
“What is this question,Sanskar? Take her here. She needs maa . she was in her six month.”Meenu said and pressed Ap’s shoulder gently.
“ok Sanskar”Ap said which made Sanskar smile broadly.
“Ok maa… she is going to wake up. I will call you soon…”Sanskar said and cut the call.
“Annu maa… leave everything to time. Don’t lose your happiness because of your fear”Meenu said while passing a look to Amrit.
Soon, They had their sweet dish to start their fast.
Uttara came out MM to go to her office while her face turned into expressionless which her employee’s know… The struggle between love and hate which she had inside against the person whom she loved most after her lucky…The pain which she kept hidden inside … which always soothened by her family’s embrace and made her normal temporarily… it’s awake to kill her expressions.
At night,
In MM,
In Rooftop,
Everyone was breaking their fast in terrace except Uttara.
In a balcony of Uttara’s room,
Uttara was breaking her fast by using Aadi’s photo.
A long tears escaped from her eyes when she remembered her love story.
“Be safe and happy….”Uttara muttered while wiping her tears.
In Hyderabad,
“Kavi, where are we going?”Sahil asked Kavya while going to airport.
“I will tell you soon,Sahil…”Kavya said while pecking his forehead.
Taxi left them in airport.
“ you always wanted to meet your mumma naa. Today we are going to meet your mumma and your bade bhai.”Kavya said and shown ragini and Sathya’s photo in her phone.
“am I having a bhai? will he play with me?”Sahil asked while Kavya nodded with a smile.
“Kavya…”A familiar voice made her turn.
“Rago di…”Kavya let a friendly smile while Sahil ran hugged Ragini.
“mumma…”Sahil said while Ragini kneeled to match his height and Sathya looked at them questioningly.
“Are you my mumma?”Sahil asked while Ragini hugged him tightly.
“I am also your mumma,Sahil…”Ragini said while Sahil kissed her cheeks.
“where are you go?why did you come to meet me? do you know my friend’s mother always come to school to feed my friends?”Sahil said his hidden longing .
A long droplets rolled from Ragini’s eyes.
Sahil wiped it immediately.
“don’t cry mumma. You are now with me. that’s enough. I will show you to my friends as I also have maa…”Sahil said with a smile.
“maa, who is he? Why did he calls you as maa?”Sathya asked with a bit possessiveness.
“Sathya, he is Sahil, your little brother…”Ragini said while Sathya stared Sahil questioningly.
“but Aadi mamu never told about him…”Sathya said in a confused tone while Sahil hold his hand.
“bhaiya..”Sahil smiled which made Sathya also smile and leave all his questions.
“will you play with me?”Sahil asked his important question.
“I will play with you. I will also teach you how to play chess.”Sathya said with a smile.
“Sahil…”A familiar voice made everyone turn.
“Laksh…”Ragini muttered by seeing Laksh after a long time…
She stepped towards Laksh by forgetting her surrounding and then held his hand.
Laksh closed his eyes while a lot of memories started to pound in his mind.
“Sahi…”Laksh muttered which broke ragini and made her hug him.
“Purusha…”Ragini said and felt that Laksh didn’t hug her back.
“Papa…”Sahil said which made Sathya stare Laksh.
With a desire and hope to be recognized by his father,Sathya stepped towards Laksh.
“Appa…”Sathya muttered which made Ragini broke her hug and saw them being worried.
Laksh looked down to see Sathya.
Laksh kneeled down while a unknown feelings started to grow in his heart. He puzzled as the feelings he felt , it’s same which he felt for Sahil.
His hands raised to hug Sathya while tears gathered in his eyes unknowingly.
“He is our first son,Sathya…”Ragini said while Laksh pecked Sathya’s head.
Laksh looked at ragini with an indescribable expressions while his hands hugged Sathya tightly.
“Laksh, Rago di… you both are getting late to your flight.”Kavya said in a hurrying tone.
Laksh stood by taking Sathya in his hand and went to take Sahil in his hand.
Kavya pressed Ragini’s shoulder lightly while Ragini smiled.
“Aadi will reach by tomorrow morning.”Ragini said.
“I will take care of Aadi bhai.Don’t worry.”Kavya said in a assuring tone.
Ragini nodded halfheartedly and went to departure zone by following laksh.
Soon,RagLak both zoomed out from Kavya’s vision while Sanskar came from his hide out.
“I hope she can cure my Laksh.”Sanskar muttered.
“Everything will be alright ,Sanskar bhai. Tomorrow morning once Aadi bhai come, we have to take him to Kolkata.”Kavya said.
Inside departure zone,
RagLak was sitting nearby the allotted gate for their flight after submitting their bag.
Sathya was sticked with laksh while Sahil was sticked with Ragini.
“Sahil…”Laksh called Sahil and made Sahil be with him.
Laksh felt something bad in his heart and looked at Ragini’s face which was hurt by Laksh’s action.
“Once I cure, you will leave me again. I can’t complain about that. May be I done something wrong in past. I can sustain if you leave me but not Sahil. Don’t be close to him. I can’t see him hurt or longing for you”Laksh said.
Ragini held Laksh hands.
“Once I left this hands never meant that I will leave again,Purusha. You never did anything wrong. As Sathya,Sahil is also my son. This is my family. I can’t live again from my family for any reason. Don’t hold yourself for any mishaps or our separation. Just trust your feelings which you felt …feel for me.”Ragini said while Laksh lost himself in her words and eyes.
Soon, The announcement for flight to Coimbatore is announced.
To be continued…

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