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Let I start today episode.

Leap 16 years…

In a gurukul, which is in the corner of Mahishmati,Mayankpur and Tanishkant near Kali temple…
Two boys are fighting ferociously with swords in their hand .
“Rajkumar Sanskar will win..” one group said.
“no. Rajkumar Lakshya will win..”Another group said.
But the ones who is the subject of their argument are busy in their fights.
“ it’s enough Stop now now itself..” a voice roared.
Laksh and Sanskar stops their sword fight and kneels before a man.
“Pranam Gurudev…” Sanlak said unisonly while glares each other.
At that time , two boys of the age of 16 comes there.
“ Pithasri, a messenger arrived from Tanishkant ” boy said.

“haan Sahil..”Vishnu, guru of Sanlak said.
“Aditya, get him here..”Vishnu said.
“ ji Gurudev”Aditya nodded and get that messenger Inside.
“Guruji… in our Tanishkant. There is a grand function of Vasantha Panchami. We invite you from our Rajkumari Raginidevi side..”Messanger invited.
Vishnu thinks”we will definitely come “
Messanger nods and leaves.
“Sanskar.. Lakshya.. you will also accompany with me…”Vishnu said and leaves.
Sanlak puts their swords in cover which they have in waist.
Aditya gives his hand to Laksh and Sahil gives his hand to Sanskar .
Sanlak stands .
“ today your fight is very good”Aditya complimented Laksh.
“one day, I will definitely beat you Rajkumar Lakshya..”Sanskar said angrily.
“we will see…”Laksh smirked.
Both walked in opposite direction.
Aditya and Sahil sees each other and shrugs their shoulder.
“Arre laksh bhai, we have to go to collect wodden sticks for tonight . let go” Aditya said and dragged Laksh with him.
“Sanskar bhai, don’t forget we have to take water from river for Ashram.” Sahil said and both takes pots in their hand.

In Tanishkant palace,
Two girls are fighting furiously with sword. Finally a girl make another one sword fly in air and catches it.
“Uttara, you need more training.”Ragini said.
“Rajkumari, defeating you is not possible.”Uttara, a 15 year old girl replied.
“She is saying correct Rajkumari..”Senapathi Ugrasena said while entering the ground.
“Everything is possible Gurudev…”Ragini replied.
“Pithasri..”Uttara runs and hugs Ugrasena.
Ugrasena caresses her hair”Go and freshen up. We have to go court…”
Uttara nods and leaves.
Ragini smiles the direction where Uttara leaves.

In Mahishmati palace,
A girl is seen with bow and arrow in her hand.
Her eyes are closed and sealed with black cloth.
There is no of pendulums , which oscillates in middle and a target , an idol is fixed.
She hears the pendulum move keenly and releases the arrow.
Arrow goes fastly, breaks the last pendulum and then target , idol.
Girl takes the blindfold and a crow sits on idol. Idol broke down in pieces.
Girl smirks by seeing this.
“Arputh! Arputh beta… no one can escape from your arrow.” Dp exclaimed and extended his hand.
Girl hugs Dp and Ap twists her ear.
“Swara, your bharathanatiyam teacher is waiting for you there. You are so busy here. Go ,go now.”Ap said .
“maa.. it’s paining. Please..”Swara pouted.
Ap smiles”Don’t act. Go soon..”

Swara smiles and leaves.
Ap leans on Dp shoulder”Maharaj, I don’t know how I will live without her. Since, we lost our beti, she filled her place.but now she will also leave us” Ap said.
Dp smiles to Ap as a sign of console and lightly side hugs her.
In Tanishkant palace,
In Court,
Soldier announces” Rajkumari Raginidevi is coming to the court”
Mantri and others stands.
Ragini enters the court with Senapathi Ugrasena and Uttra on her both side. She just looks like a lion walks in forest. By seeing her, everyone folds their hand before and nods their head down. No one don’t have dare to see her eyes which is sharper than sword. Her one hand holds sword which placed in her waist and another hand left freely. Her long hair imprisoned in crown which she wears in her head. The manliness gives a magnificent look to her which makes others to look her with fear, love and respect. Her people looks her with love, the traitors and culprits looks her with fear and the one who works under her looks her with respect. In this 16 years, people even forget Ragini is a women. For them, she is their god who lives for their well being. They can do anything for her even lose their lives for her single word.
Senapathi stops at his position and Uttara stands near throne and Ragini sits in her throne and signs everyone to sit.
“Rajkumari, everything is ready for Vasantha Panchami function. We invited all our neighbor kingdoms .” a mantri said.
Ragini nods her head lightly .” This Vasantha panchami festival will become a very special to us. I want everything to be perfect.”
Mantri nods and they discuss .

In forest,
Sahil comes with water pot in his hand and sees Aditya who is collecting sticks.
Aditya sees him and both walks towards Sanlak who is chitchatting and eating mangoes under a tree .
“Sanskar, eat this. It’s very tasty…”Laksh gives a mango which he is already bitten.
Sanskar bite that mango”hmm… it’s very sweet.. you try this Laksh this also very sweet”
Sahil and Aadi nods their head in disbelief.
“Stolen mango always tastier Laksh”Aadi said while Sanlak glares and finally pouts.

“what an acting yaar. In gurukul, you both are enemies . inside forest, both are best friends. We really exhausted nowadays.. that too in sword fight. “Sahil said while pouring the water in sanlak.
Sanlak shakes their head .
“what can I do yaar? Mera Pithasri sent me here that too when I ready to be yuvaraj, just to make me ready for a war even after spending so many years in other gurukul. He wants me to conquer Mahishmati”Sanskar said.
“ my pithasri got to know about this and send me here.if they knows about us, even they can put us in jail. We should act in gurukul because of that bleedy spies who surrounded in gurukul and sending information to our pithasri’s” Laksh said.
“but why they have this much enmity?” Aadi asked confusingly.
“Actually,our pithasri’s are friends. my pithasri loved my maa , mahishmati princess Sujata and abducted and married her after my grandpa rejected my pithasri. In order to take revenge, Laksh pithasri also do the same and resulted in this enmity.” Sanskar said with heavy sigh.
“ ok enough of your flashbacks. Sanskar, you go and take water from river and Laksh, you collect some wooden sticks for tonight fire. Go soon..”Sahil hurried.

Laksh stopped and turned.
“Sahil, I feel that I saw gurudev before itself and I can’t remember.”Laksh said.
“Arre Laksh, first concentrate on work. We can speak about this Later” Aadi said.
In Tanishkant,
A group of men and women talking while making ready the ground.
Men 1: our Rajkumari treats us , her own family. we are so lucky.
Women 1: she is just like as her father Maharaj Rudra, the same kindness, bravery…
Men 2: haan… but where is our Rajkumar Aditya? We didn’t see him for past 10 years. No one don’t know where he is.
Men 3: someone says that he was sent for take training under various specialists. If he returns means, this Vasantha panchami will be very special to us.
Men 1: ok ok first we will finish this work.

At night,
Aditya, Sahil , Sanskar and Laksh sleeps.
Laksh sees a shadow in near entrance and comes out. He sees a person who is covered fully with black clothes.
Laksh steps slowly and headlocks the person.

“who are you? what are you doing here?” Laksh asked and holds person hands from backside.
“is she a girl?” Laksh shocked and jerked his hold.
That girl twists Laksh hand back and locks him in sword point.
“Rajkumari Ragini…” Laksh muttered and fall unconscious as feel a blow in his head.
Aditya and Sahil wakes up by hearing sound and comes outside, sees unconscious Laksh.
“Rago maa..” Aadi muttered and ran to her, take her in his hug.
Sahil takes Laksh inside and place him in his place, comes out.
“Di..”Sahil also hugged her and Ragini takes her mask.
“I am waiting for you from morning..”Aditya complained like a kid.

Ragini caresses his cheeks.”maaf karo Aadi. It’s take so much time to escape from other site. I don’t want anyone know about you..”
“Rago maa.. we are not kids now. We will save you and save ourselves. I want to return..”Aadi pouted while Sahil holds her hand.
Ragini signs Vishnu and Vishnu comes with a plate of food.
Ragini takes food plate and feeds them both. Both have moist eyes and eats silently,
Ragini takes two short swords which was so beautiful with stone works. Ragini gave this to her choti’s and they take them in their hand.
“Di.. your gift is so beautiful..” Aadi said with shile while seeing sharpness of sword.
Sahil remains silent but his eyes speaks a lot.
Ragini takes them inside another hut and sings lori which only hear nearer ones.
Aadi slept soon in Ragini lap.
Ragini comes out and Sahil follows her.

At outside,

“Di..”Sahil calls her and Ragini stops and turns.
“how many days are you going hide us, di? we are also grown up di. it’s correct time…”Sahil said.
“ still you are so young Sahil. You both can’t understand the darker side of palace,betrayal. Yes, no one can defeat you easily . but they can kill you by back stabbing like they killed our pithasri.”Ragini said.
Sahil gives a intense look to Ragini.
“ ok di. we will meet in Vasantha panchami function…”Sahil said and get inside the cot.
Ragini start to walk but Vishnu stops her.
“Sahil is saying correct , Ragini. It’s correct time to take their positions.”Vishnu said.
“but still they are kid mamasri. I can’t lose them. “Ragini said with painful voice.
“For a mother, her kid always remain as child but it’s not reality Ragini. Aditya is equal to you, he is kind, generous at the same time, he is smart and brave. No one can defeat him easily. He have every qualities to become Mahamantri and Sahil, like his father my dost maharaj Rudra. He have all the qualities to become king. you can teach them about politics”Vishnu said which makes Ragini to think.
After a minute,
“Mamasri, we will meet in Vasantha panchami function”Ragini said and covers her face with black shawl, takes her horse and rides fastly.

The next day,
Sahil shakes Laksh.
“Laksh, we are getting late. Wake up soon..”Sahil said while Laksh wakes up by holding his head.
“Rajkumari Ragini..”Laksh muttered and his eyes wide in shock.
“Rajkumari..?Laksh, are you have seen any dream? Get ready soon. We have to go fast..”Sahil hurried and Laksh comes out of his thought.
“haan .. haan.. “Laksh said and run towards river to take bath.
“oh! Dhanyavan Kalimaa.. I made him believe it’s his dream. But how he know it’s my di? she covered her face with black cloth naa.well I have to find it soon”Sahil said to himself.

In Kalimaa temple near gurukul,
A girl sings very sweetly and takes Aarti to kalimaa’s idol.
“ Kavya…” Vishnu called .
That girl Kavya turns with a smile in her face and comes with Aarti.
Vishnu bends before Aarti plate and Kavya puts Dilak in Vishnu’s face.
“Kavya beta, it will take more time to return here. So, I decide to take you with me to Tanishkant”Vishnu said.
“But Gurudev, I didn’t know anything about outside. I only know about this temple and my Kali maa(Stares idol lovingly). You can go and I will be safe here and Kalimaa always safeguard you ”Kavya, a 15 year old girl , said with sweet smile.
Sahil smiles unknowingly by hearing Kavya’s words and her innocence.
“Devi Kavya, you don’t know crossing gurudev’s words is sin. So, you also come with us”Sahil said calmly and other nods.
Kavya looks gurumaa, the lady responsible for the temple and she nods.
“ ok gurudev…”Kavya agrees and everyone starts their travel to Tanishkant.

At evening,
Vishnu and others reached Tanishkant and takes rest in the place, which was given to them. Tanishknat peoples are seemed to be very happy.

The next day,
Vishnu and Sanlak reaches the place where the function to be inaugurate . Ragini sits in middle and Uttara and Senapathi sits in either side and other side people’s sits.

“Rajkumari, it’s correct time to start the function” Pandit said.
Ragini takes bow and fire arrow in her hand and points towards the large tower point which want to be lighted.
Ragini releases her arrow from her bow and at the nick of time, a arrow travels parallel to Ragini arrow and lights the tower along with Ragini’s arrow.
Everyone stands in shock and a man who covers his face with black cloth, jumps in Ground.
“Do you know what you did? You, yourself welcomed your death by asking us for fight”Senapathi roared.
“ yes, even I want to fight with your Rajkumari “ man said while raising his sword. A ring shine in sun rays.
“he is Aditya. That ring belongs to Aditya .What the hell , he is doing there? Gurudev taught him only veda” Laksh asked.
“ I don’t know but we have to save him at any cost”Sanskar said while ready for fight.
“ you both stay there. Don’t come in ground . it’s swear on me.”Sahil said and covers his face with cloth, jumps into ground.
Sahil comes towards Aadi and whispers” what is this Aadi ? why are you asking di to fight with you?”
“Arre Sahil, why are you interfere in this. Now you also have to fight. Take your sword”Aadi said casually and looks towards Ragini.
“ tell Rajkumari, now who will fight with me, you or your senapathi?”Aadi asked teasingly.
Senapathi and Uttara jumps in ground.
“ you will regret for your decision…”Uttara said while taking her sword out.
Aadi raised his eyes” let see Devi”
“ make Senapathi busy with you Sahil” Aadi whispers in Sahil ears and Sahil nods.

Senapathi fights with Sahil and Uttara fights with Aadi.
Uttara fights ferociously and people chants Uttara and Senapathi name.
“ wah! What a eyes you have? Like a javelin.you are piercing my heart with your eyes”Aadi muttered while fighting with Uttara.
“ even I want to pierce your heart with my sword for try to insulting my Ragini di” Uttara said while swirling her sword to his neck.
Aadi escaped at the nick of time” not bad. You are improved very much than I thought. Ok let finish the game”
Aadi makes Uttara’s sword fall down and puts his sword on her neck.” Anger will make you lose Uttara. Did Senapathi didn’t taught you, chipkali?”
“Rajkumar Adityavarma..”Uttura mutters in shock.
“ not now..”Aditya said and winks his eyes. Uttara closes her mouth with her hand in shock.
“ now who will fight with me, Rajkumari?” Aditya asked teasingly.
Ragini takes her sword and jumps in ground.
Aditya raises his eyes and feels his hands are shivering. he closes his eyes and makes his hands are stiff, holds sword tightly.
Ragini and Aditya both fights which is never ended for hours.
“Cling…” the sound everyone hears .Ragini breaks Aditya sword and raises her sword against Aditya. People makes a huge sound by praising Ragini.
Aditya takes his short sword and stops Ragini’s sword.
“Asambav..! no one can win Rajkumari Ragini” Sanskar muttered.
“ Sanskar .. I observes both Aditya and Ragini’s fighting style. how can be Aditya and Ragini’s fighting style is same especially while handling daggers”Laksh asked.
“what do you mean? You are saying that Ragini and Aditya both learnt from same man. Even their age didn’t match and moreover Aditya hands didn’t have any scratches. Till I wonder how he fight this much skillfully ”Sanskar asked.
“ wait! No one seen Rajkumar Adityavarma till now and his name is also Aditya and Sahil..” Laksh paused.
“that means Aditya and Sahil are Tanishkant Rajkumars and gurudev..” Sanskar paused.
“Mahamantri Vishnu, Sahil’s Pithasri and Aditya’s Mamasri. Now I can relate everything ”Laksh finished and their convo stopped by hearing a big cling sound.
Aditya breaks Ragini’s sword and Ragini fall down and get hurt. Senapathi and Sahil stops fighting.
“Rago maa…”Aditya murmured and bends down.

Soldiers runs towards her but Ragini raises her hand and gestures stay back.
“is she lose intentionally?” Sanskar asked.
“ no… she tried her best to win but why? Why she makes her choti’s stay away from her?” Laksh asked himself but Sanskar hears it.
“ I wonder Laksh, is Tanishkant palace built by bricks or mysteries?” Sanskar said in disbelief.
Ragini walks towards Aditya who kneeled in ground and have moist eyes.
“ take your dagger Aditya. Till the fight is not ended.”Ragini said calmly.
“ I can’t more fight with you Rago maa. I tried my best. But..”Aditya eyes fall on Ragini’s bleeding arm.
Aditya bit his lips to control himself.

“Aadi..”Ragini slowly called him.
“ I can’t Rago maa. I am living away from you for past ten years. I can’t more. I thought that if I fight with you and make you know about my skills, you will disclose about me to save me from people . but I don’t know how I hurt you. I am sinner Rago maa. I hurt you … ”Aditya sobbed.
People looked the ground with confusion
Ragini takes her sword and removes the cloth which hides Aditya’s face and make him stand.
Ragini holds Aditya hands and raises his hand.
“ the day has finally come. There , your future king , Tanishkant ka Rajkumar , Yuvaraj Aditya varma. His clear hands will tell you how much he is skillful. His sword didn’t let anyone to leave a scar in his hand.” Ragini announced proudly.
“and there Rajkumar Sahilraj, whom we thought dead. They showed their fighting skills now as I asked.” Ragini said.
Sahil walked towards Rag and Aadi.
The next minute,
“Rajkumar Adityavarma jaiho! Rajkumar Sahilraj jaiho! Rajkumari jai ho!” people’s wished and voice fills that place.
“ The function will start now…”Ragini said and smeared colour’s in Aadi and Sahil face and they reciprocates it.
People starts to play with colours and yellow water.
Vishnu goes near sanlak who stands with different emotions.
“Sanskar.. laksh.. your rooms are ready in palace. I think it’s better you both go to your room”Vishnu ordered.
“ ji Gurudev…”Laksh said and dragged Sanskar with him.

In Tanishkant palace,
Aditya takes Oushatham( green leave medicine) in his hand and start to apply on Ragini’s arm. A single drop falls on Ragini’s arm.
“Aadi..”Ragini caresses Aditya’s cheeks with her another hand.
“ I never thought to hurt you Rago maa. I just want to stay with you. I want to beside you and support you. I thought to make you know about my skills. but…”Aditya stands and walks as he can’t see Ragini’s pain.
Ragini smiles and walk besides him.
“ I know Aadi. I never thought my choti Aadi grown this much bigger. Now he will save his Rago maa , his family and also this nation. Now I am so happy Aadi.” Ragini said and kissed his forehead.

“ come . I will feed you .”Ragini said and Aadi nods.
Before ragini signs maids, Sahil comes with maids who is having food plates in their hands.
The trio feeds each other and Aditya falls on sleep because of tiredness. Sahil goes out first .
Ragini comes out via secret way and sees Vishnu is already waiting.
“Rajkumari, why are announcing Aditya as future king? Sahil only deserves it”Vishnu said.
“Aditya have all qualities to become a king,”Ragini said calmly but a strong tone.
“Mamasri, I accept Aadi is not my own brother and he is your son. You swapped the babies just to save Sahil from enemies when they were born . but it doesn’t means he don’t deserve throne. “ Ragini said.
“di is correct Pithasri. See me, eventhough I know you are my Mamasri, I can’t accept the truth and always calls you as Pithasri.Aditya also like that. He can’t withstand the truth and even I want him to be future king. he have all qualities to sit in Tanishkant throne.”Sahil said .
Vishnu looks both and leaves with a sigh.
Ragini turns towards Sahil and looks at him with moist eyes.
“Di, don’t feel guilt. You didn’t snatch my rights. Even if Maharaj is alive, he also take the same decision and it doesn’t have any rule, only Maharaj’s Vaaris should rule the kingdom. Come, if Aadi will wake up, he will search you”Sahil said and takes Ragini to her room .
Sahil leaves Ragini in her room and go to his room where Vishnu is waiting for him.

In Sahil’s room,
“ Sahil, Rajkumari and Aadi both are blind in love for each other. That’s why Rajkumari is taking a decision like this. But how can you?” Vishnu asked.
“Pithasri, for Di, Aadi is like her son and for Aadi, di is more than a mother to him. and both are most important to me. Aadi, mera mitra, mera bhai and mera Parivaar haa. I don’t want to see their suffering and this secret will always buried in this palace and never come out.”Sahil said.
“But you are Rudra’s vaaris not Aditya”Vishnu said.
“ can you say a single reason for Aditya doesn’t deserve throne other than this?” Sahil asked and Vishnu searches the answer.
“ no pithasri. You will never get a single reason. So let it be what is now and take rest. It already so late.” Sahil said and makes Vishnu lays on bed and massages his foot.
Soon, Vishnu starts to sleep.

In Ragini’s room,

Ragini enters her room in fully exhausted state. Suddenly someone twists her hand back and puts a short sword in her neck.
“ what is this Rajkumar Lakshya?” Ragini asked in a low voice.
Laksh releases her and takes the cloth which hides his face.” how did you know it’s me?” Laksh asked amusingly.
“ to know about someone presence, it’s not needed to see their face” Ragini said.
Sanlak stares unconscious swara.
“ bhai, we will speak later. Call Aman bhai..”Laksh said and Sanskar called Aman inside.
“Arre Sanskar. What happened to her? Did you scold her or scared her?” Aman asked sanskar while sprinkling water in Swara’s face.
Swara wakes up by holding her head and feels little bit weak. Aman stands in Swara’s vision by hiding Laksh.
“Aman, call some lady staffs and take her to staff room, make her take rest .” Sanskar said .
Within two minutes, two Lady staff comes inside and take Swara out.
“ now tell me bhai, how did you know her?” Laksh asked while crossing his hands through his chest and raising his one eye.
Flashback starts…
“Aman, we already missed flight and road is blocked due to some accident. Now what can we do? I should attend the meeting tomorrow in Chennai and I got stacked in this Coimbatore.”Sanskar said while ruffling his hair.
“Sanskar.. think.. think…”Sanskar said to himself.

“we can go via train. I will check about the train timing” Aman said.
“Are you kidding? Don’t forget I am Sanskar Maheshwari. Do you want me to travel in train ?” Sanskar asked Aman in stressed tone.
“See Sanskar. I am advise you as a friend and PA, it’s better option. Climate is not good so some flights are cancelled and road is also blocked. I enquired and got to know it will take more than 5 hours to clear. So travelling in train is the better option and this deal is your dream project. So compromising is not bad” Aman said.
Sanskar takes a deep breath.” Ok…”
Aman smiled and said driver to drive Railway station.
In Railway station,
Sanskar waits before train and sees his watch frequently. Aman comes with a girl and a little boy of 19 and 15.
(Sanskar and Aman talk in hindi. I don’t know hindi. So I give in English and Swara and Sahil speaks in tamil and I give in English. San and swahil convo talk in English only to communicate)
Sanskar looks Aman and raises question through his eyes.
“She is Swara and her brother Sahilraj. They also travel with you as your wife and brother and you have to travel with fake identity of Abhi mehra ”Aman said which makes Sanskar shock.
“what the hell Aman? Do you want me to travel with this middle class people” Sanskar exclaimed.
“Sanskar relax.. try to understand. I get this ticket from a broker after so much struggle. You have only two ways. You can travel with this ticket in first class or you can travel with me in unreserved third class compartment. Choice is yours”Aman said and pointed the crowd in unreserved compartment.

“ I don’t know which enmity you have with me, Aman. You are taking revenge now”Sanskar sighed and Aman hides his chuckle.
“it’s situation Sanskar. Go and we will meet again in Chennai. I want to save my seat now”Aman said and run.
Sahil whispers in swara’s ears.”Shona,do you want really do this? I can manage in unreserved compartment. I don’t like him especially his attitude. What will happen if he tried to take advantage on situation”
“Arre Sahil, I have pepper spray more than I have my most over protective brother with me. so don’t worry, he thinks that we don’t know hindi. What he said. He don’t want to travel with middle class people naa. We will teach him a lesson.”Swara said and winks at Sahil.
“haaan Shona akka(di) look at him. he just look like white monkey..Vella Korangu..(white monkey)”Sahil said and Swara chuckles.
“ Arrey Sahil even monkey will smile better than him. don’t insult monkey…”Swara said while Sanskar listening their convo with shock.
“what am I looking like pandhar? What they think about themselves. They don’t know even I know tamil. Thanks lucky for making me learn tamil. Sure, I will teach a good lesson to them..once I reached chennai”Sanskar thinks and smirks.
Sahil waves his hands before Sanskar and Sanskar come out of his thought.
“ hello Vella korangu.. can we go before train departs?”Sahil asked Sanskar.
“Sahil! What will happen if he knows tamil?” Swara asked with smile by hiding her expressions.

“ I don’t care. See him, by his look, we can know he don’t know tamil. He even don’t say anything while I calling him as Vella Korangu..”Sahil also replied Swara with sweet smile.
“what did you called me, young man?” Sanskar asked Sahil with fake sweetness.
“ Vella Koragu means Respected sir. You looks like a big business man. We should give you respect naa..”Sahil said and boarded into train.
Sanskar sighs in disbelief.” Is he a little devil?. I should be careful to this bro sis combo just like uttara and Laksh. wait how did I compare them with my Uttu and Lucky ”
“Vella Korangu.. seekaram ulla vaa..ohh! you don’t tamil naa..come inside soon ..” Sahil exclaimed at Sanskar and Sanskar gets inside.
People start to occupy their respective seat.
Swara sits near window, then Sahil and finally Sanskar. Train start to move.

After a time,

Sanskar hears a sound from front side.
“Shona, sit here. I will see what’s the problem.”Sahil said and walks.
He come within two minute.
“Shona Akka, Ticket Collector caught two persons who travelling with fake identity and asked constable to leave them in next respective station. We have to be careful and explain this to that vella korangu” Sahil said and Sanskar also hears that.
Swara start to speak but Sanskar stops by showing his palm” I know tamil…”
Swahil gives what to do look and gives a relieved sigh.

“See Mr, we want to go Chennai. I am relieved that you also know tamil. So act according to that. I don’t want any flaw”Swara said sternly.
Finally TC comes to their place and checks their tickets. Tc looks Sahil suspiciously .
“Mr.mehra , your brother age is given as 19 but he looks like 15 year aged.”Tc asked while cleaning his specs.
“Actually his growth is affected because of a disease systemborous hyper syndrome and even his mental stability is not stable.” Sanskar said with fake tears and smirks at Swara and Sahil.
Sahil grit his teeth.”Am I mentally unstable? Wait I will make you regret vella korangu.” Sahil said to himself.
Sahil suddenly pushed Sanskar to floor and lays on the long seat and start to sleep.

“Abhi ji, today you will sleep on floor. See your bhai get sleepy and he only sleep in my lap as he considers me as his maa. Otherwise he will go out of control”Swara said innocently.
“beta Don’t worry. I will also stay here to help you both. You are really very sweet, beti. I will come soon after checking ” Tc said and left..
Sanskar shockingly looks Swara and Sahil and both winks at him.
“what the hell?”Sanskar asked in low tone
“See Mr. whatever, you have to sleep there itself. Just imagine, if I say truth to tc, he will let us because I am a girl and he is a kid. But about you? he will leave you in next station. What will you do? so better , shut your mouth and sleep there itself. It’s our revenge for showing my Sahil as mentally unstable”Swara said in a serious tone.
Sanskar stand in anger.” You..”

“TC uncle…”Swara called.
“beta do you need anything?”Tc asked caringly.
“uncle, don’t mistake me. is there are any unoccupied seats in this coach?”Swara asked while gives a intense look to Sanskar and Sanskar taken aback.
“sorry beta, but the travel is just 7 hours left. So your husband will not have any problem. He can manage..”Tc looks Sanskar.
“I can manage…”Sanskar said defeatedly and lays on train floor.
Swara and Sahil hides their chuckle and Tc left.

Soon, because of train shake, Sanskar starts to sleep in floor itself.
The next day, early morning,
Train halted in Chennai central railway station and Aman gets into Sanskar’s couch and gulped to see him sleep in floor.
Swara yawns and sees Aman.” Tell your friend, don’t dare to insult people just because of they belong to middle class. We just taught him a small lesson.”
Swara said and leaves with sahil.
Sanskar wakes up and sees himself in phone mirror and sees something written in his head.
“vella..korangu..”Sanskar spelled and his face turned into anger and looks Aman who is laughing.
Flashback ends…
Sanskar finished and looks Laksh who is rolling in ground by holding his stomach and tries his best to control his laugh.

“bhai.. don’t say more. I can’t hold my laugh. So a girl make sleep the great maheshwari sleep on train floor and a little boy called him vella korangu.” Laksh stopped by seeing Sanskar’s pouted face.
“ok ok. now I can relate why she fainted? But bhai, you always respected people by their thinking not because of their status. Then why you said like that?” Laksh asked.
“hmm! What can I do lucky? I think at that time shani bhagavan stayed in my tongue and said that. Still whenever I remember them, it brought smile in my face, Lucky. They both are great pair just ..”Sanskar stopped.
“like me and Uttu. Bhai, still my heart says that she will come oneday and she is not dead. Till we didn’t get her and I have the hope one day she will return to me” Laksh said while closing his eyes and leaned to chair.
Sanskar cursed himself .

“Laksh… get back to work. There are mehra files”Sanskar gave files to Laksh and come out, wipes his tears gently and walks towards staff room.
Swara wakes up in staff room and remembers what happened.
Aman sits opposite to her and gives water.
“Ms.Swara, are you feel better?”Aman asked Swara and Swara nods.
“Mr.Aman, I don’t want to work here. I want to resign my job.”Swara said calmly and Aman looks at her confusion.
“Ms.Swara, are you really alright?”Aman asked in disbelief.
“She will be alright Aman. I want to speak Ms.Swara.”Sanskar said and Aman leaves.
Aman comes out of staff room .

“Ms.Swara, I know that we have a clash in past and I ensure that it will not affect our professional relationship. Take leave and think once again. if you still want to resign, I will accept your resignation, tomorrow.”Sanskar said and goes out.
Laksh enters once after Sanskar goes out.
“Ms.Swara, my bhai always keeps professional and personal life separately. So don’t worry” Laksh said and goes out.

“what can I do now? I need this job but Laksh is there, he calls that Vella korangu as bhai. What is his relationship with this company and how he behave me with normally . “Swara holds her head” no I have to know about him. it only help me to know about the reason of my rago’s death and I should keep Sahil away from him” Swara decides determinately.
Aman sits in his cabin thinkingly and Laksh enters his cabin.
“what are you thinking Aman bhai?” Laksh asked while sitting.
“ about Sanskar. He never spoke to any employee other than me and he always remain khadoos. But today..”Aman paused.
“bhai is taking care of Swara unknowingly. He is attracted towards her. Let see what will happen” Laksh said to himself while twirling paper weight.

Precap: past:Raglak convo Present: Sanhil meeting and a little bit past about Raglak relation.

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