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P.S:Light hearted people beware … There are some sad moments inside.

Episode 39:
Inside the cell,
Laksh was thinking about Ragini.
“I want to hold your hand, soon Sahi. But here… my family is in trouble. Once I confirmed they are out of trouble , I will come to you, soon.”Laksh muttered while Arjun entered with a man.
Laksh looked at him questioningly.
“Do you know who he is?”Arjun asked the man while laksh and the man both looked at Arjun questioningly.

Man nodded no.
“He is Maheshwari Constructions family’s heir, Lakshya Sharma, whom ordered you to kill Dr.Rajat “Arjun said while laksh looked at Arjun shockingly.
“I didn’t “Laksh muttered while Arjun took the man to another cell.
Laksh sat on the floor while trying to understand what was happening around him.
Arjun entered into Laksh cell while laksh looked at him.
“Can I know what is happening ,ACP? How could you accuse me for trying to murder Dr.Rajat?”Laksh asked with bit anger.

“I didn’t accuse you ,Laksh. I am just want to make you realize what a trouble you were in. I need your help, Laksh to get justice for My bhai’s murder…”Arjun said.
“your bhai’s murder…”Laksh asked with bit shock.
“yes… Dr.Rajat is my bhai. He was murdered by the person who killed your wife and sister. Help me in this, we will get both of our revenge.”Arjun said.
Laksh looked at him with wide eyes.

“what are you talking about?”Laksh asked.
“See Laksh, I know you lost your memory. The truth is, you were married and your wife and sister were killed. I know the person who did that. Just I need your help”Arjun said .
“who is that person?”Laksh asked while keenly watching Arjun’s face.
“I couldn’t tell you now laksh”Arjun said.
“because you know there is a chance to refuse to help you, as the person was my dadi. Isn’t it,ACP?”Laksh asked.
Arjun looked at him shocked.
“you…”Arjun stammered .

“yes… I got my memory back,ACP.”Laksh said calmly.
Arjun let out a sarcastic smile.”even after knowing whatever she did with you, still you love her”
“ love(Laksh smiled sarcastically ) no… I hate her… even I want to kill her in my hands… but Her truth will shatter my family. My Swara…”laksh stopped in middle.
“Sorry ACP, I can’t help you in this. Until you revenge won’t affect my family, I don’t care whatever you do with Parvati Dendayalan”Laksh said.
“Do you think she will let your family in peace?”Arjun asked.
“Sorry Laksh…She won’t. do you know why she killed my brother? Because she got to his true identity…Amrit Ramprasad Sharma… yes, my bhai is your brother, Amrit”Arjun said while shook laksh by his shoulder.
“I know you even don’t remember him because you lost your memories when you were small. I even know you don’t need to care about the person whom you don’t even remember. But will you worry about Sahil?”Arjun asked while Laksh looked at Arjun.
“what about Sahil? Why are you dragging him in this?”Laksh asked with anger as Arjun took Sahil’s name.
“I didn’t drag him in this, Laksh. That Parvati dragged him in this and sent him to death bed. Even doctor fixed his date… just a day for him.”Aadi said while Laksh held his collar.
“Don’t play with me like this ACP. Nothing happened to my sahil. I know…”Laksh said while his hands started to tremble badly.
“I don’t need to lie,Laksh. she won’t stop with Sahil itself … she will extend it to Aman and his wife also. Help me to expose her. I need your help…”Arjun said.
Laksh sat on the floor.
“you will get your revenge without exposing her… I want to see my sahil… please help me to see him”Laksh said.
“ I will help you”Arjun said.
“but before you do something , please tell me before. Saving your family is my bhai’s last wish.”Arjun said .
“you will know once I released.”Laksh muttered and leaned against wall. A drop escaped from his eyes while Arjun left the cell.
“it’s my mistake Sahil. I shouldn’t have hesitated before…”Laksh muttered while his mind decided to kill Parvati.
In Hospital,
Ragini was sitting beside Sahil by helding his hands.
“Sahil, don’t you know I won’t like this kind of play? Please open your eyes and see me,Sahil. You Rago ka is here… see me Sahil… Call me as you always do…otherwise , I will let that neighbourhood boy to call me like that…”Ragini blabbered by seeing her brother who was struggling for his life.
Aadi closed his eyes as he couldn’t witness the scenario.
“Rago maa…”Aadi pressed her shoulders while Ragini hugged him.
Kavya just stared the ceiling.
“Aadi… Tell him to see me… he is scaring me,Aadi.”Ragini said while Sahil started to take long breath.

His body started to bump a little .
“Doctor…”Ragini yelled while Aadi pressed the emergency button.
Within a minute, Doctors gathered inside the ward .
Kavya and Ragini looked at Sahil.
“SAHIL…!”Tears started to flow from Kavya’s eyes and she closed her eyes tightly.
“Buamaa…”A voice ringed in her ears.
“what I have done?”Kavya closed her mouth with palm as she was getting the remaining memories back.

Her Vision went black while Aadi held her.
Soon,Someother Doctors admitted her in a ward and started her treatment. Aadi walked towards Sahil’s ward again while his heart surrounded by an unknown worry.
But Ragini remained unaffected by all the chaos. All the sounds which were in her surrounding became silent.
A beep beep sound which assures Sahil’s heartbeat , is the only sound she hear. Laksh is her soul but her siblings are her world… Her pain and struggle in these two years, to see her siblings alive atleast once…

Her Vision frozen at Sahil who was always the reason for her smile …
The doctors started defibrillation process on Sahil as last try.
Sahil jumped a bit for every shock while Ragini clutched her hands tightly.
Sahil jumped a bit abnormal in the last shock while a long line took place in ECG machine.
A long beep sound ringed in Ragini’s ear.
Doctors nodded their head down and one of the doctor closed Sahil’s eyes.
“No… it couldn’t happen… he won’t leave me”Ragini muttered while Aadi entered Sahil’s ward.
“Sorry Mr.Singhania… we couldn’t save him…”The head doctor said and left while a nurse started to cover Sahil’s body with white cloth.

Ragini ran towards Sahil and took his head in his lap.
Ragini looked at her brother’s face who was just looking like in a deep sleep
“Sahil… please look at me… I know…”Ragini caressed his face while the chillness in his body told her the truth. Wasn’t she in the state to sense? No…she wasn’t …
“Sahil bacha… please look at me… won’t you see your Rago ka crying naa? Then, why are you making me cry? Please speak with me… call me ‘Rago ka‘”Ragini cried.
Aadi looked at Sahil’s face while tears started to blur his vision. He wiped his tears and hugged Ragini who was having Sahil’s body in her lap.
“he left us, Rago maa… he went to uncle and aunty…”Aadi said while tears were flowing from his eyes.

“don’t lie like this,Aadi… I know my bacha is sleeping now… soon, he will wake up and speak with me”Ragini said while kissing Sahil’s forehead.
Aadi looked at Ragini’s face shockingly while a fear about his Rago maa started to overcome his sorrow…

In a dark place,
Tears were flowing from her eyes… she was not even ready to wipe her tears as she was completely lost in deep sorrow.
“kavya…” a Low but stronger voice made Girl/Kavya to raise her head.
“Sahil…”Kavya whispered by seeing Sahil and ran towards him.
Sahil smiled and hugged her.
“Don’t go away from me,Sahil”Kavya said while Sahil wiped her tears.

“ I have to ,Kavya. I don’t have any reason to be here…”Sahil said.
“no Sahil. I know I did wrong by cursing you and Rago di. but … please don’t leave me.”Kavya pleaded.
“Kavya, I born to complete your curse and unite ragLak and Swasan. My reason for this birth is fulfilled Kavya. Don’t you know death never be the end for the soul?”Sahil asked.
Kavya looked at him with pleading eyes while huge light shown behind Sahil and slowly swallowed him.
“Sahil…!”Kavya yelled while tears were flowing from her eyes.
She saw herself in a hospital ward.
“mam… please don’t take stress…”Nurse said while nothing affected her then she started to walk towards Sahil’s ward.
In MM,
Dp was walking in cross in tension and anger while Sanskar and Aman were trying to get bail .
“Uncle, I have tried to contact those Investors. But , none of them are attending our call. I think it’s a trap…”Swara said.
“Once I get my Laksh back, I will make them know what will happen if they messup with me.”Dp said angrily while Dadi was witnessing everything happily though she didn’t know the full matter.
“Finally, Laksh went to jail. I wish he will be there in jail itself”Dadi smirked.
Swara looked at Dp’s face while her heart started to burn in unknown worry and sadness. Being decided to call Aadi, she left to her room…Swasan room.
At Hospital,
“Rago maa…”Aadi whispered in shock while Kavya entered the ward.
Her eyes fallen at Sahil’s face which lit a Tear and smile in her face.
Kavya put her hand on ragini’s shoulder while Ragini raised her head.
“Sahil left us,Rago di. He left us forever…”Kavya muttered while the heaviness of her words put her in deep pain.
Ragini nodded negatively while Kavya held her hands and put it on Sahil’s chest.
“Do you feel his heart beat? Do you feel any pulse in his hand?”Kavya asked while a long tear escaped from her eyes.
“no naa… because he is dead Rago di… accept it… don’t make it hard for you…”Kavya sobbed and hugged .
He is dead…Sorry Mr.Singhania… a long beep sound… words and sound ringed in Ragini’s ears while her eyes flashed when Sahil left his last breath… His last jump…
Her words strucked at her throat in a sudden realization while tears escaped from her eyes continuously.
Her hands stopped caressing Sahil’s head while a war started between her mind and heart to accept the realization.
Aadi’s phone buzzed with Swara’s name while Aadi’s hand trembled to attend the call.
“hello…”Aadi said finally.
“Hello Aadi! This is Swara. Actually , Police arrested laksh for mishandling investor’s money. but it’s a trap Aadi. Laksh already got his memory back even he tried to commit suicide yesterday. I am scared Aadi. please help me to save my Laksh”Swara sobbed a little while speaking itself .
“Laksh will be in your house in one hour. It’s my promise”Aadi said and cut the call as he couldn’t continue further.
Aadi looked at Ragini who was crying silently.
“He even tried to commit suicide…”Swara’s crying voice made him more weaker.
“A single more pain may snatch… “A fear which fully suppressed his sadness in his heart.
Wardboy entered inside to take Sahil’s body to mortuary while Aadi’s PA entered along with them.
“I want Sahil without post-morteum and Laksh should be out of jail in half an hour.”Aadi said while his PA just nodded and left room by making calls. He made himself looking strong while even he made believe himself the same lie.
Wardboys took Sahil’s body from Ragini’s hold while Ragini was staring Sahil.
“Sahil…”Ragini whispered and her eyes widened while Sahil’s hand went out of her hold.
Her sobs become a large cry while Kavya sat just by hugging Ragini by giving an void expression. The next moment, she fallen unconscious on Kavya’s hands then doctor admitted her .
Aadi came out of room not able to see his sisters state while a big question was raised in his mind.
“How will Swara accept?”Aadi asked himself .
His phone buzzed with Rehan’s number.
“hello…”Aadi said .
“Hello Aadi, I got the man who made accident of Sahil. Actually, he was a hench-man. He was paid for killing Sahil by…”Rehan stopped.
“by…”Aadi asked in a sharp tone.
“Durgaprasad Maheshwari… what do I need to do that man? Breaking his body parts , is it ok?”Rehan asked.
Fear and Sadness which were inside in Aadi’s heart became a pure anger to destroy … Durgaprasad Maheshwari without any trace.
“Kill him…”Aadi said calmly.
“Aadi?”Rehan asked shockingly as he never ordered to kill anyone.
“Kill him ree even no one couldn’t even fin his trace in earth…”Aadi said while walking outside towards his car.
In Aadi’s house,
Uttara came to hall happily by hearing Aadi’s car sound.
“Aadi…”Uttara whispered by seeing tear stains in Aadi’s face.
“what happened Aadi?”Uttara asked while cupping his face and being worried.
Aadi pushed her hardly to floor while Uttara looked at him shockingly as she never saw him like that.
“Aadi..!”Uttara whispered being hurt and worried.
Aadi stared at Uttara with painful eyes as he hurt her.
Aadi sat beside Uttara.
“The wedding you attended yesterday with me, it’s not only my sister’s wedding… it’s your own brother wedding also…”Aadi said while Uttara looked at him shockingly.
Aadi started to tell whatever Ragini told him and how he met her…murder attempt…Sahil’s death…
“Rago maa always stopped me only because of you Uttara… She always told me that no girl will never except the one who responsible for her family’s destruction… but now tell me what can I do? what is Sahil’s mistake ? why did your papa kill him,Uttara?”Aadi asked while Uttara was standing frozen.
“now even I don’t care whether you love me or not. I am going to punish him for all his deeds in the worst way whatever is possible”Aadi said while his eyes were fully red because of anger
Aadi turned to leave while Uttara held his hand. Sahil’s energetic face once flashed in her mind while Ap’s concerned voice ringed in her ears.
“I won’t stop you,Aadi. But , Give me a day. I want to get some answers.”Uttara muttered while Aadi released himself from Uttara’s hold.
Uttara closed her eyes tightly while Ragini’s painful face flashed in her mind .
Aadi’s phone buzzed with PA’s number.
“Sir, Laksh Sir was released from the case. I get Sahil’s sir body. Can I take it to your house for last rites?”Aadi’s PA asked.
Aadi closed his eyes tightly.
“no… Make arrangements to sent it to MM.”Aadi said being decided to stop everything.
PA cut the call and Aadi left from his house to hospital while Uttara walked outside of her house to confront her family.
In MM,
Ap and Swara was walking in the hall tensedly while worrying about Laksh while Nishu was trying to convince them.
“Annu maa…Swara… Laksh was released from all of the charges. He is fine.”Nishu said while Dadi’s face fell down by hearing the news.
“no nishu! Until I see him, I can’t be relaxed”Ap said while Swara was in the same state.
Ap and Swara looked at the stairs often while Uttara was standing outside of MM.
“Mam, to whom you want to meet?”watch man asked without seeing her face.
“Durgaprasad maheshwari…”Uttara said.
Watchman raised his head by remembering the voice.
“Uttara mam…”Watchman muttered being shocked and confused while she entered the MM .
Dark clouds started to gather while a wind speed got increased.
Ap and Swara heard the foot steps and looked at stairs eagerly.
“Uttara…”Ap muttered in happiness and shock while Uttara looked at her with void expression.
Swara looked at Uttara with tearful eyes being happy. Ap slowly walked towards Uttara and cupped her face.
“Uttara…”Ap said again as she couldn’t say anything further more in happiness.
“maa…”Uttara said unknowingly.
Ap kissed Uttara all over her face.
“Annu…”Dp’s voice made her comeback to real world. She looked at Dp who was standing in stairs along with SanLak and Aman questioningly while Dp couldn’t see Uttara’s face.
Ap turned Uttara while the remaining shocked by seeing Uttara.
“Uttu…”Sanlak and Aman ran towards her and hugged her tightly in their group hug.
Dp looked at Uttara with moist eyes and walked towards her.
SanLak and Aman broke their hug by letting Dp to talk with her.
Dp raised his hand to cup Uttara’s face while she stepped backward and stared him with hatred in her eyes.
“why? Why Mr.Durgaprasad Maheshwari? Why did you killed My rago maa’s parents? Why did you want to kill her? Why did you snatch her brother? Why? Is it the properties that much important to you than human lives?”Uttara asked while holding Dp’s kurta collars.
“what are you speaking ,Uttara? He is our papa. How can you accuse him like this?”Sanskar asked .
“ I am not accusing him . I am telling the truth,Sanky… he is an animal in human form… you don’t know anything about his real face”Uttara retorted.
“he didn’t … he wasn’t “Laksh muttered while Uttara looked at him.
“you don’t remember anything now,Lucky. When you got your memory, you wont say the same”Uttara said while Aadi and Kavya entered MM with Sahil’s body.
“ I remember… I remember everything what happened with you… whatever happened with life… I remember everything … our papa didn’t do anything…She did everything… just to get all properties on her grandchildren’s name”Laksh said while pointing Dadi.
Everyone looked at Dadi and Laksh shockingly while Aadi raised his head in shock by hearing this.
“how can you accuse me like this Laksh? How can…?”Dadi let crocodile tears let out from her eyes.
“maa…”Dp and Ap stepped further.
Arjun crossed Aadi and got into hall.
“Stop there Mr.Maheshwari. don’t fall for her fake tears.”Arjun said.
“ACP…”Sanskar said in questioning tone.
“ I am arresting you Parvati Dendayalan in the charges of murdering my bhai, Rajat Srivastava”Arjun said .
“Ammu…”Aman whispered while a single drop escaped from Aman’s eyes.
“and you can’t escape now Mrs.Parvati Dendayalan. Your goons were already arrested and the persons whom helped you in Maheshwari’s constructiosn, are also arrested. Mrs.Ragini Sharma murder case is reopened as we got the real culprit . you !(Arjun pointed the finger on Parvati)Your game is over.”Arjun said.
“ACP… Think twice before speaking. You are talking with my maa. How could you accuse her? And Ragini… Ragini is her own granddaughter. Why would she kill her own grand daughter?”Dp asked by putting everyone in confusion in shock.
“That Attack was not against Mrs.Ragini Sharma… It was to kill your daughter, Uttara. I know it would be hard for you to trust my words… you can ask Laksh.”Arjun said while Laksh just nodded.
“The attack was against Uttara. But Devan betrayed her and decided to kill Ragini,Swara and Sahil to get this properties. While trying to save my Sahi and my unborn baby…”Laksh stopped as he looked at his hand which was posturing like holding a baby in his hand.
Sanskar pressed laksh’s shoulders while Laksh kneel down.
“She killed my Sahi… She killed my baby…She killed my Mama and Athamaa…She is a blood drinking monster papa…”Laksh cried while creating storm in Swara’s mind.
“Amma…Appa…”Swara muttered while their faces flashed in her mind.
Swara came before Dadi.
“ Are you really my grandma?did you really kill my parents?”Swara asked.
Dadi cupped her face.
Shekar and Sumi heard a door bell sound.
“Sumi, who would be this time?”Shekar asked by seeing the time as it’s midnight.
“we will see,Shekar”Sumi said and Shekar went to open the door.
“Parvati maa…”Shekar surprised to see Dadi while Sumi also.
“maa… Take this water first”Sumi said while serving water.
“Shekar… I am thinking to take Swara to my house. Already ,Ragini was married. Atleast, I want to take Swara with me after her schooling”Dadi said.
Shekar looked at Sumi as they were thinking.
“Maa… don’t mistake us. Swara is very attached to us as we. She won’t accept truth. Even she accept, she won’t come with you by leaving us. Moreover,Dp is there. I can’t take risk on my daughter’s life”Sumi said.
Dadi nodded thinkingly and then smiled.
“you are also correct Sumi. Ok, take this. It’s Prasadh from Vaishnavi maa temple”Dadi said and fed them prasadh.
The next minute,
Sumi and Shekar looked at each other shockingly as they felt drowsy and hard in breathing.
Dadi took Devan inside .
“Put them in bed. it should look normal”Dadi instructed while devan took both of them inside and made them lay on bed.
Shekar tried to held Sumi hands while Sumi held his hands with all her energy. A small satisfaction took her heart which made her a bit smile though they both couldn’t understand what happened to them as the poison effect was too fast and blinded their thinking capability.
Shekar looked at Sumi and closed his eyes as he felt very hard to keep it open but held Sumi’s hands tightly.
Both closed their eyes.
“Are they dead?”Dadi asked .
“yes…”Devan confirmed.
“no one stop me from getting those properties…”Dadi smiled devilishly.
“yes… I killed them,Swara. how could they stop me from taking my granddaughter with me?”Dadi said without any guilt and cupped Swara’s face.
Swara pushed her hands hardly while stepped backward.
Aadi’s hands started to shaken then Kavya held his hands for support while Swara held Sanskar’s hands.
Arjun signed lady constables to arrest Dadi.
“you can arrest me now… but I will come back definitely “Dadi said while looking at Laksh.
“Sir…”One of the attendant said as they were standing with Sahil’s body for a long time.
Kavya signed them to take inside.
Aadi walked towards Hall while Dadi along with constables climbed on the stairs.
Dadi stopped by seeing Aadi.
“why did you kill him?”Aadi asked in painful voice.
“Until he is alive,Swara wouldn’t accept you as her brother,Aadi. How can I see Aadi sad?”Dadi said while Aadi looked her with disgust and disgust on himself.
“bhai, She is not worth to speak and Swara di needs you now”Kavya said.
“Sir…where can I keep this body?”Attendant asked Dp while Laksh stared the face which came infront of him.
Everyone looked at Sahil’s body shockingly except Laksh was he was in his own pain… The boy who were alive with them until yesterday… a smileful… energetic pure soul which resided with them…
“Swara ka, why can’t you call Sanskar as Sanskar bhai?”Sahil’s teasing voice echoed in Ap and Dp’s mind.
The beautiful memories which he presented them when they were in pain… their mind flashed unknowingly…
“Promise me that you will keep my Swara ka happy”Sahil’s voice on Swasan proposal ringed in Sanskar’s ears.
Sanskar closed his eyes while his each and every encounters with Sahil flashed .
“My promise doesn’t means you can leave her,Sahil. Even I need my angry Saala! Why did you left us?”Sanskar thought.
Attendants kept Sahil’s body infront of Laksh.
“Sahil..!”Laksh looked at Sahil’s lifeless face and suddenly cupped his face in his hand then caressed his bandages on his head.
“Sahil! Is she hurt you a lot?”Laksh asked to Sahil’s body and kept his head in his lap.
“it’s my mistake Sahil. I should have killed her once I got my full memory… I shouldn’t have hesitated.”Laksh muttered.
“Sir, body can’t withstand for long time. Cremate soon…”Attendants said and left.
Swara slowly walked towards Sahil’s body while her mind chanted a single line,” it’s not true… it’s a bad dream…”
“Don’t worry Sahil. Now your Laksh is with you. I won’t let her to hurt you.”Laksh blabbered while Fear about Laksh’s mental condition raised in everyone’s mind by suppressing their sadness.
“Laksh leave him… we have to arrange for his last rites”Dp said with heavy heart.
“Papa… he is alive. you don’t know. He promised me… he always hold my hands in every hard situation. My Sahil is a good boy. He never breaks his promise… see, he is smiling at me.Sahil, tell them…Sahil”Laksh said as his mind imagined Sahil to keep him alive.
Swara sat beside Sahil and looked at his face. For whom, she struggled this much in these two years… for whose safety, she bore his hatred… She looked at Sahil’s face who was laying in Laksh’s lap lifelessly by making all her struggle meaningless by making her one of reason for his demise.
“Sahil… I won’t even tease you… even I accept you are the one who always win… please open your eyes… I know you are doing a prank…”Swara said.
“what are you telling Swara? he already opened his eyes… he is speaking to you… are you having any problems in your ear?”Laksh asked.
Sanskar stared at both of them while his tears came out by breaking all the restrictions that boys shouldn’t cry… The state of his brother and his love… started to broke him completely while Aadi started to accuse himself for all the miseries happened in their life.
“He left us, Laksh… he went to far away…”A voice made both of Swalak look .
“Rago ka…”Swara said with tears while Ragini walked towards SwaLak as she didn’t know the truth.
Ragini pressed laksh’s shoulder and put her head on Laksh’s shoulder. Swara hugged her and Ragini took her in her lap.
“Rago ka, our SAHIL…”Swara cried while Laksh remembered the same scenario where Ragini put her head on Laksh’s shoulders and Sahil and Laksh were sleeping on their lap… His Little family…
“he left us,Swara… He went to our Amma and appa as he always longing for them…”Ragini muttered in a expressionless voice as her heart become void… a complete void…
Laksh looked at Sahil’s face in shock while he imagined Sahil was breathing hard.
“Sahil..! Sahil..!”Laksh shook his body while His mind imagined Sahil dead on his lap.
“Sahil..!” Laksh muttered and a long tear escaped from his eyes as his mind accepted Sahil’s death. A struggle of hiding truth to save which relation… to save Swara from pain that her own grandma was reason of her miseries …Laksh’s struggle became meaningless while ragini and Aadi’s revenge and struggle to save whose life… it’s now just meaningless…
Kavya closed her eyes tightly as she know what would happen further.
Uttara hold Aadi’s hands while he was just witnessing with hardened face…
At evening,
Sanskar, Dp, Aman and Aadi held the four corners of casket while Laksh took the firepot in his hand. Ragini was following them behind.
In a river side,
Sahil’s body was kept in the pyre while priest gave the mixture of rice and sesame seeds to Laksh.
“put it in his mouth…”Priest said while Laksh put it in Sahil’s mouth as Priest said while Ragini looked at her Sahil’s face for last time.
In MM,
Ap and Nishu held Swara in their hand.
“Swara beta, take a bath “Ap said.
Uttara felt bad something then she ran towards river side.
Swara just nodded and went to her room.
“you are the reason for Sahil’s demise… you are the sole reason…”Swara’s lookalike taunted her while Swara looked at her imagination shockingly.
“if you are not stubborn… if you weren’t with him, he wouldn’t have killed by your dadi… you are the reason…”Swara’s imagination accused further.
“what are you going to do? What will you tell to your Amma and Appa that their Sahil died because of you?”Swara’s imagination sent her beyond repairable state.
“Sahil, I will get justice for you…”Swara said while stepping into balcony and jumped from balcony.
“Forgive me….Sahil…. for being a …bad sister… to you ”Swara muttered while her blood covered the floor.
In river side,
Laksh lit the pyre while Ragini closed her eyes tightly. Both Raglak and Aadi stood by just staring the pyre .
Sanksar lift his phone and answered the call by seeing it’s from home.
He missed the phone while Dp and Aman looked him questioningly.
“Swara…”Sanskar murmured and ran towards house like a mad person while Dp and Aman followed him.
After some minute,
“Rago maa…”Aadi held her by her shoulder.
“we lost Aadi… for whose, I struggled this much … my Sahil went far away from me… I am not going to do anything further,Aadi… if he wants properties, let him to take it… Atleast Swara will live with Sanskar happily”Ragini said while Laksh and Aadi understand that she didn’t know the truth.
Laksh stepped forward towards Ragini and held her hands
“you are cursed ragini… you will be the reason for Sahil’s miserable life…””mea Swayam Tanishkant ka Rajkumari Raginidevi tume shrapt theya Lakshya. How my heart is burning in pain, you will also feel the same. I will reborn in this place and you also. you will feel the same pain what I am going through now. Haan.. mea swayam Ragini devi thumse shrapt theya..Rajkumar lakshya… you wish each and every moment to be with me… but you can’t . even I will be in your life , you will feel the pain . you will feel the same pain of losing your beloved ones. You will know being live in this world as lifeless” These lines ringed in ragini’s ears. Was it destiny which made her beloved one’s are Laksh’s also?
A fear of losing Laksh raised in her heart and the pain of losing Sahil made it multiplied .
“Leave my hands , Laksh… you are just pain in my life, laksh… I can’t take any more… leave me… free me from this relation”Ragini said.
“I am leaving your hands,Sahi”Laksh muttered while Ragini looked shockingly her hand out of Laksh’s hands.
“I will leave your hands if you ask”Laksh’s words ringed in her ears.
Ragini ran from the place being not able to take further pain without seeing Laksh’s eyes which pleads her to be with him…
“Jeju…”Aadi came forward.
“Take her away from this place… from this truth… never look back and don’t let her to lookback… she never withstand the truth…”Laksh said as this truth may kill his Sahi alive being indirect reason to her Sahil’s and adopted parents demise.
“ I know Rago maa , I can unite you both by telling the truth. But I am scared Rago maa, the truth may snatch you from me… from Laksh… from everyone forever… I can’t take risk with your life, Rago maa…(Looking at the burning pyre) I am sorry Sahil, I am going to separate them to save our Rago maa… forgive me…”Aadi closed his eyes tightly then nodded. May be Ragini revenge’s intense forced him to do this… The revenge for her parents… for separating her from her Laksh…
Aadi followed Ragini while Uttara bumped with him in middle.
“ I am going far away from this place … to keep her away from truth…”Aadi said while Uttara looked at him… she knows her Rago maa’s pain… The same fear raised in her mind.
“Take care of our Rago maa,Aadi… my bhai can’t live without her. So, tell her truth once she ready and return back… I will wait for you…”Uttara said by releasing Aadi’s hands and signed him to go though she didn’t remember her full memories.
Aadi looked at his Uttara emotionally , kissed her forehead .
“Take care of my Kavya…”Aadi said and then left.
Laksh kneeled down and stared at pyre . How Rajkumari Ragini’s heart burnt because if her lost love… His heart was burning for losing his love and his Sahil…
Laksh closed his eyes while Ragini flashed in his eyes… Ragini’s painful face while creamating Sahil’s body … Ragini’s helpless face while he made her leave him at forest to save their baby… Ragini’s bold face after their first union… Ragini’s anger face when she got to know the truth about the relationship between Laksh and Uttara… Ragini’s cringing face whenever he disturd her studies for her food… Ragini’s love… Ragini’s care… Ragini’s blushing face at their marriage… Ragini’s angelic face when she held his hand to save him in the river…
“ I am leaving your hand,Sahi”Laksh murmured while he fallen on the ground completely as his pulse started to go down .
“I will even if it’s my death”Laksh’s words to his Sahi, he kept it true. But what made Ragini’s forget about it?Her Past memories… her curse… her pain of losing Sahil … her fear of losing Laksh… or all these things… Her words became true… The painful death of Rajkumari Ragini made her words became true…
In a Hospital,
Dp was standing there in shock whatever happened in a single day… Dadi’s betrayal… Uttara’s accusation…Sahil’s death…Swara’s suicide attempt… May be this too much shocks made him forget Rajat’s words or his age…
“he may die in stress or he may lost his mental stability forever being stucked in his puzzled memories.”[email protected] words which he forget completely. He was standing there along with his family.
Sanskar looked at his white kurta which was now red because of blood… His own love’s blood…The girl whom he loved… he married just one day before…
Doctor came out with a nodded head which made Sanskar realize what he was going to say…
Sanskar stormed into Swara’s room while the machines which kept her alive…
Sanskar held her hands which was connected with Saline and stared the mehandi…
At the day of mehandi
“Sanskar bhai, you have to search your name in Swara di’s hand…”Kavya said.
“Either call me as jeju or call her as bhabhi. Why are you confusing relationships?”Sanskar cringed and then held Swara’s hands.
“hmm…”Sanskar acted as searching while Swara looked at him eagerly.
“don’t you find it? you are so dumb”Kavya said .
“Sanskar, do you find it or not?”Ap asked worriedly.
“See me Sanskar, I already find my name in your bhabhi’s hand”Aman teased.
“he found it . but he is acting just to”Swara stopped and started to blushing.
“how do you know?”Sanskar asked surprisingly.
“ I know Sanskar. Your eyes is enough to me to know what you are thinking”Swara said while Ap looked at her happily and Sanskar looked at her lovingly.
Sanskar put Swara’s hands on his cheeks and pressed it lightly.

“See my eyes Swara, how much it’s desperately needs you? you always understand me just by my eyes… then why are you not understanding that I need you …I am selfish Swara… I can’t live without you… please … come back to me… or take me with you…”Sanskar yelled first,finally sobbed.
In the same hospital,
Arjun was walking on the corridor as he received a call from hospital.
In Doctor’s cabin,
“Doctor, I am Arjun”Arjun said.
“First be seated, Mr.Arjun. Two days before, a patient was admitted in a critical state . I think he faced a fatal accident. We saved him . when he got conscious for a little time, he told about you and your phone number…”Doctor said.
“Can I see him?”Arjun asked and the doctor nodded.
Arjun entered into a ward where [email protected] lays unconsciously.
“he is not my bhai”Arjun said.
“Actually,when he admitted here, his face was fully damaged. The lady gave the photo of him to reform his face. I think she might be mistaken. You can confirm with DNA test.”Doctor said.
“no… I will wait for him until he get conscious”Arjun said while staring at [email protected] who was having young Rudra’s face now… The identity which he want to forget… which became his face now…
In a river side area,
“bhai…”Uttara yelled and ran towards Laksh.
“Bhai…”Uttara said while tapping his face which made Laksh open his eyes halfly.
Uttara stared at his eyes which made her remember .
In a School,
Students were running here and there as it was lunch time.
12 year old Laksh was crying .
“bhaiya , why are you crying ?”9 year old Uttara asked.
“ I snatched his lunch. What will you do?”A bully boy from Laksh’s class asked.
“bhai, did he really snatch your lunch?”Uttara asked.
Laksh nodded while weeping.
Uttara turned while huffing , held little hairs of bully boy and started to pull it.
“devil.. leave me…”Bully boy pushed Uttara hard and Laksh held her.
“How could you beat my Uttu?”Laksh said angrily , pushed the bully boy and sat on his stomach while Uttara sat on his legs to make him paralyzed.
“will you beat my Uttu?”Laksh asked and pulled boy’s hair.
The boy tried to defend the Laksh bit his hands.
“It’s for beating my Uttu”Laksh said while Uttara bit him in his leg.
“it’s for snatching my bhai’s lunch”Uttara said.
“what is happening here?”Teacher asked angrily which made Laksh and Uttara release the boy while Sanskar reached the spot after knowing from Laksh’s classmate.
“mam… they threatened me to give my lunch to them. I refused . so they both beaten me”Boy said with a puppy face and gave a secret evil smirk to Laksh and Uttara.
“mam.. he is lying…”Uttara said while pointing finger to the boy.
“Stop… go to princi room… I will call your parents” Teacher said while Sanskar came near to Laksh and Uttara.
“Sorry Lucky ..Uttu… I wouldn’t go today with friends for lunch.”Sanskar said.
“Arre bhaiyu… it’s not your mistake”Uttara said and then pinched Laksh’s hand.
“Uttu, why are you pinching?”Laksh said while rubbing his hand.
“why did you let him to snatch your lunch?”Uttara asked while putting her hands on her hip.
“he was that much big. I am scared that what if he beat me. even Sanskar bhai is not with me”Laksh said.
“it’s my mistake only…”Sanskar said with guilt.
“Do you want get pinched bhai?”Uttara threatened while Sanskar nodded no, the next minute as it will be always painful.
“it’s not your mistake, bhai. Samja?”Uttara asked while Sanskar just nodded.
“then who got beaten up finally?”Uttara asked.
“That boy only…”Laksh said and widened his eyes in realization.
“you don’t need to scare about anyone,bhai.”Uttara said and held his hand.
Laksh nodded happily.
“Come… let’s go to princi room”laksh said and walked.
“bhai, I said don’t scare about that boy not about that hitler…”Uttara screamed while Sanskar giggled and followed them.
After an hour,
Ap and The boy’s mum was sitting in princi room.
“see mam… how much they beaten my son? I want them expelled out of school”Boy’s mum said angrily by seeing the state of her son.
“my children will never do anything wrong until someone did wrong with them”Ap said in a determined tone.
“will they expel us ?”Uttara asked laksh in a low voice.
“whatever happens, I will be with you…”Laksh said and held her hands.
“Excuse me ,mam…”A voice disturbed everyone.
“yes…”Princi said.
“Mam, my name is Nishanthi. I witnessed the fight. First, that boy only snatched his food even when the girl asked him, he pushed her on the floor hardly.”Nishu said while showing scratches in Uttara’s arm.
“I think my presence no need more here. I will speak with chairman further. “Ap said with an attitude and looked at Uttara.
“Is it paining more?”Ap asked while Uttara nodded .
“First aid kit”Princi shouted while a peon came with First aid kid.
“No need princi mam. I will take my children’s from this school. This school is not safe for them. Moreover, they even can’t see who is innocent and guilty.”Ap stopped in middle as Laksh and Uttara looked at her scared face.
“I am really sorry mam. We assure that it won’t happen . please don’t take this to chairman”Princi said in a pleading voice.
Ap just nodded and took Uttara and Laksh with her.
“maa, Are they going to expel us?”Uttara asked.
Ap nodded no.
“I don’t care even they expel us”Laksh said while Ap looked at him surprisingly.
Uttara smiled at Laksh.
“because Laksh and…”Laksh said.
“Uttara…”Uttara said.
“will be together whether it’s life or death”Uttara and Laksh said in a unison by modifying a dialogue which they saw in a movie.
Uttara and Laksh ran towards their car by helding each other hand. Ap looked at them proudly while Sanskar hugged her from back.
A Start of different bond between a sister-brother which binded them in life and death…
“Lucky…”Uttara muttered as her memories flood in her mind and held his hands.
A different feelings made her heart heavy and fall beside Laksh while losing her conscious.
Their heart beats started to synchronize and their heart beat slow down in the same way.
Laksh eyes stared the void sky while Sahil appeared in the sky.
“I won’t leave your hands , Laksh”Sahil said and extended his hands.
Laksh raised his hands to hold Sahil’s hands while a smile kept in his face as he saw his Sahil finally and his heart beat started to increase.
In the Famous bridge of Kolkata( in swaragini serial where no one dies after falling down),
Kavya was standing while tears were just flowing from her eyes.
“How you three left him to live in guilt , He will leave you by leaving you three to live in guilt for life time… How you three made his life meaningless by your love, your three life will become meaningless… How he made my love…my struggles … meaningless by sacrificing his life , his sacrifice will become meaningless… their sacrifice will become meaningless… each and everyone words and curses will become true atleast partially…” Her Words ringed in Kavya’s ears even if she didn’t want to hear.
“Again, I made everything wrong Sahil… just because of my anger… Laksh ,Sanskar bhai , Rago di and everyone… I made everyone’s life messed up… I lost you again… Forgive me Sahil…”Kavya said in guilt.
“Come soon in their life,Chotu… to save them from my curse…”Kavya muttered while looking at the Red sky at sunset in a far.
The next day,
In a Hospital at Mumbai,
“Rago maa, this way…”Aadi said while Ragini walked lifelessly.
They both entered into a room.
“Hello Mr.Singhania… He is all right now. You can take him…”Doctor said .
A Nearly one year old baby’s giggle made Ragini look at the baby.
“Sathya…”Ragini whispered as she saw a baby which look alike she imagined … Lakshya’s sharp nose… her face… his lips… But the blue eyes… she thought as she saw somewhere else…
She took baby in her hands carefully while she felt something good inside her… felt her pain was bit reducing in baby’s touch.
Aadi looked at Ragini with a bit smile.
“He is your son,Rago maa… “Aadi said while Ragini looked at her shockingly.
“how is it possible? I .. I …”Ragini stammered.
“it’s possible, Rago maa… Medical science improved a lot”Aadi said and kissed Baby’s cheeks.
Ragini hugged the baby tightly while Aadi looked at her with pain and a lot of questions in his mind as he got to know about Swara’s condition… as he witnessed his sister in death bed…Laksh…
“I will never let you know the truth… I can’t lose you also Rago maa… I am selfish now Rago maa… I am going to take you far away before you witnessing Laksh’s state…”Aadi said.
“Rago maa, tonight itself , we are going to America”Aadi said.
“Uttu…”Ragini asked.
“She forget about our marriage as she got her memory back… She don’t want to live with me”Aadi said and held Ragini’s hands.
“I am feeling suffocating because of her memories,Rago maa… please come with me…we will go far away… I am feeling like dying …”Aadi said in a pleading voice.
“Aadi…”Ragini closed his mouth.
“Don’t tell like this even for talk… I can’t lose you also,Aadi”Ragini cried as she was remembering Sahil.
“I am sorry rago maa, I am using your love now… please forgive me…”Aadi said while his heart was feeling guilt and remembered his quarrel with Uttara.
The night of Sahil’s cremation,
Aadi entered into hospital as he got to know about Swara’s state from his PA.
“Swara…”Aadi whispered by seeing his sister in death bed.
He doesn’t need so much time to understand what would have happened.
“Aadi…”Uttara held his hand while Aadi hugged her tightly.
“Uttu… My swara…”Aadi sobbed.
“Tell the truth to Rago maa,Aadi and take her to my Lucky… he is dying there without her”Uttara said while Aadi parted away suddenly.
“My Rago maa will die if she know the truth now… still, she is not even come out of the pain and shock of losing Sahil”Aadi said.
“She won’t for her life time,Aadi… because Swara and Sahil are her world… but my bhai is dying there… He needs her to hold his hand… beside her as his Sahi”Uttara pleaded.
“Because of the truth, already my one sister is in death bed. do you want me to tell truth to Rago maa,also?”Aadi shook Uttara.
“if you can’t tell, then I will tell her myself.”Uttara said while wiping her tears.
“In this, you will lose me Uttara”Aadi said in a deep voice.
“I will do anything to save my Lucky”Uttara said while their love stucked in the love for their siblings and fight to save them.
Aadi looked at her once and then Swara while Sanskar entered the ward.
“Do you hate her for what dadi did with your family?”Aadi asked while Sanskar looked at Aadi .
“She is my swara… why should I hate her? Moreover, she never related to that lady.”Sanskar said in a sharp voice.
Aadi left the place after making some people to watch Swara .
“Aadi… we will leave this place at tonight”Ragini said while caressing his face.
After Five years,
In New York,USA,
A Big building is shown.
A Lady was walking inside while everyone started to greet her.
She was crossing them just giving them a nod and then entered her cabin. Her walk even man has band their head in her manliness… her confidence which always made her head up and look anyone’s eyes directly… The Pinch of Vermillion in her forehead made her look beautiful… Her name was very famous in construction and hotel Industry in the past three years… Ragini Sharma, A single name which give shiver in businessmen’s spine…
“Come in…”She said .
Her PA, Mr.James, came inside.
“Mam, The travel plan for merging your company with Sahi Industries in India is almost done. They needs your presence there for signing the deal.”James said.
“Tell them to meet me in Hyderabad . what is the status of taking over Bhishma Constructions?”Ragini asked further.
“It’s done. Your Jet is also ready for leaving afternoon.”her PA said.
“Ok, you can leave”Ragini said in authorative tone.
“Just few days, I am coming back in your life to hold your hands along with our Sathya again Laksh. Till I don’t know whether it’s a dream or real. I don’t know which made me to mutter those words. Forgive me Purusha! Just two days , We will be united again”Ragini said while holding her mangalsutra tightly.
In Hyderabad,
A Four year old boy was walking in a street along with his father.
“Papa, I like this shirt very much. Thank you…” Boy said.
“you are telling the same line for tenth time, Prince …”Father said.
“what can I do? I like this shirt so much…” Boy said.
“Only shirt..?”Father asked.
“yes I like this shirt…” Boy stopped while Father’s face cringed.
“ Because my Papa bought this for me . and I love my papa most” Boy said.
A car crossed them by making boy’s shirt spoiled by mud water.
Boy took a stone and broke car’s back wind shield.
“what have you done?”Father whispered while Driver stopped the car and walked towards the duo.
“how dare you to break car’s glass?”Driver asked.
“How dare you to spoil my shirt? My papa specially bought it for me.”Boy said while a man and women came out the car.
“ I will pay for the glass…”Father said.
“ don’t you know what is the cost of this car? Even you father shouldn’t know. I can pay for the dress , can you pay for the glass?”Driver asked by seeing their clothes.
“Even you don’t know the rate of the car correctly, Driver kaka”Man said which made the boy giggle while his father suppressed his laughter.
Man looked at the boy softly and kneeled down to his height while the boy stared him rudely.
“Since your father bought it specially for you, I can’t compensate you at any method. I am sorry for my driver’s mistake”Man said.
“Though you are looking like WHITE MONKEY, you are so good not like him. I am also sorry for breaking your glass…”Boy said.
“Sahil…”His father stressed as Sahil/boy mentioned the man as White monkey.
The word and Boy’s name reminded a lot of memories in the man’s mind which made kiss Sahil in his forehead.
“Sir, don’t take him seriously, I will pay for your glass…”Father said.
“No need…”Man said but the voice made him to look Sahil’s father.
“I am Lakshya… Though you are refusing, it’s not be good if I don’t pay for your glass… please accept it ”Laksh said.
Man took a chocolate from his pocket and gave it to Sahil.
Sahil looked at Laksh and Laksh signed to accept.
“Thanks…”Sahil said.
“ It’s my card. Please send the bill to my address. I will pay and sorry for the trouble which my son caused…”Laksh said politely and trying to took Sahil in his hands.
“Papa… My shirt is dirty. You shirt will also get dirty. Leave me, I will walk”Sahil said.
“Don’t you know you papa is stubborn.”Laksh said while pulling Sahil’s cheeks.
“Don’t you know your prince is also stubborn”Sahil said while pulling laksh’s moustache .
“but Prince is not stubborn to his Papa…”Laksh replied with a smile.
“Papa also not stubborn to his prince…”Sahil said while giving smile to Laksh by forgetting the man and started to leave.
Laksh took Sahil in his hand while the man saw them with moist eyes.
“They are so lovely. Isn’t it Sanskar?”The women asked while holding her baby bump.
“hmm…Swara, they are so lovely.”Sanskar/Man replied.
“wait… isn’t he, That little boy’s father, the one whom we come to meet?”Swara asked.
“Yes… we came to meet him only”Sanskar said.
“but, He spoke like he don’t know about you… who is he?”Swara asked.
“Yes Swara, he don’t know about me… but I know him. He is my Lucky,my brother…”Sanskar said while Swara looked at him questioningly.
“but I never saw him before even I didn’t saw his photo in our house”Swara asked.
Sanskar looked at Swara and let a bitter smile as he thought about Life. For whom she married him, now she even didn’t remember him and he… for whom, he kept silence… which silence indirectly snatched his Sahil’s life… Life is unpredictable especially in their life…
“Don’t stress yourself,Swara…Let’s go”Sanskar said and told driver to go his destination.
In Sahi Constructions,
A abnormal silence kept in the place as everyone were working so seriously… no gossips… no chit chats… no talks inside office… as everyone was scared… scared about one person…No one even dare to tell the person’s name… as how much she appreciates their work she is that much strict while giving punishments for their mistakes… Lady’s heart is a riddle… it’s a common saying… But The riddle for her, do she have any heart? any feelings? It’s that her employee’s thinking about her… no expression in her face even when she awarded with most successful businesswomen , best CEO and best company awards for consecutively three years…
A tap echoed as big sound in that corridor as Her PA tapped her door.
Then the two minute silence told the PA to enter.
“Rudra Constructions CEO Mrs.Ragini Sharma asked us to come Hyderabad to finalize the merger. “PA said.
“Send them our acceptance and make ready for my trip…”She said while again silence took place.
PA stood there two minutes while she raised her head.
PA left the place next minute and took heavy breaths while his colleage offered him water.
“why are you getting scared about mam?you are her PA”Colleague said.
“it’s like Lion’s Cave. Every time I am getting scared. Hope Sanskar sir will come soon…”PA muttered.
“why did our mam became so cold hearted?”Colleague asked.
“I don’t know. But she is not cold hearted… she is stone hearted. Do you know ?she came to office next day of her delivery. Even I got know her baby was died during delivery. But she don’t have any feelings”PA said.
“do you both want to lose your jobs? If mam heard…”Another colleague stopped and smiled as PA and his friend left the place.
In Her Cabin,
She took her bag and came out of her cabin. Even A knee length kurta made her look angelic today… an Angel without a smile… She sat in her car and drove towards the place which she visits everyday in these four years.
She stopped her car inside a school ground and stared the empty ground…
“Laksh and Uttara will be together whether it’s life or death” The memories of Those words made her smile bitterly.
“I miss you lucky…”She mouthed and left to her house.
In Hyderabad,
At Laksh house,
A Lady opened the door by hearing door bell sound.
“Sanskar bhai…”Lady surprised and hugged him lightly.
“How are you Kavya?”Sanskar asked.
“what about me,Sanskar bhai? Until Sahil is with me, how I would be?happy naa…”Kavya/Lady said.
“ok tell me, How are you?How is Swara di?I am seeing you after a long time. You should have your dinner here.”Kavya said.
“Still, you are confusing mine and Swara’s relation.”Sanskar said in a complaining tone which made Kavya smile little.
Kavya shoved a coffee cup in Sanskar’s hand and sat infront of him .
“How is Aunty and Uncle? How is Aman bhai and Nishu aunty? How is our little angel…?”Kavya shot her questions.
“Kavya.. Kavya.. aram se! I will answer you all questions. But I will be confused if you shot questions like that…”Sanskar said by again making Kavya smile.
“Papa and maa are waiting for Laksh but still their health is good. Aman and Nishu bhabhi are also fine and little angel is also fine. Swara is six month pregnant.”Sanskar said.
“Congrats bhai. Uttara bhabhi never said it to me. How is bhabhi?”Kavya asked.
“The same… but because of our angle, she is now better…”Sanskar sighed as how their life became now.
“Ok, Kavya I am leaving. Swara was waiting for me in hotel. Uttara gave it to you.”Sanskar said while taking a file from bag and give it to Kavya.
“don’t you want to meet Laksh?”Kavya asked.
“I met him and our little Sahil on the way. Soon, I will come to take you all to our house.”Sanskar said.
“I will try to convince Laksh…”Kavya said.
Sanskar stood and left while Kavya stared at the File thinkingly.
At MM,
Uttara entered into MM and looked at two women’s face who were waiting for her.
Uttara’s gaze fall on the cake which kept in the hall.
“where is she?”Uttara asked .
Ap and Nishu pointed upstairs room.
Uttara entered into a dark room and switched on the light.
“Angel…”uttara said with a smile while a five year girl looked at her and turned her face.
“Itna gussa tumare buamaa ka sath”Uttara nodded in fake disbelief.
“haa… I am anger on you. you didn’t come for my birthday cake cutting”Girl complained.
“I am sorry, Little Anjel. Why didn’t you cut the cake?”Uttara asked.
“How can I cut the cake without my big anjel?”Girl asked cutely while Uttara hugged her.
“Come… we will cut the cake”Uttara said while taking the girl in her hands.
In Hall,
Everyone gathered in hall.
“Happy birthday Suji” The line was written on the cake.
Suji cut the cake and then fed Uttara first, then Nishu,Aman,Ap and Dp.
“Anjel, where is Chachu and chachi?”Suji asked.
“They went for an important work…Happy birthday Little Anjel…”Uttara said while showing a big teddy in her hands.
“Thank you big anjel”Suji kissed Uttara’s cheeks and ran to her room.
Uttara looked at her happy face emotionally.
Aman side hugged her as he understood her.
“Thanks bhai… bhabhi… if I don’t have in my life, I would have…”Uttara stopped as Aman put his finger on her lips.
“what am I speaking in this beautiful day? Maa… come, I will make her favorite aloo paratha. She like it most”Uttara said and got into kitchen.
Ap looked at the way Uttara left being worried about her daughter’s life.
At Night,
Uttara was staring a portrait where she was smiling with RAGLAK.
“why are you again trying to come in our life,Rago maa? Why? Though I tried to hate you for what you did with my lucky, I couldn’t . I hate myself for this ,Rago maa. I hate myself for loving you. But this time, I won’t let you play with my lucky’s life. I won’t let you send my Laksh to death bed again. I will do whatever I need to save my Lucky from you even if I hurt you in this.”Uttara finished in a determined tone.
In Lakshya’s house,
Laksh was sleeping in the hall while Kavya made Sahil sleep and then took the file.
She opened the file where a Invitation kept.
Kavya opened the invitation.
“Kavya weds Lakshya …”Kavya smiled bitterly by reading the invitation .
“The time has finally come to end this game, Rago di”Kavya muttered and put the file in it’s old position.
To be Continued…
Hi friends and sissies, what are you thinking now? I am sorry I didn’t proof read it. I know it’s very sad. It’s not my mistake… it’s Bala’s mistake as he made me see a sad Korean movie. I became sad and result is a tragic. Actually I thought to give a sad climax 1 and then end with happy climax 2.But I made climax 1 as the most tragic one which I can’t recover easily. All Thanks to my mind and that movie… how can I miss my bala? He also… enough of my bak … bak… Raksha, I changed plot a bit . Though Kavya is there in present, she wouldn’t have that much importance in present . For Present , It will be RagLak and Uttara mainly. Give me your reviews about this episode . i forgot about Ragini’s baby. Embryo Transfer is the procedure where fetus of 12 week aged can be transferred to another’s lady. This is the one which i used for to keep Ragini’s baby alive in this story. and About, How Arjun got to know the truth about Dadi, i will tell you in next episode.
Sara is signing off…

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