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Episode 38:
“ I and your father love each other . My bhai and Maharaj Rudra were friends. Maharaj Rudra is also like a brother to me. my father refused to give my hands to your father. In anger, your father abducted me and married me . To take revenge for that, My bhai …”Sujata stopped as she was losing herself in her memories.
“maa…”Kavya put her hands on Sujata’s shoulders while Sujata took a long breath.
“My bhai abducted Samrat’s sister and married her forcefully just for revenge.”Sujata said.
“Samragni Annapurna, is she Papa’s sister?”Kavya asked in shock as she never seen such a bond between them.

Sujata wiped her tears.
“no… My nanad name is Shalini and Rajkumar Lakshya is her son. She died while giving birth to Laksh. For that only, Samrat and Rajmata was trying to get their revenge for Rajkumari Shalini’s death”Sujata said.
“but why did they hate Tanishkant?”Swara asked in a low voice.
Sujata sat beside her and caressed Swara’s hairs.
“Because Maharaj Rudra helped my bhai while abducting Rajkumari Shalini. For that, Samrat made a promise to Rajmata that he will destroy Maharaj Rudra’s nation and family from the core when he got to know about his sister’s demise . My bhai married Ap bhabhi. Samrat killed all their children whose were born for my bhai and Ap by spies. Even after knowing that, my bhai kept silent just for me .”Sujata said in tears.
“Take care of my daughter,Rajkumari. Now my nation is not safe for her”Samrat Dp’s voice ringed in Ragini’s ears.

“After Sanskar’s abduction, Rajkumari Ragini saved him. For that help, he let her to live and rule the nation peacefully as everyone thought the heir of Tanishkant were dead in a fire accident. Uttara was born at that time. My bhai hid her somewhere and I pleaded Samrat to let her live. For that , I promised him I will do whatever he asks and when the time came, he asked me to leave you ,Kavya as a saint told us that you would be threat for nation.”Sujata stopped.
“Days rolled even faster.Ragini even came here to learn skills from me and Sanskar started to treat her as his own sister. I thought all the miseries will be ended. But it not as I thought. At the time of VasantUtsav, They got to know still the heirs were alive. To complete their revenge , now they wanted to kill Ragini, Sahil and Aditya.During the time of your marriage itself, they tried to kill Aditya as he was the next king. but Sanskar and Laksh got to know that and he saved Aditya at the nick of time without getting noticed by others. When Sanskar and Laksh confronted Samrat ,Samrat told everything about the revenge.”Sujata stopped.
Flashback starts…

“I didn’t do anything wrong Rajkumar Lakshya . I am just seeking justice for my sister’s death…your mother’s death”Rp said without any hesitation.
Lakshya closed his eyes tightly.
“Then, leave it to me, Mamaji. I will avenge for my maa’s death”Lakshya said while helding RP’s hands.
“and I will keep your words, Papa. I will kill Sahil and Aadi. your words are important to me that any other one in the world.”Sanskar said in a promising tone.
Rp hugged both of them while a long trip escaped from Sanskar’s eyes. Before it fell on Rp’s shoulder, Sanskar wiped it before Rp noticed it.
Flashback ends…

“and Sanskar and Laksh kept their words. Laksh took over the Mahishmati and put my bhai in prison. Sanskar started to his task to assassinate your brothers ,Swara.”Sujata said.
“no maa… I trust my Sanskar, maa. I know what Aadi and Sahil meant to him and moreover, he will never do anything which affects me or Rago maa… I trust in my love…”Swara said in a determined voice.
“maa… you should have told me before itself. “Swara said.
“I was threatened by Rajmata that they will kill you,Swara if I tell anything about this to you.”Sujata said while Kavya smiled sarcastically.
“maa… don’t you know what Rajmata did with Swara bhabhi? She made Rajvaidya gave her slow poison as medicine to kill Swara bhabhi at the time of delivery.”Kavya said while Sujata shocked to her core. Kavya said what happened at the night.
Sujata caressed Swara’s face with trembling hands.
“Forgive me Putri…”Sujata said.
“Kavya, I will take Swara to her nation. I know how to escape from here. You have to do whatever I tell”Sujata told her to go to court and then confront Rp .So, they can go far in the mean time.
Kavya nodded.
Sujata held Swara in her one hand while in other hand, she took a bow,arrows and sword. Sujata pressed a brick while a sercret door opened.
Sujata turned once and smiled to Kavya.

“Take care of your father if I don’t return”Sujata mouthed and left with Swara in a secret way.
“maa… please return safely…”Kavya muttered in a pleading voice.
Ragini witnessed everything while she tried to connect the dots.
“I hope nothing went to wrong”Ragini muttered while her surrounding suddenly changed into a river front.
“Swara, get into the boat”Sujata hurried and helped Swara while a man was already present in the boat.
“Swara, have this in your hand.”Sujata put a cloth in her hand.
“It’s a map. He will drop you at the border of ganthanam .From there, this map will help you to enter into Tanishkant.”Sujata said.

“maa… Aap..?”Swara asked being worried about Sujata.
Sujata looked at the soldiers whose were trying to catch Swara and Sujata.
Sujata swinged her sword and cut the rope which held boat with the land and turned .
Sujata started to fight with the soldiers and killed most of them. Two arrows shot at her upper shoulder and hand.
Sujata smiled in the direction as Swara went so long in the river and started to fallen on the ground. Ram slashed the soldier’s throat who shot Sujatha.
“Suji!”Ram Prasad voice echoed in the whole forest as he saw his wife fallen on the ground unconscious.
“Guru maa…”Ragini yelled while Sujata gasped for air and tried to support her while she touched her . Ragini started to travel into Sujata’s memories.
“I curse you Rajmata , how you made me silent and a reason to be sorrow of my own family, you will become the reason for the destruction of your family in all your births”Sujata muttered while darkness started to surrounded her.
“Suji”Rp took her in his lap while she opened her eyes halfly. A smile formed in her face as Her lovable memories with Rp took in her mind.
“Suji! See, our son is born… he just looks like you…The same lips…”Rp said.
Suji smiled faintly and nods no.
“no… he just look like his father… the same eyes…”Sujatha said with a smile.
Rp smiled, “There is our prince… what can we name him?”Rp asked .
“Sanskar…”Sujatha said while Rp smiled and held her hands.
Sujatha’s smile frozen at her face while Ragini memories started to hover in her mind.
“Pranam Samragni…” Little Rajkumari Ragini said while entering into a room.
“no Ragini… Until you return back to your nation, I am your gurumaa and you are my sishya… not Samragni or Rajkumari…”Sujata said .
“Ji Gurumaa…”Rajkumari Ragini said with a smile.
Sujata caressed Rajkumari Ragini’s face with concern and affection.
At the day of Sanskar’s suhagrat with Swara,
“How much beautiful my bahu is ?”Sujata said and put a black mark under Swara’s ear lobe.
Swara turned and held Sujata’s hands.
“maa, I didn’t got my maa’s love when I need most. When I got annu maa, I couldn’t accept her love fully as I thought I didn’t have rights . It always made me suffer. When I realized my mistake, I was married with Sanskar. I always longed for maa’s love though Rago di took care of me. Can I call you maa? Can you be with me as maa other than Sasumaa?”Swara asked while a drop of tear gathered in her eye’s corner.
Sujata smiled and caressed Swara’s face.

“I will always be with you as your maa,Swara. you and Kavya never be different to me.”Sujata said and hugged Swara.
All her memories hovered in her mind and it stopped when it comes to the day.
“how I am dying in the fear of my children’s life…. How Maharani Kalyani and Maharaj Kalyani died while worrying about their children safety… How you made my bhabhi and bhai to live in the pain of losing their children,you will also bear the same pain of losing your own children…, you will also die by worrying about your beloved ones, Mayankpur Samrat…”Sujata told in her heart by forgetting him as her husband .
“no Gurumaa… don’t give such a curse…”Ragini yelled.
Her eyes fixed at the direction Swara left.
“surakshit rahana mera putri” Sujata told in her heart and started to close her eyes slowly.
Rp was running to Palace by taking Sujata in his hands while Ragini was running beside him.
“Suji… don’t close your eyes. We will reach palace soon… I will save you at any cost… don’t close your eyes”Rp pleaded to his Arthangani.
Sujata saw Rp by half closed eyes.
In a river front,
“Rajkumari Sujata, when I saw you first time in Tanishkant Vasant Utsav, I lost my heart to you. I wished to know about you and I did. Whatever you do, it makes me crazy and made me fallen in a deep love which even I can’t express . I love you Suji .will you hold my hands to walk in the path of life?”Rp asked by helding Sujata’s hands.
Sujata looked at Rp’s eyes which shown a different world to her… world of love…
Sujata started to feel sudden blood flow in her cheeks and looked at ground.
“I love you,Samrat”Sujata whispered which made Rp froze in his place.
“Suji!”Rp whispered and looked at Sujata.

Sujata’s smile frozen in her face while her eyes closed fully.
“Suji…Suji…Suji!”Rp shook Sujata who was in his hand badly and kneeled down with Sujata in his hand. .
“Suji!”Rp yelled at lungs and hugged her face to his chest.
Long tears were coming out of his eyes as he couldn’t lose his wife…His love.
“Guru maa…”Ragini sobbed then She saw Sujata’s soul was coming out of her body.
Sujata’s soul smiled at Rp , kissed his forehead and vanished in air.
“Gurumaa…”Ragini started to cry more as her memories with Sujata started to haunt her .
“Don’t break down now itself ,Ragini .”Siddhi veena said while appearing before Ragini.
Ragini looked at her with tearful eyes.
“her curses are the start…just a start, Ragini. “Siddhi veena said while waving her hands.
A dark cloud surrounded at that place and started to rain as it’s also mourning for a lady who sacrificed her life.
Ragini closed her eyes in pain .

“maa… I already told you to be return safely.then, why did you left me alone ?”Kavya asked in the verge of tears.
Ragini opened her eyes by hearing Kavya’s voice.
Ragini was seeing herself in the river front where Sujata died.
“maa… one month is finished after your demise. But nothing is changed… nothing…Papa hid your demise from outside world. He became more inhuman that he is very keen on his revenge. Do you know maa what is going to happen with me tomorrow?”Kavya paused.
“Kavya…” a low voice called.
Ragini and Kavya turned and saw laksh who was standing there with sad expression.
Kavya wiped her tears.
“Tomorrow is our marriage”Laksh said which shocked Ragini.
Kavya smiled sadly.
“I know Rajkumar… don’t worry, I know what to do”Kavya said and walked towards palace leaving Laksh behind.
“but he promised me…”Ragini muttered by reminding Laksh’s promise.
“Be patient Ragini…don’t forget it’s just your past life”Siddhi veena said in a serious tone.
Ragini just nodded her head half heartedly while she saw herself in a mandap.
Laksh was sitting in a groom attire while Rp and Rajmata Parvati was standing .
“Please … I don’t want to witness his marriage with Kavya… I am not that much strong to witness my husband’s marriage”Ragini said in a verge of tears.
“I already told you Ragini it’s just your past”Siddhi veena said.
“But he is already my husband… I can’t see him with anyone…”Ragini said.
“but you are the one who is the reason behind all his actions,Ragini…”Siddhi veena said while Kavya came to the mandap.
“Rajkumari, sit beside Samrat .”Priest said.
“ I am rejecting Rajkumar Lakshya.”Kavya announced her decision and puts her mala which she wore , in the Fire.
Laksh stood with a fake anger.
“what is this Rajkumari Kavya?Laksh hissed.
“yes… I am rejecting you rajkumar Lakshya… I can’t marry a person who can betray girls… you loved Maharani Ragini even your engagement is coming soon… but , you… you are here to marry me whom lost her mother just a month before. I can’t marry a person who cheats a girl… I can’t marry a person who don’t give any importance to a girl’s feelings.”Kavya hissed in the same voice.
“Kavya…”Rp stressed her name.
Kavya looked at Rp directly.
“main ek raajakumaaree hoon Samrat! I can choose who would be my husband. I am rejecting Rajkumar Lakshya on that right.”Kavya said.
“you are having that right, Rajkumari Kavya. But I couldn’t take any insult against me.you did a big wrong by insulting me. I thought to take you as my wife. But, now I am taking you as my prisoner. It will be your punishment Mamaji! Let me do”Laksh said while looking at Rp.
“no…Lak..”Rp started to refuse while Rajmata held Rp’s hands.
“she always be a disgrace to us , Ram.Now, she needs to be punished. From now on,She is not the princess of Mayankpur”Rajmata said while Kavya smiled sarcastically.
“Laksh, you go and get ready for your travel. I need to talk with kavya alone”Rajmata said and then Rp and Laksh left.
Rp stopped in the middle and looked at his daughter.
Kavya turned her face angrily then Rp left the mandap half heartedly.
“do you think you will save yourself and Tanishkant Rajparivaar also?”Rajmata asked.
“why are you hating me this much,Rajmata? You are the one who convinced Samrat to abandon his own daughter “Kavya asked the question which rolling in her mind for a long time.
“Because I never liked your mother and you are resembling your mother… Mahishmat Rajkumari Sujata…(Smiled sarcastically) I hate you as your mother… I told soldier to kill your mother… she was always stopped my son from revenge… even she saved Uttara… now she is no more and I will fulfill my revenge… now I made your life also hell… Swara won’t survive ”Rajmata laughed devilishly.
“Rajmata…”Kavya hissed in anger and choked Rajmata’s throat.
Rajmata tried to get out of Kavya’s grip while Kavya pushed her to the ground.
“I will never let you win in your revenge Rajmata. The family which you want to destroy completely… I will marry rajkumar Sahil and I will give waaris to that dynasty. I will never let you destroy Rago di’s life at any cost. For which revenge you killed my maa, I will make that revenge meaningless. Yeah mera Sankalp hea Rajmata Parvati!”Kavya said while snapping her finger.
Rajmata looked at her with a smile.
“your bhai promised on his sword that he will kill both Aditya and Sahil when your mother died. I made to do the promise by suspecting him. Moreover even if Laksh don’t marry you, I will win. Because Dp promised me that he will take you as Daughter-in-Law for making me accept Swara as Sanskar’s wife. If he can’t keep his promise, you know what a Samrat do… he will commit suicide… On any way, I will get my victory.”Rajmata laughed devilishly .

Kavya looked at her with expressionless eyes.
“why did you do this,bhai?”Kavya asked herself while a sad smile formed in her face.
Ragini looked at rajmata shocked.
“how could he promise on sword? No… if my suspicion was wrong, I would lose my Aadi… if my suspicion is correct, no…”Ragini worriedly muttered.
“what happened Kavya? Have you lost all your ways to complete your Sankalp?”Rajmata asked.
“ I will complete my Sankalp by any ways… Sama, dhana, dhanda, veda… I won’t care the way I go to complete my sankalp. If I fail, I will die by putting myself in the fire…”Kavya said in a determined tone and looked at Rajmata eyes.
“Just see what I am going to do”Kavya said while after a long time, a fear started to take over Rajmata’s face.

At outside,
Laksh was waiting in his chariot while Kavya walked towards the chariot.

“now she is a prisoner ,Lakshya.She is not rajkumari of Mayankpur. Handcuff her”Rajmata ordered from behind.
Laksh tried to stop but kavya stopped laksh and extended her hands before.

“you do it,Lakshya.”Rajmata said while a soldier handovered chains to Lakshya.
Kavya blinked her eyes as it’s ok while Lakshya handcuffed Kavya half heartedly.

Ragini looked at Kavya .
“why are you letting him to do it? why did you dragged yourself in this? Why are you supporting me instead of your own family,Kavya? What did I do for you?”Ragini asked.

“Because when she was longing for love, you are the one who accepted her with love and concern ,Ragini. you gave her position in your family and hope in life . you just thought her as Sanskar’s sister after she went to her nation but she didn’t. for her, you are her Rago di. she loved you as her sister… as her family… not because of her love’s sister. That love only killed her as her own bhai Sanskar”Siddhi veena answered both the questions while Ragini felt her heart became heavy in sorrow.

Ragini let her tears go away from eyes.
Her tears made her vision blur.
“Wipe your tears Ragini… till there is a lot to see… to remember…”Siddhi veena said while Ragini turned to look her.
Ragini saw a girl’s back who foot were bleeding badly and walking in the forest.

“beta don’t worry. We will reach your Papa soon. We already reached Gandhanam border.”The girl said by holding her baby bump.

“Swara…”Ragini shocked by seeing her sister’s state. Her baby bump was shown clearly as she didn’t eat anything properly in this one month and the medicine started it’s effect on Swara’s body though she took it for only two month. Her feet was swollen because of continous walking and in some places, it was bleeding because of thorns.

An arrow hit into nearby tree which made Swara and Ragini turn in shock.
Both saw a person who was hid his face by black cloth and completely in black cloth. His eyes were shown and Swara looked at his eyes.
“Sanskar…”Swara muttered happily and looked at him emotionally as Sanskar was her hope and life.

“Surrender yourself Tanishkant Rajkumari or be ready to lose your and your baby’s life”Sanskar spitted venom in his words .
“Sanskar…”Swara muttered being shocked and put a step forward.
Sanskar released his arrow which hit another nearby tree by leaving a scratches in Swara’s hands. Swara looked at her scratches.
“Sanskar, I want to learn Gadha yudh…”Swara said while sitting beside Sanskar.

“no… no way Swara…what will happen if you get hurt. Please… you can learn other yudh arts which was not that much harmful“Sanskar said while cupping Swara’s face.
“no way… I am going to learn that all”Swara said in a determined tone.

“ please understand me…Swara. I can’t bear if you get hurt.”Sanskar said by hugging her from back side.
Swara turned while being herself in Sanskar’s hands.
“why?”Swara asked.
“Because I love you … I love you in a level even I can’t bear a single pain in your eyes”Sanskar said while Swara hugged him tightly.

Swara looked at Sanskar being lost all her energy.
“Surrender yourself Tanishkant Rajkumari. You are not in the state to fight with me”Sanskar said while Swara looked at his eyes while she was searching her love in Sanskar’s eyes.
Swara started to fall down as a stone made her stumble .
Sanskar held her at nick of time in his hands being worried.
Swara smiled as she get what she wanted… her love in Sanskar’s eyes and fallen into sleep.

Sanskar stared Swara with moist eyes and pecked her forehead lightly after removing his mask.
“I am going to make you hate me,Swara. I am going to kill our love to keep my promises…”Sanskar muttered while Ragini looked at him tearful eyes.

“She killed herself as her own bhai…”Siddhi veena’s voice ringed in Ragini mind while the memory of Little Sanskar who tied rakshak in her hand for her safety, flashed in her mind.
“ I wish Sanskar bhai, I couldn’t enter in your life. if I didn’t , you wouldn’t go this much hardships”Ragini muttered and closed her eyes.

Ragini felt her body was bit shaking. She opened her eyes and saw herself in a chariot.

“Laksh, I want to know from the beginning “Kavya asked as she saw being entered into Mayankpur.
Laksh asked Charioteer to stop the chariot and go far away until he ask to return.

“as you already know, Samrat Rp tried to kill Aadi on Sanskar’s marriage. When I and Sanskar got to know about this, we were shocked as someone from Mahishmati also helping them. we want to stop Samrat Rp but we got to know it’s impossible as he was very keen on his revenge. So, we acted as helping him in his revenge and at the same time,we can get time to save Ragini,Aadi and Sahil.and still, the act is going on.”Laksh said while breaking Kavya’s chains.
“Forgive me, Kavya. I don’t have any other way at that time”Laksh said in a apologizing tone.

“no need to apologize Rajkumar Lakshya. When my own father was doing this…”Kavya stopped as Laksh interrupted.

“Don’t hate Samrat Rp, Kavya. He was blind in his revenge. But , he didn’t kill ragini’s parents. It’s Rajmata’s plan.Moreover , he is your father. He loves…”Laksh stopped as Kavya signed him to stop.

“The one who hides and indirectly supports the crime , he is also a convict Lakshya. My father is a convict in this. Moreover, he don’t deserve to be a father. Father is the one who protects his children not the one who abandons their own children.”Kavya said in a angry voice.

“it’s better not to make her angry more. She already lost her mother .”Laksh thought ,kept silent and started the journey.
“I am going to hate you more Samrat Rp. You are the one… your revenge is the one which was responsible for my maa’s death… I will punish you”Kavya thought.

Ragini looked at both of them without thinking anything.
Her surroundings changed into a old buildings which was looking like abandoned.

“where is Rajkumar Sanskar?”Laksh asked.
“Rajkumar Sanskar is in underground Jail to meet Rajkumari Swara…”Soldier informed while Lakshya eyes became red by hearing this.

He started to walk towards underground jail and frozen at jail’s entrance by hearing Swara sob.
“Swara…”Laksh whispered and tried to go further while Kavya stopped him.

“I understand Lakshya. Trust my bhai, if he was doing something, he must have some reason. I will look for bhabhi.”Kavya said and entered into underground jail while Ragini followed her.
“no… my choti didn’t die. You are lying to me,Sanskar… you couldn’t kill my Sahil…”Swara yelled and took long breath while her hands and legs were shackled to the wall.
Sanskar smiled devilishly.

“yes… now I didn’t kill him and it was not his cloth. But soon, I will kill him… I will kill him with my own hands that too infront your eyes,Tanishkant Rajkumari…”Sanskar said without any mercy.
“you are that much enjoying my pain … my worries to save my own siblings, isn’t Sanskar? Then, hear this also. How much my heart burning in pain and worry to save my own siblings life, you will also feel the same… it’s a curse of a sister who was burning in worry to save her siblings… I curse you Sanskar”Swara cursed while Kavya closed her eyes tightly.

Sanskar looked at her hatred for him whole heartedly as he got what he needs… A pure hatred from his love…
“bhabhi…”Kavya slowly whispered but it echoed all over the room because of silence in the room.

“Kavya…”Swara whispered by seeing Kavya who was still in bridal attire and walked backward by remembering about her curse.
“what have I done?”Swara asked herself .

“I deserve it , bhabhi”Kavya murmured in low voice while Sanskar looked at his sister’s face.
Sanskar walked towards Kavya and dragged her out of jail while Swara’s tearful face fixed at Kavya’s face.

“I can’t happen…”Ragini muttered and walked towards Swara.
“Don’t try to console her,Ragini. you know your words can’t do any affect on them. don’t increase pain in your heart”Siddhi veena said while Ragini saw herself out of jail.

Laksh threw a punch on Sanskar’s face.
“what is her mistake,Sanskar? I already told you to not hurt my Swara”Laksh hissed angrily while Sanskar looked at his calmly.

“it’s her mistake to love me after she knew about the truth. It’s her mistake to come to me even after she was poisoned by Rajmata to die during her labor pain. It’s her mistake still not to hate me even after I am giving a lot of pain to her. I want her to hate me,Laksh”Sanskar said in a calm tone.
Laksh looked at Sanskar shocked as he didn’t know these things while anger was forming in his mind to destroy Mayankpur withoout any trace of the dynasty existed.
Laksh closed his fists tightly while trying to control his anger.

“ we will make everything normal,Sanskar. I won’t let you hurt my Swara more.”Laksh said in a determined tone.
“she has to bear that Laksh to live. And you already know your palace is not safe for her.”Sanskar cut off by Laksh.
“I don’t care,Sanskar. I will save my sister at any cost even if I need to stake my love. I know how to make my nation safe for my sister”Laksh hissed in anger.

“then, what about uttara ? is she not your sister? I forgot Laksh. She is neither the one who grown up with you nor the one who was related by blood. Why would you care about her life?”Sanskar spitted venom and hit Laksh’s weak point.

“if you are thinking to announce a war against Tanishkant now to keep them under your control , then think about it’s consequences also. Uttara will be the one whom you face first. Ragini will never let anyone to snatch her people’s freedom. Aadi and Sahil both with stand against you. For whose safety, you think to start a war , you will put their life in stake.”Sanskar said.

“or another way, you can tell the truth to Ragini and she will definitely sent Uttara with you as you don’t care about Ragini now. But Uttara will never accept to come with you as she did before. It will lead to further complications as Mayankpur have a traitor in Tanishkant palace also that too in their army.”Sanskar said further.

“Third, I won’t let you do anything which will harm my sister in any way. May be you don’t care about your love but I care for my sister… I promised on my sword that I will save her always till I am alive… I will oppose you in all the ways if my sister’s safety is at stake”Sanskar finished while Laksh looked at him being pained.
The pain was not easy to him to bear… His Sister whom he wanted to be happy life long… now she was rotting in pain that too when she was pregnant… another side, his another sister and his love were in life threatening danger…

“you are making me feel helpless…”Laksh said.
“it’s our condition now Laksh. we are helpless and we have to wait until the correct time come. There is no any other way. The day I stop to give pain my Swara, Rajmata will kill her as she killed my maa. But now Kavya will be the medicine to her pain.”Sanskar said while Laksh looked at him being shocked.
“Isn’t buamaa died because of illness?”Laksh asked as he was told that Sujata died because of illness.

“That she told you . but in real, she killed my maa even my father don’t know that. “Sanskar said.
“and we will punish them for what they did . it’s our promise Rajkumar Lakshya. I will take care of bhabhi.”Kavya said while holding Sanskar’s hands and sending a deep look to Sanskar’s eyes.
Laksh left the place .
“you are breaking him,bhai”Kavya said.

“I don’t have any other way to save my Ragini now, Kavya. He has to hate me for making him helpless and he will.”Sanskar said while Kavya put her hand on Sanskar’s shoulder.
“why did you promise on your sword that you will kill Aadi and Sahil when you know you can’t do that?”Kavya asked while Sanskar looked at her with void expression.
Sanskar stepped away while Kavya held his hand.

“is it your punishment to end The kul of Mayankpur dynasty by killing yourself? Isn’t it,bhai?”Kavya asked further.
“yes… I am going to end the dynasty by killing myself in the hands of Ragini for what they did to her .. my maa… my Swara. I will make everyone hate me including Laksh. even I will make my child whoever it is boy or girl, I will make my child hate his /her own father .so that he/she will never accept her own identity”Sanskar said.

“bhai… but think about bhabhi. She couldn’t live her whole life by hating you. one day or another day, she will get to know the truth. And Rago di, she loves you as her own elder brother.”Kavya stopped as Sanskar interrupted.
“ragini loves me as her own brother. But Anger and Aadi are her weakness, Kavya. I will put her in a illusion that I break her trust. I will make her know that my family was the one who killed her parents.on the day of war, I will put her in a illusion that I am going to kill Aadi. and she will…”Sanskar stopped as Kavya let a tear as she was imagined the situation.

“About Swara, she is not going to live more days. The poison is already spreaded all over her body and the remedy medicines were also not working…”Tears escaped from Sanskar’s eyes.
Kavya pressed his shoulders while Sanskar composed himself.
“and Laksh will hate me for letting my swara to die. Ragini and Laksh were already married . so , my demise wouldn’t make any difference “Sanskar said.

“but Laksh will hate Rago di”Kavya said while Sanskar nodded negatively.
“he won’t. I will make a situation that he never hate my Rago.”Sanskar said confidentally while Ragini looked at both of them with unknown expression.

“now for whom, I have to cry? For Swara, who is going to die? For Sanskar bhai, who is going to kill himself? Or for Kavya…. Why did you gave me such a punishment? Please take me from the memories. I don’t want to remember anything”Ragini yelled.
“Best friend is the worst enemy… because they also know how to manipulate another one. Isn’t it,Ragini?”Siddhi veena asked from behind.

Ragini looked at her with a void expression as heaviness of the situation already made her expressionless.
Siddhi veena smiled while she snapped her finger.

In Tanishkant,

In Aadi’s room,
“Gurudev, since I am yuvraj, It’s not good if you are neglecting me”Aadi said calmly.
“I never neglected you infront of anyone, Rajkumar”Vishnu answered.
Aadi looked at Vishnu in utter disbelief as Vishnu was addressing him as rajkumar.
“ and Forgive me, I couldn’t take accept a person as my Yuvraj who even can’t keep his words”Vishnu said further while Uttara entered the room.

“I am not the one who can go against my words, Gurudev. I promised you that I will make Sahil as a king of Tanishkant but it never means that I can’t became yuvraj”Aadi said calmly.
“but Ragini’s marriage is coming near. She will make you Maharaj of Tanishkant once the marriage is over. Wont it break your words?”Vishnu retorted.

“For that Yuvraj and Yuvrani need to be alive, Mahamantri”Uttara said while Vishnu stepped back while Ragini looked at her shockingly.
Uttara held Aadi’s hands tightly.

“you don’t need to doubt about Aadi’s words, mahamantri. Because he is Maharani Ragini’s son. He know how to keep his words. Listen this also, if you try to hurt my Aadi again by your words, I won’t stay back, Mahamantri ji. The result you will regret it badly. It’s my promise to you, Mahamantri ji”Uttara retorted back.
Vishnu left the room and smiled a bit being proud about his son’s wife.

“uttu…”Aadi muttered softly while Uttara hugged him tightly.
“After our fake death, we will leave Tanishkant palace and we will never come back, Uttara. I don’t know I can give a luxurious life to you or not… even I don’t know how can I keep you happy.”Aadi said the reality.
Uttara looked at his eyes.

“Do you know which makes me happy, Aadi?”Uttara asked while Aadi nodded no.
“Your presence, Aadi. I don’t consider about the place… either it may be palace or a small hut even a open forest will make me feel happy if you are with me… I don’t need any luxurious life,Aadi… I just need you who cherishes me and making me feel special each and every moment by your love… it’s enough to me,Aadi…”Uttara said while Aadi tightened his grip.

Ragini looked at both of them happily as she saw her son’s happiness though he decided to leave her.
While her surrounding started to change into a jail,
“Rajkumari…”A low voice woke up Swara and she looked at a small girl who were opening her shackle locks.

“beta, who are you?Go from here, if anyone see you, then they will kill you”Swara said.
“Tanishkant people never scared about death,Rajkumari” the little girl said.
“what is your name?”Swara asked.

“Astra”Little girl said while she released Swara completely.
“Rajkumari, now we have to go tanishkant soon. Actually, in my village, wild animals entered . I suspected there was some intrusion in forest. When I went inside forest, I saw a clan of Mahishmati army with Rajkumar Lakshya. They are planning to attack Tanishkant on the engagement day of Maharani. And I followed the messenger to know about further and reached here. Here…”Astra stopped.
“here..”Swara asked.

“The soldiers are planning to kill you and your baby. They decided to kill you and your unborn baby tomorrow”Astra said which made Swara shock.
“how can you Sanskar?”Swara muttered while Astra dragged her.
“Rajkumari, we have to leave this place soon”Astra said and both started to leave.

After half an hour,
Sanskar was busy in planning for war to make it look like stronger but inside having so many loop holes.

“Rajkumar, Rajkumari Swara was escaped from prison. Our five soldiers were already went to find and kill her. I need your approval to send more soldiers”A soldier said.
Sanskar looked at him,”Finally, it’s time to send off her”Sanskar muttered while walked towards the soldier.
Soldier nodded his head down while Sanskar slit his throat suddenly with his dagger.

Being not able to understand anything, The soldier died while Sanskar went out and climbed on his horse.
Inside forest,
Swara and Astra was running from soldiers while Sanskar started to kill the soldiers without getting noticed by Swara and Astra.

After a long run, Swara and Astra reached the KalaSamhara moorthy temple.

Swara felt a deep pain in her stomach as her water broke down.
“Astra, you go and inform. Now tanishkant’s safety is important than me” Swara pushed Astra a little.
“but Rajkumari…”Astra hesitated to leave Swara at this state.
“Do what I said. Iss Tanishkant ka Rajkumari Swara vani ki agna hea chal ”Swara ordered.

Astra left the place half heartedly and run towards the village to inform.
Swara looked at the idol of KalasamharaMoorthy while Ragini looked at Swara with tearful eyes.
Swara’s lips twisted as she remembered her happy moments in this temple at Mahapurnima function while Ragini also recollected her happy memories.

she sit before idol and hold her hands before Shiv moorthy’s idol.
“I want to save my baby at any cost. Shiv ji.. help me”she prayed.
The lightning produce some light for a moment at that time.
Her view frozen at the entrance of cave where Rudraveena and yazh kept.

“In case of any situation , if you need any help , come here and play this Rudraveena. Shivji will help you “Rajkumari Ragini’s words ringed in her mind.

Swara stand up by holding her baby bump .
“maa…”Swara screamed as she felt pain in her baby bump.
“Kannah! Your maa will save you at any cost. Don’t worry”Swara said while caressing her baby bump .
She entered into cave while snakes gave her a way.

She stood before rudraveena and hold rudraveena.
The Rajnag which lays on Rudraveena hissed then start to move from veena.
Swara took the veena with difficulty and came out of cave, sat before Kalasamhara moorthy idol.
She lightly touched the strings of rudraveena which produces huge sound and reflected between the mountains.

“maa…”Swara screamed in pain of labour pain . A string of rudraveena was cut and Swara lost her grip on rudraveena.
“maa…”Swara start to kick her legs in air because of pain.
Ragini tried to hold Swara and help her but she couldn’t .
Ragini held her hands infront of the idol.

“ohh! Mahadev, please… please save my swara.”Ragini pleaded while siddhi veena appeared beside her.

“ I already told you , it’s just your past. Don’t make it hard for you”Siddhi veena said .
“but she is my swara… my sister. I won’t change either in my past or present… I am not that much strong to see my sister dying… please get me out of this… I am pleading you”Ragini pleaded while siddhi veena disappeared.

People gathered there and some ladies did the delivery of Swara.
“Aaahhh” a baby cry destroyed the silent completely.
“Maharani , Rajkumari give birth to boy and…”Old lady gave baby to Rajkumair Ragini and started to cry .

“no… it can’t happen” Rajkumari Ragini walked backwards holding baby in her hands.
A thunder fallen near by tree . the fire on tree provides light to see each other.

Rajkumari Ragini eyes frozen by seeing Swara’s state… bleeding hands and legs, pale face, hopeless eyes.
Rajkumari Ragini hugged the baby tighter.

Aadi and Sahil entered the temple.
“Swara didi..”Sahil and Aadi shocked to see Swara’s state.
Aadi frozen in his place while Sahil ran towards Swara and take her head in his lap.

“Swara didi… didi..”Sahil continuously tapped swara’s face. Ragini helplessly observes the situation.
The memories Aadi have with laksh, Sanskar ringed his mind.
“they cheated us didi…”Swara’s sentence ringed in Aadi’s mind.
Being struggling with those memories, Aadi blasted out finally.

“Arghh!” Aadi exclaimed because of mental pain and punched the nearby tree. Cracks developed in tree and a part of tree fallen down.
People got scared by seeing Aadi’s condition.
“ I will not leave you Sanskar… not only you. even I will completely destroy your Samraj. I am announcing war against Mayankpur and Mahishmati. I will make hell your lives. It’s my promise.”Aadi roared.
Sahil feels some movements in Swara’s hand.

“Didi.. Swara di is alive.”Sahil exclaimed in happiness while Ragini smiled as her sister was slive.
Rajkumari Ragini run towards Swara and caressed her face.
“Sahil, take her to palace in your horse “Rajkumari ragini hurried.
“Haan di..”Sahil said and took Swara in his hand, climbed in his horse with Aadi’s help.

“Rago maa, you also go to palace.”Aadi said while looking Swara’s son.
Rajkumari Ragini climbed on Chandra and both Sahil and ragini left the place.

“Finally, my sister was alive”Ragini muttered as a hope born in her heart and smiled broadly while Siddhi veena smiled sadly
While the surrounding changed into a war clan, Ragini saw herself in a war base.
Ragini looked at both the persons whose were fighting ferociously.
“Don’t worry. You are really a very good fighter. I will present you a very peaceful death”Laksh said .

Laksh swung his sword to slash Uttara’s throat while Uttara rolled on ground to escape from Laksh, grabbed sword from a dead soldier’s hand.
In this, her metal mask fall down and shown her face to everyone.
“Ahh!”Laksh screamed and lost his grip on sword as Aadi’s arrow hurter his upper arm.

Aadi side hugged Uttara with his one hand and another hand pointed his sword against Laksh.
“I never thought you would go this much low, Laksh. not only swara didi , you even ready to kill your own sister. why Laksh? why are you doing like this?” Aadi asked Laksh with heart broken voice.

Laksh looked both Aadi and Uttara for a second.

“raise your sword,Aadi. it’s battle field . Here, Sword only speak not emotions”Laksh said calmly and raised his sword against Aadi.
Aadi also raised his sword with disgusting expression.

“Rajkumar , enemy troops are getting stronger than us. We have to step back”one of Laksh men informed Laksh from distance.
“go Laksh. Definetely , we will meet again in this war battle. but at that time, I will punish for all your deeds Laksh. from now you are just Rajkumar lakshya for me not my Laksh”Aadi said.

Laksh climbed on his chariot and looked on the way of Tanishkant.
“I will return soon”he said to Aadi while his sarathi started his chariot and Laksh soldiers backed off from the war battle.

“ it can’t happen “Ragini muttered while she saw herself in a camp.
Laksh was going to hold a hot vessel in his hand while Sanskar tackled him on ground.

“are you in your right sense,Laksh? what are you going to do?”Sanskar hissed in anger as laksh tried to harm himself.
“how can I raise my sword to kill my sister,Sanskar? I am a sinner,Sanskar. Leave me…”Laksh said in a painful voice while Sanskar understood the pain Laksh going through.

“no Laksh … you thought it was the traitor who was back stabbing Tanishkant.”Sanskar tried to console him.
“no Sasnkar… in the corner of my heart, I am feeling as I am losing. I was not able to save Swara from pain… now even Uttara was nearly killed by me… for whose safety , we are struggling this much … I am scared what if become meaningless… I am scared for the first time in my life,Sanskar”Laksh said while his fists twisted in anger on himself .

“no Laksh… until I am alive, I wont let it to go meaningless… our pain will definitely give it’s meaning by Rago di’s good life. don’t lose your strength because the end is getting near”Kavya said while Laksh left .

“he broke down completely ,bhai”Kavya said .
“He always longed for Uttara’s love,Kavya. Seeing her near to death just to because of him, he couldn’t forgive himself “Sanskar said.
“your son came to world and bhabhi is also safe”Kavya said while a long tear escaped from his eyes.
“She won’t survive for long and her pain now will increase more until her death”Sanskar said which shocked Kavya and Ragini.

“the poison was that much powerful Kavya. She couldn’t even feed her own son. Even she know that because her milk is now poison as how my love become a poison to her life”Sanskar said and left the place by wiping his tears.
Ragini looked at the direction in which Sanskar left and his words were ringed in her mind.
Her surrounding was changed into a camp.

“bhai, Samrat Dp promised that he would make Laksh marry me. you know what it means.”Kavya said.
“ I won’t let you waste your life,kavya”Sanskar said in a determined tone.

“Think about Laksh and rago di,bhai. Samragni Ap lost all her children just because of our family. if Samrat dp couldn’t keep his promise , he will commit suicide. As his wife, Samragni Ap will also. Laksh will die in guilt when he comes to know about the promise as his parents sacrificed their life for him”Kavya said.

“Don’t you love Sahil?”Rajkumar Sanskar asked while looking at his sister Rajkumari Kavya’s expressionless face.
“Do we have anyother way to save Rajkumar Laksh life? I can’t let him die in guilt .I have to save him for my Rago di.Rajkumar Lakshya is her life ”Rajkumari Kavya muttered while Rajkumar Sanskar looked at her being helpless as one side was his own sister’s life while another side was his friend’s and sworn sister’s life .

“we have to reep what our ancestors sew ,bhaiya. Start the arrangements for my marriage”Rajkumari Kavya said and Rajkumar Sanskar left .
“It’s not my marriage bhai… yah mera antim sanskaar hai… and this marriage will be hidden forever with my demise… I am sorry bhai… but , I don’t have any other way”Rajkumari Kavya muttered and walked towards Rajkumar Lakshya’s camp which was near to that battle land.

“I will marry Rajkumar Sahil… yeah mera Sankalp hea! If I fail, I will die by putting myself in the fire…”Kavya’s words ringed in Ragini’s ears.
Ragini followed Kavya.

“Kavya, why are you here at this time?”Laksh asked.
“we are going to marry now itself , Rajkumar lakshya…”Kavya said.
“what is this play, Kavya?”Laksh hissed angrily and tried to calm down.
“we did a lot in past to save Rago di’s life. it’s also for Rago di, Lakshya. Don’t you trust me?”Kavya asked while Laksh saw truthfulness in her eyes. In the past months, she was the one who supported him mentally when Sanskar was not with him to support as a friend.

“but I can’t waste your life,Kavya. Already, our lives were messed up. I can’t mess up your life also”Laksh said while Kavya turned.
“there is nothing in my life to be messed up Lakshya. Once our marriage is over, I will become Sanyasini because I always wanted to be. I literally want to be in peace. For me…For rago di… I beg you ,Lakshya”Kavya said.
“but I promised Sahi that I won’t marry anyone.”Laksh said.
“Are you thinking that your promise is worth than Rago di’s life?”Kavya asked.

“but how come our marriage will save Sahi’s life?”Laksh asked.
“ I can’t tell you now but Trust me, Lakshya and this marriage is not even a valued because we both are going to do Kandharva Marriage. I will become Sanyasini after that. Once I become Sanyasini, this marriage wont hold any position in our life.”Kavya said .

“Moreover, it will make our every work which we did till now , meaningful by giving a good life to Rago di . Otherwise, your fear will definitely became true Laksh.”Kavya said by making Laksh shock.
Laksh nodded for marriage by carrying guilt of breaking his promise and ruining kavya’s life in his heart
Siddhi veena appeard beside Ragini.

“Then, Kavya sent a message about her marriage with Laksh to Dp to keep him alive. but Rajmata got that message ,Ragini. She sent a message to Rajkumar SAHIL by using Sanskar’s rajmutra to separate Ragini and Laksh forever. Sahil belived Sanskar as he was believing his friendship as his own sister. He took Rajkumari Ragini to the temple by making her unconscious where marriage held”Siddhi veena stopped as Ragini saw herself in middle of temple.

Sahil gets inside and sees Laksh marries Kavya, goes towards him to stop. Someone stops him by putting his hand in Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil turns and sees Sanskar and takes Sword in his hand.
“Sanskar..”Sahil muttered Sanskar’s name.
“ you..cheater… how could you do this ”Sahil ferociously starts fight with Sanskar as he was completely broken.

Ragini woke up and climb down from horse . she looked around and heard Sahil’s sound from inside and saw soldier’s were dead. She entered temple.

On another side, Laksh completes pheras and Ragini gets inside while Laksh fills Kavya’s mang with Sindoor.
“Laksh…”Tear starts to gather on Rajkumari Ragini’s eyes.
Sahil saw this and angrily kicks Sanskar on his chest and jumps in mandap, swings Sword to Lakshya’s neck and Lakshya closes his eyes as a acceptance of his death.

“Cling..”Another sword stops Sahil’s sword and Sahil turns to see the person.
“Ragini di..”Sahil muttered.
“ leave me di.. today I will kill him.. he is a cheater…”Sahil roared but it didn’t affect Rajkumari Ragini.

“I will never leave you Sahi..! even you leave me, I will never leave you! I will wait for you even for my life time”Ragini remembered Laksh each and every promise .on another hand, her sisters miserable state was flashing in her mind. The trust.. Her love both broke down by giving an unbearable pain in her heart.
“ stay back .. it’s Maharani Ragini devi’s order..”Ragini roared back and Sahil stay back as he is bounded , Sanskar stood and stared Ragini with guilt.

Ragini closed her eyes and a drop of tear escaped from her eyes and then she looked Kavya kavithayini and Laksh with Rage.
“di!”Kavya started to speak but Ragini stopped her by sign.
Ragini walks towards yagnam and takes a stick with fire and throw it in a hole. Fire start to took place in hole.
A huge thunder blows in that place.

“Lakshya… maa ek Rajkumari Lakshya. I can’t love who is also husband of another girl and at the same time I can’t forget you. why did you do this? You are the one who proposed me first. You are one who married me. you showed me unconditional love. You supported me and been a solace whenever I needed. You all did this but when I ready to be yours, why did you betrayed me?”Ragini asked calmly but each and every word expressed her pain.
Ragini looked at rajkumari Ragini as she understood what she was going to do.

“no Ragini… don’t do that… by doing this, you will kill everyone alive forever”Ragini muttered.
Sahil holded his sword tightly to control himself. Fire spreaded for the whole hole and it’s intensity got increasing.
Laksh looks at rajkumari Ragini with pain and both shares a painful eyelock.

“Sahi!”Laksh took a step before.
The same word which gave rajkumari Ragini immense happiness, now give the unbearable pain while Ragini lost herself in Laksh’s love.
Rajkumari Ragini closes and then opens her eyes and it will full of Rage as a thought of betrayed by her husband.

“ mea Swayam Tanishkant ka Rajkumari Raginidevi tume shrapt theya Lakshya. How my heart is burning in pain, you will also feel the same. I will reborn in this place and you also. you will feel the same pain what I am going through now. Haan.. mea swayam Ragini devi thumse shrapt theya..Rajkumar lakshya… you wish each and every moment to be with me… but you can’t . even I will be in your life , you will feel the pain . you will feel the same pain of losing your beloved ones. You will know being live in this world as lifeless Hmm! See this fire Lakshya, This yagnam for good life of newly wedded Nation’s king and queen.”Ragini looked both Kavya and Laksh while Aadi and Uttara entered temple .”I will give my self as YAG AKRUTI for your life “by saying this Rajkumari Ragini jumps on fire.
“No…”Ragini yelled by hearing the curse.

“Ragomaa…”Aditya yelled while entering into mandir and stops before the hole while Ragini looked at him.
Aditya stands and takes his sword in his hand . Sanskar kneeled before Aditya .

“ now I can’t kill you Sanskar. But I will born again to end this enmity and take my revenge. I will born again to safeguard my di and to take revenge from you. at that birth, we will have only one relation that’s’s enmity. Haa mera Vadha.. Rajkumar Sanskar. Hea mear Vadha ”By saying throws his crown and it’s lands on Sahil head. Aditya cuts his wrist and put blood in fire as a symbol of promise.
Aditya jumps into fire at the nick of time, Uttra holds his hand and, jumped with him , smiled to him . The blood in Aditya’s hand fills Uttara’s mang. Aadi fallen nearby Ragini and his last finger touched Ragini’s last finger, unknowingly they both locked their finger and didn’t screamed a little .

Ragini ran towards the hole while Siddhi veena hold her hand.
“Aadi… mera puttar… why did you do this? How could you do this?”Ragini asked being her tears drained off and kneeled beside the hole.
“the pain which I am bearing now, it will help me to complete my promise. I will come Sanskar and Laksh. I will come to destroy your lives.”Aadi promised himself.

Fire absorbs them inside and flame highs towards Sky. Their released their last breath while the fire melt their bone and their last finger’s joined forever.
Lakshya walks down and Rain starts . Rain water falls on Kavya’s mang and sindoor removed by Rain drops.

Swara runs inside and sees the scenario and looks Sanskar painfully.
“ I did each and everything for you ,Sahi. Even I commited sins just for you. I announced this war and married Kavya, I did all this for you Sahi. you are my life, soul and everything. I will born for you Sahi atleast to fulfil your shrapt. Whatever happens, I will never leave your hand in that birth. Hea mera Vadha “by saying this laksh jumps in fire.
Ragini didn’t cry more as her heart started to lose her emotions because of the pain… because of the pain of losing her beloved ones.
The highest temperature burnt his body in the middle of hole.

Swara entered the temple and witness the death of Laksh.
“Bhaiya…”Swara screamed on her lungs and ran near to hole.
Astra hold her.
“Swara…”Sanskar called in shock by seeing her state.
The next moment ,Swara threw short knife towards Sanskar and Sanskar falls down in ground being stabbed on chest. Swara ran towards him and took his head in her lap. Her eyes shed tears unknowingly while her mind remember their lovely moments. Though Sanskar sow hatred in her heart for him, Her love always remained for him.

Chotu Rudra started to cry louder.
Swara released the moni and took chotu in her hand.
“is he our son?”Sanskar asked with struggle in his breath.
Swara nodded her head. Sanskar smiled and kissed chotu on his forehead.

Sanskar took the little bag and handed it in Swara’s hand.
Swara opened , saw pearl beads of her anklets and cried loudly as her hope was correct… Her Sanskar love her always.
“ Forgive me Swara.. for all the pain I caused to you ”Sanskar muttered and Swara stabbed herself in the guilt of killing her own husband, fallen on Sanskar’s chest.

Astra frozen by seeing the scenario.
Chotu’s cry didn’t make anychange in their state.
Kavya silently witness this and turns towards Kalimaa idol. Her sacrifice… the pain which she bore … everything became meaningless now.

“From my birth, I worshipped you and stayed here by sacrificing my wealth. But what you returned maa? I become widow on my marriage night itself even my marriage was completed properly, I lost my bhai and behan.(turns in rage) Maa… tapasvini Kavyakavithayini curse you until they born and their marriage happens in this mandir, you will remained as just a stone..a stone..”Kavya jumps in fire but her body stands in there itself and a diya blown off which is placed in front of kalimaa’s idol.

Ragini witnessed the disaster while her heart started to burn in pain and emotions again once she looked at Sahil.

Sahil just bended on that place where he stood. Chotu’s crying voice made him to come to real world.
“Aaahh!”Sahil screamed loudly and stood, walked towards hole. Laksh words gave a different dimension which he never known… He lost everyone in a single moment… his sister… His bhai… his friends… His love… His Rago di…

Vishnu and Ugrasena entered temple by getting details from the soldiers.
Vishnu walked towards chotu and took chotu in his hand .
“Rajkumar, you have to live to take care of Rudra.”Vishnu’s voice stopped him in middle.

Sahil looked at Rudra who was crying in Vishnu’s hand.
“no… atleast let him to be alive…”Ragini muttered while her surrounding changed.
She was standing in a middle of fire as her heart was burning in pain… She felt something was dying inside her… is it her emotions or herself? She didn’t know…

“See this fire Ragini… Here, I was born at the end of another one…”Siddhi veena said by breaking the last hope of ragini.
Ragini looked at the fire where a veena was glittering and a person was burning in the fire.
“Sahil…”The last tear escaped from her eyes.
“what happened in his life? did he die in a guilt of taking me there?”Ragini asked .
“no… Ragini, Laksh died because of his love… Sanskar and Kavya died in the battle of saving you and guilt…Swara died in the guilt of killing her own husband while Uttara died to follow her husband even in death… Aadi died to keep his promise as he would be always with you. Rajmata and others were having a role for their death.

But Sahil didn’t die because of guilt. You are the sole reason for his death , Ragini… you are the sole reason and the curse you gave, it will haunt Laksh in his present also … not only him everyone who were with him … and all the curses will show their effect Ragini … Moreover, you are also cursed, Ragini… you are cursed that you would be the main reason for Sahil’s miserable life in your present also until you break your curse”Siddhi veena said.

“how come I become a reason for own brother’s life when even I was not alive? who cursed me?”Ragini asked while Siddhi veena smiled.
“I can’t reveal that ragini. I am bounded and it’s my time to leave”Siddhi veena said while fire started to occupy her body.

Ragini opened her eyes and saw herself in Shekar’s house. Moon rays started to fallen inside house and Siddhi veena turned into ashes within a second.
The past memories started to roll in Ragini’s mind while her vision stucked at her parent’s photo.
“what can I do, papa? I can’t even differentiate what is real and dream now?”Ragini asked Shekar who was smiling in the photo.

After three hours,
In the hospital,
Kavya opened her eyes while Aadi looked at her worriedly.
“you scared me like hell,Kavya. How are you feeling now?”Aadi asked while the doctor entered Kavya’s cabin with a sad face.
Aadi looked at Doctor’s face.
“I am sorry Mr.Singhania. we tried our best. But…”Doctor stopped as Aadi’s facial expression changed.

“He is merely having a day. If anyone want to see him… or if he wish to see him anyone, make it soon Mr.Singhania”Doctor said and left by patting Aadi’s shoulders.
Aadi sat on chair by forgetting his surroundings. May be he spoke with Sahil just few days… He felt a special bond with him… a special bond which revives from the past births… The bond which made him feel Sahil as his friend and brother… Tears left from his eyes as Sadness occupied his heart…

“bhai… I want to see him please…”Kavya pleaded which made Aadi got back to real world.
Aadi asked nurse to remove Saline needle from Kavya hands and took her to Sahil’s ward in ICU.
“Bhaiya, I want to speak with him alone”Kavya said which shocked Aadi a bit.

Aadi left the ward and tried to call Ragini.
“you are always so happy to leave me naa Sahil. Either in past or even now, you are so eager to leave me Sahil. In Past also, I can’t even win you now also I know I couldn’t win you back. I will let you go Rajkumar… but this time, I will take revenge… do you remember the curse I gave to Rago di? do you remember my words? I will put in the same pain what I went through… what you went through… how she made my sacrifices meaningless… I will make her life
meaningless…”Kavya said and kissed Sahil’s forehead.
Aadi looked at Kavya through mirror with confusion and didn’t able to hear her as he was outside .
Ragini called Aadi back.

“Aadi, I am returning to our house.”Ragini said in a call.
Aadi took a long breath.
“Sahil was in death bed.Rago maa… come to xxx hospital”Aadi said while Ragini left the grip on her phone.
“you are cursed that you would be the main reason for Sahil’s miserable life in your present also”Siddhi veena’s voice ringed in Ragini’s mind.
“Sahil…”Ragini muttered.

In MM,
Swara and Sanskar was sleeping in the couch while Laksh was sleeping in the bed because of medicinal effect.
Laksh slowly opened his eyes and saw Swasan whose were sleeping on the couch.
Dp , Aman ,Nishu and Ap was sitting in the hall. Laksh opened the door without making any noise and walked towards Hall .
“I will tell the crimes which I committed and I will go away from my family. If the truth about Dadi comes out, Swara wont take it and I don’t know how Sanky will react”Laksh thought.

“ACP “Dp surprised to see Arjun that much early.
“Mr.Maheshwari, This is the warrant to arrest you and your son, Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari for mishandling the investor’s money in Maheshwari Constructions.”Arjun said with a stern face.
Dp and Aman was shocked.

“no… we didn’t do anything like that, ACP. I think there is a misunderstanding.”DP said.
“I can’t do anything,Mr.Maheshwari. you can argue in court”Arjun said and took hand cuff in his hand.
“One minute, ACP”Laksh roared.
“on what basis , you are arresting my Papa ?”Laksh asked.

“Mr.Sharma, Mr.Maheshwari is the owner of Maheshwari Constructions and Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari is the CEO. On this basis, I am arresting Mr.Maheshwari and I will arrest Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari also”Arjun retorted.
“ Sorry to tell this,ACP. I am the acting CEO and sole owner of Maheshwari Constructions. If you want arrest anyone in this case, it’s me . Papa, Make ready for bail papers and look into this matter. Let’s go ACP”Laksh said while a constable was putting handcuff’s in his hands and walked outside.

Arjun looked at him while Swasan woke up by hearing the sound.
Dp started to call investors who complained against him while Aman was calling Lawyer for bail.
In police station,
Arjun locked Laksh in a cell.

“Finally I made everything perfect to punish your murderer bhai”Arjun smirked by seeing [email protected] photo in his mobile.

To be continued…
Hope I didn’t bored you all Friends and sissies, So, how is it? Please give your reviews. Bala and Sara is signing off…

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