Thanks for your comments friends. Sorry friends for late update. First I become suddenly busy in my office work, when I get free, my mind get upset by knowing my cm Amma’s death news. I always admired her. Being a women, she ruled a state for more than 15 years and a party for 27 years. It’s not a easy thing .I admired her qualities, braveness and how she helped poor peoples with her schemes. It really needed one day to accept the truth. I tried to read ff to distract myself finally I understand one day everyone will face their end including me.Now I come to my ff. Bharathi, I answered your doubts but I didn’t mentioned your name as many raised the same doubts . now, Mahishmati is Dp and Laksh kingdom, Mayankpur is rp and Sanskar kingdom, Tanishkant is Swarag Aditya and Sahil’s kingdom. Pairs asusual Raglak and Swasan. I hope your doubts got cleared and sorry again. Thanks Astra, lovely- I will give raglak scenes soon, dharani, anu, deeksha, ab, chandu,ammu, arjuna. Megha sisso, Asra sissy,anju,malu, bharathi sissy, taiana, kutty,ammu, fairy, akshata , ragzteju and VK.

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Let I start today’s episode.
In Tanishkant palace,
“Am I in my rival’s nation?” Sanskar sits in bed with shock.
“ no I have to do something. I should escape from this place”Sanskar thinks and observes the situation.
On another side of palace,
Two men enter palace with unconscious Laksh in their hand.
Ragini stands before them.
“Rajkumari ka Pranam…” mens said and puts Laksh before her.
“what happened?” Ragini asked in stern tone by checking Laksh.
“Mayankpur soldiers tried to kill Rajkumar Lakshya by throwing him in River in sack”Men informed.
Ragini signs them to go.
Mahamantri Vishnu comes from hide out.
“Mahamantri,Take Rajkumar Lakshya to the room where Rajkumar Sanskar kept and put this men in underground jail until this matter solved. We can’t trust anyone.”Ragini ordered and gets inside to take care of her siblings.
Vishnu takes Laksh in his hands and walk towards the room where Sanskar kept.
In Sanskar’s room,
Vishnu enters with Laksh and Sanskar looks him confusingly.
“Do you need anything Rajkumar Sanskar?” Vishnu asked Sanskar and Sanskar nods no.
Vishnu leaves and Laksh starts to wake up.
“where am I ?” Laksh wakes up by holding his head.
Laksh falls backside as he feels dizzy but Sanskar holds him and make him sit properly, gives water.
“ where am I ? who are you?” Laksh asked while trying to get clear vision.
Sanskar smiles by remembering how he asked the same question to Vishnu.
“Am I in tanishkant palace…” Laksh asked shockingly .
“ how did you know this is Tanishkant palace?” Sanskar asked amusingly.
“because it’s structure of walls and designs are unique and I can remember” Laksh answered.
“well.. I am Mayankpur ka Rajkumar Sanskar” Sanskar introduced himself.
“ I am Mahishmati ka Rajkumar Lakshya” Laksh answered and gives a cold look to sanskar while remembering Mayankpur is his rival.
“I thought you also don’t wish to live in royal jail and we can forget our enmity atleast for now ” Sanskar asked while pointing the two soldiers.
Laksh nods and Sanskar tells something hidden.
“ I want to practice Sword fight and your Mahamantri said that you both will help us” Sanskar announced and looked into soldiers.
Soldiers sees each other and then nods hesitatingly.
Sanskar and Laksh takes Sword in their hands and starts to practice with soldier. Soon both soldiers immersed in training them, at a nick of time, Sanlak hits Soldiers head with sword back side which makes Soldiers faint.
Sanlak smirks and come out of that room.
“ this palace is very much big. How we go out of this ?” Sanskar asked Laksh.
“we will try Rajkumar Sanskar”Laksh said with confidence while try to remember the ways he saw.
Laksh put his hand before which stops Sanskar.
“what happened, Rajkumar Lakshya?” Sanskar asked.
“we are coming in this way again and again. There is some hidden way to get out of this” Laksh said while thinking.
“ very correct Rajkumar Lakshya…” a voice comes from behind.
“Rajkumari..”Laksh turns in shock.
“what is this Rajkumari? Why you make me as your prisoner?” Laksh asked angrily while Sanskar takes his sword out and runs towards Ragini.
“wrong decision Rajkumar Sanskar”Ragini takes her sword out and both starts to fight.
Without any other way, Laksh also fight against Ragini.
After few minutes, Ragini tackles both of them and make their swords fall down.
“I already said that we will not harm you Rajkumar Sanskar. “Ragini said.
“ but I prefer death than living as a prisoner in rival nation”Sanskar said sternly.
Ragini looks Laksh as he want to say anything.
“ I want my answers Rajkumari… I want to know the current situation..” Laksh said while giving a deep look to Ragini as he searching answers in Ragini’s eyes.
Ragini takes her sword and put it down.
“ Rajkumar Sanskar, you are our guest not prisoner and now situation forces me that I have to keep you here for your safety. Because the other places of this palace is not safety for both of you as Mayankpur and Mahishmati spies are still roaming around the palace” Ragini said calmingly.
“mere Pithasri announced a war against you. why can I think that you will use me against mera pithasri? How can I trust you Rajkumari?” Sanskar asked .
“ she will never use you until your father doing wrong”Laksh said sarcastically.
Sanskar looks Laksh confusingly while Laksh glares Ragini but Ragini face didn’t show any expression.
“ Rajkumar Lakshya and Rajkumar Sanskar, I can’t say anything now. But I will ensure you are safe here and I will make you return to your respective nation”Ragini said and soldiers locks sanlak in their embrace.
“ I will let you roam inside palace as much I can ”Ragini said and leaves Through secret way.

In sanlak room,
“ she is just like a puzzle” Laksh said” I can’t understand what running in her mind” Laksh continued.
“how can she defeat both of us? Even she is younger than us ” Sanskar asked in frusturation.
“I already know it,Sanskar..Rajkumar Sanskar..”Laksh said.
“you can call me as Sanskar..”Sanskar give permission.
Laksh smiles” you can also call me Lakshya..”
“ I never think I will be friend with my rival nation’s prince” Sanskar said.
“ it doesn’t means we should be rivals if our father’s are rivals” Laksh said and looks sanskar with smiling face.
On another side,
Ragini enters Mantralosana and Senapathi Ugrasena wishes her.
“ I want arrest all the mahishmati and mayankpur’s spies and put them all in underground jail. No one never escaped. “Ragini orders.
“I already pointed out all the spies and they will be in jail in one hour”Senapthi replied.
“where is Samrat dp’s army?” Ragini asked.
“he will enter tomorrow early morning”Senapathi replied.
“ make them delay one or two hours”Ragini orders.
Ragini come out. She is changed her clothes and looks like a boy and takes her horse, goes out.
At night,
Ragini reaches the place where relocated people lives.
Some mens are gathered .
Men 1: I never think Rajkumari gave our village to rivals.
Man 2:may be she have any reasons.
Man 3: whatever her reason, we lost our village. If she didn’t save a single village, how can she save this nation from this war?
Man 1: no she will . she is Maharaj Rudra ka beti and Samrat Dp ji is with us.
Ragini silently listens their conversation and walks after hiding her horse.
Ragini sees a little girl of her age is running and dashed with her.
“sorry beta. Nithu eat this..” Girl mother make that girl stand and pleads.
“ no maa. Catch me and feed me..”Girl starts to run again and giggles.
Girl mother smiles and runs behind the girl.
Ragini looks them with moist eyes but her face turns into stone while remembering men’s words.
She determinately starts to walk.

The next day morning,
Sanlak wakes up and confused to see the surrounding changed.
Ragini comes inside.” You can roam inside this place. I ensured your safety. ”
Sanlak looks her confusingly.
“which Kingdom let their captives roam freely?” Sanskar said sarcastically.
“ I already said rajkumar Sanskar, you are my guest not our captive. We are not King Shekar to blackmail someone by using their son”Ragini said sternly.
Sanskar looks her confusingly.
“ I already asked about my answers Rajkumari” Laksh reminded.
“Rajkumar Lakshya, you will get answers from Samrat Dp”Ragini said.
At that time, Swara comes running and hugs Ragini legs.
Ragini face softened and bends towards Swara.
“ oh mera Rajkumari, kya huaa?” Ragini asked smilingly.
“Di.. I don’t.. want to drink milk” Swara said while making face.
By seeing swara, Sanskar face unknowingly softened and walk towards Swara and bends.
“ but Rajkumari, if you drink milk, you also can be strong like your di”Sanskar said smilingly.
Ragini hides Swara behind her.
Sanskar stands.” I am not one the who use little child for me”Sanskar said sternly.
Swara looks both ragsan confusingly and comes infront , pushes Sanskar with her little hands.
“ you are a bad boy….”Swara said.
Laksh looks ragini and try to understand her.
“when will Mayankpur going to attack tanishkant?” Laksh asked.
Ragini smiles” don’t worry Rajkumar Lakshya. At any cost, I will make you both return safe to Samrat Dp and Rp”
“ it’s about your safety and I have to worry about you Rajkumari. I don’t know that you are considering me as your friend or not. but my father told me that you should be my friend from so many years . Even after this much happened, my heart always consider you as my friend. So please..” Laksh said with pleading face.
“ tomorrow.. mayankpur and Tanishkant,Mahishmati will meet at war point. Tomorrow morning , war is going to be started.” Ragini said.
“ you made rock fall in their way but..”Laksh looks Ragini confusingly while Swara pulls Ragini hands.
Vishnu enters the place.
“Mahamantri.. take care of them. I and Senapathi will meet Samrat Dp before entering palace and going to war point with him”Ragini said and leaves.
“ one minute Rajkumari…”Sanskar and Laksh stopped Ragini and Ragini turns.
Sanskar and Laksh unties a sacred thread from their hand and ties in Ragini hands.
“mera Dadi told me that it will protect me”Sanskar said.
“ now I gave you for your safety. Try to be safe” Laksh said worryingly.
“ I can stop this war”Sanskar said while looking Ragini.
“ Tanishkant is not in that state, Rajkumar Sanskar…”Ragini said and leaves.
Ragini get inside the room where Rudra , Kalyani and Radhika paintings and another some paintings are kept there.
Ragini looks her parents painting and bua , then start to leave. While leaving, a cloth falls down by revealing Laksh small age painting which was drawn by Ragini.
At sanlak side,
“Mahamantri, do my pithasri know about me?” Laksh asked Vishnu.
“ no Rajkumar Laksh. he thought that you are killed by mayankpur” Vishnu replied.
“but my pithasri never can do like this. Wait.. is that king shekar?” Sanskar asked shockingly.
“ you are smart Rajkumar Sanskar.”Vishnu smiled.”trust Rajkumari.. she will make everything perfect”
“do you not go with her? She is so young than me. how will she face war?” Laksh asked.
“she didn’t need me or any other support now”Vishnu replied with expressionless voice.
They hears babies crying sound.
“Rajkumar Aditya and Sahil..”Laksh asked and Vishnu nods.
“ can we see them?” Laksh asked eagerly and Vishnu said ok.
Laksh holds Sanskar hands and ran towards the direction.

On other hand,
Dp enters into Tanishkant and Ragini welcomes him . Ragini looks like a small warrior. Armour shields her body, Kaappu covers her hand instead of bangles, a sword makes her look magnificient. A tilak in her forehead shows her determination.
“Pranam Rajkumari..”Dp said.
“Samrat ka pranam. Tomorrow , the war is going to be started but you should go back your nation as they need you know and Shekar will attack you at any time ”Ragini said.
“my senapathi will take care of it.”Dp said” now I want revenge from Rp. This time, I will never leave him”
“ok Samrat. Can we go?”Ragini asked and Dp nods.
Dp and Ragini plans about war.
The next day morning,
Ragini blows the Sangu(chunk/shell which used to produce sound) and on another side, Rp blows as the start of war.
After some time ,
Rp conquers and none of them dead and most of them lays on ground injured.
Soldiers arrested Dp and Ragini and make them stand before Rp . Shekar enters the battle place with his soldiers.
“Shekar, I did what you said. Leave my son”Rp said.
Suddenly some soldiers locked Rp in sword point.
“Sorry Samrat. I already killed your son even Dp’s son also. now I will rule this biggest Samraj” Shekar laughed wickedly and shows his hand bigger .
“Senapathi ..”Rp called but his senapathi smirked as Upasenapathi of Dp.
Both walked towards Shekar.
“they are my mens Samrat.. no now you are not samrat naa.. so Ram Prasad and Durgaprasad, now I will sent you heaven.

First I will kill this little rat”Shekar said while pointing sword on Ragini.
Shekar walked towards Ragini and Ragini smirked.
Suddenly, daggers stabbed Shekar in his palms which made him lose his sword and Ragini stands ferociously and kicks Shekar which made him fall down. Ragini sits on his chest and put daggers in his palm which make his hands paralysed.
Rp and Dp kills their traitors and the soldiers who lays on ground as injured, stands with their weapons and bow warriors of Tanishkant shots Shekar mens with arrow.
Shekar looks his surrounding confusingly.
“Kya hua Shekar? Don’t you understand anything..?” Ragini asked and Shekar looked her confusingly.
“maa swayam isse Tanishknat ka maharani hoo.. no one can enter mera rajya without my permission. I let Samrat Rp to enter my nation . it’s all our plan to destroy you fully” Ragini said and smirked.
“ I know you killed my Sanskar before two days itself” Rp said.
That day when Ragini come out from her palace..
Ragini enters Mayankpur’s camp and get inside Rp’s tent at Midnight.
Rp wakes up by hearing sound and amazed to see a little boy.
“who are you?what are you doing here?”Rp asked sternly.
“mea Tanishkant ka Rajkumari RaginiDevi.”Ragini said and takes the turban which hides her hair.
Rp looks her shockingly and tries to take his dagger for his safety.
“you did wrong by coming here, Rajkumari.. go from here before any of my men see you”rp said while taking his dagger out.
“ Shekar killed your son Rajkumar Sanskar..”Ragini said calmly which makes Rp freeze.
“and he killed Samrat Dp’s son Lakshya also and made the accusation fall on you”Ragini continued.
“Samrat, there is some traitors helping shekar both our side of Mahishmati and Mayankpur. Because Kidnapping a Rajkumar from his palace is not a easy thing”Ragini said.
Rp looks her with moist eyes.”we will take our revenge , save our respective nations and it’s my plan” Ragini said about her plan and Rp nods.
Flashback ends…
“ we made you believe war happened but the war didn’t happened and Tanishkant soldiers removed rocks from my way and helped us to catch you and this traitors.” Rp finished and looks the dead body of his senapathi and Dp’s Upasenapathi.
“ it’s time to take your revenge Samrats”Ragini said and left from Shekar’s body.
Shekar takes a dagger from his palm and try to throw on Ragini .before throwing, two daggers stabbed his chest.
Rp and Dp turns sees Sanlak.
“Laksh..”..”Sanskar..” both the father murmured their father’s name.
Sanlak hugs their fathers.
“Rajkumari ragini is really my friend. She saved me..” Laksh said.
“ I am grateful to tanishkant ka Rajkumari. “Sanskar said.
Dp and Rp looks Smiling Ragini.
“ I lied because of their safety..”Ragini said.
“we are really grateful to you Rajkumari. You saved my son and my nation .”Rp said.
Dp looks her proudly and remembers Rudra.
“well all the problems are sorted out now.”Ragini said .

At evening,
Sanskar leaves with his father Rp to his nation after gifting a pearl mala for Swara.
“Senapthi close this way and make everything normal in this village . create new ponds in this village and when I return this village, It will look like as its old form” Ragini ordered .
Laksh comes near her and takes a chain which he was wearing.
“Rajkumar Lakshya do you need anything?” Ragini asked.
“Rajkumari I know you also considers me as your friend. As a sign, I gift this chain to you. whenever you need me, I will be there to support you”Laksh said and put the chain in Ragini’s hand and walk towards Dp who was waiting for him.
Dp nods to Ragini and leaves with Laksh to his nation.
Ragini entered her nation and peoples throws flowers on her. She directly goes to the relocated people and stands in middle of them.
“Rajkumari Raginidevi ki jai ho!jai ho! Jai ho!” people chants and praises her.
Ragini raises her single hand and people stops .
“ now, we saved our nation. It’s not because of my plan , it’s because of our bravery. Bravery is in the blood of Tanishknat people. We didn’t depend on anyone not even Mahishmati.” Ragini gives a deep look to people.
“ I will make our village normal within a Mandalam(48 days) and you can live peacefully there . I will ensure your safety and freedom, still I am alive” Ragini said .
The men who doubted on Ragini nods their head down.
“Rajkumari Raginidevi ki jai ho!jai ho! Jai ho!” people starts chant and praiss her, again.
A soldier comes there running.
Ragini gives a deep look to the soldier.
Soldier nods his head down and a single drop escapes from his eyes.
“Rajkumari, Rajkumari Swara and Rajkumar Sahil are dead in fire accident in palace..”Soldier said while sobbing.
Ragini turns her horse and fastly rides towards palace.
After few hours, she reached palace and sees her room is burnt totally.
She hears crying sound of Aditya and takes him in her hand from maid.
Aditya tightly clutches her cloth and she hugs him.
The whole nation of Tanishkant mourns for their loss.

At night,
Aadi is sleeping in Ragini embrace while Vishnu enters the room via secret way.
Ragini sees Vishnu”Mamasri, how is Swara and Sahil?”
“they are safe and fine..” Vishnu answered.
“why did you so this Ragini? Why are you making your family away from you?” Vishnu asked.
“ it’s also needed mamasri. I can’t save them all times.” Ragini answered.
“but all the problems are finished”Vishnu said.
“ just it’s Started Mamasri.. raise Sahil as a great warrior because he will lead a war in future.. and please go from here before someone see you ”Ragini said calmly.
Vishnu looks Ragini and leaves.
Ragini walks towards balcony and looks the full moon in sky.
Ragini takes the chain which was gifted by Laksh and which she wear now in her neck.
“Rajkumar Laksh, I also thought you as my friend. Even I drawn your portrait just with the help of my Pithasri words. But situation is not like to express myself. You will remain my weakness as your pithasri to my pithasri. No one can touch my pithasri but he killed by stabbing in his chest. Only his trusted one can kill him that may be someone from your nation even your family. now they are trying to kill me and my family as they killed my maa and bua in their delivery. But still I can’t refuse your friendship. I will keep myself away from you and your friendship” Ragini said to herself.
Aditya starts to cry and Ragini comes out from her thoughts.
Ragini holds Aditya in her embrace and Aditya starts to sleep again.

Sanskar’s POV
I give tablet to Laksh which I gave him for the past one and half years. He swallowed it without any hesitation.
“bhai.. I hate this tablets” Lucky voice ringed in my mind. still , I curse myself why I let Uttara and Lucky to go Coimbatore.
“bhai..” Laksh hold my hands and he tried his maximum to make his eyes open.
“everything will be alright Lucky..” I said while I caressing his head.
He slowly closes his eyes and a single drop fall from my eyes. No.. I should be strong for my Lucky.
I take ropes and tied his wrists and ankles with bedpost.
Full moon starts to raise on sky. Once, I always waited for full moon day to enjoy it’s coldness but nowadays I hate it.
I come out of his room and slowly walked towards the room which I didn’t go for a year… my uttara’s room.
I switched on the light and Uttara smiles to me who smiles in the photo. I slowly walked towards her photo and takes it in my hand, slowly caressed it and hugged it.
Slowly a scene comes towards me.
Flashback starts…
“ lucky do you want to do this?” I asked Laksh with hesitation.
“ bhai… if Lucky is there, there will be no worry..” Laksh said with his branded smile.
“ why I have to worry if I have a problem maker always with me” I murmured.
“bhai did you say anything?” Laksh asked .
“no not at all. What I have to say” I said.
“don’t lie. I heard it and even you can’t lie a small thing how can you handle your wife. I feel pity for bhabhi”Laksh faked his tears.
“Dramebazz..” I raised my hand with fake anger and he faked as scared.
I smiled and patted his shoulder, he smiled.
“chalean..?” he asked and I nodded.
We both hide our face with mask and slowly peeped into Uttara’s room. She is sleeping peacefully but I can’t see her face.
“Lucky still we have time. Think once..”I said or I can say pleaded.
“Naan oru thadava mudivu senchita, en peecha naanee ketkamattan( if I decided once, even I will not obey my words to step back from that decision)” Laksh said and I tapped his head. he become a fan of tamilnadu superstar nowadays. I don’t know which thing forced him to learn tamil. He also forces me to learn tamil.
“you are not a superstar, Lucky.” I said.
“ I know bhai .now we can concentrate on our work” Laksh said.
We slowly walked towards her bed and Laksh touched her to turn.
“aahhhh!” I see a very worst face which covered in blood and totally destroyed, even little bones are seen out.
Laksh put his one hand on his mouth in shock and touch the body in shivering another hand.
“wooh!” that body opened it eyes and yelled.
“bhai..” Laksh hugged me tightly.
I hugged him in fear and we both hear a laugh sound.
Here that body oops my pyarri Uttara is rolling in her bed and try to control her laugh.
“Uttara..!” I called her name sternly.
“ bhai.. wait..!” she tried to control her laugh but successfully controlled her laugh.
“ I just repayed for your ghost prank. Now what is this? Stealing prank ahh. Grown up guys”she asked us while controlling her laugh.
Both are such a pranksters and I stucked between these two.
“ bhai.. now are you hesitate to execute our plan?”Laksh asked me.
“ no not a little hesitation..” I answered.
“what? What is your plan?” uttara asked us confusingly by seeing our mischievous smirk.
Within a minute, Laksh tied her hand and I tied her ankles.
“ bhai.. lucky both what are you doing?” she asked confusingly and Laksh put a plaster in her mouth.
“ bhai, now we can take her..” Laksh said and take Uttara in his shoulder.
We both come to balcony and Laksh give Uttara in my hands.
Laksh climbed down via pipe .
“uttu..” I called her and freed my t shirt from her clutches.
I throw her and Laksh catched her correctly.
“correct Catch..” Laksh exclaimed and I climbed down via pipe.
Uttara is hell scared and I glared Laksh and he pouts.
We both come out and take our car which is parked outwards.
“Uttu..” I tapped her cheeks worriedly and she opened her eyes.
I take the tape and make her drink water.
She takes long breaths .
“ you idiot, monkey, donkey, witch,…”Uttara start to scold us and Laksh again put tape in her mouth. Still she cursing us.
We all reached our place. I freed uttara and I and Laksh both start to run.

She huffed and start to chase us with a stick which she saw in ground.
“ I will not leave you both …” Uttara start to chase us.
Suddenly she see a light in sky and she see dark sky which is lightened with cracker magic.
“Happy birthday Uttara..” these letters shown in sky with the help of crackers and we both sidehugged her.
“Happy birthday Uttu..” we said unisonly. She also side hugged us and made our heads hit.
“ thanks my dear mental bhaiya’s” she said teasingly and put her head on Laksh shoulder and sees the cracker’s magic in sky which lasted for 10 minutes.
“ how is our surprise ?” laksh asked.
She start to beat us with her hands” how can you throw me from balcony ?” and Laksh hold her hands and pouted “ sorry but it’s thrilling naa”and she beat him fastly. Even though I am her own brother, she shared a special bond with Laksh. sometimes, I felt jealousy but I habituated to it. no one can come in between them except me.
Laksh gifts her whatever she wants without her words and my Uttu knows what is he thinking. Sometimes, I feel blood relationship is not needed to make a bro-sis bond.
Uttu stoped beating and hugged him”thanks bhai..” . only, whenever she become emotional, she calls Lucky as bhai and normal, he is Lucky.
Laksh smiled and hugged her.
She pulled me and we share a group hug.
“ok it’s late. We have to go” I informed and both nodded. We go to house.
Uttara opened and someone blasted party blaster may be Dadi.
“Happy birthday..” maa, papa and dadi wished her.
We all played with blackcurrent with chocolate topping cake.
After our celebrations and cake cutting, we marched towards our room.
“Sanskar, Laksh didn’t take his milk. Give it to him..” maa told me and I nodded.
I walked towards Laksh room and opened it . but he is sleeping with smile. Only someone is blessed to smile even in sleep, he was one of them. I smiled by seeing his smile, murmured”Good night Lucky..” and closed the door without making any noise.
Flashback ends…
“Ragini… don’t leave me… Rajkumari..” a voice filled my ears. I wiped my tears and marched towards Laksh room.
I opened the door and see his face which is so pale and painful. Maa and Papa whom are trying to control him..He is suffering like a worm in fire for the past one and half years. When we saw him like that first, we are shocked even he tried to kill himself. Whenever full moon comes in middle of sky, he suffer like this. It’s just five minutes but it’s enough to make him feel hell. I consulted with the specialists but everything gone in vein. Even we tried to give him sleeping tablets, his pain overpowers it. no I should do anything to save him. I can’t lose my lucky again. Still I curse myself, why I let Uttara to go Coimbatore for study. If I didn’t allow her, she didn’t get introduction of Ragini and she never sacrificed her life just to save her friend. Did Friendship is that much stronger to forget her family and put her life in risk to save her friend?. But she did for her friendship by forgetting us and made Laksh live in this hell.
My thoughts of chain cut by maa’s sobbing and Laksh moan in pain. I sent maa and papa out.
I freed him . his hands and ankles have bruises and some blood marks. I cleaned his blood marks and I put ointment in his hands and ankles. I hugged him and take his head on my lap.
“ I want you lucky… I want my lucky soon” I murmured and slowly falls on sleep while caressing his hair.

The next day morning,
In Railway station,
A train is halted and people comes from out of the train. A girl comes out and inhales the air.
“wow! What a feeling yaar!” girl muttered but others didn’t have patience like her.
A man pushed her while walking and she starts to fall. She closed her eyes tightly.
She felt someone holds her hand and opened her eyes, see few inches from floor . She sees the person and he smirks and left the hold which makes her fall.
“ you Raj monkey, why you left me?” Girl asked while standing and rubbing her right hand.
“Arre what will I do? you know na Shona akka (di), I never left a single chance which make you fall.” Raj raised his collar and Swara slaps his shoulder.
“come take the bags. My friend lend a room to stay there and we should reach soon and I want to join in SM Industries. still I never imagine I placed in SM Industries even experienced one will struggle to get a job here. But I placed being a fresher”Swara exclaimed.
“arre ..”Raj rubs his ears”stop stop. I am hearing this for 100 no 110 no arghh even I forgot how much time I heard the same dialogue.”
Swara sees a tea stall and stops.
“Di, you are getting late. Come .. we have to go fast”Raj hurried.
“Arre Raj. First drink this . you didn’t eat anything from night.”Swara gives tea to him.
“you also. so..” Raj made Swara drinks half and he drinks remaining.
“now come on…”Raj hurried and Swara smiled and goes with him.
In MM,
IN Laksh room,
Laksh wakes up and sees Sanskar. Laksh stands without making any noise and made Sanskar lay properly on his bed and feels irritation in his wrist and ankles.
“ bhai, I am sorry. I don’t know what happen to me in full moon night and even I hurt you yesterday. But I didn’t have any other way bhai to save you and my little family.Dadi did a very wrong thing and we have to repay it. I will try my maximum to not hurt you bhai and I am doing all this to save our family. “ Laksh said to himself.
Laksh takes bath and get ready in formal suit. Sanskar wakes up by hearing water sound in bathroom, go to his room and get ready.

In dining hall,
Everyone surprised to see Laksh in formal suit.
“Laksh..”Sanskar whispered.
“Dad.. bhai.. I want to join in our company.” Laksh said while taking a sandwich in his hand and everyone is shocked now.
“really..”Dp asked amusingly.
“dad.. even you need some rest and I want to help bhai.” Laksh said .
“ok Laksh. I will return your shares and make you as Vice chairman..”Sanskar said hurriedly.
“bhai.. just relax. First I will join under you and get training afterwards we can decide about blabla”Laksh makes faces.
Ap tapped his head and smiles.
Dadi looks Laksh confusingly.
Sanlak goes to office.
Swara gives joining letter to manager and joins as a additional PA for CEO.
“Sir will come within few minutes. You can meet him and Mr.Aman will give you training. Wait a minute ”Manager said and Swara nods.
Manager calls a employee and tell him to take Aman.
Swara comes to aman cabin.
“welcome Ms.Swara, I will help you in training and you are going to work as PA for our ceo. He needs perfection so aware of it” Aman instructed her about her work.

In Sanskar’s cabin,
Sanskar instructs Laksh about business and Aman knocks the door.
“Get in..”Sanskar said.
“sir your new PA is joined. She is smart and she will cope up soon.”Aman said.
“So finally you get freedom naa Amar bro.”Laksh asked with smirk.
“ but it didn’t wrote on my fate. I have to go US as a manager . your bhai never let me to get freedom”Aman said with pout.
Laksh chuckles while Sanskar smiles but hides it.
“ I am happy for your decision Laksh.”Aman said while hugging.
“enjoy your honeymoon with our bhabhi in US , Bro”Laksh whispered in Aman’s ears. Aman blushes little bit but hides it soon.
“ok lets back to work guys. Sent her to my cabin”Sanskar said while Aman get back to work mood while Laksh pouts.”arre bhai, are you a robot or humoniod ? any time work work work..”
Aman hides his smile and comes out, laughs.
“ok. give me that Mehra’s file. I will read it” Laksh said and sanskar gives you are impossible look to Laksh and shakes his head, turns to take some files .
Swara knocks the cabin .
“Get in..”Sanskar said.
Swara get inside and sees Sanlak’s backside ”Good morning sir..”
Sanskar turns and shocks”tum..”
“Neeya..(you)” swara muttered.
Laksh confused to see Sanskar’s shocked face and turns.
Swara sees Laksh and faints, falls on floor.
Both run towards her. Sanskar taps her cheeks.
“bhai did you know her?”Laksh asked Sanskar.
Sanskar nods yes then no fastly.
“bhai..!” Laksh stressed the tone and Sanskar nods yes.
again Sorry friends for late posting.

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  1. bharathi aju

    Ayooo..Samma Samma Samma super….awesome episode akka…Indha ff layum laksh and ragini sacrificing….Samma..Ayooo sola vartha varla akka….aprm Sry lam soladhiga akka it was a fake anger akka…naa en akka mela poi kovam pada poren ahhh Adhulam panna maten akka…chumma daan sona..Bt ungala hurt pani irupen nu nenaikala akka naa daan Sry solanum Sry Sry Sry akka..past la ragini sacrifice present la laksh sacrifice superbbb….Ayooo Enaku excitement la ena soldradhu nu terila akka..and at last swasan scene superbbb akka..u u ena reaction rendu peruku…naduvula sanskar oru question ketu iruka ney friendship kaga uyire ahhh viduvagala nu neega eludhuna my friend ff la soladha akka friend ah pathi…Bt ungala romba nal ahhh miss panra akka..Evalo late ahhh post panriga…sari Ungaluku wrk iruku la neega first adhula concentrate pannuga..don’t stress urself akka..first take care of urself akka…nd I toooo feel bad fr cm’s death..we have lost a brave lady..Bt we shld come across that…aprm laksh sona thalaivar dialogue paaahhhhh Samma…en baby akka avan laksh I mean Namish en chlm…Samma..Bt feeling very sad serial is going off air..okay akka enough of my Bla Bla..super twists Samma suspense waiting fr next…pls post it soon..love uuuu akka…miss uuuu sooooooooooooooooo much

  2. Fantastic…!!! Loved it…!! You ff is soo thrilling…!!

  3. Awesome akka…ungalala eppadi akka eppadi yelutha mudiyathu….U r such an amazing writer

  4. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…. Continue soon

  5. Ragini character is amazing balaji, I’m waiting for ragini entry- in the present

  6. Astra

    Superb yar…

  7. Raglakholic

    It’s mind blowing update
    Totally loved it
    The way u r showing past nd present is simply outstanding
    How does swasan knows each other in present
    Eagerly waiting to read
    Please do continue soon

  8. Nice

  9. Awesome

  10. Superb part

  11. Asra

    fabulous akka….Idha padikavey enaku half hour aguthu akka…Idha type pana ungaluku yeavalavu neram agum akka….omg….ragini s really great akka….she s very intelligent akka…..sanlak Indha China vayasulayae avunga avunga pair ku gift kudukuranga…so cute….present la laksh ku yeana akka achu…omg uttara and ragini part confusing akka….swasan know each other….laksh Patha udana swara yean unconscious aganum….dadi than villan’a akka…akka unga story’a deep yosicha na mad ayirven pola akka…waiting for nxt one akka…bro Bala va kedenu sollunga akka….takecare akka….

  12. Fantastic

  13. No words dear, as usual awesome episode and loved Ragini a lot

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