Hi friends and sissies… thanks for all your support. we don’t have any idea to make Kavya in between RagLak as we did in past. She would play a more than a cupid in their life and Samragini’s past is still pending .Raksha, about SanLak’s punishment, you will get to know soon. Still some questions are pending about past mainly why Sanlak betrayed ragini whom they love most and why Swara killed Sanskar whom she loves. Still, the season is going to end after 8 to 9 episodes, you will get all your answers. please share your views about the story. Reader’s suggestion will make a story beautiful and I trust in this.

New characters :
[email protected] Singhania-Avika Gor(Roli from SSK)
Amarnath [email protected] Gandhi-Dadaji of Singhania family and Chairman of Singhania Industries.
Rajnath Singhania- Ayub khan (Rajnath Goenka From ek haseena thi)
Sakshi Singhania – Simone Singh(Sakshi Goenka from ek haseena thi)
Srimathi Srivastava- Sachin Tyagi-Arjun parents
Shubankar Srivastava- Parul chauhan
Story start…
“what did you just say?”Sanskar asked Laksh that he can’t believe.
“how many times I have to tell, bhai? I am the one who leaked the information”Laksh said.
“Sahi Constructions! crores 97 Lakhs 98 thousand rupees and 900 ruprees”Officer announced inside in the mike.
Everyone in the hall amazed who was Sahi Industries as it was a new name while Swara looked at laksh shockingly.
“Sahi”Swara spelled the name in a slow manner.
On Uttara’s side,
Doctor checked Ragini’s legs and looked satisfactorily.
“it’s been a good improvement Mrs.Ragini. I think you can try to walk with walking sticks for some months. Soon, you will be back to normal.”Doctor said.
Uttara smiled happily by hearing this.
“that means, our Rago maa don’t need any helping equipments in future. Isn’t it?”Uttara asked to confirm once again.
“yes…Mrs.Aditya. ok, I will visit after a month. Massage her leg with hot water and confirm that she do her exercises without skipping.”Doctor said.
“I will take care of it,Doctor. Thanks”Uttara said and then Doctor left.
“Rago maa, why can’t we have some sweets? I just want to see Aadi’s face when he know about this. He would be very happy…”Uttara said while imagining Aadi’s face.
Ragini smiled by seeing her happiness.
“come Uttu! Even I want to taste some gulabjamun.”Ragini said.
Both came to hall while a couple already present there.
Uttara looked at them questioningly while Ragini expression changed by seeing them.
“Pranam…”Uttara welcomed them.
“may I know who are you?”Uttara asked.
“see Sakshi! She even don’t know who we are.” Rajnath said.
“you both are not that much worth to know , Mr and Mrs.Singhania.”Ragini said.
Sakshi looked at Ragini and gave a smile with smirk.
“you are having this much ego even when you are handicapped. Hmm.. though I hate your attitude, I pity for your state”Sakshi pointed at Ragini’s weakness.
Uttara slapped Sakshi hardly.
“Don’t dare to speak about my Rago maa. I don’t care who you are. Get out of my house, now”Uttara roared.
Rajnath hold Sakshi as she need support.
“how dare you to slap me?”Sakshi said and raised her hand to slap Uttara. But Ragini hold it in air and stood from her wheel chair in anger. Uttara supported her to stand further.
“Don’t dare Mrs.Singhania. I am keeping my patience, because you were the one who raised my Aadi. don’t cross the line, otherwise you will regret it”Ragini returned.
Sakshi tried to get her hand from ragini’s grip but she can’t. After some seconds, Ragini released her hand. Sakshi rubbed her hands as it pains.
“what is happening here?” a manly voice roared from the back.
“papa…”Rajnath turned.
“Pranam Dadaji!”Ragini lightened her expression but still anger left in her face.
“ I just came here to see my son’s wife. Can’t I worry about my son’s life?”Sakshi asked .
“then, where did you go when Aadi needed you in the past 15 years? You lost the rights Sakshi”Dadaji said.
Uttara looked at Ragini confusingly.
“ok. can’t we come to our house? It’s my house also”Rajnath defended.
“It’s not your house Raj . it’s Aadi’s . he bought from me before a year and his kingdom, he created on his own talent. So step away from him. otherwise, my decisions won’t favor you”Dadaji said sternly.
Rajnath and Sakshi left with angry face.
“Aah..”Ragini winced in pain at her leg.
Uttara made her sat in wheel chair carefully and confusedly looked at Dadaji.
“Uttu, he is Aadi’s Grandfather. Get blessings from him…”Ragini said.
Uttara bended for taking blessings and Dadaji blessed her.
“ I never thought my bahu would be this much courageous. Handling Sakshi’s anger, it’s not a easy thing you can call me Dadu ”Dadaji said.
Ragini smiled a bit.” She never take it easily if anyone points finger on me or Aadi”
“Dadaji, what would you prefer tea or coffee ?”Uttara asked.
“something sweet… kheer…Sakshi never gave me nowadays ”Dadaji complained.
“sorry Dadaji… I support Sakshi aunty in this. what is your diabetes level ?”Ragini asked.
“one time.. it’s ok. that too I am going to eat what my bahu made first time for me… there should be some exceptions Ragu beta”Dadaji said.
“ok. this time only . Uttu, come I will help you “Ragini said.
Uttara looked at them surprisingly.
“no rago maa. I will take care of it”Uttara said and went to kitchen.
“Atleast you should change the house password, Rago beta but don’t forget to give me. Don’t worry about them. I will handle that ”Dadaji said.
“Dadu ..!”Ragini smiled.
Soon,Dadaji left from there after eating kheer.
Both, Ragini and Uttara went to garden.
“Rago maa, who are they?”Uttara asked.
“the couple are Aadi’s foster parents.”Ragini said.
Uttara looked at her shockingly
“Aadi didn’t have a good childhood,Uttu. Soon after, they adopted him they have their own child. So Aadi never got what parent love is. But Dadaji supported him and raised him. he is the sole person for Aadi’s position now. After some years, he found me and took me with him. you came into our life as an angel ”Ragini said.
Uttara looked at Ragini as she can’t understand ragini’s relationship with Aadi.
“Actually, Aadi and I are twins,Uttu. But our destiny made us to live far away. I got each and everything, my love, my family but he didn’t get anyone other than Dadaji. Then, we united when I lost everything …”Ragini paused by remembering her memories.
“Uttu, can you take to my room? I want to be alone for sometime…”Ragini said.
Uttara took her to her room and left after closing the door.
Ragini looked at the sky which was completely surrounded by rainy clouds as sorrow surrounded her heart.
Flashback starts…
At the day before Ragini’s marriage with Aarav,
The mandap hall was decorated beautifully with lights.
The engagement started….
Ragini stood beside Aarav in the mandap while Laksh and Sahil was managing food side.
Laksh was crossing the mandap to speak with the caterer and stopped by seeing Ragini’s face on the tv.
A painful smile shown in his face and wiped his tears hurriedly.
Swara looked at his expression and then looked Ragini who was smiling fakely.

A 19 year old man stood before Shekar’s house. A neighbor saw him and came to near him.
“thambi(beta), whom you want to see? What is your name?” the neighbor asked.
“My name is Aditya. I want to meet Shekar sir..”that man said.
“Shekar. Tomorrow , His eldest daughter marriage is going to happen. Tonight, it’s their engagement. Come with me, I am also going for that function only.”Neighbor said and took Aadi with him.
At Mandap,
Neighbor entered the mandap with Aadi.
“Shekar, this person wants to see you”neighbor said and left to congratulate Ragini.
“I am ..”Aadi started.
“Aditya.. our Aadi..”Shekar caressed his face and tears were flowing from his face in happiness.
Aadi smiled by seeing Shekar’s affection.
“yennanga…”Sumi came there to call Shekar as in mandap, he needed for rituals.
“Sumi.. see this. Who came to see us? Choti came to see us”Shekar said in happiness.
Sumi looked at Aadi,”He is just looking alike Rudra bhai “ Sumi said emotionally.
“maa.. panditji is calling you both.”Swara came to call her parents and looked Aadi questioningly.
“maa.. who is he?”Swara murmured at Sumi’s ear.
“he is your cousin …Ragini’s…”Sumi stopped at middle as shekar hold her hands, signed not to say.
Swara noticed it .
“ok ok.. pandit ji is calling you both…”Swara said.
“ok Swaru! Take Aadi to our room and give him something to drink..”Sumi said.
“maa.. I will take care of it”Swara said.
Swara gave a friendly smile to Aadi and he returned it.
The next day morning,
The first ritual will start with oil bath.
Priest lit the fire and started to chant mantra.
“Groom can come now..”Priest said.
Aarav’s parents came to shekar.
“Shekar, Have you seen Aarav?”Aarav’s father asked.
“no.. wait I will search . he should be here somewhere”Shekar said.
“Laksh,Sahil have you seen anywhere?” Laksh and Sahil nodded no.
Everyone searched the whole place but Aarav was seen nowhere.
The whole situation became tensed while Aarav entered in a marriage attire with another girl.
“Aarav…” Aarav’s parents whispered shockingly .
“amma.. appa.. forgive me. I love her…”Aarav stopped after receiving slap from Sahil and Sahil started to beat him blindly.
“How can you do this to my rago ka?”Sahil punched him in his face which results in nose bleeding.
“Sahil..!”Shekar tried to stop him and Laksh also tried to control him. Finally,Laksh controlled Sahil while Sahil was trying to get out of Laksh’s grip.
“Laksh anna, take him from this place. Otherwise, it won’t be good”Swara said.
Aarav’s father turned to shekar,”Please forgive me Shekar”
“Please go from here … I can’t control myself or my son for long ”Shekar said.
Aarav’s family left the mandap soon.
Sumi entered Ragini’s room while Ragini was waiting for first ritual.
“maa… what happened?why are you looking sad? Maa… even after my marriage, I will speak with you on video chat and once you want to see me, I will be here next moment. So don’t be sad ”Ragini said without knowing the situation.
Sumi hugged her tightly.
“please forgive us Rago. We destroyed your life with our own hands… please forgive us”Sumi said while crying.
“maa…”Ragini said confusedly.
Shekar was slanting on the pillar while Sahil was worried about Ragini. Swara touched shekar’s shoulder.
“Appa…”Swara said. Shekar looked at her with pain.
“how is Rago? “Shekar asked.” I am fool how she should be. I destroyed her life with my own hands. I am a sinner”Shekar started to beat and curse himself .
Swara looked at him with tears . Ragini came out of her room and hugged Shekar.
“ please forgive me , Rago. I destroyed your life by the name of marriage. Now who will marry you?”Shekar said in tears.
“Appa, Marriage is not the only thing in life. I will study further and I will be independent Appa. It’s also good appa. Come, we will go to our house.”Ragini said and stood.
Shekar looked at her with hopeless eyes. Laksh came before and sit beside Shekar.
“uncle, you know about me. Though my income would not be that much, I will keep my Rago’s life always happy. Can you give Rago’s hands to me?”Laksh asked directly.
Ragini looked at him shockingly while Shekar looked for Ragini’s answer.
Flashback ends…

A small smile crept in Ragini’s face.
“Just few days Laksh, I will take you with me… far away from that family which snatched everything from me”Ragini said to herself and took laksh’s photo from drawer.
On Swasan Side,
“Sahi Industries won the tender. We are calling CEO&MD Mr.Laksh Sharma, to finish the formalities”Officer announced in mike.
Laksh grin became wider,”Bhai, I will finish the formalities first. Then, we will speak and I am borrowing your secretary now”
Laksh entered the hall. His grin faded and seriousness got into his face. His officials congratulated him while Aadi walked towards him.
“Congratulations Mr.Lakshya Sharma…”Aadi said.
“thanks Mr.Singhania…”Laksh said and went to proceed the remaining procedure.
Aadi came out and took driver seat in his car. His secretary came near him.
“sir…”his secretary said.
“don’t disturb me for today. “Aadi said. Secretary nodded and left.
Aadi drove his car to nearby park .
In Park,
Aadi sat in a chair . he saw a a little girl who was consoling another boy.
“Didi!” the boy cried by seeing a girl .
“shh! Anu, this stone tripped you. wait! I will beat it. you don’t cry…” the girl consoled and she also cried by seeing’s boy’s cry.
A lady came there and hugged the little girl and boy.
“babu will be fine soon… he is a strong boy”that lady said.
Aadi’s POV
I looked at that boy and girl. In a corner, I am feeling jealous.yes… being a successful businessman, I am jealous of a little boy whom even I don’t know. Isn’t it , funny? But it’s not fun for me. because I never experienced what a mother’s love is. I closed my eyes. I remembered all my memories which I wanted to forget. I remembered when I saw my sister first time.
“maa,is she my sister?”I asked while looking at a new born baby girl.
“haan Aadi. she is your sister, Kavya…”Sakshi said.
“she is so cute…”I said while Kavya started to cry.
“maa.. why is she crying?”I asked.
“she is seeing you first times naa.. that’s why she is scared”my maa said.
“shh! Don’t cry. maa.. is she crying because she is scared? . I am your bade bhai naa. I will keep you safe always…”I promised her.
I don’t why I am laughing like an idiot. The people who are in my surrounding see me as I am mental patient. But , I can’t control my laugh. What can I do? I promised that I will save her. But the reality she is saving me from that day.
“bhai, what is my gift for this Raksha bandhan?” 12 year old Kavya asked me while preparing the aarthi plate for me.
“ohh! I forgot to bring …”I faked. I bought her a dress which she wanted.
“it’s ok…”Kavya pouted.
“why don’t you fight with me?”I asked. Because she never fought with me for any reason.
“Because I love my bhai more than the gift and I know you already bought for me”Kavya smiled and took Aarthi for me.
“tttonnnnnn…”Aarthi plate fallen on distance as my maa threw it.
“maa…”Kavya shouted in shock.
“There is no need for this . how many times I tell you to stay away from him?”my maa scolded Kavya.
“maa..”I called her but she turned her face. what did I do wrong? why did my mother hate me this much ? that even she wanted to keep my Kavya away from mr.
“maa… still now you didn’t took importance to bhai. you didn’t care about him. ok. why are you hate him this much?
What did he do wrongly? He is also your son maa..”Kavya defended.
“I hate him because he is not my son; he is not your bhai… See Aadi, I am not your mother. Don’t call me maa… I adopted you as I pitied on you … don’t come near to us”Sakshi said .
“maa…”I put a step further but stopped, turned to go out of the house. I didn’t have any rights to live here .
Kavya took rakhi in her hand and hold my hand. I looked at her while she tied rakhi in his hand.
“Maa… I don’t care whether bhai is your son or not. but he is my bhai. it won’t change until I die.”Kavya said.
“Kavi…”I exclaimed. How could she speak about death? Is it her age to speak about it?
“so don’t dare to hurt my bhai. you don’t have any rights”Kavya said.
.From your child life, the family what you thought as your own family, it’s not your family and they also don’t want you now. The one who you called maa for the past years, the day when she said that she is not my mother, when she said that she was hating called as “maa” by me ; I don’t know what I felt…. Shock, dejected, sad or I don’t know. But I am broken… suddenly my whole life turned into a dark misery. Though Kavya and Dadaji supported me , I couldn’t stop thinking what a sin I did in my previous life to live as a rich orphan. Rich orphan… yes.. I am a rich orphan. The people from outside think that I am only son of Singhania’s family but I only know who I am in that family . But, she came in my life and hold my hands like an angel. My angel… my love… my life… my everything …my Uttara… she lightened my life with happiness. I met her when I was in college second year at Mumbai.
“thap…”Uttara slapped a boy who was trying a rag a girl.
“you don’t know who I am; which family I belong to.” that boy said.
“I slapped a spineless person who is trying to use his family’s name for covering his wrong doings”Uttara said while passing disgusting look at him.
“You will regret it” that boy said and left.
why I fall for her on the first moment… is it for her courage?why? I don’t know. My heart told me that she is mine. I know that boy could definitely harm her.so, I started to protect her but I failed once.
In a closed room in college,
“don’t come near to me. stay there…”Uttara said to that boy while he was walking near to her.
“I said you naa you will regret for slapping” that boy laughed like a villain and hold Uttara hands.
I broke the room door and entered to save my Uttu. But , that boy was rolling on the floor by holding his stomach. She bent towards him and hold his collar
“never ever dare to mess with any girl. This time, I am in a good mood. So , I am leaving you in this state. Next time, I won’t”Uttara threatened and looked at me.
“Are you his friend?”She asked me while looking at me. Maybe she was calculating how to mock me.
“no…” I shaked my head in hurry like a kid.
“take him to hospital…”she said while putting a bubble gum in her mouth and kicked him before she left the room. I felt pity for that boy who was rolling on the ground.
I hold him by collar,”Look at me! I am Aditya Singhania and she is mine. If you dare to disturb her again, I will destroy you, not only you, I will destroy your whole family. Mind it”I pushed him back in disgust. It’s like beating dead snake. I came out but she was there out of the room door, looked at me.
“well! So, you are the one who was stalking me for the past month. My feelings are correct. What did you tell him?”she asked me while stepping forward.
“I love you …” I said without a rose and ring. Maybe the worst proposal in the entire world.
She looked at me in disbelief and then sighed.
“can we have some coffee in the canteen? I don’t have so much time. So, come soon” she said and left.

That’s it…that’s it! I proposed her but she just invited me for coffee. she should be shocked, either she should slap me or ran away from here. But, what is it with disbelief and sighing? I followed her to the canteen.
“sit there!” she pointed a chair or I can say ordered . I sat there as a obedient boy. I wondered myself why I did as she said. She sat opposite to me and placed a coffee cup before me.
“so, now tell. What are you telling there?”she asked me casually. But I became nervous. Didn’t she take my words , seriously?
“I love you…” I said with the same voice.
“hmm… then, what do you know about me? if I am correct, you are stalking me for the past 27 days”she said.
Did she think that I was joking?Still, I don’t know.
“well! Your name is Aditya Singhania, second year ECE department. Topper of the class and also captian of college Football team. You won the trophy consecutively two times. You are studying here with your own scholarship. didn’t you know about me?” she asked me. she is different than I thought.
“I am just thinking from which I can start. Your favorite colour is white, but you loves pink roses a lot. You are also studying here with your own scholarship.hmm… you are having some weird habit that you always take sweet along with some spicy dishes. You are living in a flat alone while your family lives in kolkata” I looked at her that I might continue or not because her weird habit itself could made her realize how much I know about her.
“hmm! Impressive… Stalking is not right. Don’t you know?” she asked me while raising one of her eyebrows as questioning.
Her attitude totally washed out me.
“ I just want to know about the person whom I love” I said.
“but I am not here to love anyone. I came here to study. So, don’t come in my way again. otherwise , you will regret it” she threatened and stood to leave.
“ I am not scared about your guardian brothers. Moreover rejecting me is your right as loving you is my right”I said. She turned and looked at me.
“ you are none other than a rich spoilt boy” she complemented me and left. Still it’s not a compliment, I took it as a compliment and smiled like a mad.
The next day itself I showed before her as her dance partner. I thought she would be shocked but…
“ you only naa… even I scared that some other one may come as I have to understand his nature. come, we have to practice. We don’t have so much time as the competition is very near” she said casually.
I looked at her in disbelief.
“ you don’t know how much I struggled to convince principal . you…”I struggled in middle as what could I say further.
“Since Loving me is your right, rejecting you is my right. I will reject you always . Come , let’s practice” she said in her as usual casual tone.
Still, I wonder how she handled me… a crazy stalker who loved her as one side. Being her dance partner, it helped me to get her friendship. When days rolled, even she made her as her driver who dropped her everyday at her flat after dance practice. I wondered how could she trust me and even I asked her.
“Uttara, how could you trust me? what will you if I take advantage on you ?” I asked her when I dropped at her colony.
“you can’t Aadi. you never ever take advantage on me at any situation” she said. I looked at her with unknown expression may be happiness as my love trust me.
“I don’t know how much you trust on yourself. But I trust you from my heart” she said and left.
At that time I thought, I would be the happiest person in the world. once I came out of her colony, even I shouted loudly as I couldn’t control my happiness. At the same day, Dadaji called me.
“Dadaji..!” I hugged him once I entered his room happily.
“wah! My grandson is so happy today. What is the special?” he asked me with grin. I don’t what I would became if he and kavya supported me. he is my father, mother, friend and I don’t know. He filled all the important position in my life.
“ I think that my love is going to accept me soon…” I said happily.
“hmmm…” he just nodded thoughtfully and gave me a cover.
“what is this ,Dadu?” I asked him and opened the cover. I saw the invitation but I can’t understand the language.
“it’s looks like Invitation”I said.
“yes… your own sister Ragini’s marriage invitation. After two days, she is going to be married.” Dadaji said. But , I could’t understand.
“Ragini… sister..?” I asked him questioningly.
“ you have a twin sister Aadi. she is living with your uncle. But she don’t know anything about you or her parents. For her, that family is her own family. your uncle once worked under me. At that time, rajnath lost hope that they would become parents. So, they adopted you and promised your uncle that they would give you a good life.”Dadaji stopped in guilt.
“if you want, you can meet your own relations. There is an air ticket to Coimbatore and I already made a car to you with driver. Don’t dare to drive on hilly regions on your own ”Dadaji said.
I looked at him.
“ you are the best ,Dadu!” I hugged him. Finally, I thought that I have some people who were really are my family. even I planned a lot and imagined about my twin sister, will she look like me? no..no.. how will she look? How am I going to introduce myself to her?
The next day,
I called Uttara to come to canteen.After some minutes,
She thrown her bag infront of me.
“hey… because of you, I expelled from the class today. Tell me, why did you call me? Give me the valid reason, otherwise I don’t know how much I will beat you today” she said.
“ I want your help to choose dress for my sister. come and help me” I didn’t let her to speak as I dragged her with me.
We both got into my car.
“tell me, how will she look? Tall or short? Which type of dress she use mostly?” Uttara stacked me with questions.
But, I didn’t have any answer. I didn’t know how my Rago maa would look at that time.
“ I don’t know…” I said honestly.
“did you lie to me?”Uttara started to beat me with her bag. I stopped the car.
“no.. Uttara… I didn’t lie.” I said.
“ I know your sister is thirteen year old and you are lying to me. how could be a brother don’t know about her sister’s taste?”Uttara asked.
At that time, I was a brother who even didn’t know anything about my Ragomaa . I decided to tell the truth about me.
“Uttara , I am adopted son of Singhania’s. The sister whom about I am speaking, she is my twin. I got to know about her yesterday only and I don’t know anything about her ”I said the truth .
“please don’t feel pity on me” I prayed in my heart. I hate pitying the most once my maa said that she pitied on me..
“when are you going to see her?” Uttara asked me like nothing happened.
“Tonight My flight is on 9:30 “ I said.
“then, for what you are waiting? Start the car..” she slapped me in my arms.
I didn’t control my smile. Yes…! Whatever the situation , her presence made me smile.
We both went to nearby Saree boutique to purchase dress for my Rago maa.
After an hour, Uttara finally chose a blue colour saree which was designed by handworks.
“ I hope she would like this saree…”Uttara said and I left to airport after dropping her in her house.
I went her house at the day before Rago maa’s marriage. With the help of some person, I even reached the mandap.
An middle aged man, I thought he might be my uncle.
“Aadi!” he spelled my name before I introduce and caressed my face. an another lady came there by calling him and she also recognized me. their touch, their love… I never experienced it before. In my heart, I wished I would be the part of family. it’s a very different world which I didn’t know before.
A young girl came there by calling them. Shekar uncle stopped sumi aunty while she was trying to introduce me. I don’t know why . that young girl name was Swara and I got to know that she was my cousin.
She took me to a room in that marriage hall. I waited there for my uncle and aunty with the saree I bought for my sister. Finally, they came with a photo in their hand and gave it to me.
In that photo, a young couple was smiling with their babies…
“it’s…” I started…
“they are your parents Rudra and Kalyani and it’s you…”Sumi aunty pointed me in that photo. I didn’t know why I was cried at that time. They consoled me but…
“Aadi, I can’t tell Ragini about you now. She is going to get married. Here, everyone knows as my daughter. the truth may create problems…” Shekar uncle hesitated.
“ I understand, Uncle. Just give her this present…” I said heavy heartedly.
“ I can introduce you as her cousin.. come with me…”Shekar uncle said. I went to her room while she was removing her bangles.
“Amma.. Appa…” she stopped by seeing me questioningly.
“he is Aditya, Your cousin…”Sumi aunty introduced me and I gave her saree.
“uncle asked me to bought it for you . do you like it?”I asked her.
She opened and caressed the saree.
It would be special because she would think it’s her father present.
“ I like it very much. Thanks Appa…” she hugged uncle and I hid my tears. I came out as I couldn’t control me.
Sumi aunty came behind me and hold my hands,” I know it must be hard for you…”
“no aunty. It’s not like that” I lied. She smiled as she understood.
“Tomorrow morning, we will introduce you as Ragini’s cousin brother to all. You have to do some rituals as Ragini’s brother “sumi aunty said.
I went to the room which was allocated for me but I was not able to sleep. I went to roof top. I saw a couple who were busy in speaking.
Suddenly , a hand dragged me and made me hid behind the wall.
“Swara..!” I murmured her name in shock. She signed not to speak and continued to take video in a mobile.
I couldn’t understand what they were speaking as it’s tamil.
After some time, the couple left.
“Do you have car?”Swara asked me. I nodded yes.
She went behind to that lady and after five minutes, she came back and took me into a room where that man sat in a bed.
“Swara…” that man wondered but his face expression changed by seeing the video.
“ you already loved some other girl, made her pregnant . now you are trying to marry my sister”Swara asked angrily in English so that I could also understand. I went to punch him but swara hold my hands.
“I can’t let my father’s word down” he said.
“ who give rights to play with my sister’s life? now you have two ways. You can elope from here or tomorrow , police will arrest you in mandap . I don’t know how much days will you spend in jail if I opt the second one . I already sent this video to my friend whose father is inspector ”she threatened.
His face became pale. Finally, he eloped and we made him marry that girl whom he loved.
Then we returned. I parked car nearby marriage hall entrance.
“Are you really Rago ka’s twin brother? I overheard your conversation with maa ”Swara asked me in hindi. I didn’t want anything to hide.
“yes…” I said.
“you can stay with us as rago ka’s cousin, but if you think to be his brother, please go from here. She will remain as Shekar-Sumithra’s elder daughter and my sister. if she have a brother, it’s our Sahil only. He only have the rights as her brother” she said while looking at my eyes. I didn’t know what to reply. I stepped further, but she hold her hands before.
“your truth can shatter my family. please go from here .even if my parents look for you, don’t come here.”Swara said. I understood her fear. It’s didn’t want my sister experience what I experienced in my past.
“ I am very happy Swara . All I want Ragini’s happiness. I won’t disturb again” I said and left. Still, I don’t know how much I cried at that day. I just thought that May be I didn’t blessed to have a family.
I returned to Mumbai .Uttara tried to cheer me and It worked a little. I was very happy that she got a very good family where everyone loves her .
After two weeks,Dadaji again called me.
“you always call me to give some covers. Now, what is it having?”I asked him.
“your sister’s marriage photo…”Dadaji said which shocked me to the core.
“Isn’t her marriage stopped?” I asked him while praying .
“yes… but in next week, she married her friend. Her friend loved her and married her with your uncle’s permission. There are some photo’s and he apologized for his daughter’s behavior “Dadaji said.
I opened the cover to see the photo’s. she was looking good with her husband. I could see their love for each other in photo itself .
“Did he say anything about my Jiju?” I asked him.
“Jeju…hmm.. his name is Laksh .he lost his parents very recently and he is going to next manager of the estate which your uncle is working now”Dadu said.
“Dadu… Thanks “ I hugged him and kissed him in cheeks, ran to see Uttara to share my happiness.

At evening, I met my Uttara in canteen.
“Arre what happened boss? You are looking so happy”Uttara asked me.
“My sister got married to her love.” I said while putting the cover to her.
“Congrats… how is your jeju? What is his profession? Do you know anything about your sister’s inlaw house?”She asked me.
“hmmm… they are looking so good. My jeju is going to be manager of an estate at that place. He is an orphan ok, first I will take some sweets for us “ I said and left to brought some sweets.
When I returned, she was not there.Photo’s were scattered . I collected all the photo’s and went to search her.
I got anger on her that why she left without telling me. I saw her outside of the college. I hold her by her hands.
“Uttara… how could you leave without informing me? do you know how much I tensed?”I scolded her.
“how could he?”She said without looking at me. I saw tears in her eyes for the first time
“uttara…”I called her name concernedly.
“how could he Aadi? how could he do this to me?”Uttara asked me and kneel down. I was not able to understand. she was my tigress.
She busted out in tears. I had never seen her in that much pain. I hugged her very tightly in the kneeling position.
“he is not an orphan Aadi. he is my Laksh… my brother…”Uttara said in cracked tone.
I broke the hug in shock.
“Uttara…”I called her name but there is no response. She fallen in my hand unconsciously. I took her to nearby hospital. Doctor told me that she lost her conscious because of high blood pressure.
I entered her ward. She was laying on the bed as a crushed flower. I never know one can broke her this much . I hated Laksh first time though I didn’t know about him.
She opened her eyes. A long tear escaped from her eyes. I hold her hands supportively .
“uttu…” I called her .
“he came to my house when I was so little, Aadi. my maa told me that he is my brother. From then, he is not only my brother , he became my friend with whom I can share anything. He can do anything for me as I am. But, everything got changed when he was 18 years old.”Uttara started. I didn’t want to stop her. Because if she share her sadness , she may feel lighter.
“ he got to know that we are his foster family. he left us after calling us as fake people and he even said that we betrayed him. everything went upside down in my home. Once only happiness enriched our home until he stayed with us as my brother. Maa always looked at entry way that one day , my Laksh will come back. Sanskar bhai and papa lost their smile. Dadi didn’t came out of her room after that . You always said naa I was courageous girl. No Aadi… I am the most cowardly girl. I settled here just to avoid my memories which was enriched with my Laksh. I came here just to not see my maa’s longing for him. I ran away from my home town to run away from ever chasing memories of him. but how could he do this to me?”Uttara cried. I couldn’t see her crying. I hugged her finally. Slowly , her cries became slow and she fallen in sleep.
I just wondered how much fool Laksh is. His family was longing for him but he refused. Did swara also scared because Ragini could take some decision as Laksh? My thoughts were broken as Uttara moved a bit. I just saw Kavya in her place. Yes, because my equations also changed with her after I know the truth. Though she treated me as her bhai, I didn’t treat her as much as before .Did Kavya also felt the same when I maintained distance from her? Did she also got pain as Uttara?
I went to Kavya’s school at the time of school closure. She saw me from distance and came towards me.
“Bhaiya…” she called me with same love as she always calling me. her love for me, didn’t changed a bit.
I took two choco bars in my hand and she snatched one soon.
“Sorry Kavya…” I apologized and she looked at me.
“it’s ok. till you bought my favorite ice cream, I forgive you . but don’t dare to do this next time ” she said while licking the ice cream in her hand and then punched me in my arms playfully.
I smiled that only I could do at that time.
Days rolled fastly than I thought. Uttara got transfer to the college where Ragini was studying. I was not able understand what running in her mind. Finally the day came , I went with her to airport.
At airport entrance,
“ I am going to punish LAKSH for leaving us. I am going to drag him to our house by his ears.”Uttara said with a smile. But I was not able to see happiness in her smile.
“Show some mercy on my jeju. Take care of my sister…” I said . because I trust her. She can handle any problem.. my courageous tigress.
“Uttara..” I called her name.
“haan..Aadi..” she said.
“ I love you …” I said again though I know I was going to be rejected. I turned to leave but she hold my hands.
She pressed her lips on my lips lightly.
“I love you Aadi…” she said but I didn’t know why I was frozen. I waited for this words for a long time Why my brain didn’t worked at that time.
When I came to my sense, she went inside.
“ I will wait for you Uttara…” I said .
Days rolled, I got to know about Ragini from Uttara and we raised our love through phone. One day, I got to know Laksh accepted his family back. I thought to meet uttara and ragini before they returning to their family. As a surprise, I travelled to Ragini’s house in ooty.
Driver stopped the car in sudden.
“what happened?” I asked him.
“ I think Someone has fallen from slope …” he said with fear. I came out of the car to see.
Car light was helped me to see… it’s a lady And That saree… I bought it for Ragini. I prayed that it shouldn’t be true what I thought. But asusual God betrayed me . she was my ragini.
“ragini…rago…” I tapped her face but she didn’t responded.
“Aa…di…” I heard a moaning voice from nearby bush. I walked towards there. My Uttara was laying there .
“Uttara…” I kneeled beside her and took her in my lap.
“Aadi… save rago from my family” she said with so much struggle. I feel her blood flow in my body. My hands fully covered by her blood.
“Uttara…Uttu..” I called her but there was no response.
“uttara…” I shouted her name.
I took them to nearby hospital and I used Dadu’s influence to hide them from their family. Four months… four months rolled…
Finally, ragini wake up one day.
“Laksh…” she called her husband when she woke up. I didn’t know what to say her that her husband lost his memory.
“Aadi…”she called my name once I entered her ward. I wondered how she still remembering me, it’s been two years. For her, I was just a long distance relative cousin.
“Laksh lost his memory and Uttara was in coma. For outside world, you both are dead. So, you are safe now”I said even It pained me to say that they are dead for outside world.
“Swara…Sahil…”she asked. I forgot … I forgot about them in this. I cursed myself for not looking for them.
“I don’t know…” I accepted. She looked at me with question.
“ I want to meet them…” she said and tried to move her legs. But she couldn’t
“your legs lost the power to walk.” I said without looking at her eyes. Though I didn’t grown up with her, I can’t see her in this state. I didn’t have that much will power to see her struggle.
“please take me to them… I want to meet them please…at least I want to ensure their safety ”Ragini pleased to me. I nodded.
We both went to her house in my car . It was burnt .I remembered how much it was beautiful when I came to that house first time.
I stopped one person to know about Swara and Sahil.
“Sir.. Shekar sir…” I asked.
“Shekar… you are Shekar’s long relative naa. ohh that estate accountant.. he and his wife died before two years.even his elder daughter was murdered.”he, the neighbor whom I met before , said.
“his another daughter and son…”I asked him.
“there was fire accident a week before. After that, no one knows where they went. Even I scared that they might be murdered as their sister. Thambi(beta) you also don’t come here. It may be dangerous to you. they were good family. but what can we do?” he shrugged and left.
I turned to see Ragini but she was not in the car. The car door was open. I came another side. It was worst than my dream. My ragini was crawling to her house by her hands.
“Ragini… there is no one… come with me. I will search them…”I said. But It didn’t reflected on her.
“no… they might be waiting for me”she said and moved further.
I took her face in my hands.
“Ragini understand… Laksh’s family might be killed them by now…” I said without realizing what I said. She looked at me fully broken.
“no… it won’t happen…”Ragini said and moved further by using her hands.
“even I wish the same Rago…” I said in tears and hugged her. She didn’t speak after a word. We both got into hospital.
She didn’t speak with anyone for the next week neither me nor any hospital staffs.
“Ragini, how many days are you going to be like this?”I asked her finally.
She looked at me with expressionless eyes.
“Send me to any orphanage . I can’t be with you though you are my twin brother ”she said.
“Ragini…” I looked at her shockedly. Did she know who I am? If she know , then from when ?
“I will never send you to any orphanage . Since you know that you are my sister, I will never send you anywhere” I said.
“stay away from me ,Aadi. I can’t give you brother’s right. Moreover, my heart is burning in revenge … revenge against
Maheshwari’s for shattering my family. “ she said. I couldn’t forget her eyes which was filled with hatred and revenge. If anyone told me that my sister whom I saw spreading love and happiness, will be burning in revenge and hatred, I would sent him to mental asylum. But it’s real now.
“ I will never ask brother’s rights.. I know it’s only for Sahil. In my life, I never experienced what the mother’s love is.Sumi aunty told me that you was like our mother. Give me mother’s love, be in my life as Rago maa… I will fulfill our revenge.” I promised her. Really I didn’t know any other way to keep her with me .
A nurse entered suddenly,”sir, that another patient woke up. But she don’t remember anything”
I and Ragini entered her ward where Uttara was panicked. Ragini hold her hands ,
“Uttara…”Ragini hold her hand and Uttara became silent for a minute.
“do you know who I am?”Uttara asked. I don’t know what sin I have committed .
“your name is Uttara…Mrs.Uttara Aditya Singhania. He is your husband Aadi”Rago maa said.
“I don’t remember anything”Uttara said. I can’t control myself. I hugged her tightly.
“Don’t worry uttu. Everything will be alright” I consoled her as well as myself.
Doctor gave her shot to sleep.
“why did you lied her that she is my wife?” I asked Rago maa.
“didn’t you love her? If you want to keep her alive, keep her as your wife . once she get back her family, there is no assurance that she would be alive”Rago maa said.
“but how can her own family kill her?”I asked. It’s wrong. I don’t have any rights to separate my Uttara from her family.
“they will. If they can try to kill laksh , why can’t Uttara? If you trust my words, marry her soon once we discharged from this hospital”Rago maa said and left to her ward by trailing her wheel chair.
I married her against my will.
“you never take advantage on me whatever the situation is “Uttara’s voice ringed me in my ears.
“Forgive me , Uttu” I couldn’t even say this words to her. When she get back her memory, I don’t know how I am going to face her.
I scared that Rago maa could show her hatred to Uttara as she hates Maheshwari’s. but she never showed hatred on her. Moreover, Rago maa cared for Uttara and treated her as her daughter. she is very protective on uttara as uttara. I wondered about their bonding . I learned business from Dadaji and created my own kingdom. Finally, I am here to fulfill my promise… to destroy Maheshwari’s and take my jeju back to my Rago maa. The murder attempt on Laksh jeju made Rago maa furious than before. But when I found Swara and Sahil, it reduced her anger a little… a very little because Swara was working under Sanskar that too his secretary.
But I am stacked in between my revenge and my love. Uttara will be in pain if she know I am planning to destroy her family. Rago maa’s pain will be soothed only if I destroy Maheshwari’s. what can I do, now ?
“Auch!!”I shaked my hands as I felt irritation. I can see blood in my hands. But how?
“Bhaiya, give me your hand”Kavya said.
“Am I dreaming or hallucinating?” I asked myself. How could she be here?
“ I am neither your hallucination nor you were day dreaming. Your secretary called me and informed me that you were not looking good and asked me to come. And here, where is your thought? How could you tightly hold that iron bench holder? I know you are my body builder bhai . but you shouldn’t hold that this much tighter. See, now your hand is bleeding ”Kavya scolded me and hold my hands to put ointment while my secretary was standing next to her with first aid box.
“ I joined here in a medical college , today only. I thought to see you on evening. But you made me see you now itself”Kavya finished dressing and signed secretary to go.
“what happened bhai? you didn’t look good. Don’t gave a fake reason that you lost the tender. “Kavya said.
She is always weighs me correctly. But, I can’t tell her the real reason.
“ I remembered something from the past. I forget myself in that” I said half. She shrugged as I didn’t say her the full truth .
“come with me and you have to take tetanus injection. Otherwise, it may cause infection.” She said.
“come I will drop you !” I said.
“I came with my friend. He is waiting for me outside park. I have to drop him in college”she said.
“don’t you introduce your friend to me?”I asked her to enlighten her mood.
“why not?”she said .
“he is Sahil, my friend and Sahil, he is my bhai Aadi”Kavya introduced me to Sahil. I don’t know why my life always put a knot with them.
“hi… I think we met before if I am correct …”Sahil said.
“yes Sahil… we ran into each other at that day” I said.
He smiled by remembering our first encounter.
“I have your pen sir as you missed. I will give it to Kavya …”Sahil said.
“ no need Sahil. Maybe it was destined to be yours” I said.
Sahil was looking at me confusedly.
“sometimes, he will speak like that only.leave it Sahil…”Kavya handled the situation.
Soon, we three left to their college.
Aadi’s POV ends…

In tender office outside,
Maheshwari’s official congratulates Laksh and then they ready to leave.
Laksh snapped his fingers.
“one minute …”Laksh said with an attitude which no one ever seen .
Everyone looked at him.
“Don’t you remember what you speak about Ms.Swara before?” Laksh asked. His tone made the officials gulp in fear.
“Sorry sir” his officials said.
“tell to Ms.Swara not to me and Don’t dare to point against Ms.Swara again. the outcome wouldn’t favor you “Laksh clearly threatened even Sanskar looked at him surprisingly.
“Sorry Ms.Swara…”the officials said and left from there.
“Thanks laksh…”Swara said while hiding her tears gently.
“how could you figured out that something would happen like this?”Sanskar asked.
“well! I just spread a net and Rudra industries manager fallen as a prey. Just simple..”Laksh said with a smile and turned to Swara.
“Oh meri dost, since it’s my first victory and also I started my own company, you have to throw us a golgappa party”Laksh said to change the mood.
“wait! what a rule it is. It’s your startup and your victory, you have to throw party not me.”Swara said.
“Haan Laksh… Swara is correct”Sanskar said.
“Bhai… are you supporting bhabhi before marriage? It’s not good for your present condition.. maa…”Laksh murmured in Sanksar’s ear.
“Swara, since Laksh is your friend… his victory is yours also. so, Laksh is correct. Throw a party”Sanskar changed his side while Swara look at them in utter shock.
“not at all. I am going to home. My work is finished for today”Swara said and started to walk.
Laksh hold her by her shoulders.
“oh meri pyarri dost! I am in big financial crisis… can’t you help your little friend?”Laksh asked in a low voice while looking at Swara’s eyes.
Swara nodded unknowingly.
“bhai! swara accepted to throw party. If you want to participate, then follow us”Laksh said while dragging Swara by her shoulder.
“hey Laku! It’s not correct. How can you leave me in middle?”Sanskar asked while ran behind Swalak.

At MM,
Swasanlak entered with smily face. Laksh went to Ap directly and hugged from back.
“wah! My laksh is very happy today. What is the special, Laksh?” Ap asked while caressing his face.
“hmm! I started my own company and got my first tender…”Laksh said while giving the paper’s to Dp.
“Maa.. I’m very hungry…”Laksh said while rubbing his tummy.
Swasan lookat at him disbelief that he just ate lot … no.. a very lot of golgappa’s in Golgappa shop.
“Aunty.. I am also going. Sahil will come soon. I have to make some snacks for him”Swara said and started to walk.
Ap gave him some ladoos in a plate.
“Sahi Industries..! it’s very different name”Dp said.
“it’s nothing different papa… it’s my wife’s name…”Laksh said unknowingly while taking ladoo from Ap’s hands which made Swara stop in a middle of her way and Ap lose her grip on Ladoo plate
“it’s my wife name…”Laksh spelled it again.
“Maa… is ragini only my lover or did I marry her?”Laksh asked Ap while Sanskar and Dp looked at Laksh, worriedly.

Precap: revealation no 2

Hi friends and sissies… hope I didn’t bored you. For further proceedings, I need this chapter especially for Aadi. I will give Raglak and Swasan scenes from next episodes pakka… I revealed a bit about Ragini’s past … bye bye take care and don’t forget to share your views about the story. Sara is signing off…

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