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Story starts…
“Ahh!Finally finished” Sahil stretched his back and released a long breath.
Swara stretched her hands and yawned.
“ I am going to sleep…”Swara said.
Sahil tapped her head lightly.
“why did you tapped my head? how did you?” Swara asked while rubbing her head.
“how could you sleep without eating dinner?”Sahil asked.
“will you tap me for that? I am three years bigger than you ”Swara glared and showed three fingers.
“come… I will give you some banana’s . eat that and sleep well…”Sahil said while taking some banana’s in his hand.
“ I am not the monkey like you to eat banana…”Swara said. teasingly
“ yeah… yeah! When did Bear Cub eat banana?”Sahil said loudly as he was asking himself.
“what..” you.. you..” Swara searched a thing to hit Sahil.
Sahil started to run eventually came out of the outhouse.
Swara got a grip on Sahil’s shirt while try to catch him. Both tripped, fall on grass in garden.
Sahil and Swara looked each other and laughed .
“She would be good match for our Sanskar ”Dadi said while looking at Swara through the window from her room.
“she is a very good girl. If it happens, I would be very happy. But who knows what god thinks?. I am exhausted speaking about marriage to sanskar. Atleast you tell him naa”Ap sighed while packing Dadi’s bag as Dadi was going to pilgrimage tour.
“maa, can you go alone to that tour?”Ap asked hesitatingly.
Dadi caressed Ap’s cheeks concernedly ,” I can manage Annu. Hill side regions are not new to me”Dadi said.
“still, my heart is not accepting this idea; going to pilgrimage tour alone. Atleast, you should allow me to come with you…”Ap complained.
“if you are coming with me, who will take care of my grandsons?hmm..”Dadi asked with a smile.
“you are always give answers to me that I won’t ask questions again.”Ap complained.
Dadi smiled.
“Do you know which thing I like the most?”Dadi asked.
“Pulling my most beautiful daughter-in-law’s cheeks”Dadi pulled Ap’s cheeks.
“maa…”Ap blushed a little.
“hmmm..! atleast I want to see one fight between you . But, it’s not happening. I hope at least my daughter-in-law will fulfill my wish . ”Dp said in a fake sad tone.
“you will never get that Durga. we will choose such a girl to our Sanskar. Isnt it naa Annu?”Dadi asked.
“haan maa… I think I have to reduce salt from his food. Then, he will think correctly” Annu said.
“Good Idea Annu. Reduce Sweet from his food. I am his mother. Still, now I don’t have any diabetes or BP. See him, within this age, he got BP and Diabetes”Dadi said.
“Maa… I will think correctly.please leave my food as it is.”Dp said in a pleading tone.
Dadi slapped in his face lovingly and smiled.
Dp hold her hands.
“Maa.. really do you want to take this trip now? Can’t we go after some time?”Dp asked.
“ I will come soon, Durga. “Dadi said.
Dp nodded halfheartedly.
“Annu, where did you kept my tablets?”DP asked.
“Come, I will give your tablets first. Maa, I will come just a minute ..”Ap said and Both left the room.
Dadi sighed happily by seeing them.
Laksh entered the room.
“Hi sweety… Are you packing for pilgrimage tour? “Laksh asked while sitting in bed next to Dadi.
Dadi remained silent.
“hmm… when you are going Varanasi, don’t forget to pray for Devan. He died miserably in my hands . but what can I do, sweety ? he didn’t do things correctly .At least, Shivji can give Mukthi for his soul ”Laksh said in a low voice with a fake concern.
Dadi looked at Laksh shockingly .
“Don’t lie Laksh. he is well. He is in hospital. I know…”Dadi said in a trembling voice.
Laksh turned his face with disgust as he couldn’t see Dadi’s face.
“ Even I don’t want to break your hope. But, truth can’t be hide for a long time, Sweety. Devan is dead. I killed him “Laksh said in a deep voice.
A long drop fallen from Dadi’s eyes. Laksh wiped her tears.
“Don’t let your tears dry Sweety. It’s just a start. you are dreaming about your Grandson’s life naa. Just see how I am going to shatter his life”Laksh said with a evil smirk and walked towards the door.
Dadi looked at Laksh’s way and then looked Swara, through the window.
“ I started it Laksh, I will end it by my own hands. Even it costs someone life ”Dadi said in a deeper tone while Swara played with Sahil.
In SanLak’s room,
Sanskar was looking at Swara through window and smiled.
Laksh entered the room and looked Sanskar questioningly .
Laksh stood behind Sanskar and saw Swara.
“HuuHmmm… your madness crossed the level bhai… I think I should have tell mom about this before your madness cross the critical limit …”Laksh sighed and walk backwards door.
Sanksar tried to hold him but Laksh went out of the room.
“Ma…”Laksh opened his mouth but Sanskar hold his mouth and dragged him inside the room.
“Laku… mera jaan… please don’t tell it to maa… I will do whatever you ask… please show some mercy on my life…”Sanskar said and Laksh nodded as agreed.
Sanskar took his hand from Laksh’s mouth and Laksh took a long breath.
“you have to answer me all my questions… “Laksh said in a serious tone while Sanskar nodded as a good child.
“when did you start to love her? Don’t lie just few days before… I’m not that much fool”Laksh said precautiously.
“how could my brother be fool? He is my brother naa…”Sanskar said.
“Don’t deviate… answer me..”Laksh said like as a strict teacher.
“hmm.. if I am correct , I loving her from three four years… from when I met her first…”Sanskar said while looking at Swara and smiled by remembering their first encounter.
“bhai…”Laksh wondered and put his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder.
“Bhai.. why are your cheeks so red like tomato?”Laksh asked.
“Laksh..!”Sanskar turned his face.
“wait! wait! first I will take some photo…”laksh said while taking his phone out.
Sanskar snatched his phone and thrown on the bed while Laksh pouted.
“ok, so you love her for the past three years. Wait! are you saying that you fall in love with her when she made you sleep in floor of train?”laksh wondered.
“ I thought that I attracted towards her. But I love her. When I realized , I searched for her.but I couldn’t search her. Because I don’t know anything about her. Luckily, I saw her profile for assistant engineer intern in our company. you don’t know Laku how much I felt happy”Sanskar said .
“So, you made her your secretary. Wow! So, when are you going to propose her?”Laksh asked.
“propose? Hmm.. even I asked her to call me by my name, she clearly refused.”Sanskar sighed.
“then, I think you should consult with a Love guru”Laksh said in a fake serious tone.
“hmm.. I think so. So, do you know who is that Love guru?”Sanskar asked.
“it’s absolutely me. you know naa how much I am expert in this”Laksh said with a wink.
“Sorry bhai. I know how much Aman suffered because of your idea. I don’t want to take risk”Sanskar said.
“ Mistake will happen at one time. I can give you discount in love package advices”Laksh said.
“no no.. I will take care of my love “Sanskar said.
“Maa…”laksh called Ap.
“ok..ok.. you will be my love guru…”Sanskar said hurriedly.
Laksh smiled.
“Laksh…”Ap entered in SanLak’s room and smiled by seeing her son’s happiness.
Ap caressed both of her son’s face while SanLak holded her respective hands.
“my both son’s will be always happy like now”Ap blessed.
Laksh smiled warmly.
“maa… can I sleep in your lap today?”Laksh asked suddenly.
“Haan… Laku..”Ap said.
After few minutes,
Sanskar and Laksh put their head on Ap’s Lap while Ap’s started to sing Lally.
“ Once , I missed this very much maa…”Laksh murmured.
“Annu…!”Dp entered in to the room while he was searching for Ap.
“ Annu! What is this? Your both sons are ready for their marriage and now you and singing Lally for them.”Dp said fakely but smiled inside.
“Don’t be jealous of us, papa. If you want, you can also sleep with us. Isn’t it Laksh?”Sanskar asked.
Laksh made some space for Dp in bed.
Dp laid on the bed .
Soon, SanLak’s fall in deep sleep while Ap slowly put their heads on bed,tried to stand up.
Laksh hold Ap’s hand in sleep and Dp signed her to stay hereitself.
Annu lay between Sanlak while Dp lay next to Laksh and caressed Laksh’s hair.
Slowly, everyone fall into sleep.
At Uttara’s side,
“Rago maa…tomorrow, Doctor is coming for check up.”Uttara informed while making ragini’s bed ready and helped Ragini to get her bed from wheel chair.
“Uttu, go and sleep. we will take care of remaining things tomorrow. You are looking very tired”Ragini said concernedly.
“just I am making all your medical records ready Rago maa. Just two minutes, then I will go for sleep”Uttara said with a smiley face.
“when did you accepted my words?”Ragini said with fake anger.
Uttara stood up,”now you are happy naa. I stopped working and now I will go for sleep”Uttara said.
“but you finished your work already…”Ragini pointed where Uttara arranged all the records correctly.
Uttara smiled sheepishly,”ok Rago maa. I am going for sleep”Uttara said and left ragini room.
Ragini sighed with a smile.
Uttara entered her room and took the diary which she hid in closet.
FlashBack starts…
Laksh looked at RagSahil who were glaring at him.
“Don’t worry. I’m with you naa… come…”Swara hold Laksh hands and dragged with her to her house.
“Maa… Laksh anna came…”Swara announced.
“come Laksh… just two minutes, the breakfast will be ready…”Sumi said .
Laksh came and sit in the table.
“how is your leg?”Sahil sit next to him and asked.
“haan.. now the pain is reduced. Thanks…”Laksh said.
“no need to say thanks…what did Swara ka say to you?”Sahil asked.
“she asked me to be her friend and support her when you guys tease her”Laksh said.
“Wrong decision…Rago ka, he is in our enemy clan…”Sahil complained Ragini who just came there.
“we will see Sahil”Ragini said while giving a deep glare to Laksh.
Laksh felt a chill in his spine for a second.
“maa… Rago ka and Sahil are scaring my new friend…”Swara said while she braiding her hair in her room.
“how did she always watch us though she is in her room?”Sahil murmured in Ragini’s ears while Ragini shook her shoulders as she don’t know.
“Rago sahil…”Sumi glared them from kitchen.
“maa… we are just speaking . isn’t it Laksh?”Ragini pressed Laksh’s name while Swara made her entry in hall.
“Laksh na, come breakfast is ready.what a smell!”Swara said while inhaling the smell of sambar.
“Kadothkach!”Sahil murmured.
“Kumbakarn…”Swara returned.
Both Swara and Sahil were looked at each other as their born enemies.
Laksh looked totally confused that what he have to do.
Ragini hold his hand and dragged him inside .
“Let it be, Laksh. never ever go in between them especially when they are fighting . it’s my free advice. Since, you are new”Ragini said , left his hand by seeing Sumi arrival from kitchen.
Ragini sat in floor with plate.
“Sit Laksh! “Sumi said and Laksh sat next to Ragini.
“hey Sahil… Swaru! Come and eat. You both are getting late for school”Sumi shouted from kitchen.
“Aunty! Where is uncle?”laksh asked.
“he went to estate, Laksh in early morning. Today , the vegetables transported to market. He is there to check accounts.”Sumi said in middle of serving idli’s to Laksh.
Sahil came and sat in between Laksh and Ragini voluntarily .
Laksh moved a bit to make it comfort for Sahil and smiled to him but Sahil refused.
“Laksh, I packed your lunch with Ragini’s lunch. Don’t forget to eat it”Sumi said.
After few minutes,
Swara and Sahil went to school in their cycle while Ragini and Laksh walked towards the college.
“Hmm.. Laksh… don’t mistake Sahil! He is little bit no .. he is more possessive about me as I am.”Ragini said.
“ brothers are always meant to be possessive Ragini!”Laksh said and remained silent by remembering about Uttara.
Ragini saw hurt in his eyes and decided to change the topic.
“And sorry for yesterday slap. Actually, when he was five years old, he lost. After a week , police found him and we got him back. But sometimes, he will act uncontrollably “Ragini said.
“no Ragini! I just felt happy when he slapped me. some care.. some feeling… he just reminded me whom I missing most..”Laksh said with a smile.
“So, now friends”Ragini extended her hands and Laksh accepted.” I am sorry Ragini for my behavior for the first few days”
“It’s ok, Laksh”Ragini said with a smile.
Uttara turned the next page but saw it was empty. Uttara turned the pages and saw one page was written after four months.
“En eniya thozhi Ammu…,
It’s been four months after Laksh entered our life. Now, he is like one of our family. for this diwali, papa even bought dress for him .He got Sahil’s and Swara’s friendship which no one can get in this world. I don’t know why I admire him, why I care for him, why I am losing myself whenever I see him, why my heart crushed when I saw him hurt. Why , Ammu? Is it Love or attraction? I don’t know ammu. But , His single smile made me forget about my world. I want to be with him in his happiness ,sadness and in his everything for the whole life . I want to spend each and every moment of my life with him. will it happen? I am going to tell my feelings to him tomorrow. Will he accept my love? “
Uttara turned the next page anxiously.
Flashback starts…
Ragini woke up and saw her face in mirror.
“ I love you , Laksh”she said to herself and blushed.
Soon, she got bath and opened her wardrobe.
“what will Laksh like? Pink or lavender or rose? No Laksh like this sky blue color”Ragini took out a blue colur salwar and wore it.
Ragini came out and saw jasmine flowers , took it and went to her room.
“Sumi, did you see the threaded jasmine flowers which I bought for pillayarappa(Ganapathi papa)?”Shekar asked.
“Pillayarappa… please forgive me this time”Ragini apologized in her heart.
“Am I looking good?”Ragini asked herself.
“you are looking beautiful, Ragini..!”Laksh said from back while Ragini saw him through mirror.
“Laksh!” Ragini turned enthusiastically but there was no one.
Ragini tapped her head.
“you became mad in your love, Rago!”Ragini said and smiled.
“Rago…”Sumi called from hall.
“haan Maa… I’m coming…”Ragini said from her room and went to hall.
There are two elders and one young man, whose sitting in a chair.
“she is my daughter, Ragini”Sumi introduced Ragini to them.
“Rago, he is Aarav and they are his parents”Shekar said and Ragini greeted them with confusion.
“My daughter-in-law is very beautiful.”Aarav’s mother said and put threaded jasmine flower in her head.
Ragini touched that jasmine flower shockingly.
“maa…”Ragini murmered in Sumi’s ears.
“ok Shekar … I will come tomorrow to speak about further. We are having only one week time”Aarav’s father said and they left.
“maa.. what is happening here? What is it means?”Ragini asked shockingly.
“all are good things only, Rago. Aarav is a very good person and intelligent. He is just 25 but he is settled in US. My Rago is going to live in US.”Shekar said.
“Appa, I am not able to understand “Ragini asked.
“Rago, we decided aarav as your husband. you will be married in this week and don’t worry about your studies.they said that you can continue your studies.”Shekar said.
Ragini put a forceful smile in her face and went back to her room, closed the door. Tears were flowing from her eyes.
She took the threaded jasmine flowers from her head and thrown , cried silently while outside, Sumi and shekar were planning about Ragini’s marriage happily.
At evening…
Swara and Sahil came to house.
“maa… why are you decorating the house? Is there any function?”Swara asked while Sahil also looked sumi for answer.
“our Rago is going to marry in a week. From day after tomorrow, we have to start the rituals”Sumi said.
“what? Rago ka is going to marry. Who is my mama? How is he looks? Is he looking good? What is his profession?’Sahil stacked Sumi with his questions in happiness.
“your mama is working as engineer in US. Our rago is going to live in foreign.”Sumi said.
“ I am going to tell this to Laksh. he would be very happy…”Sahil said while Swara hold his hands.
“maa.. we will come once we changed our dresses”Swara said and dragged Sahil with her.
“hei Kadothkach! Leave me. I will come on my own”Sahil said.
Swara left her hold.
“Sahil, don’t tell this to Laksh anna for now. It would be better if Rago ka tell him by herself”Swara said and Sahil shaked his shoulder as acceptance.
In Ragini’s room,
Ragini looked at the sealing with expressionless eyes.
Swara opened the door, got inside and closed the door.
Ragini put a fake smile in her face.
“Are you going to marry in a week?”Swara asked while looking at Ragini deeply.
Ragini blushed fakely,”Swaru..! you can be here without my disturbance.. but don’t dare to tease my sahil. I will tap your head from foreign”Ragini faked her smile.
Swara let a bitter smile.
“then, what about your love to Laksh anna, Rago ka? Is it also fake as your expressions now?”Swara hit directly.
“Swaru”Ragini raised her hands but stopped at mid air and looked at her shockingly.
“ I know about you Rago ka. I know your reason behind your each and every single move for these past years. Did you think I am a duffer who can’t differ your real smile and pain?”Swara asked.
“Swaru..!”Ragini cried in a low voice.
“ I will stop this marriage. I will tell Appa and Amma about your love. They will definitely accept Laksh”Swara said.
“what if Laksh don’t accept me,Swara?”Ragini asked
Swara looked at her shockingly.
“my love is unrequited love,Swaru. Even I don’t know whether Laksh is treating me as just a friend or more than that.(Ragini wiped her tears) Even if he love me, now I don’t care about that Swaru. I will never let my Appa’s head down even if it costs my life and you also shouldn’t tell Appa and amma about this . it’s promise on me”Ragini said .
Swara looked at her with painful eyes.
Flashback ends…
Uttara wiped her tears and turned the next page. There was nothing, then she turned the next page.
“En iniyaa thozhi ammu,
My love story ended before it started. Isn’t it funny? I am going to marry a person whom I don’t know. I am going to far away from this place, my appa, my amma, swara , sahil and my Laksh. my Laksh… do I have the rights to say this still? Today, when I gave him my wedding invitation, I felt some pain in his eyes Ammu. It’s killing me from inside Ammu. But I opted this way. I will tell Aarav about my love and everything at the night of marriage. I don’t know how I am going to live. But I will never let my father’s head down.. never ever…”
Uttara closed the diary and wiped her tears, hid the diary again in closet.
Uttara eyes lid closed automatically as she is getting very sleepy and she slept in the same position.
On Swara’s side,
Swara looked Sahil who is smiling in sleep.
“ I have never seen smile in your face for this past year ,Sahil. If Laksh’s presence makes you happy, I will let you. even I can’t run for a long time, Sahil. But if I felt anything wrong, I will take you from this place, from Laksh to far long, Sahil. My life is just to save you!”Swara said and left Sahil’s room.
The next day,
Sun start to beautify earth with his light.
Swara and Sahil woke up and got ready.
Ap,Dp, SanLak and Dadi were present there.
Swara and Sahil boiled milk and partially let it go, then presented as bhog to Ganapathi papa, distributed to everyone.
Swara and Sahil took blessings from Dadi as she was elder.
“always be happy…”Dadi blessed them.
Swara gave a smile to her while Sanskar is looking at her by forgetting the world.
Laksh pinched Sanskar hands.
“Auch!”Sanskar rubbed his hands.
“ is it so hot ,sir?”Swara asked.
“no no Swara… I am ok ”Sanskar replied and glared Laksh.
Ap,Dp and Dadi left while SanLak ready to leave. Swara went inside to clean the utensil.
“Mr.Sanskar…”Sahil stopped Sanskar while SanLak looked at them questioningly.
“Though Aunty let us to stay here , I think a rental agreement would be better in between us. We should be professional naa”Sahil said with a smile and left inside.
“Both brother and sister are alike. ‘we should be professional’”Sanskar mimicked while Laksh laughed.
“Come on bhai. we have an important tender today”Laksh said.
After an hour,
At dining hall,
Laksh sat in chair while Sanskar was still getting ready in room.
Ap served Laksh and Dp .
“Annu, where is maa?”Dp asked.
“Actually, maa is not feeling well. So she cancelled her trip also. just before, I gave her breakfast “Ap said.
“maa, what type of girl will you expect for Sanskar bhai?”Laksh asked while he took bit of aloo paratha.
“why are you asking me suddenly?”Ap asked.
“maa… tell me naa..”Laksh said while looking at the stairs.
“hmm.. she should be matured, good girl who can take care of my sanskar. As a badi bahu of this Maheshwari house, she should keep this house always united. That’s it”Ap said.
“hmm… Swara is matured , good girl also. if she is handling Sanskar, she will handle this house also”Laksh said little bit loudly as he was speaking to himself.
“what? Why are you speaking about Swara now?”Dp asked while he was drinking water.
Laksh , once again,looked the stairs for checking Sanskar’s arrival
“Because Sanskar bhai loves Swara for the past three years…”Laksh said in a slow voice, put a big bomb and ate like a innocent child.
Dp spilled out the water which he had and started to cough. Ap caressed his chest to make his breath easier.
“what?”Ap and Dp asked him in shock that Sanskar loves a girl.
“haan.. but Swara don’t have any feelings for brother. If it continues like this, we will be see a devdas in our own house”Laksh said while Ap and Dp imagining Sanskar with a alcohom bottle and a dog .
“no no.. I will speak about it with Swara now itself”Ap said while Laksh hold her hands.
“maa.. I will tell you at the correct time. Papa , I need your help also…”Laksh said.
Dp nodded thoughtfully.
Sanskar came down in his business suit.
“Sanskar, what is about that bridge contract? It’s very important for us”Dp said.
“today, it’s the tender result papa. We will definitely win this contract”Sanskar said confidentally.
At Aditya’s place,
Aditya got ready in black tuxedo .
“Today, you will taste your defeat Maheshwari. I just a first step”Aadi said while he was looking at mirror.
He came out while his secretary opened the door.
“Sir, the tender result is after one and half hour. We should be there before half an hour”Secretary informed.
“ok…”Aditya signed to start the car.
At MM,
Sahil left for his college already. Swara came out to go for office.
“I already late. Tender result will be open in one and half hour. I should be there at correct time”Swara worriedly came out of MM.
Laksh stopped his car before her.
“Swara, do you need lift?”Laksh asked.
Swara saw Sanskar inside the car and nodded no.
“Ms.Swara, I hope you would behave professional. You should be there to finish formalities from my side”Sanskar told .
Swara got into car without saying a word.
After one hour,
Sanskar came out of the car while Aadi also arrived at the same time.
The respective company officials were waiting for their arrival.
Sanskar and Aadi came opposite to each other and looked at each other.
“It’s nice to meet you, Mr.Singhania”Sanskar extended his hand.
“for me also, Mr.Maheshwari.”Aadi shook his hand with Sanskar while “Aadi…”Swara whispered Aadi’s name.
Aadi looked at Swara
“Swara.. I never thought to see you here. What a pleasant surprise!”Aadi said and extended his hand.
Swara shook her hand with Aadi for courtesy while he pulled her into a hug and then released her while Sanskar hold his fists in anger.
Laksh looked at the scenario interestingly.
“Mr.Singhaniya, do you know Ms.Swara?”Sanskar asked.
“she is my old friend. Ok. Mr.Maheshwari, why can’t we speak after result? I think we are getting late”Aadi said with a smirk.
Sanskar just nodded and everyone got inside.
Govt officers got inside with sealed files and opened each and every files, announced the quotation amount for each and every company which participated in the tender.
“Maheshwari Industries… 49 crores 98 lakhs…”Officer announced.
“Still now , we are the lowest quoted. We will definitely get this project sir”one of the official said.
“Rudra Industries… 49 crores 97 Lakhs and 99 thousand rupees”Officer announced and continued to open other proposals.
Sanskar’s official got shocked while Aadi gave a smirk in his face.
“How it is possible? Just thousand rupees difference…”one official said.
“but only Sanskar sir,Laksh sir and Ms.Swara know the amount”another one said.
“and also Ms.Swara and Mr.Singhania are friends. Did she betrayed us?” the other one asked.
Sanskar gave them a look which made them shut their mouth and came out of the room.
Swara followed him at outside and once they crossed the room, she hold Sanskar’s hands while LAKSH followed them.
“Sir.. really, I didn’t leaked any information. I didn’t betray sir. I know Aadi sir but I never know he is a business man..”Swara stopped as she struggling for words in tears.
Sanskar placed his finger on her lips.
“not a word Swara.. not a word more .!”Sanskar said angrily.
Swara looked at him with shocked look as she saw his anger side for the Sanskar.
“ I don’t need your words to trust you Swara. I trust you “Sanskar said softly while wiping Swara’s tears.
Swara looked at him that she can’t understand his words. Both unknowingly got into a eye lock .Laksh passed a smile.
“ I leaked the information…”Laksh said.
Sanskar and Swara turned to Laksh in utter shock.
“what did you say?”Sanskar asked as he was not able what he heard.
“well! I am the one who leaked the tender amount information”Laksh said with a grin in his face.
In Sahil’s college,
At Sahil’s class,
Professor was taking class while a girl interfered in middle.
“May I come in, sir?” Girl asked.
“yes, come in”Prof . allowed.
The Girl gave a cover to Prof. and he read the letter.
“She is your new classmate. Can you please introduce yourself and take a seat?”Prof. asked.
“well! I am Kavya… Kavyakavithayini from Bombay. I hope I will get great experience with my new friends here..”She said and saw a place vacant beside Sahil, occupied the place.
Prf. Resumed his class.
“hi, I am sahil”Sahil said with a warm smile.
“ hi, you can call me Kavya in short”Kavyakavithayini said.

Precap:Ragini’s marriage masti and Answer time for first two question, who is Aadi in Ragini’s life? And what is the relationship between Arjun and Rajat?

Hello sissies and friends , Hope you will like it. please share your views . negative reviews are most welcome . Just three to four episodes, I will give all the answers and remaining six episodes will move further to end . Suggest me a middle aged couple who can be good at villain role if you can. Bye.. bye.. Sara is signing off…

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  1. Don’t make kavya between lakshya and ragini as you made in past birth please. N all are culprit of ragu in past birth specially lakshya n sanskar n they should get punishment dear. Ragu has to bear heartbreak.update soon dear.

  2. Awesome dear

  3. Awesome superb amazing

  4. Amazing part nd can’t wait for next


  6. Awesome episode

  7. Awesome update

  8. Jiyani

    Awesome dear…Loved it

  9. Elizabethlovely


  10. Nice yaar

  11. Nice…..

  12. Deeksha

    No problem dear..!! I can wait for ages to read this story..!! And I this companies and all.. So just chill..

    And coming to the episode it is amazing dear..!! I loved it completely..!!

    Lots Lots of love ❤❤❤

    Continue soon..

  13. Asra

    awesome akka…loved it alot…flashback interesting iruku akka….Ama akka kavya va raglak naduvula kondu vanthiradhenga akka….eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka

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  15. Laashya

    Wonderful episode

  16. Awesome

  17. Loved it, keep going

  18. Sorry for late comment and outstanding episode dear. Eagerly waiting for more Raglak scenes

  19. Interesting episode

  20. Simply superb di…post next soon

  21. Awesome

  22. I think this is my first comment in ur ff but I love all ur stories, awesome part

  23. R u on wattpad

  24. Superb

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