Hi friends and sissies , Bala and Sara are here again.It’s been a long time. Sorry for being late. But I want to say, Kolkata is having a soul which makes me feel comfort, in it than any other cities which I have visited till now after my home town. Hope, you will also remember us.
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Character sketch for past:
Sahil-Swaragini’s brother, Studying 9 standard.
Swara- Ragini’s sister, studying 12 standard.
RagLak-2 year engineering students.
Shekar and Sumi-Swaragini’s parents who was living in a village nearby Ooty and Shekar was an estate manager while Sumi was an house wife.

The another beautiful sun rise after a emotional night for the brother and sister. Sun rays fallen in the room which disturbed both of them . Sahil woke up first and looked Swara who was sleeping in his lap like a child .

Sahil caressed her face with care and love while remembering her each and every word.
“I don’t know what happened in Ragini ka’s life when I was far away from you. All I know is the injustice which happened to our Rago and Laksh mama. I showed my hatred when you let it go the injustice. I never thought which makes you took that decision and how much hard it for you. I am sorry swara ka.”Sahil muttered and lays against wall.
Sahil again closed his eyes by seeing Swara’s eye moments and understood that she was going to woke up.

Swara opened her eyes and saw Sahil with determination.
“I will save you at any cost Sahil. I will do anything for you even it makes you to hate me”Swara muttered and stand , look Sahil who was sleeping in sitting position.
Swara start to remember what happened last night and went to kitchen with a sigh.
Sahil opened his eyes and went into his room. He took RagLak’s photo from his bag.
“Is this your brother, Swara? Hi Sahil, I am Laksh… Laksh Sharma”Laksh voice ringed in his mind.

At Evening,

Sahil knocked Laksh’s house door.
Laksh opened the door and sees Sahil who is standing infront of him in school uniform and bag.
“So our boss is finally willing to study. Hmm…”Laksh said.
”you know naa how much I hate this maths and science, Laksh.”Sahil entered into Laksh’s house while pushing laksh playfully.
“then why are you here? Moreover call me bhai.. how Laksh bhai.. first call me like that”Laksh said.

“Hmmm… Ok Laksh… sorry Laksh Bhai. But if you are mean to my brother, then my Rago ka also mean to your sister. Can I call you LAKSH BHAI?”Sahil asked innocently and blinked his eyes.
Laksh scratched his head and then hold his hand above his head.
“Ohh MahaPrabu! Please forgive my mistake. You can call me whatever you want mahaprabu!”Laksh said dramatically.

“Request Accepted”Sahil signed.
“You..!”Laksh smiled and playfully punched in Sahil’s arm.
“tell me, which subject you have doubts”Laksh asked.

“The subject which is having only doubts ”Sahil sighed.
Laksh looked at him confusingly.
“you even don’t know that. I don’t know how my maa trusting you for making me study”Sahil said sarcastically and handover the maths book to Laksh.
Laksh looked maths book and Sahil and start to laugh.
Sahil took the book back and hit Laksh in his arm.

“Teach me, before I loss interest”Sahil said carelessly.
“Ok.. ok..”Laksh said and started to teach him.
After an hour,
“I never thought maths is this much easier. Thanks Laksh…”Sahil said.
“Sahil… he is older than you and also he is going to be our rago’s husband. So at least give him some respect”Sumi, who came to give food plate to Laksh, scolded Sahil.
“Oh maa… even I am telling the same. I will call him with FULL RESPECT. But , he wants to call me by his name. isn’t it Laksh?”Sahil asked with a smirk.
“Haan Maa.. I am feeling comfortable when he calls me by name. I want to be his friend more than Jiju ”Laksh said truly and turned towards Sahil.
“will you be my friend forever?”Laksh asked. Sahil nodded his head emotionally.
Ragini , who came just now ,looked both of them happily.
“Maa… come otherwise we would be drown in their sala-jeju emotional drama. Come.. come..”Ragini said dramatically.

Sahil and Laksh smiled to her and hugged each other.
“ don’t be jealous on our friendship”Laksh said while Sahil showed his tongue to Ragini.
Sumi happily witnessed her son and son-in-laws relationship.
Flashback ends…
Sahil threw the photo in bed being frustrated .
“ Get ready. You are getting late for college ”Swara screamed from kitchen.
Sahil went to kitchen while Swara was making ready corn flakes in a boul.
“you are also getting late for your work. I will pour the milk in boul. Go and get ready”Sahil said.

After half an hour, Both left for their respective place.
In Sanskar’s office,
SanLak entered their respective cabin while Swara was organizing his daily schedule.
Sanskar’s Intercom ringed.
“Hello…”Sanskar said while checking the file .
“Sir.. ACP Arjun wants to meet you Sir.”Receptionist said.
“let him come”Sanskar permitted and cut the call.
After few minutes,
Arjun entered his cabin.
“is it any update in this case?”Sanskar asked.
“Devan died yesterday in hospital”Arjun said.
“But I got to know yesterday afternoon that he was fine”Sanskar said shockingly.
“After that, his condition became bad and he died.”Arjun said.
“ohh..! Mr.Arjun, what about the attacker? Did you get any evidence against attacker?”Sanskar asked.

“I came here to ask about that only. There is not a single evidence against the killer as same the attack against your brother’s wife and your sister. no evidence… no handprints… both the case are same, may be the attacker also same. I got to know that you also present at that time”Arjun said.

“Actually I went to take my Laksh and his wife back to our family. I stayed at Coimbatore and Laksh informed me that he would come next day to Coimbatore with his wife and our sister. But in evening, Uttara called me and told me that they were in danger and asked me to come with police. I informed local police and Commissioner of police. They left before local police arrived their house. We reached that place nearly midnight… Laksh was laying on the ground subconscious…”Sanskar stopped by remembering what happened.
Flashback starts…
“Laksh…”Sanskar screamed by seeing laksh laying on ground in the pool of blood and ran towards him while the other police officer tried to stop him by seeing the hit man with a gun pointed towards Ragini who was standing in the edge of cliff.
Hitman saw sanskar and triggered his gun.
“Uttara…”Ragini shrieked by seeing Uttara took the bullet instead of her, Because of force ,she was falling from cliff.
“Uttu…”Sanskar left Laksh in ground and ran towards Uttara while Laksh eyes frozen in the direction of Ragini and Uttara.
Ragini tried to get hold Uttara’s hands but she also fallen along with her while a police officer shot the hit man.
“Uttara…”Sanskar cried loudly by sitting in the edge of cliff while two police officers hold him to control him.
Flashback ends…

A long tear tripped from Sanskar’s eyes.
“I’m sorry Mr.Maheshwari for making you remember those memories. “Arjun said.
“it’s ok Mr.Arjun.”Sanskar said while having some water.
“don’t mistake me. don’t you have touch with Mr.Laksh Sharma’s wife family?”Arjun asked.
“we forgot about them after losing my sister and nearly losing brother. Police reported that the hit man was paid to kill my brother’s wife. At that time, we thought that we lost our important one’s because of her and we didn’t look for them. but now I am looking for them for my brother’s treatment. Laksh lost his memory of his past 5 years. Sometime, he remember some flashes but not fully. He remembers his wife as his love not as a wife. And I request you. please don’t ask him about his wife or anything about his past ”Sanskar said.
“Ok , Mr.Maheshwari. we increased security for your family since we thought that you would be the target. I will try to get the criminal as soon as possible. Can I know which psychiatrist you are consulting for Laksh? ”Arjun asked.

“Mr.Rajat Srivastava from XXX hospital”Sanskar said.
Arjun nodded.
“Ok. Mr. Maheshwari. I am leaving now. Thanks for your time for the investigation.”Arjun thanked and left.
Sanskar divulged himself in Arjun words.
“ no evidence.. no..handprints..”Sanskar sighed.
Laksh entered Sanskar’s cabin.
“what happened bhai? is anything serious?” Laksh asked.
“Nothing Laksh. It’s doesn’t need that much importance”Sanskar put a forced smile in his face for Laksh.
“ok bhai. I make the contract proposal for the upcoming bridge project. Just review it”Laksh put the file in desk .

In Ragini’s house,
Ragini was sitting on her when chair at Garden. Uttara looked Ragini through window from her room and went back inside.
Uttara took ragini’s diary and start to read.
“En Eniya Thozhi…Ammu,
It’s been a week after meeting him Ammu. My assumption is wrong. he didn’t scared by seeing new people or new environment. But he was creating a shell which can destroy him slowly. He would be our new estate manager once he completes his degree. He can lead a peaceful life. But he has to live for that. Sometimes, I wonder why I am worrying about the person whom I don’t even now . Even I tried to convince myself that I couldn’t want to worry about him. but still my heart worries for him. why , Ammu?

Priyamudan(With Love),
Uttara turned the next page.
Flashback Starts…
“Sahil, Can we go to the waterfalls in nearby forest area,please?”Ragini Asked.
“no way. First of all, Appa said that was a dangerous place to swim and it’s near to forest also. Previous time, when I came with you, he clearly made me understand. So,Forget about it”Sahil said strictly.
“you are sweet, cute , little bro naa. I swear I won’t swim. Just I want to be in that place for some time. You know naa how much I like that place… please.. please… please”Ragini pleased very much.

“ok.. ok.. but you have to give me Dairy milk silk.”Sahil said.
“Deal…”Ragini signed and both gave a hi-fi.
“where are you planning to go?”Swara asked while entering the room.
“Swaru, it is nearby market place”Ragini lied.
Swara smiled mischievously.”maa…”Swara screamed.
Sahil hold Ragini hands and signed her to run.
Outside house,
Ragini and Sahil stopped and took long breath.

“what will happen if she says to maa?”Sahil asked.
“we will see when we return. Now just enjoy..”Ragini winked at sahil.
Both walked towards the waterfall.
At waterfall,
“see Sahil how much beautiful this place is. I don’t know why Appa says it’s a dangerous place”Ragini wondered.
“Rago ka, what is he doing here that too on that place? That place is slippery naa”Sahil pointed laksj who was standing at the edge of slippery rock.
Ragini saw Laksh.
“Sahil, we should warn him before something happens. Come on”Ragini hurried and ran towards Laksh.
“Laksh, come out that place”Ragini shouted.
Laksh turned by hearing ragini’s voice but his leg slipped and started to fall in waterfall.
Ragini rooted in the place with shock..

“Rago ka…”Sahil shook her .
“Laksh…”Ragini murmured and look into water while Laksh was struggling to swim.
Without hesitation, she dived into the water and Sahil also dived into water to help Ragini.
Laksh started to go inside water while swallowing water.
Ragini try to hold his hand while he was going deeper. Finally, she hold his hand and sahil helped her to take Laksh to the ground.
“why is he not opening his eyes?”Ragini asked Sahil.
“I think he swallowed so much water. I will do the CPR” Sahil said.
“Do you know? What will happen if you do wrong? no.. we will take him to the doctor”Ragini blabbered.
“shh!”Sahil sign Ragini to not speak and did the cpr.
Laksh opened his eyes slowly.

Ragini realized her clothes were wet and showing her shape, turned.
“Are you ok?”Sahil asked Laksh.
Laksh nodded. The next minute, Sahil slapped Laksh harder and hold his shirt collar.
“Are you that much longing to leave this world? why don’t you give a try to live? Do you think your mom and dad would be happy by seeing you like this?”Sahil asked.
Laksh freed himself from Sahil’s clutches.
“ I am not willing to die. I slipped from the rock”Laksh answered.
“ohh! There is a sign board that clearly says about slippery rocks in this place. Are you also going to say that you didn’t read the sign board?”Sahil asked.
Laksh nodded.
Sahil sighed by hearing Laksh’s answer and saw ragini’s state.

“Give me your shirt”Sahil said bluntly.
“what?”Laksh asked confusingly.
“I asked to give me your shirt”Sahil stretched his words and pointed Ragini who was turned back to them.
Laksh gave his shirt and Ragini wore it hurriedly.
Laksh try to stand but trembled because of pain in leg and Sahil noticed it, sat and hold laksh’s foot.
“Don’t strain your leg. I think that there is a minor sprain in your leg.Akka, you go first and make some hot water ready. I will take him to his house then hospital”Sahil said.
“I will take care of myself”Laksh said.
“Sorry Mr.Laksh. you are not in the position to tell these words.”Sahil said and took Laksh in his shoulders.

“you can’t walk until you get a treatment. Otherwise, the sprain can develop into a fracture”Sahil said which made Laksh shut his mouth.
In Ragini’s house,
Shekar was walking worriedly in the corridor while often seeing the time.
“Sumi, where did they go? Time is 7 at evening. They never be late.”Shekar worried.
“Don’t worry . they will come soon. Sahil is with Ragini.”Suni said.
“that’s why I am worried .Both are partners in crime. I don’t know what they did now”Shekar said.

“you always complaining about them”Sumi
“Appa…”Swara hesitatingly called Shekar.
“Haan Swaru…”Shekar said.
“they went to the waterfall which is near to forest area”Swara said in a one go and closed her eyes in fear.
Shekar and Sumi looked her with shock.
“what?”Shekar asked.
Swara nodded once again.
“Sumi, I will take some people with me. I already told them to not go that place. Why did they go there?” Shekar asked himself.
“Appa..!”Ragini entered the house.
Sumi hold Ragini’s face in her hands”Are you okay naa Rago?”

Ragini nodded her head.
“Rago ka, where is Sahil?”Swara asked.
Sumi and Shekar looked Ragini with a question in their eyes.
“Actually, Laksh fallen in that river. Don’t worry. we saved him. Sahil went to drop Laksh in his house as his leg was sprained. Maa.. switch on the Geyser and give me some soup. It’s feeling very cold”Ragini said .
“Go and change your dress first” Sumi said by seeing Ragini’s wet state.
Ragini went to her room.
“Sumi, I will go and see Laksh and Sahil. I will take the first aid box also ”Shekar said and left.

In Laksh’s house,
Sahil put Laksh in his bed.
“where is the first aid box?”Sahil asked.
“I don’t have”Laksh answered.
“Sahil…”Shekar entered Laksh’s house while calling Sahil’s name.
“Appa, I thought to come to take the first aid box. “Sahil said and took a cotton roll and tied tightly in Laksh’s foot.
“Are you Ok,Laksh?”Shekar asked to confirm.

“I am ..”Laksh started but Sahil cut him in the middle.”he has to see the doctor as soon as possible. Is the doctor’s clinic still open?”Sahil asked.
“it’s open”Shekar said.
“Change your dress. We have to meet doctor . Appa , come we will wait outside ”Sahil said and left the room.

After an hour,

In Ragini’s house,
Shekar came inside with Sahil.
“hmmm! Pakoda…”Sahil inhaled the smell and directly went to the kitchen.
“maa.. where is my pakoda?”Sahil asked.
“Ask Rago ka. She ate your part also. she even took mine also …”Swara complained.
“what can I do? Amma’s pakoda’s are always tasty.”Ragini shrugged.
“it’s ok”Sahil pouted.
Ragini smiled and took a plate which she hide before.

“it’s yours”Ragini said.
“Thanks Rago ka”Sahil said.
“Didn’t you ate that?”Swara exclaimed.
“ I just saved from you ,GhatothKaj!”Ragini teased Swara.
Sahil smiled by hearing this.
“Maa… see, Rago ka is calling me ghatothkaj!”Swara complained.
“Rago..!”Sumi menaced.

“maa.. I’m just saying the truth. “Ragini shrugged and showed her tongue to swara while Swara steal one pakoda from sahil place , shook her shoulder carelessly.
“Swara ka”Sahil exclaimed.
“ I just proved what Rago ka said. Wait! I will take another one”Swara said.
Sahil hide the plate in his backside and start to ran his room.
“Dai thadiya..! onnu kuduthutu poda(Give me one )”Swara ran behind him.
“they won’t change..”Sumi said with a smile.

“Ok Rago. I am going to Laksh’s house. Tell your Appa if he asks about me”Sumi said and Left.
In Laksh house,
Laksh sat in bed and thought about his family, the time he spent with Maheshwari’s.
“Everything is fake! Everything..”Laksh said himself. A long tear escaped from his eyes.
Laksh came to reality once he heard the knock sound, opened his house door.
“Come in …”laksh welcomed her and thought how can he address her.
“Laksh, there are some pakoda’s. From tomorrow, I will make your meals. You can call me as aunty”Sumi said and start to leave.
“Aunty, one minute. You already helped me a lot. I can’t be burden to you. I can’t only receive .”Laksh hesitated.

“then do one thing. Rago appa is handling accounts of estate. You can help him in accounts. Moreover, being a human, we should help each other if we can, Laksh. “Sumi said with a smile.
“Now, I understand from where Sahil got the good qualities. He is very intelligent. He say about my sprain correctly. Even the doctor said the same”Laksh complemented and wondered.
“ I want to see him as a doctor. He is intelligent but not in studies. Hmm.! Leave it , haan… don’t go that place again”Sumi said.

“why sumi aunty? That place was very good other than that slippery rocks ”Laksh asked.
“Actually, near to that waterfall, there is an ancient kalimaa temple. There are so many rumors about that. Once, a long ago ,A princess who was devotee of Kalimaa , lost her husband at the day of her marriage , cursed the temple to be haunted. Afterthat, no one won’t go to that temple and also forest animals visit is also high in that place. So,don’t go to that place”Sumi finished.
“ok, Aunty…”Laksh accepted just to make sumi feel free.

Flashback ends…
“Uttu..”Uttara closed ragini’s diary and hide it in her drawer by hearing Ragini’s voice from downside, went to Ragini.
“rago maa, do you need anything?” Uttara asked with guilty.
“ I don’t need anything. Aadi called you several times but he can’t speak with you . just give him a call then we will make some food for us. It’s raining outside. Hot Pakoda’s would be a optimum choice for this climate.”Ragini said without realizing.
“ok Rago maa. I will give a call to Aadi”Uttara said and went to her room to take the phone while Ragini went to kitchen in her wheel chair.
In uttara’s room,
Uttara took the phone and saw 10 missed calls from Aadi.

“ he should be worried” Uttara told herself and called Aadi.
“Are you Ok,Uttu?”Aadi asked once he attended the call.
“ I am perfectly fine , Aadi. I just felt sleepy at that time”Uttara lied.
“hmm… then…”Aadi paused.
“Aadi, did Rago maa have any other siblings or cousins than you ?”Uttara asked.
“no… I am her only brother. What happened Uttara?”Aadi lied in the phone

“Nothing Aadi. You are also not here. If you have any other cousins who close to Rago maa, they can help me to keep rago maa happy. That’s why”Uttara covered up without leaving a doubt in Aadi’s mind.
“hmm.. did you forget anything Uttu?” Aadi asked in a mischevious tone.
“hmm.. nothing”Uttara replied.
“you forgot my kiss”Aadi complained .
“if you want, come here. I want to see you Aadi”Uttara expressed her longing for him.

“I will come soon once I finished my work”Aadi said.
“don’t make me wait so long. Then, you will regret it”Uttara said playfully and cut the call.
“hello.. hello..”Aadi called but there was no response.
“I love you Uttu.!”Aadi said to himself and smiled.
Uttara cut the phone .
“why did Aadi hide about his Siblings that too from me? I read Sahil and Swara are rago maa’s siblings. Where are they and what happened to them?”Uttara asked herself.
In Sanskar’s office,
Sanskar’s phone ringed and shown the caller ID as Detective.
“hello..!”Sanskar answered.
“hello Mr.Maheshwari!”Detective answered.
“Do you find about them?” Sanskar asked.
“ I am sorry to tell you this .Mr.Maheshwari, After Mrs.Ragini Sharma’s death, again there was a fire accident happened in her house because of Gas leakage. But no one is harmed luckily. After that, no one knows where Mrs.Sharma’s siblings left. I think The possibility of being alive for them is having less probability. But I will find soon about them and some people also searching them.”Detective informed.
“who?”Sanskar asked.
“your ex-employee who was murdered recently, Mr.Devan”Detective said.
“what?Are you sure?”Sanskar asked doubtfully.

“the resources are trustful, Mr.Maheshwari”Detective said.
“ I want the details soon about them “Sanskar said and cut the call.
“Sorry Laksh. I should did something before itself. It’s my mistake”Sanskar said to himself.
Swara knocked the door.
“come in…”Sanskar said.
“sir… this is bridge tender file. I made ready the proposal report. “Swara put the file in Sanskar’s desk carefully.
“I will review it and tell you if any change needed, Ms.Swara”Sanskar said.
“ok sir. Then, I wil leave now”Swara said.
“one minute, Ms.Swara. Maa told me to take you to home today. “Sanskar said.
Swara thought for a minute and then,”Ok sir”

In XXX hospital,
Arjun went to reception.
“I am ACP Arjun. I want to meet Dr.Rajat Srivastava.”Arjun said to the receptionist .
“wait a minute sir1”Receptionist called Rajat then she allowed Arjun.
“Sir, you can go now. Take left and then right, there is management director’s cabin”Receptionist informed.
“Thanks…”Arjun nodded and went to Rajat’s cabin.
In Rajat’s cabin,
Arjun entered Rajat’s cabin.
Rajat hugged Arjun.
“Finally, you came here Ajju!”Rajat exclaimed.
“I came here for a investigation”Arjun said in a dry voice.

“whatever it is! You came to see me”Rajat said with a smile.
Arjun took a seat. Rajat prepared two coffes in his coffee preparing machine.
“ I want to know about Mr.Laksh Sharma’s medical status”Arjun asked.
“hmm.. Are you having any warrant for that?”Rajat asked.

“no..”Arjun said.
“then, I can’t give his medical history”Rajat said clearly.
“I want to interrogate him about his wife. But, Mr.Maheshwari told me that Laksh lost his memory. I just want to know how much it will impact Laksh’s health if I ask him about his past”Arjun asked.
“if anyone force Laksh to remember his memory or he force himself, it may lead to panic attack which may cost his life. ”Rajat said in a deep voice.

“ I can’t understand”Arjun said being confused.
“See Ajju! Mr.Laksh lost his wife and sister in a full moon day. If anyone force or try to bring his memories abruptly, the first he remember the death of his beloved one’s. Being guilty for not able to save them, he may try to commit suicide or may have heart arrest. In each and every full moon day, he remember his loss . his family is already trying a lot to save him every full moon light . I can’t give you more details without a warrant. I advise you to not disturb him about this.”Rajat said.
“is it not possible to cure him?”Arjun asked.
“there is one way. He has to remember by himself without any panic. For that, he should accept the loss of his beloved one’s. but his subconscious mind still not accept the loss. So it’s not possible now.”Rajat said.
“hmm thanks “Arjun said and stand to leave.

“Ajju can I speak with you as a brother?”Rajat asked.
Arjun stopped in middle.
“You have problem with Papa .what is my mistake? What is maa’s mistake in this ,Ajju?”Rajat asked.
Arjun stood silent.
“Speak with papa and wrap up everything Ajju or at least meet maa. Otherwise, you may regret it later Ajju”Rajat said .
Arjun left the cabin without telling everything.

Rajat smiled,”you will return to home soon Ajju”
Arjun took his phone and open a picture.
In that photo, Rajat was smearing cake cream in Arjun’s face while Arjun’s maa and papa were smiling .
“it’s my mistake, Raj bhai. I didn’t deserve you all.”Arjun said to himself and went out of the hospital.
At Sanskar’s office,
Swara rearranged Sanskar’s meetings and sent to him for approval through mail.
Sanskar tapped her cabin door and get inside.

“Sir, if you have called me, I will come.”Swara said.
“Swara, Have you finished your work?”Sanskar asked.
“yes sir. Just two minutes…”Swara said.
“you can call me Sanskar after our work hours Swara”Sanskar said.
“sorry sir. But I think it’s better to have only professional relationship between us.Dont mistake me sir, iam not that much good to treat my professional and personal life separately “Swara said .
Sanskar hides his disappointment by his smile.
“No Problems Swara. Actually , it’s good to say openly. Ok. I will wait in the car parking lot”Sanskar said and left.
Swara wrapped up her work and followed him.

In Car parking,
Laksh was waiting for Sanskar in his car.
Sanskar got into driver seat.

“Bhai, why are you late?where is swara?”Laksh asked.
“she is coming Laksh.”Sanskar said .
“Bhai, I have a happy news“Laksh said .
”what?”Sanskar asked uninterestedly.
“what happened , Bhai?”laksh asked by seeing Sanskar’s expression.
Sanskar noticed Swara’s arrival.
“I will tell you after some times, Laksh”Sanskar said and pointed Swara.
Swara got into the back seat.
“Sorry sir…”Swara said in a common to Laksh and Sanskar.
Sanskar just nodded .

“Ms.Swara, to whom you said Sorry? To Sanskar or me?”Laksh asked with a serious tone.
“Sorry sir, because of me, you both got late.”Swara said by seeing Laksh.
“See Ms.Swara, first of all , you got late, if you are late, you should inform us before. Second , you didn’t say sorry to me in first itself. Every mistake needs punishment. Isn’t it,Ms.Swara?”Laksh continued in a serious tone.
“yes sir”Swara said nervously.
“ I will call you by your name and you also call me by my name. then, once in a week, you have to accompany to pani poori stall. This is your punishment”Laksh said in a one go.
“Ok sir…”Swara said without listening fully in nervousness.
“since we are calling each other by name and accompany me to eating, can you be my friend?”Laksh asked with a playful smile in his face and extended his hand to her.
“what?”Swara exclaimed in unison while Sanskar put a sudden break by hearing laksh’s friend proposal.
Swara came forward and then backward in force while Laksh hit head a little.
“Auch!” Laksh shrieked in pain while Swara remembered the past.
Flashback starts…

The next day morning after Laksh waterfall accident,
“Swara… can you go and call Laksh for breakfast?”Sumi asked.
“poo maa.. tell the buffolo(Sahil) to go”Swara said while putting her books in bag.
“he just now wake up, swaru… you are my chelllaponnu(special daughter) naa..”Sumi pinched Swara’s cheeks.
“ok.. ok.. I will go”Swara said while rubbing her cheeks.
Swara left to Laksh’s house while taking two carrots in her hands.
At Laksh’s house,
Swara tapped Laksh’s house door. Laksh opened the door and looked swara with confusion that who was she.
“my name is swara, I am Ragini’s sister. Maa asked you to come for breakfast”Swara introduced herself and said.

“ I will come”Laksh said.
“ok I will wait there until you come…”Swara pointed the small stone on the ground and sat on it.
“how Ragini and her siblings are so sdamant?”Laksh wondered .
Laksh get ready in five minutes and went to Swara.
“do you want one carrot?”Swara asked.
Before Laksh answering, Swara shoved one carrot in Laksh hands.
“My name is Swara. what is your name?”Swara asked while biting the carrot.
“My name is laksh.”Laksh said.
“then I will call you Laksh anna”Swara said.

“ok”Laksh said.
“since you are going accompany me in my meals and we know each other, can you be my friend?”Swara stopped and extended her hand.
Laksh looked her with disbelief.
“ because I won’t feel comfort to have my meals with a stranger”Swara said.
“ok Friends”Laksh handshook with her.
“whenever clash happen in between us, Rago ka and Sahil always joined their hands against me. since you are my friend, you have to support me during that time. Deal?” Swara asked without releasing her hand.

“Deal or no deal?”Swara asked again.
“Deal!”laksh said while he saw Sahil and Ragini whose looking at them with intemse stare in their eyes as they were getting ready for war.
“Am I stuck in a problem which I am not supposed to?”Laksh asked himself by seeing their stare.
Flashback ends…
“Laksh, Are you ok?”Sanskar asked Laksh while he was criticizing himself for putting the sudden break.
Swara came to reality by hearing Sanskar’s voice.
“I am okay bhai. be cool”Laksh said and signed swara who was sitting with tears in her eyes.
“Are you ok Swara?”Sanskar asked.
“yes sir.. I just remembered by old friend.”Swara said.

“oh! Ok swara, when will we go pani puri stall? Tomorrow?”Laksh asked.
“sir..”Swara hesitated.
“sir! No way. See Swara even I have evidence. You have to call me Laksh. until that, I won’t speak to you and don’t dare to come inside my cabin. I hate people who go against their words”Laksh said.
Swara felt an unknown hurt inside her heart while hearing Laksh’s words. Swara took a long breath.
“ok Laksh. Can we go pani puri stall tomorrow?”Swara asked in one go.
“that’s my friend!”Laksh said and winked secretly at Sanskar while Sanskar looked at Laksh with disbelief in his eyes.
“Bhai, drive by seeing road not my face. I want to live long.”Laksh teased.
Sanskar smiled and drove towards maheshwari mansion.

At Maheshwari Mansion,
Swara got inside behind Laksh and Sanskar.
“maa… where is sahil?”Laksh asked while Swara muttered shockingly,”Sahil!”
“he is arranging things in outhouse”Ap said.
“ I am very happy beta that you accepted my offer.Take sweet first”Ap gave sweet in her hand.
“Aunty, I will come soon. It’s difficult to arrange things alone.”Swara said.
“ok beta”Ap replied and swara went to outhouse.
In Outhouse,
Swara got inside and lock the door.
“what are you doing, Sahil?” Swara asked with little bit anger.
“ I am arranging things in our new rent house” Sahil said carelessly.
“Sahil!”Swara pressed her words .
“Simple Swara ka, I just want to make my heart and mind believe that my Laksh mama and this Laksh Sharma both are different. For that, I just want to see who the Laksh Sharma is. Once I make me believe, I will leave this place on my own.”Sahil said .
Swara closed her eyes to control herself.

“ ok. but at any case, if a situation about revelaing our real relationship to Laksh rises, we should leave this home next minute. “Swara said.
“ok. come and help me. My back is paining”Sahil said normally while Swara look at him with deep thinking in her mind.

To be continued…

Please give your reviews friends and sissies… criticism is most welcome. Once again, sorry for being late.

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