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Swara was sitting in her cabin and checking Sanskar’s schedule.
Her intercom ringed.
Swara received the call.
“Ms.Swara, Take the flyover tender file and come to my cabin.”Sanskar ordered in phone.
“Ok Sir.”Swara replied, took the file after a small search, headed towards Sanskar’s cabin.
In Sanskar’s cabin,
Swara tapped the door.
“Yes, come in”Sanskar said.

“Sir…Tender file…”Swara gave the file to Sanskar.
“Laksh… read this tender file and quote the amount for the project.”Sanskar gave the file to Laksh.
“Ok bhaiya….”Laksh gave a confidence smile, took the file in his hand and stood to head towards his cabin.
Swara stared Laksh ‘s direction with unknown expression in her eyes. Sanskar didn’t note because he looked in his Laptop.

Flashback starts….

“Papa.. who is he?”Swara asked her papa, Shekar .
“About whom you are asking?” Shekar asked.
“the new person who is living nearby our house. Why did you ask maa to lend him landar light? ”Swara asked.
“his name is Laksh. he is going to be a new manager of this estate .”Shekar said.
“his parents were died in a accident . our manager requested me to help him if he needs.”Shekar continued.
“ohh..!”Swara said.
“yennanga… ( a special word to call their husband ) this gas cylinder is empty. Help me to change the gas cylinder ”Sumi, Swara’s mother , exclaimed from kitchen.
“haan sumi… I am coming..”shekar replied and went to kitchen to help Sumi.
Ragini came out of her room door slowly.

“he is…”Swara started.
“I heard everything Swaru… it’s so bad to live like him.”Ragini said sadly by knowing about Laksh.
“why do you want to know about him?”Swara asked.
“we should know about our neighbors just for our safety… he is looking like a mystery person…”Ragini diverted Swara.
“yeah…”Swara also nodded.
“Go and study . tomorrow you are having your maths exam.”Ragini instructed.
“ohh no! it’s all because of you and that current cut . I have to study…”Swara ran inside room to study.

Ragini stared Laksh house from her house window.
“Is he crying because he lost his parents recently?”Ragini asked herself and remembers Laksh’s tearful eyes.
Ragini unknowingly walked towards laksh house from the hall of her house.
“Akka (Didi)…. Where are you going in this night time?” Sahil asked who is coming inside after playing.
Ragini realized what she is doing.
“nothing Sahil… just thought to have some fresh air. Come , we will sit in garden…”Ragini wrapped up.

“Haan akka..”Sahil agreed and hold her hands, both sat on the grass floor.
“what are you both planning without me?”Swara asked while handling book in her hand.
Ragini signed at Sahil.
“Kichi kichi thambalam…”Ragini started to tickle Swara along with sahil, soon their laugh filled the void in that cold place.
Flashback ends…
“Ms.Swara… Today Schedule…”Sanskar said.
“No Swara… concentrate on your work”Swara said to herself.
“Sir… you have to meet our supplier for finalizing a deal at 12’o clock in Hotel xxx. There is no any other meeting sir”Swara replied.
Laksh heard while he was leaving the room.
“Ok… Make everything ready for meeting.”Sanskar said.

“Ok sir..”Swara said and went to her cabin to do the work.
At 11:30 ,
In Sanskar’s cabin,
“Sir… it’s time to go for meeting.”Swara informed.
Sanskar stand and walked towards outside of his company while Swara and other important persons followed him.

Laksh looked Sanskar’s departure through the window.
“Sometimes , Revenge is stronger bhai…”Laksh murmured and went out of his office.
In Hospital,
“when will he get conscious?” Arjun, Investigation Officer, asked the doctor.
“he may be get his consciousness at any time … today evening or tonight . But don’t ask more stressful questions.”Doctor advised.
“Ok doctor. I am leaving now. If he get conscious, inform me”Arjun said.
“Sure ACP”Doctor replied.
Arjun came out of doctor’s cabin and went to Devan’s ward, checked the security.
“who is having enmity with him? why did they try to kill him? I can get my answers from him only . it’s really a spider web ”Arjun said to himself and left the ward, after instructing the constables.

Laksh entered the hospital from the backside.
He saw a ward boy who is entering bathroom for taking hot water in a tub.
Laksh silently walked towards him, knocked out him by hitting him in spine, disguised himself as a ward boy, hide his face by using mask.

In Devan’s ward,
Doctor is entered to give medicine .

A Devan was laying on bed with bandages in his head.
Doctor sat beside Devan and took out his mask, tied Devan hands by using handcuff’s.
Devan slowly opens his eyes and shocked to see the person who is sitting beside him.
“Rajat Sir you “Devan stammered and observed that his hand was tied in bed clamps.
“don’t you expect me here afterall whatever you did ?” Rajat asked while taking a Injection in his hand.
Devan gave an confused expression.

“Ohh! You had been attacked that too hardly in head. I will help you to remember. Before 19 years… a full moon day… A couple asked you to save them with their…”Rajat stopped in middle and raised his eyes as he saw Devan’s expression.
Devan terrified and try to shouts while Rajat holds his mouth and injects something in him. Soon, Devan falls unconscious.
“Happy journey…”Rajat waves his hand and comes out, after putting mask in his face.
Rajat attended the call through bluetooth .
“Laksh is coming there in ward boy disguise and I hacked all the Cctv’s and freezed for an hour. ” Other side said.

Rajat smirked and comes out of Devan’s ward .
Suddenly, The machines which was attached to Devan’s body gave alarming signal as his pulse rate reduced.
One Constable ran to inform doctor. Doctor hurried to Devan’s room and checked him.
Laksh, who hides his face walks to Devan ‘s room .
Rajat face lightened by seeing Laksh and the next minute, his eyes become so dark.
Laksh stood before Devan’s ward, saw the police and doctor, hide behind the door.
A long line shown in the machine.

“He is dead” Doctor declared.
A creepy smile was shown in Laksh’s face. he left
that place silently and went to the place where he hide wardboy. He saw that still wardboy was unconscious, exchanged the clothes, left the hospital.
At Sanskar’s side,
Sanskar signed the deal and returning to the office where other officials are already left.
Sanskar and Swara were came out of the hotel.

“Ms.Swara, Submit this file at Legal department.”Sanskar handover the file to swara.
“yes sir”Swara said and took the file in her hand carefully.
“Ahhh!”Swara slipped because of her heels and closed her eyes in fear for falling.
Sanskar hold her at the nick of time.
Swara slowly opened her eyes while Sanskar was lost himself in her eyes.
“Sanskar sir…”Swara called slowly and pinched his hand lightly.
Sanskar realized the surrounding and helped her to stand, felt awkward for his act.
“Are you ok Ms.Swara?”Sanskar asked without looking her.
“I am ok sir.”Swara replied.

Both get into the car.
An silence took the place inside the car.
“ I have seen so much girls. But I never lost myself. What happened to me today? What will she think about me ? ”Sanskar thought.
“I shouldn’t be slipped. Nowadays, Slipping is becoming my hobby. First in that railway station… now here..”Swara thought.
Swara looked outside while Sanskar looked in his mobile.
On Other side,

In an orphanage,

“Didi…”some children cheered and ran towards Ragini and hold her hands.
“careful.. do you all know what did I bought for this time ?”Ragini asked.
“chocolates..”one said.
“hmmm.. that also”Ragini said.
“Teddy bear…”another one said.
“hmmm..no”Ragini replied.

“then…”children started to think while Ragini smiled.
“from next week, we all are going to school.”Ragini announced.
“school…”one child asked.
“haan.. school… from next week, we all are going to school. There , you all learn a lot. Swimming, music…”Ragini told.
“Dance..”one child interrupted.

“Dance also..”Ragini answered.
“yay..!”kids exclaimed.
“Uttu..!”Ragini signed.
Uttara came with boxes of chocolates and gave it to orphanage in-charge .
“See Uttu. How much they are happy?”Ragini said while seeing Kids happy face.
“Haan Rago maa… “Uttara replied.

“Sometimes, we will get happiness by making others happy Uttu. That’s also a different feeling .”Ragini said while staring a rose in the ground.
Ragini moved her wheel chair by the handle and went near to the rose. She carefully caressed the rose.
“Rago maa, can I pluck it for you ?”Uttara asked.
“No Uttu. It’s looking good when it is in plant. Leave it as it is” Ragini said.
“but Rago maa, you liked it.”Uttara asked.
“That’s why , I am saying to leave it Uttu. I am going to play with kids”Ragini said and drive her wheel chair towards kids.
Uttara stared the way which Ragini was going.

In Kolkatta,
In MM,
“Maa… I am so hungry…”Laksh said while sitting in dining table.
“Laksh… I am making chappathi. Just one minute…”Ap said from kitchen.
“I don’t know. We are very big business family. but we even don’t have a single maid in our home. “Laksh said while entering into the kitchen.
“why maa?” Laksh asked while sitting on the kitchen slab.
Ap put a carrot in his hand.
“we should do our work by ourselves. Eat this.. I will make ready with in five minutes, Laku. Ok naa..”Ap asked.

“Absolutely ok maa… come, I will thread chappathi. You can easily make dal”Laksh said and snatched rolling pin from Ap hands.
“Laku… give it to me. I will take care of it.”Ap said.
“no means no. Atleast see a girl for bhai. Otherwise, my bhai will be brahmachari even in his sixties.”Laksh said sarcastically.
“Laku.. nowadays you…”Ap beaten Laksh playfully by using spatula .
“haa maa.. I am just kidding maa ”Laksh said while massaging his arms.
Ap smiled by seeing laksh antics.” Thread it correctly…”Ap said and concentrated on cooking dall.
After some minutes,
“hmmm… superb smell maa…”Laksh inhaled the smell of dall.
“I missed this a lot. I missed…”Laksh stopped in middle and think about his words.
Ap worriedly looked Laksh.
“Laksh…!”Ap stressed his name twice to get him out of his thinking.

“Haan maa..” laksh responded.
“come.. I’m also hungry.”Ap said.
“ohh maa.. first you should eat.”Laksh said and made her sat on chair. Both feed each other.
“ok maa.. I’m getting late. Bye…”Laksh waved his hand and left the house.
After half an hour,
At office front ,
During the travelling , Swasan avoided each other.
“Sir, we arrived.”Driver said.
Sanskar get outside and marched towards his cabin while Swara walked towards Legal department.
“Bhaiya…”Sanskar stopped by hearing Laksh voice.
“Laksh… “Sanskar surprised by seeing Laksh outside of office.
“I went to home bhai. you know naa I can’t eat alone. Here, you also went to meeting. So I thought to go home” Laksh explained.
“ I forgot to say about meeting, Laksh. come , I will explain you about this supplier ”Sanskar said.
“Bhaiya… I joined just two days before. So now let me to complete that tender file first…”Laksh said.

“ok ok. lets go…”Sanskar smiled and gestured and both walked towards their cabin.
At evening,
Swara side,
“Swara…. Where are you ?” Sahil’s message popped in phone.
“oops… in work, I forget. Because of me , he also waiting ”Swara said to herself, tapped her head.
Sanskar smiled by seeing her antics through mirror wall as her cabin is adjacent to his cabin.
Swara took her handbag and left the office.
Laksh entered Sanskar’s cabin .
“bhai… Can we leave now?”Laksh asked.

“just half an hour laku… I will wrap up the work”Sanskar said.
“I think you should record this line in recorder. It will help you as You are using this same dialogue daily.”Laksh twinkled his eyes and left the cabin.

Sanskar leaned on his chair after wrapped up his work and closed his eyes.
Swara’s eyes came infront of him.
“what am I doing, now? No.. it’s not correct Sanskar. She is your employee.”Sanskar said to himself and came out of his cabin.
Laksh came opposite in his way.

“hmm..! very punctual bhai.”Laksh gave a thumbs up.
“Kept aside about praising me. what about the tender file?”Sanskar asked.
“it should be in your table tomorrow morning bhai ”Laksh replied.
Sanskar gave his car key to driver and instructed him to park at MM, went with Laksh.
On Swara’s side,
“Sorry.. sorry..”Swara apologized while entering her rented flat, went inside her room for fresh up.
Sahil saw her tired face and went to kitchen .
“ I am ready “Swara said loudly and sat in the chair in hall.
“Have it. we will go in ten minutes. I will search any auto here. First we will go to that aunty’s house ”Sahil said,put coffee cup in a table and went outside to search auto.
“hmm! Khadoos… if he said this with a smile, how much it would be good. I am your elder sister Sahil. I will find soon about your changed behavior .“Swara said while sipping the coffee.
Sahil came inside after ten minutes.

“Auto is waiting outside . you may go first. I will lock the door.”Sahil said.
Swara came out of the flat and sahil locked the door and checked it once.
both get inside auto and left the place.
After half an hour,

Auto stopped infront of MM.
Sahil paid the fare while Swara looked the MM.
“Sahil, Are we come to the correct address? It’s looks like a bunglow.”Swara said.
Sahil checked once.
“It’s only. But.. ok, we will return today and we can search some flats tomorrow.”Sahil said and Swara nodded.
Both turned to leave.
“Swara beta…”Ap’s voice stopped them.
Ap and Dadi came out of the car.

“now only I came from Temple. Come inside… I will show out house to you “Ap said.
Sahil looked Swara while Swara nod positively.
Everyone get inside.
Ap gave Prasath to everyone while Dp came to hall, enquired about Sahil study and college.
“come swara beti. I will show the out house. If you are ok means, you can shift there from tomorrow.”Ap said.
Swara nodded and both Sahil and Swara followed Ap.
Ap opened out house door While Everyone heard car horn sound.
“Swara beta, my sons are coming from office. It’s their car sound only”Ap said.
“we will see by our self aunty. Don’t worry”Sahil said.

Ap gave a thankful smile and left.
“it’s look very rich family. It’s not suitable for us.”Sahil murmured in Swara’s ears.
“I am also thinking the same. They are looking like good people. But , it’s better to stay away from them” Swara said.

Laksh and Sanskar enters MM while Sanskar is looking confused.
Behind them, Swara and Sahil also came from Outhouse.
“Laksh, it’s Sahil and Swara. they are going to stay in Out house”Ap said while Swara holds Sahil hands tightly.
“he shouldn’t be same Laksh.. no…”Swara prayed in mind.
“ hi Swara, is this your brother ? hello Sahil, I am Laksh… Laksh Sharma… nice to meet you ”Laksh gives his hand for handshake while Sahil looks him shockingly.
Swara lightly pressed Sahil hands and Sahil looked her with tear brimming eyes. Swara signed Sahil to not speak anything. Sahil wiped his tears without getting any attention as everyone’s attention on Laksh.

“Laku, do you know about Swara?” Ap asked.
“she is working in our company, maa ”Sanskar said.
“ohh!”Ap said.
Sahil didn’t remember Sanskar.
“ok Aunty. We will shift here tomorrow. now we are leaving. It’s getting late ”Sahil said while controlling his voice not to break in middle.
“haan beta…”Ap said.
“Ms.Swara… it’s difficult to get taxi here. I will send my car with my driver .”Sanskar said.
“no thanks sir. We will manage.”Swara replied.
Soon, Swahil came out of MM while Swara booked an uber through her mobile. Both got inside of the cab.

Tears escaping from sahil eyes because of memories.
“hi Swara, is this your brother ? hello Sahil, I am Laksh… Laksh Sharma… nice to meet you ”Laksh words ringed in Sahil’s mind.
Swara put Sahil’s head in her shoulder. Eventhough she felt hotness of sahil’s tears, she maintained silent.
Both reached their residential place.
Sahil ran towards the flat while Swara paid the driver.
Sahil took the Raglak marriage photo out and hugged it tightly.
“is it real? My mama is alive… he is alive”Sahil said repeatedly.
Swara looked Sahil with an unknown expression whether it’s sadness, pity or helpless. Even she mightnot know.
Swara walked slowly towards Sahil and put her hands on his shoulder.
“Akka.. mama.. he is alive…”Sahil exclaimed.
Swara took Raglak marriage photo in her hand.

“I know Sahil. I knew on the very first day when we arrived here. Even I knew that he didn’t died with Rago ka in that incident.”Swara said calmly while Sahil was staring her with shocked face.
In MM,
Sanskar was laying on his bed and smiling by remembering Swara’s antics in office.
Laksh came inside and gave a surprised look to day dreaming sorry night dreaming sanskar.
A pure smirk shown in Laksh face.
“Is she cute naa Bhai?”Laksh asked after sitting nearby Sanskar.
“She is very cute especially her eyes…”Sanskar said unknowingly.
“hmm”Laksh extended his tone which made Sanskar realize what he said.
“ who is that Lucky princess who finally captured my bhai’s heart?”Laksh asked.
“nothing like that …”Sanskar lied.

“Is it your new PA Swara ?”Laksh asked while looking Sanskar eyes for truthful answer.
“how did you know?”Sanskar asked surprisingly.
“so it’s swara only. Now it’s confirmed .”Laksh said which makes Sanskar scratch his head in shy.
“ I thought. The great CEO Sanskar Maheshwari spoke with PA for not leaving the job. I doubted that time itself.”Laksh said.
“but I don’t know whether it’s an attraction or love Laku. Moreover she is my employee. What will she think about me? if she thinks that I am taking advantage of her situation. “Sanskar said.
“bhai, first clear by yourself whether it’s attraction or love. Moreover it’s life. Just disclose your feelings to her if you think it’s love. Let her take decision. she seems like a good girl. She will suite for our family.”Laksh said.
“but first clear your confusion because it’s a life of two people. Just ask your heart whether it’s an attraction or love ”Laksh said.

On other side,
Swara’s residential,
“what? But you said that they both dead in that incident.” Sahil asked shockingly.
“no… we lost our rago just because of him. whatever you knew about him, it’s just a side Sahil. He was not a Laksh whom we were know as a normal middle class estate manager, he don’t remember about you, me even Rago . he is now Maheshwari Industries heir Lakshya Sharma. Many things had been changed Sahil after you went for your boarding school… After she arrived in our lives…”Swara stopped in middle and controlled herself.
“but I knew about my mama. He loves our Rago more than his life. He even…”Sahil started while Swara interrupted him in middle.
“but Love is not always amrith Sahil. Sometimes, it’s venomous than poison. His love was a venom which separated Rago from us. I can’t sustain any other loss Sahil. He don’t know anything about us. We will also remain like that .”Swara shrieked.
“Swara ka…”Sahil hold her hands.

“I can’t sustain any other loss Sahil. I can’t lose this job. If I can, I will definitely take you as long as from him, Sahil. you are my Sahil naa. Please accept my words Sahil. We don’t need him .”Swara pleaded.
Sahil sat beside her and hold her hands.
“ I will accept whatever you are saying Swara ka. Don’t cry.”Sahil said while wiping her tears.
“will you really accept?”Swara asked with hope in her eyes.
Sahil nodded and lay her head on his lap. Swara slowly fall into sleep while Sahil was staring Raglak’s marriage photo and recalled Swara’s words.
“About whom Swara ka is speaking? Who is she? What happened in their life? Why didn’t Swara tell anything about mama till now? Why did she want to hide? No I should wait for a correct time to ask Swara ka about this. I should know about the past of my Rago ka.”Sahil took a final decision and slowly fall into sleep.

To be continued…

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